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    Hey All, We recently announced that ALL of our BackerKit and Kickstarter backers that purchased the game in some fashion will receive one set of the preorder rewards (per Kickstarter/BackerKit account) from the preorder store: Previously we had it locked to just the $40 and up tiers on both Kickstarter and BackerKit. As long as you receive a copy of the game through these two portals, you'll get these rewards. This is to reward our early supporters for putting their trust in us from during the birth of this project. That's all for now, just a quick update! :) Smoochies, Lawlta
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    Depending on the time zone, it's one of these times.
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    Everything you listed, and one set of all these bonuses too (bonuses don't include an additional copy of the game) :
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    DEFENDERS, We’re all so excited for the Steam Early Access release of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Feb 21st! We wanted to share some of the awesome work the team’s been working so hard on to get ready for the Early Access at the end of this week. This Dev Log will have some sneak peaks from different departments here at Chromatic: Art, Design, and Engineering! Also, if you haven’t and wanted any of the goodies that come with the preorder editions of DD:A, make sure to get them ASAP since they’ll be gone at 11:59PM EST 2/20! Some of The Team Mary — Community Manager Hi there! I’m Mary, the new Community Manager and I’ve been working for Chromatic for a little over a month now. I worked at Artix Entertainment previously for almost five years before coming over here. It’s been super fun and I had a blast at PAX South talking to everyone there about DD:A. I’ve been really enjoying reading all of your feedback and suggestions regarding DD:A, and making sure that your voices are heard by the team. I’ve also been working on ways to revamp some of our social media platforms like Discord and hopefully you’ll see those changes soon. I’ve also been getting together some little gif teasers together and getting feedback from the Discord community. Here’s some examples: I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on the Steam Early Access of DD:A! It’s only 2 days away! Brent Caulfield — Jr Designer Hello, my name is Brent Caulfield and I am a Jr. Designer at Chromatic Games. I first started game development about 6 years ago when a friend and I started making a FPS game with wizards and magic instead of guns and ammo. That eventually evolved into a commercial project called Grimoire: Manastorm which was released on Steam in late 2017. After that I started a design internship at Chromatic and then accepted a full time design position shortly afterwards! There have been a lot of interesting tasks, but my favorite would have to be the final implementation of gameplay elements for all the maps. Placing the final parts to make the gameplay work and then being the first person to playtest it was really exciting. Seeing the waves of enemies all come out on the maps full of beautiful art was a great experience and one I’ll remember for a very long time. There were so many talented peoples’ work that went into making it all happen and to be one of the first people to see it all come together into a full gameplay experience was very special and was definitely my favorite thing I’ve worked on! Reverse engineering and breaking down DD1 code to find out exactly how and why different systems work was definitely the hardest stuff I’ve had to work on. In order to create an authentic DD1 style experience the Engineering and Design teams spent a lot of time going back into the DD1 code to see how it all functions. One of our major goals with the project is to bring back that awesome gameplay experience that so many people love and while we have extremely experienced people on the team that know how it all works there were still some surprises along the way that we never would have figured out without digging into the source code. This was very challenging at times, but extremely rewarding at the same time. After the initial hazing (Javahawk told me it was possible to beat DD1 Insane Deeper Well on a fresh character) things have been great! Gainesville is my hometown and game development is my dream job so I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to find a place at such a welcoming studio that is working on a game I genuinely enjoy playing! There are so many amazing people on the team and it's a great feeling to wake up every day and be excited to go into work. I am really excited about everything we are working on and think the community is going to love all the awesome content we’ll be putting out in the future! Jade — Jr 3D Artist I go by Jadeite in the art world and I have a slight obsession with video games and all things nerdy! So much so that I decided to make some kind of a career out of it through the art side of things. I've been practicing 3D art since my junior year of high school, and it's my favorite medium to date. My life basically revolves around games, whether I'm at work making them, or at home playing them! I'm also a big fan of tabletop games like King of New York, Boss Monster, D&D, and Necromonda just to name a few. I've had a lot of fun working on the many assets I've been tasked with, but if I had to pin down my favorite it would probably be the pets! I'd say I had the most fun when making these little guys, they're just so cute! I wouldn't really say I'm a character artist, but working on them gave me a chance to essentially be one for a small time and I learned a lot from it. Besides that I also really did like making weapons and shields, super fun especially when I got to make my own spin on old weapons or even just remake them from the ground up. I haven't had to make anything that frustrated me to the point of thinking it wasn't fun in the slightest. But for the hardest thing I’ve worked on I guess I would have the pick the new version of Ancient Aegis. From the start I just had no idea where to go with the new concept, and then actually carrying that out in 3D form was a bit of a challenge. I've also