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    Congrats on the new freedom CG! Many of us are really excited to see what you can do. So glad to see DD2 will go on. I am happy something new is coming in OCT. Great to see that DD3 was mentioned as well. So excited to have more DD to play!!!!!
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    Sounds like a good update in the making!
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    There are currently no plans to wipe progress made during the Early Access
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    I kinda have a positive and a negative feedback for this. Postives - Definitely looking forward to playing on Tornado Valley, looks pretty gorgeous there! And the Huntress's strategy of turning a place in a minefield has really intrigued me! Negatives - I have already saw a bunch of defenders already mentioning it, and I have to agree with them. The UI is just too dang plain. The way I see it, it does not fulfill the feeling of playing in a fantasy medieval game. Those stuffs comes with cool borders and designs. I thought DD2's UI was already pretty plain, this just takes it to whole new level of plainness. While I have not played DD1 and based of the images I've seen, one of the main aspect of DD1 that I really love was the UI design, it totally fulfills the feeling of being in a fantasy game. Same with DD2's Nightmare days' UI design. Both are just amazing compared to DDA's current one.
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    Gotta love the Chromatic mascots haha there! They're rad, especially Chorglor and Chugget! All hail MS Paint! Just wondering, If Squire get his last name to be doritos, who's gonna eat (loads of) him then?
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    Wow...this is all just pure awesome! I can't wait for this to come out. Man, i wish we could hit every flex goal...
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    Super excited for poison combo! Lawlta, is there any hope that frost dragon would get removed from onslaught? Asking for a friend.
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    Sounds like a lot of great stuff. I am very excited. Question - will damage done by a Poison chip/servo automatically cause positioned status on enemies? Doing elemental damage and inflicting an elemental status are two different things in DD2 right now.
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    The message you guys have going here? I absolutely love it. I have high hopes for CG and DD:A :)
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    Practically wiped all pre-release progress and stole more than $10 from me. Don't expect me to pay for DLC after this trick, or anything you release for that matter. I see how you treat people who believe you.
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    Well done guys on promising no wipes but effectively wiping us, bad decisions over and over.
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    360 hours invested and now I have LEGACY mode? Are you serious? What about the "no changes to v. 1" ?
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    cant wait to relive one of my favorite games
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    All of the rewards listed on the DDA pre-order page are for DDA and will be sent after the game launches.
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    If you backed for the PC release then yes, your Beta key will convert to an Early Access key automatically. You'll just need to update on the 21st.
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    Unfortunately the release for Switch and PC has been moved to Q2 2020. We will launch Early Access on Steam on February 21st.
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    \O/ Mary... always good to see you. Be sure to give Rusty a hug for me ;)
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    Yay! AQW & Dragonfable were my jam back in the day. Welcome to our little corner of the internet, excited to have you with us.
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    He is a cockapoo, maybe! I adopted him so not 100% sure! You'll all meet him next month when I start bringing him in and I plan on having him on any streams I do. He's a good boy!
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    Hey there! Like the other C8 weapons in Prime Incursion, and as far as I know, the Crystalline Claw and Canister have a chance to drop from a legendary victory chest in Prime 6. (The Wyvern's Den or Dawn of the Blood Moon.) Hope this helps! :)
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    Really glad we're going to have a community manager again! Looking forward to that! :) And that's a pretty dope looking sword there! It's giving me the Protean vibes.....
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    Damn! That alchemical labs looks super insane! I totally dig it even more!
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    i do not hope thats the final hud for inventory, doesnt look cozy and fun to look at. its just minimalistic and boring
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    Please make "Free Look Camera" available for all platforms with this one. Thank you for all your hard work.
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    Same here too. I really hope DD2 still has some good plans post the upcoming update.
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    Sincerely hope that we don't just get a copy of dd1 >.> And I still think it's a shame that DD2 gets so little attention. Hoping for the best tho.
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    Hey! Welcome back, Ubara-tutu! It's been a while there!
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    Gee, thanks for that amazing secret message!
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    I'm definitely engaged in the weapons collecting there! :)
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    I'm glad that the Enchantress is returning after two years of binge drinking haha! Really happy with the shard vendor and mat conversion system too - Bye Bye farming lower tiers! And also looking forward to collecting those sweet weapons and documenting them too! Overall, thank you CG for this great QoL update!
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    Well then best start saving up my meds. I mean medals....
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    Damn, that didn't cross my mind, But since the company isn't Trendy anymore (aka those investors), hopefully that isn't the case indeed. At best that we can think of is shard dust and/or medals.
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    You guys are doing great on the kickstarter. Im stoked to find out what Mark you will reach. Looks to beat the 250.000 more easy than I would have thought. 💪👍👏
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    Any plans on bringing back some of the locked flair in defender packs? There are tonnes of one off flair from events years back that no one I've ever seen has like the sack head for the monk which was some exclusive from Halloween years ago which looks cool. We have lots if defender packs but half the custom flair is unobtainable so people get fed up getting dupes or 15 varieties of beards.
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    Love DD2, hoping you guys will consider making Shards stackable pleeeaaaase
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    Yesterday I opened around 300 (one complete monthly gem mine and thousands of defender medals) c4 shards and got 4 defense rate :(((((((( That's really bad RNG... So thanks for the upcoming changes
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    We're not ready to announce the XBox or PS4 release date just yet, but keep an eye out!
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    Is there cross platform? Like can you play PS4 and PC. Also How do i transfer data from my PC to my PS4?
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