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    Back Story: This project began before my CDT endeavor and the original idea was to make a different version of DD1 that I wanted to play. Since many of you have may have heard there won't be anymore official updates for the game (content wise) in the near or distant future I decided to pick up this project again. Changes: Backing off the statement above to achieve this goal a lot of changes were made. Examples: New Difficulty New Barbarian Towers New Equipment Qualities New Items New Player Abilities / Revamped existing abilities New Maps Complete Tower Balance Changes Quality Of Life (Inventory sorting , boss timer skip , and ect to name a few) Bug Fixes Graphical / networking upgrades and many many more... For the full list of changes that I have made Here. Download: We will be handling download links and other stuff in the DD1 Redux Discord https://discord.gg/tnkEwf6 Information for Total Conversions/Mods: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/19717-dungeon-defenders-development-kit-basic-overview/
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    The fact PC players are getting expanded heroes before consoles even get the base game is offputting. And no updates at all is very concerning. The promises made in the Kickstarter campaign and what is being delivered are growing more apart every day. And us Xbox and PS4 players still have an exclusive window to look forward too.....
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    I'm going to scream about the build timers until the end of time. They're not fun. They're anti-fun. They are harbingers of a deep and primal anxiety. They kill my ability to plan strategically in any way, because I can only meet the timers when I already know ahead of time what to build, and even then it's a stretch. The joy I get from carefully designing and plotting my defense so that it's just right is ripped away from me. They are bizarrely and unnecessarily biased against solo players. Campaign becomes a chore that I have to get through if I want to unlock the fun modes. And what's it all for, I tell you!? What do the build timers even add to the game!? What twisted soul is hunched behind their keyboard saying "I don't know how I could enjoy this game if I wasn't under arbitrary time pressure"!? I've never met them, and I hope I never have to. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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    Holy mother of pearl! What on Etheria is CAP'N DREADBONES doing there?! This is something I totally hadn't expected. An very interesting surprise to be sure!
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    first of all really nice contest kekw i like the idea of creativity anyways lets get started since I have 3 suggestions only then ill use first 2 for completing series first one will be leather chest called "Gorun Tunic" to complete Zelda set as I understood I cant use forge by trendyent so forge will be Zelda her self hehe this is it basically (don’t think there need much info I mean its zamira chest so no need pic on floor too) second item even tho it isn’t much useful it still very cool for collectors and its squire guardian since all names are ginger cinnamon and butterscotch I thought maybe "Turmeric" can fit here (as well if It win everyone can change the name ofc cuz its event kekw) anyways stats are same as butter, what I did basically since cinnamon and ginger came together so I tried matching it to butter.. since butter "came from the future" squire "came from the past" and then it hits me hehe knights were in the middle age (or medieval) it happened in 476 which be his lvl sinces butter is 2019 "future" he is from the past, forger will be medieval warrior p.s- cinnamon is red, ginger green, butter is blue well light blue hehe anyways the missing color in my opinion is yellow so here he is and third item will be my own creativity but I am still building it so ill post it later on
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    First item https://imgur.com/IjZpeYK Should be about the same dmg as Lumen Second The pet Damage is set so if maxed its about as good as a 38k chicken with 6k herodmg https://imgur.com/undefined nr 3 coming up l8ter
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    Concept: The idea is playing with words, somewhat of a pun between "dicing" as playing with dices (refering that are the scaling numbers) and "dicing" as in slicing (refering that are the colors, high damage and choosen pet). The pet would have only 4 stats for visual purposes of the numbers. The 20 used for upgrades and in the description are a reference to tabletop RPGs to reinforce the theme of playing with dices. Item: Harpoon Pet Size: as big as Mr. Crackers. Pet colors: Main color black. Secondary color dark red. Name: The One Who Dices Description: <color:255,0,0>Dicing</color> and <color:255,255,255>Dicing</color>, He forever strives towards the 20... Mana Cost: 987654300 Raised by: <color:75,0,0>Mv Base damage: 45678 Shots per second: 9 Projectile speed: 87654 Hero HP: 123 Hero damage: 456 Skill 2: 654 Tower range: 321 Upgrades: 20 / 20
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    I was hoping they'd have brought more of DD2's positive influences into the game. Sure, DD2 has flaws. Big ones. But it had a lot of cool ideas and improvements, too. The Huntress's Poison Dart Tower (I will forever miss those, and was extremely sad when I learned they didn't make the DDA cut), Weapon Manufacturers (an amazing idea, but balanced in such a way that the original intended weapon was obsolete. If it could be balanced to either use the weapon itself, such as in the form of a manufactured turret that fires it, or to have the weapon be worth picking up, it would be a fun and unique defense that would be super fun to play with), Earthshatter Towers, Sky Guards, and a bunch of other awesome defenses that would have been great mixed in with some of DD1's defenses. Instead, everything seems to just be a carbon copy of their DD1 versions, which just doesn't feel satisfying. Why bring back the same meta that people had already mastered? This was an opportunity for a new meta, a new balance... but alas.
