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  1. Always assumed the apprentice gender identified as a woman, and if so its pretty offensive calling her a him, lets be PC here... EV2 and Gun Witch are coming and both are women (or woman and robot with female personality and robo boobs?) How funny you are. As for the things you mentioned, I didn't see those, all I saw was the abyss lord or whatever it's called. Are they a for sure thing, or just a possibility?
  2. FEMALE characters, PLEASE!!! Or let us swap gender. I want to be a FEMALE magic user!! I'm female IRL and hate playing males. The new character looks cool but it's a MALE! ANOTHER one! Arghhhhhh
  3. It never did that to me. Once Wipeageddon comes we will all get the gems back, though.
  4. I keep having the same problem here. my and my brother are on steam, playing in the same house This is the PS4 section, think you need to post that in the PC section.
  5. There is no push-to-talk button so if you enable voice chat, everyone can hear everything going on in your house. This is a MAJOR DETERRENT for me and it's why I turned mine off.
  6. Does that mean that you need to purchase the game on 2 accounts? My second account won't let me open the game without buying a license. What do you mean, "purchase"? It's free. Do you mean buy into the pre-alpha? Two different things.
  7. There is an in-game voice chat, but it stays on all the time if you have it enabled, so most people don't use it.
  8. I also thought its coming at the same time. So when is wipeageddon? They didn't say when, but from what I've heard others say, probably November.
  9. The key worked just fine for me. BTW, we'll get all gems refunded with wipeageddon.
  10. [[98829,users]] I've shared them on Twitter, because that's the only way I know how.
  11. [[15591,users]] That person was referring to the hotfix AND wipeageddon. They are two separate things.
  12. I must have been lucky, then, because I haven't run into an AFK person yet.
  13. I have heard that too, I think it's a bug with the upgrade machine. It keeps making the noise instead of stopping once the spin is over. I had to logout and back in to get it to stop.
  14. Ok great thanks! I've always been the one trying to kick someone but I've never had to vote so I didn't know how it worked! Hmm... Maybe that's a clue that you're wanting to kick people too often...
  15. It wouldn't be fair to wipe all the gems that we paid for and not give them back to us. That is expected... But a bonus to keep us playing is a nice incentive. :) I'll keep playing and I have reported a bug or two on twitter because it was easy to send the screenshot that way. Is there a better way? Thanks for the info!
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