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    @Dani "You have the strongest armour, because you are the weakest!" - Guts
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    Tristaris - I fee like we know one another... either from DD1, DDE, DD2 or just from these forums over the many years I've been around. At any rate - I"m on steam as JD.GT - add me and maybe we can play some. Evertime I see you post I stop and read it because i feel like we're old friends and we agree on alot of stuff. JD aka BlixGT
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    Almost Friday, hang in there!
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    Friday, finally!!!!!!! Whew...
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    @dreamanime, the Tavern Keep shares your enthusiasm for the Pirate Song.
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    I'm most thankful for the wonderful people I met through Dungeon Defenders: Eternity. Last week with @ShinUkyo and friends, we were able to reunite and relive some of the highlights that we enjoyed about this game. A very fitting way to see it off into the sunset. Farewell old friend!
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    Afshin Senpai is the best!
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    Wife has been gone all week....most DD i have played in a while, ha ha ha
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    3+ inch of snow yesterday and this morning. Love these warm Spring days LOL
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    snowing today...again....AHHHH!!!!!
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    @dreamanime I will see you in DDA!
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    @dreamanime emojis are the best!
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