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    First of all, let me say that for the most part, I'm enjoying the game and am REALLY looking forward to future content and updates because I think there is a ton of room for growth and potential. Great job so far Chromatic!! Keep up the hard work! Yall are amazing! I also understand that there are still major UI improvements and bug fixes to come, so I won't spend too much time on how the game looks, but rather what I'm hoping to see in the future. Here are my thoughts: NECESSARY Quality of Life Changes Tabbing to open up map, but also accidentally opening another window at the same time (e.g. inventory window), and getting stuck with the tab screen open without being able to close either the inventory or the tab screen. I’ve gotten stuck like this and had to alt+f4 The ability to inspect other players in your game (or at least see their level / ipower...something) Chat auto-scrolling to the bottom...it often leaves a word or long sentence scrolled up causing the user to always have to “page down”. Having the ability to compare items on the ground with items on your current character Starting survival waves at a CHOSEN point (not from wave 1 every run) This was a revolutionary idea from DD1 that completely changed gameplay and enjoyment. I love the idea of "active builder", i.e. non-afk builds that force players to stay engaged; BUT I don't want the engagement to be repairing auras and traps while mindlessly progressing through waves and waves of mobs that are completely meaningless (dropping useless gear and pose 0 challenge). Repair bug in multiplayer that causes towers to remain "in a state of being repaired" even though they are max hp (causing gears animation and sound without the ability to cancel) “Would Greatly Improve My” Quality of Life Changes No delay after hitting enter to chat. I’ve started too many sentences missing the first letter; it feels sluggish and bad Inventory Clunky set up that makes sifting through pages of items feel like a chore I was a huge fan of the folder system in DD1 -- at least I could organize my inventory the way I wanted to. With the current system, I may want to save a piece of armor for a dps build in the future, but the only way to find it would be to search through all locked items, and remember the type/class of the armor. PLEASE bring back folders (or a similar system)! Hotkeys to lock/sell/drop items from inventory Sorting should not change back to default settings every time I open inventory (this one annoys me a lot) Character Screen Too much text and not enough useful information. Having to scroll down to see my total builder stats is not only a pain, but it defeats the whole purpose of a character sheet. Give me the information I NEED upfront and center! Consider DD1’s character screen -- all of my hero and builder info with nice icons, very clearly displayed I like the idea of the ‘secondary’ information, but add it to an ‘advanced’ or ‘more’ option Allow players to check character information DURING combat (no inventory because we dont want gear-swapping during combat, but a way to view overall stats and use "down time" during combat to visually manage, optimize, and plan for changes on each character) Items Utilize all armor QUALITIES! Each map difficulty should have its own “quality set” of items Easy/Medium/Hard/Insane/NM should have relatively similar chances of dropping ALL quality of gear, but the gear should be scaled down to that level of difficulty. E.g. A legendary drop on easy will be worse than an uncommon drop on insane, but it will still have better stats than the average rare item found on easy mode. Improve UI to show items found on each difficulty (border types or some kind of identifier to classify the difference between a legendary found on Medium and a legendary found on Insane) The loot filter may also have to reflect from where the gear was dropped (if players want the ability to specify "NM Legendary" or "Insane Legendary") This isn't the biggest issue because people can sort by ipower, but it's something to consider This would really allow for exciting moments throughout the leveling process, giving players on lower difficulties a big “wow” factor when a legendary drops Also lowers the amount of legendaries that should be dropping on Insane -- right now they don’t feel special at all I want to recreate the feeling of finding Ultimate or Ultimate ++ gear from DD1, where you would get 3-4 ults on average per run and 1 ult++ every 20-30 runs if lucky. I feel like this is a hugely underrated way to make proper use of all item types and qualities in games. Rarely do you find "uncommon" pieces on a new difficulty that feel GOOD to use (typically we just jump from legendaries to better legendaries when swapping difficulties) Map difficulty will need to be adjusted to account for a higher range of stat variability (i.e. if "Easy difficulty" items can drop between common and legendary, and if the legendary stats are significantly better, the difficulty of all maps will need to scale up accordingly) Scaling and Difficulty First play through of the game should not be possible on insane (difficulty-wise) Give people the option out of the gate, but they should quickly realize that they'll need much better gear to clear insane Utilize each difficulty -- easy (“smooth sailing”) and medium (“difficult/challenging” / for experienced players) difficulties at the start of the game should be the norm Extend game content by taking advantage of all difficulties Hard should be, well...HARD, and only possible after acquiring some medium-level armors Pets need more damage and it would be great if they scaled with hero damage. DPS Monk with a DPS pet from DD1 is still one of the most enjoyable playstyles from any game I've played (so long as its balanced correctly). Anyway, just my 2 cents. Thanks for listening.