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    Just watched Juicebags video on EV, and I'm really disheartened to see that it is basically a tit-for-tat copy of DD1's EV. No improvements or lessons learned, including the most disappointing part: an immediate shift to a buff beam meta. It is another direct copy from DD1 without even any attempt at something original. This gives continued evidence that DDA is in fact just a copy of DD1 minus 90% of the content. Instead of CG using their valuable dev time to create unique and original content, they are squandering it to attempt to play catch up with DD1, who is still many years ahead in terms of content. I don't want DD1's EV. I don't want a meta centered around a buff beam. Instead, I want an EV that combines the best of both DD1 and DD2, and tosses her own unique flair in the game. Reflect beam is a great defense, and a staple to her arsenal. Maybe have another go at the weapon manufacturer. Instead of making it a damaging tower, return to its original design of being a pickup-based defense. Crank up the damage of the nukes and let EV shine at burst damage. How satisfying would that be to have a weapon manufacturer build a nuke throughout a wave, and give you the ability to one-shot a couple ogres no sweat? Give us a brand new tower that we've never seen before Give EV her own weapons, otherwise EV will always be at odds with apprentice and huntress at who uses staves/guns better. If THIS was the EV that was announced, I would be a lot more excited. I don't want parity to DD1. I want a new take at a tower defense RPG with DD1 core game mechanics.
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    We are actively working on the Switch every day, its a tough challenge packing our game into the wonder that is the Switch, so the game needs to be well optimized to ensure that it runs smoothly. We've been getting some assistance from Nintendo and Unreal to help us reach that point and are making progress towards that. With that said, once we submit the game for certification and get the thumbs up from Nintendo to release, we will have a date to bring to the community, but unfortunately until that point we don't know.
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    DD1 - Released Oct 2011 DDE - Released Jun 2014 DD2 - Released Jun 2017 DDA - Released Feb 2020 DD3 - Released ... Alright, I'll see you all around June 2023!
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    This is exactly how I and the other 4 people that I convinced to back the game feel. Any update is better than no update.
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    Wonderful contribution to a year-old topic. I gave DDA multiple goes in its various stages, but I still don't like the game. I'll carry on with DD2 until we get DD3 or the servers are retired, whichever comes first.
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    Yes you can name the bags, and it will show up if you hover over another bag tab. Here is the section of me demoing that. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/696451354?t=00h32m13s
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    1. Pick an item in game (you can't suggest items that don't exist such as Old One on a Treadmill) that the event item will be modeled after 2. Pick a new name, description, raised by, upgrade level 3. Pick out new colors for the event, this can include how shiny you may want the item to be. (You can even choose the size of the item) 4. Pick stats for the item. Pick what stats the item has, how high the stats are, ect. (You can even change the swing speed of melee weapons to if you would like) 1. Battle Droid 2. Name >> BonBot V13.3.7 Description >> "Could you play that song again?" Built by Bonny Upgrades >> 101/101 3. As pink and shiny as possible 4. Picture below. So for stats and whatnot, Idk how to balance things but I think the stats are fine, 404 across the top and the first 12 digits of pi for the bottom. The damage might be too high for the number of projectiles but I want that number to remain the same if possible since its the number used in the I Love You thing (ill link a youtube video to it) I'd like for the attack speed to remain the same or higher because fast attacking pets are cool. I don't really care about the extra projectiles, If the damage is too high, you can knock this down to make it not OP. I just wrote 3 there as a place holder. The description is the meme in Spongebob where Spongebob assumes Mr. Krabs is a robot. I'll link that as well. I picked the battle droid as a pet since it has the weakening effect thing and I think that's pretty cool. The 1337 numbers should be self explanatory and the 101 upgrades is leet speak for lol. Idk what the mana should be set to though. Links vvv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQKyf4sWDlc I love you thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuB_Pm4Xxbs Can you play that song again?