had a few issues come up with this particular model, having to add more or fix things in regards to texture, smoothing issues, etc. It was still a very interesting take on a "sword" and I learned quite a bit from it. My time here has been nothing but enjoyable! I was more than thankful when I first got my internship position here just a few months after graduating, and it's been a blast ever since. One thing my university always said was that you never fully learn this art form until you land your first job, and man were they right! I've been practicing this art form for about 5 years now and I definitely struggled my first week here. I kid you not, I took an entire week making a bench haha. But I've learned a great deal of information, new techniques, and even made some friends along the way! I'd say this is an experience I'll never forget :D (Also here's some more of my work) Derek Stroud — Sr Programmer One of my favorite things that I’ve worked on was setting up our abilities using Epic’s own AbilitySystem, which is a very neat and robust system to work with. Abilities are such a key component to the game as they include everything from placing towers to the Genie pet giving you mana. Setting up our core flow for this and making some of the base abilities was very satisfying and fun as it is one of the very direct means of adding fun interactions to the game. In previous development on the original Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Defenders II, this was a lot more difficult. Swapping to Unreal Engine 4 is like a dream come true when it comes to setting up abilities and being able to do a lot more in a shorter amount of time. With any project, there’s always going to be that mountain to climb, and it’s usually the hardest thing you work on. For Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, we needed to mimic the original Dungeon Defenders stats on every piece of gear and balance for gear, enemies, difficulties, you name it! Due to Dungeon Defenders evolving beyond its original scope (especially post release) there were a lot of tacked on additions to various formulas that became very hard to translate into an easy to work with system for DDA designers. Tracking down all the various additions and small stat tweaks that could happen in DD1 and making sure we incorporated them into DDA but also trying to keep the new systems intuitive and manageable was quite an undertaking... not quite sure we hit intuitive but I think we got manageable down. My favorite thing that has been added to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened that wasn’t in Dungeon Defenders (2012) is double jump! Anything that makes navigation feel better, also every game should have it cause it is the best. As someone who worked on both games, you should take this as a fact — double jump is best jump. What’s Next? Everyone has been working so hard on polishing things up for the Steam Early Access release of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on February 21st and working on getting it ready for the full launch in Q2! A few of us are also getting ready to head out to PAX East at the end of the month, will we see any of you there? If you go, make sure to stop by and visit us, we love to hang out with some of our brave Defenders whenever we get the chance! Social Defenders To keep up with us and get the latest news on both Dungeon Defenders and us folks here at Chromatic Games, make sure to follow us on our social media: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    It depends on what you put it on. You want a high rate of fire on something that can hit multiple enemies at once, with high range, so that you max the probability of it proc-ing. WM is a great way to do that, but the DU cost for double WMs from separate ones placed, is high (1 with water, another with SR). Especially since you were getting that from just 1 WM before.
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    You will receive the number of game copies that you ordered but only one set of each of the extras. You'll receive codes that you can redeem on any account you'd like. Any extras will apply to your DDA account which will work cross platform. There are multiple forum/in-game titles and only our Kickstarter backers have received their forum titles so far. We'll start sending these out soon.
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    Tbf regardless of the motive behind it, he may be right. This would be one of those things where they just need to bring it back or remove it entirely, especially since its bugged and people are exploiting it.
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    Funny to see you complain about people lowballing you, when that's how you made all your items you have :pepelmao:
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    But to play a D3 season, and to get obviously the best gear and flair sets in the game, you have to play at level 1. You can't take your built heroes into it where they were. That's a reset, just in a different way. Great to build a new hero, but crap for existing builds IMO.
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    DO NOT RESET CHARACTERS IN ANY WAY. I cannot stress this enough for myself. Diablo's seasons were kind of fun, but only because i had not played in ages and had new heroes to build. Once i did the new builds, i lost all interest starting from scratch...again. PoE season resets are god awful. Stopped playing as a result. In a crazy grindy game, two major sins you can commit are resets and level cap bumps. That is how you lose masses of players to appease a few harcores. If you want to keep people in the grind, figure out how to build ontop of your progress, without losing everything to do so. If you make my entire inventory obsolete in any way, or my hero progress, that will be the end of that game. I think BL3 just committed one of these sins, level cap bump, and it's a huge mistake IMO. Most hardcore grinders i know playing it are putting it on the shelf until all level caps are done, because what point is there to grind gear destined to be obsolete? This was one of my major issues with level caps in DD1, and resets in DD2. I'll play longer if you stop taking my hard earned toys away from me.