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    For an old timer like me I love that the feel of almost a new DD1 is here, but with improvements, looking forward to all the new DD1esque content.
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    There is a lot of positivity in this community as far as i have experienced. But lets give the devs a boost, and write one thing each that we love about the game! I'll start: I love the constant feeling of progression. Everyday i feel i'm getting better, and understanding more :D
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    Hero deck and auto loot are by far the best quality of life improvements implemented.
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    Let’s take a minute to go over end game I know this is still in early access and a lot of things will change in a few weeks or months and nightmare is coming to the game as well so time being so talk about the end game so far Level system there really nothing to say on this one easy to level early on but harder to get higher up. With 8 skill point after hitting a level pass 70 making its worth the hours put in for a level Pets Pets are very very limited and it’s sad to see that with each map come with a pet but only two are even useable. The kitty cat and mining rock are by far the strongest even with a different character build with smash bro’s hand to repair defenses and gemy to boost them their just gets over power by them and it’s sad to see that hopefully I’m the future there’s more options to pick a pet Armor the stuff we have always seen in every dd game that come out why fix something if it’s not broken. Only problem is for new players who start with the hero stats being named different and looking almost the same but with a bit of looking its easy to understand Weapons same thing said with armor why fix it if it’s not broken. When playing online not everyone is using the same weapon so that’s a good thing but I’ll get it time until everybody find the one gem still early to tell The Item Tier system Every game with a leveling system has it and finds a sweet spot. With that being said I felt like I was skipping blue and purple with playing I felt that blue were useless when you and go get purple the same levels as you would with blues I think changing the tiers would help a lot having legendary(yellow) be at level 70 and purple be 55-65 level then blue bing 30-50 level and green being passed 15 just my through don them Story and boss Still being worked on at the moment by the dev can’t wait to see it and kill all the boss like an animal Maps It’s amazing just the details but into it. Just blow my mind see classic maps and news maps also can’t wait to see what maps are coming next. Then for game play im never feel feel force to play one map for gear unless for fast xp or pets Hero power they are what we expect them to be so they pass on a good note Overall Just little things need fix but beside that I wanted to say thanks to chromatic and everyone who been working so hard on this game day in and day out you guys are the best and can’t wait to see what nexts Ps what’s everyone thought on the end game so far?
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    Double jump is great, but the physics on the stools/chairs/chicken in the tavern have provided more-than-I-care-to-admit hours of entertainment. Build some towers to make goals and go at it.
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    I'm not sure about the ogres, I've seen them run super fast too. I assumed it was because i was at wave 20+ insane survival and they get agility buff. If you were able to use cheat engine then I'm really worried. That's where all the hacked items in DD1 came from. You were able to just buff the values stupid and nothing checked it. That is number 1 priority. Especially if trading is going to be a thing.
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    Preach!! Yea, having a Pwr level on legendary items but not having them drop earlier / lower lvl reqs was frustrating. It would be nice to add that the first ogre you face on level 2 should have a guaranteed legendary drop the first time you kill it. Even a lowly 100 Power legendary is better than not. If you can pull it off on Insane the first time maybe it has 150 power.
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    Good post, makes a lot of great points
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    The only way for it to not be overpowered pre-nerf(prop-cat/weapons), is that nightmare are way harder, literally WAY harder than insane mode. We're talking about 10 times harder if not more, thats how broken/overpowered it was. But not just that, how are towers even gon keep up with the wave clear(excluding Ogre btw towers are nothing against them already, compared to dps heroes before patch.) if it is that much harder. This is a tower defense game is it not? This it not a game where you bump up your character, and your character only and then slap everything left and right and go through content by one tapping them with your stick. Lets be honest, is it that fun to one tap the hardest content that is up to date right now? Like I said, this is a tower defense game, and it got some character progression. At maximum, hero should be doing 50% of the dmg and rest on towers for it to be actually a tower defense game imo. Last but not least, lightning traps still bugged, yey. 5 days counting.
