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  1. A friend of mine had a similar one but with 500 health or so and I wanted it so bad for my trapper I offered near 100 cubes. Will go 25 on this for now!
  2. People with lots of cubes won't settle for less AB2 or HP. Rate is also as important as ddamage after a certain point on squares, and so yet again, people won't settle. Therefore, I'd say about 15-20. On the other hand, you could trade this for an event item of more value in my opinion, as some newer players have sufficient wealth through that method. Sorry to see the troll and good luck!
  3. And we are done, with Vattenebuffel the victor. It is in fact Michael Carrick and the other is Jonny Evans! Thanks to all. If you missed out this time keep an eye out for future giveaways.
  4. I guess I will go 10, good luck sir. Shame about the HP!
  5. Try not to guess a player already been guessed guys. Bump!
  6. Rule number 1! Quick, edit it and pretend nothing happened!
  7. Hello! I'm under no illusions, this set is not the best, however each piece is capping with nice HP. If anything, it's worth a few bob. In order to win this set, all you guys have to do is guess my one of my 2 favourite Manchester United football players. That's right. The most retarded competition you have all seen in your lives. I shan't announce the winner (if there is one) for 3 days. I will let people keep guessing even if the right answer is there. The rules are as follows, failure to follow will result in being banned from the competition: 1. Just one guess each. 2. No telling
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