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    Item: Blaster Rifle (or Blasticus with piercing shot) Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Huntress needs some love. *Note: I want the item upgrade level to be 1775/1775 not 1/1775. I couldn't figure out how to do it because I'm bad. The stats are themed off of Charles Benjamin "Chuck" Mawhinney. He was a U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) sniper. 1st row: Chuck had a notable kill at 900 yards. He was in the Republic of Vietnam for 16 months. His years of service was 1967 through 1970. 2nd row: The Vietnam War lasted from 1955 through 1975. 3rd row: Just using the 900 yards number for the stats here. 4th row: Chuck entered the USMC at the age of 18. He had 216 probable kills and 103 confirmed kills. Upgrade Levels: The USMC was founded in 1775. "Head Banger" and "Discount brain surgery" texts are just for humor. The phrase "absolutely 0" is a reference to the song "War" by The Temptations (War, h'uh, yeah, what is it good for, *absolutely nothin*), which came out during the Vietnam War era. Technical balancing and further explanation: At 5.2k Hero Damage and 4.1k AB2 stat on the default huntress skin, the weapon does ~20.8 million DPS on the Tavern dummy. A single shot does ~6.9 million damage. AB2 ability does ~22.5 million damage, not including the extra shot. The dummy alternates the dps between ~20.8m to ~25.1m when spamming AB2 with the normal shot. With the same hero stats as above plus a 210 boost cat, EV beam ticks at ~10.5 million. I purposefully made the hero movement speed negative, AB1 high, and the tower hp as the stat in the theme of snipers stealthily scouting around and taking a secure position. Also using tower hp for the 900 yards number helps to keep the weapon more balanced. The negative AB2 discourages replacing or making other gun weapons on EV/Jester obsolete and puts this weapon is a more niche role for the huntress. Tower range because snipers have range. Eh, get it? Yeah? Yeah....haha. If the DPS needs to be adjusted, then I recommend playing around with the reload speed, sps, and number of projectiles. I think it is good where it is at. I just want there to be a weapon to make huntress a viable dps option without giving another weapon that EV or Jester would make a better use out of or replace one of their weapons. The coloration reminds me of the Mass Effect weapons. Imitating the actual colors of the guns used during the Vietnam War doesn't seem to be very pretty. I hope I did this right. Let me know if I missed something that is needed.
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    While I agree with the post above on a lot of things, I'm still very glad they decided to do a proper remake of one of my favorite games of all time after the mishap that was DDE. I have been loving my time with DDA so far even if it has fallen short of some of its promises. Hoping that a proper update to the grinding in Mass Survival combined with player trading can turn this community into what DD1 once was. Fingers Crossed! :)
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    Does it still drop from Dawn of the Blood Moon or is it forgotten by everyone?
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    I had that same thought! If he’s back, I wonder who else we’ll see? I mean the Harbinger DID escape. Will we see him again? What about some of the other incursion bosses? That would great! Hey Devs....will you turn the shock beam into the weapon manufacturer with stun ability? Pretty please? With beans on top? We need the atomic missiles back! Haha! It’ll be better to shoot down these new air ships and the return of Captain Dreadbones.
