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    You guys really need to fix this nonsense with the lack of communication. There are two great ways to keep people playing a game. Having content that can keep people engaged. You are both succeeding and failing hard at that. All the "vets" are mostly done with the content in the game, this makes them not play/not want to play. This lack of people makes others see that no one is playing and they despair because they can't beat the content and were looking for carries, or since there is no one playing, they'll think, "Why play?". Build some goddamn hype. You've been mute for something like 2-3 months now. What the hell have you guys been doing. We want to know. Back in the DD1 days the forums were thriving, in the early stages of every DDA patch, people post multiple times per day, now, no one is posting anything because no one is playing. There are almost more people playing DD1 than DDA. You are doing something wrong. I gave you 75$ because I believed you could recapture the hype and the fun of DD1, and while you have managed to recapture some of the fun, you're missing some of it and most of the hype. Look at the steamcharts and tell us with a straight face that there is nothing wrong with how you're doing things, at least it would be something. Blame it on COVID. Just do something rather than go dark for way too long. I know some news are supposed to come out on 1.2 this week. This was apparently mentioned somewhere, but I can't find it. Every week you do stream where barely 100 viewers show up. This should be a great indicator that you should work more on communication. Tell us something concrete not "Hurr durr we're not working on DD3, the patch is coming some year, come to the stream for a chance at a golden corgi". I love DD, but you guys really don't look like you do. Rant over, I guess, see you in game someday.
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    The biggest features you missed are split-screen play and console versions. I understand that these features will likely not add anything for most of the people currently playing, but there's a lot of people waiting to start the game until these are implemented.
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    DEFENDERS! It’s been a little while since we last spoke, but what we’ve lacked in words, we’ve been making up for in hard work! There’s a ton of stuff that we’re continuously chugging away on: Update 1.2, console ports, and even our major content updates. We’re breaking the silence and ready to talk about our work with Update 1.2. Let’s get into it! Console Development Check-In We’re currently making a ton of great strides and getting a lot of performance out of our console work. There’s a lot with this type of development, not only in getting the game to run properly and at a decent frame rate but also in meeting the technical requirements of each specific platform before we submit for certification. As we continue to progress, we’ll keep you all posted. Update 1.2 We’re going to be splitting this update into two parts to make sure everything we add is in the best state possible. The first part of this update includes additional gameplay, features, rewards, and bug fixes; the second part includes additional features and Kickstarter rewards. The goal with Update 1.2 is to put a bow on what we consider the baseline DD:A experience before we move onto major content updates. Part I: Enter the Rift Rift Mode We’ve been teasing it for a bit, but we’re ready to talk about our newest game mode coming in Update 1.2 — Rift Mode! What is it? Rift Mode is an option, similar to Hardcore, that players opt into throughout Campaign and Survival. Rift Mode serves to evolve the challenge and experience of DD:A, providing players something new, regardless of their experience with Dungeon Defenders, to take on. Here are the main takeaways: The number of total enemies is halved. Some enemies become Rift Enemies, providing additional functionality and difficulty. All enemies can become Rift Enemies. The Siren is already a Rift Enemy. A new weapon type called Fusion is dropped to take on Rift Enemies. This will make taking Sirens on considerably easier. New armor set bonuses that can be target farmed to take on Rift Enemies. Increased loot quality dropped in Massacre. This is not an increase in item caps, but rather dropping better quality loot in general to progress faster. Over 20 new accessories added only available in Rift Mode. Where does it occur? It is available at ALL difficulties for Campaign and Survival. What are Rift Enemies? Rift Enemies are considerably stronger monsters that have greatly increased health, increased damage, and additional mechanics. Here are three of the enemies’ new mechanics: Goblins: They’re 33% larger, making them more of an imposing threat, and potentially