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    No clue yet what is strongest, but the Paintball Gun drops on Royal Gardens (and a couple other maps, but I've seen it here the most) and is very similar to the Blasticus from DD1. It's pretty solid if you get a good roll.
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    The speed of which each fireball travels is way too slow. Unless your tower is hitting mobs face on, and even then it can be a problem, the balls travels so slowly that even slow walking mobs can easily outmanouver them. There isn't so much an issue with the firerate, but the travel speed is definately an issue. Feels odd/off! Have a look at insane summit for example. Take the top lane to the north that converges two mob lanes from east/west. The fireball towers start shooting as soon as the mobs exits the spawner, but the mobs that initiated the tower to shoot are already on top of the stairs heading down. The ball hits the wall on either side of the stair. Then when the tower readjusts to shoot the mobs coming down the stairs, it starts shooting the mobs when they are higher up in the staircase. The mobs continue to travel down the stairs and the balls slowly flies over their heads. At last, when the mobs are standing in front of the squire wall does the fireball connect because the mobs are standing still. Ninjas are particularly pesky in this regard because of their high speed and constant jumping around. Im not saying that this is a gamebreaking issue. Not at all. Just feels poorly tuned, and I cant understand that this makes better gameplay than the alternative: Either make projectile speed a separate stat that we can pour points into, or increase the set projectile speed so that the pace is increased.
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    All random right now from what I understand. If you want a weapon for your huntress, run the wave on her and you will see more weapon drops.
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    DEFENDERS, Another day, another patch! The studio is all abuzz on getting as much done as soon as we can, so that we can get it into your hands. This is a crazy busy week for the studio, and there’s some stuff to go over, so let’s get into it. PAX East Some of us from Chromatic are going to be at PAX East, showing off Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and interacting with our community face-to-face. We’ve got some fun swag to give away, so if you’re going to be there, come visit us, let’s talk games, and have some fun! We’re going to be at Booth #12074 (right next to the big Nintendo booth). We hope to see you there if you’re venturing into the beast that is PAX East! Key Bindings This patch coming out today may affect your key bindings, and reset them to default (we've made some changes to key bindings). Just a heads up before the patch goes out here in the next couple hours. COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Upgrading We’ve been messaging with this project from its inception, throughout our Kickstarter, and in pretty much every Steam review that we are listening constantly, and that the success of our game is going to be heavily dependent on our community helping show us what’s important to them and how to make things feel better. This is the first big fix that we’re going to be making due to a TREMENDOUS amount of feedback we’ve received so far. Upgrading is currently WAY too strong on all fronts. It was first surfaced to us via the Propeller Cat being incredibly strong when upgraded. Then we dove into it more, and people provided a ton of feedback and screenshots showing how strong they were able to get via upgrading, and how it didn’t feel good. It trivialized content and overall made progressing and higher tiers feel very easy very quickly. We have a difficulty for that, it’s called “Easy”, but the feedback said that Insane should potentially be named “Sane” because of how easy it was being cleared. After investigating, this was clearly unintended and there was a bug in the upgrading formula. We’ve listened to the feedback, and to ensure that the game provides challenge, the efficacy of upgrades are going to be restored to their intended values due to fixing this bug. This is not going to only scale to just new gear, only to reroll gear you’ve got, or undo any upgrades you’ve applied. Every piece of gear in the game (equipped, received, and new drops), in regards to upgrades, will be scaled to not provide the crazy amount of stats they were applying. This fix will be coming in a patch later today. We’re going to be keeping an eye on this to make sure it feels great, and listening to feedback from you all based on this fix. Feedback on your feedback, if you will! This is one of the things we love about Early Access. Players are helping us not ten, not one hundred, but one thousand times more than we would have been able to do so on our own. We also are so proud of our community for pointing this out, that you all WANT the challenge, you WANT to be able to have an achievement that felt good to get, and are pointing