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    While I understand the desire for seasons, I dont think traditional seasons is something that works for DDA. Resetting progress was tried in DD2 for AP and although is different from seasons gives a decent idea how many would actually take part. The AP grind turned many players away from DD2 myself included. Once players have reached a point where they are farming for perfect rolled items in Massacre I dont see anyone wanting to go through the various difficulties again. I however wouldnt be opposed to quests for challenges , special events or such (different rewards according to difficulty) allowing players to farm at the difficulty they are on.
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    @Exglint xD via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Just a quick one, where's all the hype at??? Seriously! I'm getting the game on Switch, and everyday I come to these forums followed by the discord channel and see very little discussions happening at the moment. Am I in the wrong place lol Like I'm not going to get to play this tomorrow, but man I'm loving how the game is looking right now. From an art and design perspective, I'm in awe. I just want to know other peoples opinions - as I've seen a decent amount of negatives (at least when the beta first came out). And very little positives! Here's a screenshot from the stream that has me excited... just feel like the game has come so far in a very short period of time. And now the guys are starting to communicate more, I'm simply super hyped
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    I think it s possible. i reach 900+ without wfm.and not hard.
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    Wow! I am impressed with some of the weapons, especially the shields. I'm kinda itching now to see the cosmetic customization potentials after seeing this. :) Totally dig the mustached rock pet too! And it never occurred to me that the carrot-nibbling ramster could be made into a pet too haha!
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    11 Chickens Clucking, 10 Jesters Presents, 9 Spiders webbing, 8 Wyverns flying, 7 Bloackades bouncing, 6 Minions fighting, 5 staves shooting, 4 heros hunting, 3 auras slaughtering, 2 goblins loving and a bartender in a tavern!
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    If you accidentally hit the "Launch on all platforms" button, I wouldn't be too mad.
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    I believe that key is also your actual game key. You won't have to do anything, you'll just be able to play when EA opens up
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    Lets go with 0001 EST! I'm not saying that I would pull an all-nighter and skip work Friday, wait...yes I am
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    You all did see what he said right? its not actually 5PM it was a joke about gettin drunk on release. The time of release has not been given yet, i dont even know where the LINT time zone came from, their HQ is in EST in florida.
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    DEFENDERS! This is just a brief check-in to talk about preorders for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. We’ve received a lot of support from a ton of you, and want to make sure we reward that where we possibly can. There’s two big things to go over, being preorder upgrade options for Kickstarter and BackerKit supporters, and preorder window coming to a close. Let’s get to it! Preorder Upgrades We’ve been working tirelessly with our shop partner to enable upgrades over the past few weeks. Without getting into the details, we unfortunately have not been able to get upgrades going, and don’t want to let people know very last minute that they can upgrade, if at all. Instead, we’re going to do the following. ANYONE that preordered through BackerKit or backed us on Kickstarter will receive the $60 Prestigious Edition bonuses shown on the preorder store, that are preorder exclusive. This includes: Forum Titles In-game Titles Digital Soundtrack, Strategy Guide, and Artbook Awakened Phoenix Pet Crystalline Skins Rift Skins At Chromatic, we want to do everything we can to reward all of our players who support us, as fairly as we can. We announced the ability to upgrade, and since we are not able to deliver, we are taking the high road and providing the bonuses to those who would have been able to upgrade for FREE. We chose these tiers because it’s equivalent to how much the retail price is for the game. This serves as a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters who joined us early on this adventure, and to help show that we’re focused on making a great game. Preorder Availability With Early Access coming on February 21st, we’re going to be closing our Preorder Store the same day. This is to ensure that all our sales for the PC version of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened goes through Steam. With the Preorder Store closing, the Preorder Bonuses will no longer be available for ALL platforms. If you want to grab the Preorder bonuses, you only have until February 21st. Kickstarter and BackerKit Changes Starting on February 21st, we will no longer be able to change the platforms that people have selected, as we need to make sure that orders are locked and ready to fire for when we release on each individual platform, ensuring that people receive their correct copies. What’s Next? We’ve got a Dev Stream that we’re going to have tomorrow, February 14th at 3:00 PM ET, where we answer questions that we’ve seen posted everywhere, answer questions that all of you have for us, and show some gameplay as well! Please join us, and potentially win a free Prestigious Edition of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. That’s all for now, just a quick check-in. We’re hard at work to make sure that Early Access feels as great as possible, and cannot wait for you guys to tear it apart! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Woah woah woah there was an '*' and a gif saying it's 5 o'clock somewhere. It'll be released at 5 o-clock but I never said what timezone :)
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    Early access is open on the 21st but no actual time has been specified.