blocking higher priority targets from getting hit. Archers: They’re attack range has been increased and now they shoot homing missiles. Ogres: They’ve cleared up their sinuses and instead of throwing snot, they throw Rift Kobolds that have a huge explosion. This is just a sneak peek into the additional mechanics, as EVERY enemy can become a Rift Enemy. What are the rewards? As mentioned above, we’re adding in new weapon variations, new armor sets that help you take on these new enemies, new accessories to spruce up your character, and increased loot drops to progress even faster. What’s the point? In Dungeon Defenders Awakened we’ve got multiple types of players. There are Defenders who enjoy the traditional Dungeon Defenders experience, want to spend tons of time farming for that perfect drop, and like to set up an intricate grid of defenses that they can set and forget. Then there are Defenders who want an additional challenge, want better loot faster, and want somewhat shorter play sessions. With every one of our updates, the first group will get what they want, but for the second group, Rift Mode is our chance to provide an option to the second group. This isn’t a one-and-done mode either. It’s a Rift, and as we progress further and further into DDA with our major updates, the Rift continues to tear more and more open, introducing new mechanics and challenges for players to overcome. Every new enemy added to the game will have a Rift version as well, diversifying the gameplay and introducing a new obstacle to overcome. Really it’s just a mode to provide a reward that decimates the Siren. Also, there’s a ton of new accessories to hunt down in this update! Why does that matter? Let’s get into the next big feature of this update — Transmog. Transmog This feature looks to provide players the option to make their hero look how they choose. It’s similar to the Flair system that was in Dungeon Defenders II that many players enjoyed, with similar elements to customization systems you may have seen in other games. What is it? You might get a fancy mask that drops that looks cool, but really you want to live out your dream of wearing a goblins face without sacrificing the godly-tier stats on your perfectly dropped fancy mask. Now you can! This system is pretty robust and is something we’re going to continue to build upon it over time. Your Transmogs will exist independently of your actual equipment, so feel free to mix-and-match to your heart’s content! As you change your equipped items, your Transmog appearance will go untouched. No longer must beauty come at a price. What can I do with it? There’s multiple changes to the system. First, you can change the model of your equipped items in the following equipment slots: Weapons (you can only Transmog weapons that your hero can use) EV, won't be able to Transmog her weapons, as they are not visible Masks (can be hidden or transmogrified to look like any other mask) Brooches (can be hidden or transmogrified to look like any other brooch) Bracers (can be hidden or transmogrified to look like any other bracer) There’s over 20+ new accessories for you to hunt down, and we know what you’re thinking: yes you will be able to look like a Sharken with some of these new accessories. However, the customization does not stop there. We’ve opened up additional colorization options on the heroes, giving you even more control of their appearance. It doesn’t even stop THERE! You can also recolor your WEAPONS & ACCESSORIES to look however you want. We’re making it so that all items drop with their default colors, and the icons now reflect that as well. All items can have their hue (color), saturation, and brightness adjusted. Black katana? Easy. Red Shield? Done. Neon green mask for that sweet rave in Deeper Well? No problemo! You can preview how certain colors get converted to HSB with this nifty tool: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel Bug Fixes? Bug Fixes! There are a TON of bug fixes coming with this update. It’s a little complicated, but basically patching while we’ve been working on our console ports has been a very difficult endeavor, requiring a lot of additional work and potentially breaking a lot more, leading to delayed patch releases and console releases. We’re sorry we haven’t got these out sooner, but there are a lot coming and we’ll make sure to have detailed notes of ALL OF THEM. Part 2: Give Me That! We’re not a very large team, so when it comes to getting things done, we have to be really efficient and smart with what we work on. Our team has been hard at work on getting our console versions ready (work is still going on as of this post), which is a very time consuming and incredible engineering feat to accomplish. As such, there’s a couple features that we want to give a little bit of additional time and focus on to make sure they release fully