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    I feel ya. I was looking forward to being able to sync my Switch and PS4 profiles so I could play DDA on the go and at home using the same data. The radio silence was the worst part. The delay is annoying, but honestly understandable (considering Nintendo's demanding policies regarding third parties, AND the fact that COVID has caused just about everything to slow down), it's the lack of any sort of mention that was most concerning of all. I just want some tidbit so that I can keep being hopeful until the day comes I can finally play.
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    Hey, I'm new here hoping for some help. I'm playing Monk and now I have the problem that I'm already lv 50-198 and I'm using my tower on Tier 5 max 441k DPS how can I increase the dps from the towers.
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    Are you talking about the Skyguard tower, as that is Monk's only tower. Rest are auras. Are you using power, speed, and range shards? All maxed out? Have you gilded them yet? Mods also helo, but you won't see that in tower stats. Anti mods add a lot of enemy power as well.
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    Players assumed you were releasing something in July based on the roadmap you published. https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com/ This used to have dates and they said July. Also the previous roadmap posted for Q2 has not been finished however Q2 has come and gone and items on that roadmap were also missed. So stating where players got the idea for the dates is kind of concerning. More internal communication should happen as it feels like your "not sure" where us players get these crazy ideas! Go figure. Looking forward to the update though but still it's short on what was talked about for Q2 but heading in the right direction.
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    Then i was was wrong. I really thought it was still EA.
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    My problem with shards is that basic critical stats and fun extras use the same slots, so if you want to play with what shards you have, you will take huge losses in power, speed (thus overall DPS), and/or range - all critical to gameplay. The replaced shard needs to be as beneficial as what is removed or you took a loss, especially on maps where DU is tight. I wish stats shards and gameplay shards took different slots. That way you have the power and can change up how the tower plays. That or more DU, but most of us would likely just add more power in that case... I love gameplay shards, a lot, but rarely are they good enough to sacrifice the basic 3 stat shards, so the vast majority of mine sit in the vault.
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    DDA is not in early access, it has been OFFICIALLY released. It might still feel like EA due to the missing content, but it is not. Regarding the age of DDA vs DD1, sure DDA is younger, but it was meant to be a remake of DD1, the age should not matter.
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    I definitely agree with all the points (of the original post) here. Especially with giving EV new weapons. The canisters that was introduced in DD2 was a great upgrade and concept as it adds more uniqueness to her. It would've been a good opportunity to explore more cool arm cannons concepts as this incarnation does includes an actual hand on her cannon arm. This version of EV (visually) does seem like an upgrade, so it's quite peculiar that she retains all of the old tech.
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    Hey there, yes, as far as I know, the glaive still does drop from the Revenant Monk minibosses in Dawn of the Blood Moon. I've farmed there months ago and so far there isn't any update on that, so it should be unchanged.
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    My first entry, my personnal favorite, what's missing: pink forged name and correct ammount for the mana, of course it has to be level 200 the base i used was the green diamond <3 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ my next entry is this Backstabber blade ( thanks <Bonny> base weapon idea), its a reversed blade that you have to show your back to the enemy to attack em, extremly fun to play with. whats misssing: kewl fire colored name for the forge _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and my final entry i used YGK as a base and made it a revamp, really cool looking, straight foward item missing: level 2012 for when dad went missing and lost his precious sword and colored forge name i can live with any color the damage that i currently set on it deals approx 19mil with a 6k knight jj
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    You're in for lots of amazing surprises
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    Item: Jewel Crested Sword Event Name: Ancient Jewel Sword Forged by: Ancient (255,0,0) Magus (150,0,255) Description: Enchanted with devilish magic. Mana value: 11.2019m (This is a reference to the DD update 7 release :)) Stats: HeroHealth: 333 HeroDamage: 666 CastRate: 333 Ability2: 666 TowerHealth: 200 TowerRate: 400 TowerDamage: 400 TowerRange: 200 Swing Speed: 8 Draw Scale: 1.5 Upgrades: 666/666 Concept: It's a DPS weapon which you'd use on a Barbarian with Tornado stance while being hero boosted. I want this weapon to show people that DPS Barbarian can be pretty good and to show Barbarian some love since it's barely used nowadays. Balance: Comparing DPS just hitting the dummy in different ways (hero boost on/off, tornado on/off etc. you get the idea) it's roughly as good as a 130k Honey sword (450-460 upgrades). Now keep in mind that an actual Honey sword would get a lot of damage out of Hawk Stance which I didn't include in the test to favor the event and simplify testing. Pictures: On Ground: On Inspect: On Character:
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    First Entry: The Sicarius is my favorite weapon in the game and have always wanted a reason to use it. Another thing I enjoy is ruining upgradable events, so I mashed them together into this monster. I love this weapon because it gives you the option to be a good tower weapon or a good dps weapon, the choice is yours. For the dps side, the weapon is actually the Retribution so it does generic damage so it is actually usable, and the dps is about a 150k Blaster Rifle at point blank or 130k Blaster Rifle from farther. Then for the tower side, obviously it will not beat a good ++ Kraken Cannon, however, not everyone has a quad cap ++ Krakon. I think this would be a fun event item to have because it would be super unique for what people could use it for. Also, I don't know yet what I would put for the description yet, but there would be one.