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    On the 9th day of hype, CG gave to me... 9 spiders
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    Nope water shard isn't 100% , meaning your shocking rev will build DR stacks when it procs without the electrocute
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    Hardly use it nowadays, the petrify combo is waaaaaaaay better
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    On the 8th day of hype, CG gave to me... 8 wyvern
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened/posts/2757562 First line here.
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    Hey uber, thanks for hosting another challenge for us all to give a try at! Good luck to all who entered! Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bla11/
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    Sourgrapes / tell me how it would help you for others to lose their relics ? There's so many other builds you can use to beat anything in the game
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    On the 7th day of hype, CG gave to me... 7 bouncer blockades
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    From that point of view, I can see that. I've played a lot of Terraria and I have restarted my progress with a new character and world multiple times. However, in Terraria, with a new character and world, you don't need to wipe your old characters and world which means you get to keep everything you've grinded for. And I've also heard of people sinking hundreds or thousands of hours just to grind for that super rare item or Ult++ gear. To me overall, it's still a grind like AP. I wouldn't want to lose all my AP progress or rare loots I've spent thousands of hours grinding for even if I've "beaten" the game and never played it for years. I've lost my progress in PVZ2 multiple times due to circumstances and I absolutely hated that.
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    On the 6th day of hype, CG gave to me... An image of a stop sign. :D
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    Yeah, I do get confused with this. I know many people didn't like Ancient Power resets due to losing the grind efforts in DD2. Then I have also heard of players who wants to completely reset progress in DD1 which is a grind-heavy game too. I don't know whether there are two different groups and I'm just lumping them together but yeah, there's also the aspect of a lot of DD1 players who plays DD2 that just loves to compare it to DD1.
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    Seasons are an excuse for having no content. Please do not bring that to dda
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    People who aren't playing D3 all the time are done with a season in one weekend, those numbers are meaningless.
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    Seasons that reset your progress is an horrible idea. Seasonal events are instead the best way to go about it. Can either make challenges where stats are fixed for everyone to even out the play and reward cosmetics (or something similar) or have multiple sets of challenges to appeal to all players (the more difficult the challenge the better or more awesome looking the rewards).
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    95% of whom probably quit within a day or two because doing the exact same content for the 19th consecutive set of months with just a little more power creep loses it's appeal pretty quickly. If anything the fact you were able to breach even the 5 digit rank threshold on one of the most popular gaming franchises out there with so little playtime just speaks volumes about how shitty seasons can be when it comes to player retention. For seasons to actually be interesting and reel in more long term players they need active development like Path of Exile and Fortnite. "Play through the game again with all this new content and reworks and mechanics and rewards" is vastly more interesting than "here you go guys do the exact same thing again". On top of that serious anti-cheat is kinda important, and those are both things I doubt we're likely to see if there's no serious monetization going on. Plus D3 and DD don't really play the same. Playing an hour every other day it'd probably take you the best part of the 3 month cycle just to breach into endgame on DD which at least in my opinion is where the fun actually really starts to ramp up.
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    All of the rewards listed on the DDA pre-order page are for DDA and will be sent after the game launches.