functional. Trading This is going to be a pretty straightforward feature to many. Trading will allow players to open up a UI with other players to trade items that they have acquired throughout their journeys,for an agreed upon price. We’re wanting to spend additional time on this feature to make sure it not only has transactions working without a hitch, but also to remove any potential exploits that can ruin the experience of other Defenders. Item Reforging Sometimes you get a good drop and invest a ton of points into a piece of gear, only to want to reallocate the Upgrades that you’ve spent after acquiring more gear to really Min/Max your perfect setup. With Item Reforging, you can do just that! Just take a trip to the Blacksmith, and for a fee, he will allow you to reinvest your items’ upgrade points.. Kickstarter Rewards Part of this update is putting a bow on the base game, and that includes fulfilling our in-game Kickstarter, Backerkit, and Preorder rewards. We’ve got most of the skins out, but will be adding in: Custom enemy names Custom weapon names Custom armor names Legends Tablet Credits/Special Thanks Hero Titles WHEN???? Soon™. We’re wanting to get a few weeks of testing done to make sure that Part I is good to go. Once we’re happy with where it’s at, we’ll get it out to you ASAP. Do you want to be part of that process? You can apply to join our Cavalry testing group to get a sneak peek as well as provide important feedback or report any pesky bugs that may be hiding from us. Part II will come out shortly after that. Our goal is to make sure it works before setting a release date. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    This thread has been made to shed some light on exclusive event items. You can look at them on this thread. They are Alpha, Gamma, Something Pink, Butterscotch and Pole of the North Star. They were made with the intention of having people do testing for the new update betas that were going on at the time and were made exclusive to reward people who went through the effort of downloading the update and testing the new maps out to look for bugs and give feedback. Originally we thought that they may end up being released to the general public after some time, making them timed exclusives. When a bunch of time passed though, we never ended up releasing them as they are since that would remove the specialty of the prize and make people feel like they placed in the extra effort and instead of just waiting it out. After having a lot of conversation about the topic between the Event Team, we decided on giving them out again but with a twist. The reasoning on that is having a lot of players that started playing way after the deadlines to be able to get the items and some of those items being better than what you can get in game by normal means. To avoid removing the value of the old rewards, we'll be starting to give out RECOLORS of those 5 items, where all the stats are the same but their looks, names, descriptions and forgers are changed. We hope this will make everyone happy, since you'll now be able to get the "exclusive" items while having the old ones stay true to their intention. Here's the look of the items. I won't be posting their descriptions or forgers in here, but you can see the looks and names. From left to right: Lieutenant Sparkles (Alpha), Golden Shroom (Gamma), Something Red (Something Pink), Lime Pie (Butterscotch) and Pole of the South Star (Pole of the North Star) There are also 3 more exclusive items: Greater Magicite of Christmas, Greater Magicite of Water and Grinch's Hat. These items were rewards for special forum giveaways and will be staying exclusive to such giveaways. They may or may not return in the future. Regarding the 3 other forum events: Final Patch, Elf Party Hat and Mr. Crackers. The two of them that were considered exclusives will be now given out the same way as other event items. They were exclusive to people who joined the giveaways, but since enough time has passed that exclusivity has been lifted.
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    @SantanzChild Oh man, that's really unfortunate, Would you mind sending me your order information in a private message on either the forums or Discord, so we can look into getting this fixed.
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    I think that the hero deck is much better solution to usual virtual xbox controllers to be able to level 4 characters at once. I think the actual issue is they blew their load on levels with no appropriate way to reward leveling. Right now 45-70 to play nightmare is a pain and 83-90 just feels horrible. It is nowhere as bad as in DD1 where you had to suffer through countless glitterhelm NMHC campaign runs just to get decent exp. It's much better than it was, but the levels don't mean anything. I do agree that they made stats useless however.
