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  1. Hey there, I'm sorry if this has been brought up a lot (I feel as though it has). I stopped playing a few months ago and decided to give it a go again since the Dryad is coming out. Upon loading the game, I quit after only a few minutes because the inventory system was so finicky. I'd try to delete an item and be taken to a different section of the inventory, for example. Will this be fixed any time soon? I'd love to play again but it's so annoying to have to deal with this. And don't take this the wrong way. I'm not complaining or throwing shade at the game. I LOVE this game and appre
  2. Dang. I must be the unluckiest person I know. I've spent 2,500 medals on 5 keys to open Gun Witch Chests and literally all 5 times I received the QuickDraw Chaps. I'm starting to think it is not worth opening those chests.
  3. I am unable to create a private game after the new update, unless of course I'm missing something. Is anyone else having this issue? It only gives me the option to select public as the match type. I cannot click R1 or L1 to switch it to private.
  4. Mine still says 250 for the standard bag and 450 for the premium bag. So there's a bug right now where the sale banner and the sale price is appearing incorrect, but when you purchase it, the appropriate amount of gems (50% off the price) will be deducted from your gem count. I completely understand if you don't feel comfortable with that. We're hoping to get the visual bugs fixed for the next big update (won't make it in time for the hotfix). Can also confirm this works. Maxed my bags because of this. Thank you for the feedback!
  5. So, I purchased the $25 dollar upgrade that was supposed to increase my bag capacity from 12 to 16. I just tried maxing my bags since they're on sale, and it only let me buy 8 bags. With the 4 the Inventory Pack gave me, it adds up to 12. Is there a way to fix this? I've restarted the app just to see if it changed anything and it didn't . Or does your initial inventory space actually count as the first 4 bags?
  6. Is item locking currently not working as intended? I will lock an item, and it will work as long as I don't change screens. As soon as I start a mission or change taverns, the items are all unlocked again. Is this a bug? Or is this intentional.
  7. Mine still says 250 for the standard bag and 450 for the premium bag.
  8. I posted this in the general discussion, but I found this PS4 section of the forum afterwards and it seems more appropriate. On Trendy's Twitter they said that inventory bags are on sale for 50% for the week. Is this only for PC? As far as I can tell, it's still the same price on PS4. Any feedback would be appreciated. And apologies for posting in two different threads.
  9. On Trendy's Twitter it says that inventory bags are 50% off for the week. Is this only for PC? I play on PS4 and it still says full price. I'd love to buy a bunch if they were in fact on sale.
  10. On 20+, 25+, 25++, and Incursions, the first two levels are permanently locked. Is this a bug or is it intentional? It'd be fun to farm those levels on higher difficulties but I am unable to.
  11. -it will not let me buy the Standard or Premium bag even though I have the gems to do so. I'm unsure if this is intentional, though. -I was playing a game and it said my inventory was full. I still had over 100 free slots in my inventory. So this is either a bug or I don't understand how the inventory system works.
  12. As an update, I beat level 3 again and level 4 stayed locked. So I logged out and logged back in, and now level 4 and 2 random levels are unlocked.
  13. It happened for level 2 and 3 in the campaign. I beat level 2, and 3 unlocked, then the next time I logged in, level 3 was locked again. Same thing happened when I beat level 3 with respect to level 4. Also, I am currently wearing a weapon that gives me 24 health per attack, and an armor that gives 18 health per attack, but it is only giving me the 24. They don't appear to stack.
  14. Same happened to me. Received the title in my mailbox, but it does not appear now that I have accepted it. I also do not have the accessories.
  15. Once the wipe occurs, and once the full game launches, will the items we get from the collectors edition still be there? For example. If I accept my 10k gems and spend them now, will I be able to again after the wipe?
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