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    Only way top 900 for a single class means anything is if there were like 500k active players in that season focusing on season play
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    there's always hope..........never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.........then again maybe thats even more negative than the op
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    Disclaimer: Exploit weakness mostly works. It doesn't work in the single place that you'd actually expect it to work, which is on rollers. A mechanic in DD2 that is extremely poorly explained is the concept of weaknesses. There's one mutator in onslaught that mentions it, but other than that, you can play through all of DD2 without knowing that it exists. So, what exactly are weak points? Weak points are a small part of an enemy's hitbox that, when hit by RANGED hero damage attacks, deals 1.5x damage. Weak points can also be referred to as 'headshots'. This mechanic is independent of random critical hits, which can stack with headshots. Melee attacks and abilities cannot hit weak points. "But Gigazelle, what about siege rollers? Melee attacks work on that weak point!" Strangely enough, rollers don't actually have a 'weak point' as stated above. They are hardcoded to receive 2x damage, regardless of melee/ranged attacks, from behind. Anywhere else, you deal 0.05x damage. In the sense of the Exploit Weakness mod and the 'Soft Spot' onslaught mutator, rollers do not have one. On the bright side, every other enemy does! For the most part, the enemy's weak point or soft spot is their head. The only exception is large skeletons, which the glowing crystal in their ribcage is their weak point. "Okay Gigazelle, so how do I capitalize on the Exploit Weakness mod and Soft Spot mutator?" Two requirements: Use a ranged hero attack. Exploit weakness is 100% worthless on ability-focused heroes, and heroes that only use melee attacks. Use said ranged attack on an enemy's head. The latter is considerably challenging, because enemies' heads bob when they walk, and you have to take server lag into consideration. You can make headshots considerably easier and more reliable by having a setup that self-stuns. For example, drenching strikes + ice (or storm) chip, or a poison weapon with a pet that deals earth damage. "Hold up. People have claimed repeatedly that the Exploit Weakness mod is broken. What proof do you have?" Fairly extensive testing on maps. Note that tavern dummies don't have soft spots, so you can't test your mods on dummies. Also note that rollers are coded differently than other mobs, so Exploit Weakness doesn't work on them. All other enemies do have weakpoints, though. Running the numbers: Gear without any exploit weakness mods. Note that I'm not worried about the actual damage, but the ratio of headshot damage to non-headshot damage. Damage was tested using a huntress with a 2.5/s x1 bow. One arrow, no crit, no headshot: 352267 One arrow, no crit, with headshot: 528401 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 1.5x One arrow, random crit, no headshot: 538642 One arrow, random crit, with headshot: 792601 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 1.5x Next, I put on my Exploit Weakness gear. My mods are 70%/70%/70%/35% (I need a 10/10 healthy power gloves before upgrading my last one to c7) One arrow, no crit, no headshot: 372657 One arrow, no crit, headshot: 2963499 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 5.175x One arrow, random crit, no headshot: 858986 One arrow, random crit, headshot: 4445251 Ratio of non-headshot to headshot: 5.175x Note that all of these numbers appear red, except no crit + no headshot. Since they're all red, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if you're landing headshots, or if you're just getting random crits. TL;DR: The Exploit Weakness mod increases your headshot multiplier for ranged hero damage, and 100% works. It does not affect rollers, since rollers don't have a 'headshot' hitbox.
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    Burning combo = useless
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    That's how it is but it's worth considering that the beta isn't very much to judge the full game by seeing as it's only the easiest 4 maps and capped to insane difficulty which many people either start on or progress into within an hour or two. You're essentially watching people play the games tutorial section dozens of levels over-leveled and with overpowered gear. Something to remember is you should always take things like that with a pinch of salt, though, and that extends to any kind of design theory not just in the world of gaming. Something that sounds great, maybe even perfect on paper can pretty quickly fall to pieces when you introduce it to many other moving parts and systems like in a game. The randomly powerfully buffed lanes every wave is a pretty good example as on paper it seems great but in practice if it actually makes a measurable difference it creates issues and adds an RNG layer to progressing because the core tower aspect of DD games simply isn't really designed around constantly selling your towers after using them, meaning for it to be anything more than something that annoys everyone just because they got unlucky with chosen lanes a decent chunk of re-working and re-balancing needs to be done. It may not seem like a big deal to you because what you essentially want is an entirely re-done game anyway but seeing as this game is being born largely out of the general thirst for a slightly more modernized DD1, sweeping fundamental changes to core design probably aren't super high on CG's list. Especially seeing as a lot of the hate for DD2 is because it was, well, different.