out what the problem is, instead of just upgrading and cruising through what’s meant to be the hard content. It’s why we call you Defenders, and not babysitters. You’re here to defend and fight, not AFK and win. This is the exact kind of moment that really just reinforces our decision to listen to our community and work with you to make sure the game is the greatest it can be. This is such a big fix that we wanted to be as transparent as possible, as soon as possible. Our studio and community have the same goal — making the best Dungeon Defenders game possible, and open communication is a big part of that. Letting you know what’s going on and why certain things happen ensure that what we’re doing is to provide the best experience for the game, and that experience is the one you as a player are seeking. Continued Feedback You’ll see it said on most reviews for this game, spammed all over the forums, Discord, and Reddit, but keep the feedback coming through the in-game escape menu feedback link. It’s a direct portal to get feedback to us, so that we’re able to read through it all in one place and get the game the best it can be as fast as possible. We’ve got a ton so far, and it’s been incredibly helpful. Together we’re able to get an extraordinary amount of work done! Bug Fixes Adjusted how upgrades are presented on the upgrade screen to represent improvements better. Fixed an issue that prevented getting the final upgrade applied to certain stats. Fixed an issue to auto detect when an upgrade was no longer valid. Fixed an issue with activating the camera toggle with gamepad. Fixed an issue where Ogres or Dark Elf Warriors were not being damaged by Spiked Blockades. Fixed an issue where binding left and right arrows to movement removed the character rotation bindings. Adjusted how often Dark Elf Warriors target the core, forcing them to focus on players and towers before focusing on cores Adjusted some spawners to fix stuck issues on Arcane Library (Survival) Fixed an issue where the Squire was able to use Circular Slice without cooldown. Disabled the ability to toggle split screen. This was unintended for this portion of Early Access, and was creating an unenjoyable experience for those able to activate it. Adjusted Hard difficulty unlocking, requiring players to instead beat the map on Easy or Medium to unlock the Hard difficulty, OR beat the previous map on Hard. Gemstones now have different names and descriptions to better communicate what they do. Fixed some grammar and typos in pet descriptions. Fixed some spawning issues in Royal Gardens. Adjusted Royal Gardens crystal core to having 2000 HP. Adjusted mana culling checks. Adjusted Tornado Valley crystal core to have 1500 HP. Adjusted Tornado Highlands crystal core to have 1500 HP. Adjusted Throne Room crystal core to have 1750 HP. Fixed an issue with chests not spawning in Tornado Valley. Fixed an issue that saves profiles correctly on disconnects. Adjust weapon damage upgrade caps. Adjust ogre projectile targeting to prevent it from getting stuck in spawners. Fixed a memory leak that was caused by enemy tac map icons and loot icons. Provided options for AZERTY keyboards, so that they can update movement bindings without issue. Adjusted some collision and spawners in Tornado Highlands to fix enemies getting stuck. Fixed an issue where multiple Hero Boost buffs from multiple Monks were stacking. Now the first Hero Boost sticks, and later applications are ignored. Fixed an issue where multiple Tower Boost buffs from multiple Monks were stacking. Now the first Tower Boost sticks, and later applications are ignored. Adjusted how many enemies could spawn per frame, and adjusted radius of spawn points to address enemies getting stuck. Added the ability to upgrade crossbow ammo capacity. Fixed an issue where Block damage reduction was scaling improperly. Adjusted Pet Upgrade scaling. Fixed an issue where Ogres were not included in Deeper Well (Survival). Added the ability to upgrade Pet Attack Speed. Fixed an issue where the XP bar was not updating properly on initialization. Fixed an issue where filtering by accessory type was filtering all accessory types regardless of your selection. Fixed an issue where the Tac Map could be opened while other menus were open. Fixed an issue with Ogres getting stuck in Royal Gardens spawners. Fixed an issue with Summit clouds translucency. Fixed an issue with Damage Dealt and Damage Received show up on the defense tooltip incorrectly. Fixed an issue with Defense tooltips not displaying with decimal places. Added a fix that destroys drop items if the owner leaves the game. What’s Next? We’re going to continue to keep working hard and listening to feedback. We’re pouring through it constantly, so keep posting it through the in-game escape menu. It’s how we were able to get ALL of these bug fixes taken care of since our last patch, which was TWO days ago. The more you give us, the harder we work, so let’s keep this train going! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria, Chromatic Games
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