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    This is the third time I'm raising this conversation over the course of this series. Please do not bring the buff beam to DDA! Buff beams are unmistakably and undeniably BROKEN. Not just as its balance in any Dungeon Defenders game, but as a core game design and balance concept. It is literally impossible to balance correctly. That's not just opinion; it is the equivalent of attempting to force an exponential curve to match a linear line. It is a mathematic impossibility. The mathematical concept (and paradox) behind the buff beam Kay, so, you've got this beam that buffs towers. It multiplies damage, attack rate, damage resistance, and range. As you increase its stats, the multipliers increase. There are three huuuuge issues with the concept behind the defense: Its a damage multiplier. This alone is more than enough to completely skew the entire balancing of the tower. It's also an attack rate multiplier, which exponentially increases damage output. On top of that, you can further increase its effectiveness by dumping stats into it. Altogether, you have the buff beam's damage multiplier, attack rate multiplier, and your gear making this insane exponential curve. In DD1, the exponential curve was approximately equal to the (relatively) linear defense damage curve in the ballpark of level 30-40. This means that if you had a choice between summoning, say, 2 harpoons or 1 harpoon on a buff beam, you'd get approximately the same damage output. Beyond that, the buff beam's damage output skyrocketed. In full trans gear, a buff beam multiplies a single tower's damage 6x-8x. 4DU for that kind of multiplier means that every defense should be on a buff beam or it's 100% worthless. DDE's started out a little tiny bit better, but a balance patch made it even worse. The attack rate on some towers was just absurd. Ended up exactly in the same position as DD1. DD2's buff beam is literally worthless until you have mostly C8 relics, and only if you have exactly the right mods and shards on it. They learned from DD1's mishap, but made it irrelevant to 99% of the players. The exponential curve meets the linear defense power curve at very end game, so it sees virtually no use. 60DU for a super minor increase in stats isn't worth it. In almost all scenarios, you might as well just summon a second tower. It also only increases damage and not attack rate, which helps alleviate the exponential curve that buff beams conceptually have. From what we've seen so far, DDA's buff beam is much closer aligned to DD1's buff beam, and since they're balancing stuff, they get to choose where the exponential buff beam curve meets the linear defense power curve of other towers. Gut the buff beam so it's 100% worthless early game and relatively balanced in massacre (similar to how DD2 did it) Keep original balancing, making buff beam a 100% required defense for literally every build (similar to how DD1 did it) Mathematically speaking, there is no middle ground. Either it's 100% worthless early game and balanced late game, or it's balanced early game and 100% broken late game. You could also make it worthless early game, balanced mid game, and broken late game. How would you balance the buff beam here?
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    I'm all for skipping it. Tower buffs in general being a meta requirement just doesn't do it for me. DD1 was a great game, and I'm glad I had the chance to play it, but man, once you hit that late game content, you had to build just such a way. This is why I was so disappointed that none of DD2's positive changes made the cut. That game was far from perfect, as anyone who has played it knows, but there were still positive aspects in there. I went into this thinking we'dget the best of both worlds, but with things as they are progressing now, it looks like we're being pushed into the same meta as DD1. I'd rather a new and unique defense than just another absolute requirement for progression, but it looms like that's where the game is headed.
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    serise ev is not DLC its a free update everyone gets with massacure survival DLC 1 that we are getting for free is still to come down the line. I am all fort he ev im not somene who activly plays if i can help it id rather play it as a pure tower defence game even massacure campagne i got to semi afk kill copters sirens traps and auras delt with everything else fine the only real challenge of massacure campaigne being summit
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    I just want the game to come out at all, lol. DD2 just isn't as fun anymore.
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    Be careful what you wish for - once the buff beam is introduced, it will unlikely ever leave the meta. Ever. I can quite literally personally attest to this. As part of the CDT we wanted to incrementally nerf DD1's buff beam in hopes that it wouldn't be a requirement in every build. The community was super divided on the topic, and we couldn't make any changes unless the community was in full support of a change. So, the buff beam remained a requirement for every nightmare build. DDA is a new game (at least it's supposed to be), and the buff beam isn't in the game yet. There's still a chance to avoid the same meta that DD1 has. The pet that boosts towers is much more manageable - as long as the DPS increase of the towers it boosts is (relatively) on par with the damage output of a regular DPS pet, you have an element of the game that is relatively balanced. Monk boosts are a little bit more difficult, but I feel with balance passes could achieve a hero that feels good without being completely broken. I'd personally balance monk so he has a little less DPS than other heroes without boosts, and a little more DPS with boosts active. Monk boosts are also temporary and isolated to a single location; buff beams are not. I'm afraid that's not how the buff beam (at least in its current state) is going to work. It's going to be 100% worthless in every situation until a magical arbitrary point in the game to where it's then a required defense in every build. That magical arbitrary point is dependent on how CG scales the buff beam multipliers, and how well it scales with stats. I would absolutely love for a buff beam be for "a few select towers", but from a game design perspective, that's not going to be the reality.
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    1) Towers could just be balanced instead of arbitrarily being weakened because you're on massacre. There is literally nothing stopping CG from making magic missile towers stronger than deadly strikers if they wanted to, but that would also be poor design. 2) It doesn't really open up more options. Right now for example I can setup a lightning aura by itself and it'll damage things that aren't electric immune. I can amplify this by placing a wall at the edge of the aura to keep enemies in longer. Strength drain or darkness trap so it now hits everything. Ensnare or gas trap to also keep them in longer. The buff beam by comparison just makes things stronger by arbitrarily making things stronger, something balancing the game could do instead. Every build is now going to use buff beams, kinda like how every build has to use strength drain auras. Regarding the balance, the only thing I can think of is for every defense buffed by the beam the multipliers are reduced. So 1 tower, 100% buff. 2 towers, 50% buff to both. Something like that.
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    I would think they need to finish split screen before they want to release on console, but they've done crazier things.
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    I miss the Armory. Was one of my favorite maps in DD1.
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    Since the forums broke the last few threads images and the update changed links, I'm gonna do a new list to help people know what they're looking at when trading Huge thanks to the old threads from russman, Articuno and kg4q. Also major thanks to Dark for providing a updated list from the two forum transitions we had (Trendyent forums -> dungeondefenders/1/forums -> current ones). Here's the list for anyone who may want it (link). For the old Trendy sponsored events, traces are on the Sign Up Threads for the events (linked besides each post). Some of those events also had discussion threads, which will be linked when I know they exist. For the CDT team events, you can find traces here for normal events and here for the forum giveaway ones, clicking on the tabs on the bottom for which event you want Info on post layout: Post 1 - 2012 Series Events + One Offs Post 2 - 2012-2013 Series Events Post 3 - 2013 One Off Events Post 4 - 2014-2017 Events Post 5 - 2018-2019 Events Post 6 - 2020 Events Post 7 - Beta Testing Rewards + Forum Giveaway Events
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