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    a lot of people including myself did not like the way DD2 used heros. what you mean by making it "hero-centric" is that heros should be dps and way more powerful than towers. i disagree whole-heartedly with that idea. you mentioned that in DD1 heros were not relevant. this is not true at all, when you were doing difficult content your hero was VITAL in saving the day. HOW you saved the day was the great thing DD1 did correctly. You were not restricted to being dps. you could choose to build a great variety of support style heros that werent focused at all on personal dps. be it active builder that replaced towers (or walls), or a hero built to repair super effectively, or a hero that utilized tower buffing pets by being near certain towers at the RIGHT TIME and actively moving around the map, or many other weird unorthodox styles. Heck the first time i killed the goblin mech i used a support squire with max sword block.....and had bowling ball turrets blanketing the hall with balls. everytime the mech attacked me it would nudge me back a fraction of an inch towards the crystal and i had to try to reposition and keep him from moving forward. in the end i won with the mech nearly in range of the crystal. would it have been easier if i just made a dps hero? probably yea, but it was so satisfying when i found a strategic way to do it instead and its a moment ill never forget. DD1 was not at all just tower defense anymore than DD2 was. in both games once you got strong enough your hero was no longer needed and you could afk maps. the only actual difference is that DD2 was much much much more focused on forcing people to play strictly dps heros rather than allowing other styles of play. I do not want another dd2, i do not want a fps game. there are plenty of fps games out here and i dont intend to play those either. now having said that i encourage chromatic to allow strong dps heros. just because i prefer my active supporty/builder style of play doesnt mean others should play that way too. some people love the dps style and fps feel and that's great! variety tends to be a good thing in games and i truly hope they can find ways to encourage our dps and our support players to have fun together.
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    followed by Your consideration is just fine. It's not what our audience wants, and we have received extensive feedback, thousands of tickets, and constant emails asking for local sessions only. It was one of the biggest points of feedback we received through DD2's EA and release. Now you know why. If you disagree, that's fine, but this is the route we're going regardless. 1. Don't know how we're not being honest, weird phrasing. Not providing everything you're requesting doesn't have anything to do with honesty. If anything, these posts should be providing transparency and establishing/reinforcing honesty. 2. I don't doubt that we COULD make that mode, but what was said was "no extra modes currently planned" (specifically regarding what was asked). If it's something players want, we can look into adding it later, but it's something we didn't promise, and leads to the third point. 3. The reason is not "simply" maintenance costs (which aren't cheap), but also the development time and support is pretty substantial. It's not a simple switch that's flipped, especially across all four platforms. Maybe it's something we revisit post launch, but for now that's the most we're going to be speaking on this, we've said our piece at this point. We're making the best game we're able to make to the best of our ability based on what our players have overwhelmingly said they want. Any more inquiries about this topic will lead to different flavors of the same answers given here.
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    We're working on counter measures to make the experience the best we can. As dizzydiana said above, we will not be removing that feature as that does defeat the purpose of playing on the go with the Switch and also would be an issue with cross saves.
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    I understand your concern and I am sure many other agree with you. I would just like to point out that for some people would still like it to be possible. My son takes 2 and and half hours to get to univeristy and would like to continue his game on the switch. What should he do? Never play online at home where he has internet access? Or never play on his long journey or during breaks in between lessons and University? The Switch being portable kinda puts a kink into never allowing any offline play to count towards online play. You will find many players who choose the Switch as something they enjoy bought it for that portability where you could play offline and online while out and about. Have a long drive where your kids want to play in the car? There are many times where it might not be appropriate to say well pick either online and offline and never be able to do both. If they have the right measures in place to minimise cheating from offline play it might address your concerns. We as yet do not know what they implemented or how easy it is to subvert. If we can test this during Early Access and find the Anti-cheat inefficient then we should come back here are do all we can for them to either fix it or remove the ability to take offline to online progress.
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    2x Reflect beam with mass destruction, vicious strikes, shattering torpedo And tenacity, rate, anti melee arranged in a box with a proton beam with destructive pylon, rate, frost beams and tenacity, rate, poison build horizontally across the middle of the box will do most lanes just fine. Add in a flame aura with overcap rate for frost. Add in a boost aura With mass destruction, destruction, boosted grasp if struggling (eg physical damage lanes, long shot, headstrong). Fliers easily dealt with from a 2-3 nodes reflect on core and obelisk with totem and fortification to soak up emp kobolds (5 max needed for temple). Normal flying kobolds will suicide on nodes placed I’m lanes with ground mobs so long as that lane is near where the flying lane is. Apart from that, reroll maps that take forever to build / poor du eg temple of the necrotic, molten citadel, buried bastille, longhorn valley. If you don’t have barbarian also reroll headstrong assassins.
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