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    Decimate you’re foes with amazing AoE but trade off does not have insane dps
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    I've always wanted an item of mine in the game!
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    It's that time again. EVENT TIME!!! Grab some friends and get ready to return to Return to Moraggo! What Do I Need to Know Please check out this guide to get up to speed on how to run events. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1211979327 When Will The Event Happen The event will start on Friday, July 31st 12:00 (UTC-4/EST) and end on Sunday, August 2nd 22:00(UTC-4/EST). There will be guaranteed at least one host on from 12:00-22:00(UTC-4) each day. We will try to have hosts available at other times as well. What Gear Do I Need For This Event Bring the best gear you got. You can use your normal gear for this event or borrow gear. It will require someone or several to build and everyone to use dps of some sort. Hacked and/or modded gear is not permitted during the event *except for gear from the Event Armory Shipment*. What Do I Need to do to be Ready for the Event The event map is open to download already. Before the event you need to check back to this thread and subscribe to the map in the Steam Workshop. Please try hosting it yourself before the event at least once to make sure you have it installed correctly. What If I Can't Get On During Those Times If you are unable to participate in the event while it is running please talk to Thales#0978 on discord or on steam. We will try to accommodate you as best we can. Can I Play With My Friends Yes! You can bring a group of up to 5 players. So find some comrades to adventure with you. If you don't have any friends or a group ready one will be made for you during the weekend. Map Link: Return to Moraggo (You may want to practice a few times before running since there is an extra item planned for those that win) Note: You may encounter an issue after you download the event map and try to go back to ranked and join a game. It is possible you might get a package version mismatch error. The first step to fix this is to restart the game. If that doesn't work then unsubscribe from the map and verify integrity of your game cache.
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    I'm also going to add that HSB left this forums before Protean Shift so I don't think he'll get the part with the mods and the elemental combos if he also actually left the game since then. Other than that, cool discussion. I'm kinda in favor of having more variety of niche shards if possible. Not shock-rev level of broken but works more like Uber Spheres or Unholy Fire.
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    To be fair, they have been doing pretty well in the dealing with bugs department. The game does consistently get more stable, but squashing bugs isn't enough to keep the player base coming back. I appreciate that CG is working hard on this during pandemic issues and having a pool as an office, but it was their choice to come out of beta into early access when they did. It was also their choice to do their official release when they did. It's true that no game is ever perfect, but they had a checklist of things that were expected in the finished product. When you decide to classify your game as "released" without some of those things (like local co-op), then expect players to be disappointed and frustrated. Especially when the communication with the community has been a consistent problem since the beginning. So many problems could be alleviated by simply saying something before doing something. The DD community is one of the better ones. They are passionate about the games, they can be pretty forgiving about mistakes when made right, and they can be very patient and understanding if given the opportunity. If CG says they need to delay a release, the vast majority would be fine with it. Instead, they release with missing features and the whole "Legacy" problem.
