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    nice, thx for posting my original topic for the beta-maps :D
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    I'm the only one involved in the card game stuff. It's been a fun little project I've worked on my free time over the past few years and it is completely independent from the studio's work on the game. It's has zero impact on anything to do with the Kickstarter or game development. Everyone at the studio is instead focused on DDA, as they should be.
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    Yes, you were flagged as a hacker for having multiple heroes with 100k+ Hero stat points assigned, which can only be achieved through hacking, Unless you know of a way of another way, in which case I'd love to know about and we can talk about unflagging you. That said, the overwhelming majority of players being flagged have been investigated and proved to be cheating and I have personally looked into many cases and will continue to do so to anyone that thinks they were falsely flagged.
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