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    Their new, flagship product has roughly half as many players as the years old free to play product that they themselves agree didn't work out. It barely has more players than the decade old game it's trying to usurp. For perspective, it's averaging fewer players now than it was when it was still in "early access". Maybe it isn't "dead", but it certainly isn't thriving. I'm in no position to know how much runway they have, but I'd be surprised if they don't try to start selling DLC soon. Every month that goes by, you end up with fewer people that are going to come back to buy it.
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    This is actually very sad news. I had no idea the community actually wanted to follow the same heroes in DD1. This will just mean that DDA will come to a meta where basically everything will need a buff beam and only after years of farming will players get to a point where they get gear strong enough to develop practical strategies without a buff beam. That is how DD1 went down. Is this going to be basically a verbatim repeat with slightly different maps? Where is the community mostly voicing these opinions at? Do I need to reboot my discord account to keep track of this stuff?
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    I do agree that focusing on making sure you have the right speed, and pet for that matter will make a difference in your ability to build a map. Its possible to do it with precision swapping and key pressing (for the skills that give speed boosts). I think i struggled at Lava mines, and that was my roadblock for a bit on Massacre. At the time I was working on soloing the campaign. I think hes also saying that due to the short timers you cant really enjoy the map. I agree in that regard. I too felt the timers made those maps less enjoyable to play, at least in solo. I think a timer pause would be something of a start. imo any timer pause should only be applied to nightmare or massacre only.
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    We are 100% working on new maps and continued story progression. They aren't on the roadmap because we haven't figured out how they fit in the release schedule yet. The roadmap gets updated weekly so once we have a better picture we will decide how to go about adding it onto the roadmap. I'm curious what about my comment I said earlier made you upset? To reiterate we have nothing in the works for such a project, we are 100% committed to improving and adding onto DDA to make it the best we can before we consider moving onto anything else. I'm not a designer, but I would imagine they have no intentions of making EV a required hero to complete content, and they will take every hero into consideration as they look into balance moving foward. I will pass this along to the design team. This is kinda the goal of the roadmap. We update it weekly with how things are going, and as new features start getting worked on, we track their progress in development. Hopefully this cleared up some of your points, I really appreciate you taking the time to write out this feedback. Overall I'm glad you are enjoying the game, and I hope we can continue to improve it and make it a great experience.
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    We definitively want to add new heroes in the future for DDA. We are bringing back EV first due to the overwhelming amount of requests wanting to see her come back. There have been no discussions on what DD3 will entail at this time. We have our focus completely on DDA and will be adding content to it overtime to make it the best we can before moving on to other projects. Player Trading is on our roadmap, We know it was a popular feature in previous games and so we want to bring that back, I don't have an ETA at this time but it is on our radar. We have plans for adding tons of content, Some which will be references to old games, and also some completely new things that have never been see before.
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    There's like 8 "frequent" users that you can see pop up at least once a week, but other than that, not really. It is probably correlated with the lack of content however. Kinda sad, I miss the DD1 forums and I dislike discord as a communication system.
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    Iron Brigade is another example, sort of a steampunk/military action td game. Even though it's fairly different, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD might scratch the same itch and it's on sale for $0.51 right now.
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    I agree with squire towers. I want my machine gun harpoons from DD1!
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    I'm the kind of player that will purposely lower stats just to test the limits of a build. I don't mind having to actively repair and upgrade. I just don't like using DPS characters because they can bolster non-optimal defences.
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    Really good idea I have had this problem before I created the own map and all the build was mine then 2 guys just kicked me from it. Maybe make it so the person who made the map cant be kicked.
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    Just as the title says, I got kicked by the 2 same people twice. Not sure of the first time since we failed the run but second time they came into the same map (Isle of Dread, Dark Awakening) then kicked me out my own map. Since this is a possibility, I wanted to give feedback if it’s possible. Please make it so that when you Create your own map, make it so there’s a party leader that Can Kick without having to vote. Nor be kicked out of the party you started first for that matter. I would love to avoid trolls that can do this. I play a game to have fun and not get annoyed.
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    Bump need a salem, got to many black magics
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