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    If these are actual quotes, and this is actually how they stated it.... I want to play that game, that game sounds promising. Where is that game, dude? Give me a link! Jokes aside, I had tons of fun in EA and probably over 250 of my 450 play hours come from it. Probably more. The reason why that 450 has only hit 460 over the last month and a half is because of the following, and I have stated these in other posts too. 1. Lack of Communication I see a lot of people post regularly on this. Old and new users alike have a concern with the lack of communication. CG was awesome on this in the early stages of development. (I guess when you have almost half a million, you do...) Stop! Look at that comment I just made. That was the first thought that popped into my head as I wrote it. Is this how you want to be seen? I surely can not be the only one who feels frustrated; and, to be honest sad about the level of communication going on. I know your people, not robots. I hope CG employees will see this comment as well. We know you are adapting and learning, especially after creating Chromatic Games from TRENDY entertainment. I am trying to be patient, but every day I inch closer and closer to the abyss. Throw me a "Defender Weekly" (newspaper knockoff lol) that just says, "Hey" with anything else you can give. I mean is your office okay?? That was terrible news to learn about, I feel like a lot of the community was wondering how you guys were doing after, and you haven't even updated us as to that. Give us some fun pictures of work life maybe. Your a game studio, you can't have that dreary of an office, can you? If this is just a method to get us to move to Discord then you should just say so. (That bit is speculation) 2. No new content I mean that one is straight forward. 3. Major missing content pieces I would have been ok with a game in ea longer, rather than receive our game in it's current state. At this point I'm just bringing up dead ghosts. But literally leaving out the only things that mattered was not the way to go. We need Splitscreen, Consoles, Player shops, Personel Shops, Trading, Dropping items, Hero skins staying when joining other lobbies (why isnt this a thing?) We need all this ASAP. Grype from someone who donated a hundo, I hope the Gold, Gilded tavern gets some love. It looks like a leprechaun threw up everywhere in there, but again... you can throw this one to the last burner. Be cool if people could see it when you turn it gold too, because as it stands they cant. *sad face*
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    Because, I believed this bullshit: "It's really a new experience built from the ground up in UE4." "It's going to have the really intense action packed hero combat that makes this game feel so good. It's going to have the incredibly rewarding and satisfying RPG progression that feels like you are constantly working towards something." "I really think that playing this game that players are not only able to relive their favorite memories of the series, but with some of the surprises we are throwing in, they're also going to be on the edge of their seats asking what's going to happen next." What a load of shit.
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    While I am suspicious of this for many reasons that aren't making sense, saying DD2 is a dying game means DDA is also in the same boat. Multiple times through DDA's very short lifespan of many updates it has fallen below DD2 and once was below DD1 in concurrent player count and it stayed that way for a while each time, so in that respect an update for DD2 would be good because it doesn't bottom out as low as DDA. Keep in mind that player count is PC only, so including the console players in that count means DD2 is doing far better than DDA right now and the previous times DDA was below DD2. I also think they either said or mentioned something about not allowing cross saving from PC to the other platforms for a short period after the consoles get their release so they have a chance to get their progression without PC players ruining it but once they do allow that the PC count will probably plummet in DDA. tl;dr - Im suspicious of this move Augi made, but if DD2 is in a dying state then DDA is as well
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    Update - CG has responded and is processing my claim. I'm happy to hear from them. They said the delay was in part to a staffing issues and requests are backlogged. Have hope.
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    Hi everyone!! Time for another contest (: This time around, your goal is to show off your character looking cool! Here are the rules:  ・ You can post ONE screen shot.  ・ Your screen shot should have ONE character in it.  ・ You can be on any map, EXCEPT the tavern.  ・ You can use any video settings you want.  ・ You can use any items you want, including items from Open Mode.  ・ Screen shots should NOT include character / player names.  ・ Entries must be posted before NOVEMBER 11, 15:00 UTC (that's 8am here in California). IMPORTANT RULE:  ・ You must include a link to your Steam profile when you enter.  ・ One entry per person, please. Once the deadline has passed, I'll make an album containing all the images (without names!) to a panel of judges, who will try their best to pick the winners fairly. Once the winners are decided, they will be posted in a new thread. The prize pool will be announced AFTER the contest is finished. Right now the prize pool is fairly small, but if enough people enter I will add more prizes. NOTE: You may want to host images on an external site like imgur in case you want to update your submission before the contest ends. You can upload your image to the forum if you like, but the forum software may not allow you to update the image after it's posted.
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    I will agree that I hate the build timers. I'm a slow builder, and my daughter can't build at all because she isn't a hardcore gamer. The timers kill any casual aspect of the game. There needs to be some kind of storage in the tavern! I'm carrying around 2 screens of pets because I want to keep them! Simply give us a place to store things and it's added collecting as a whole other task! I like the idea of item reforging a lot. Looking forward to seeing that, hopefully it isn't months away. I thought the trading that Blizzard implemented was pretty good. Can add items and/or money, both players click agree, if something is added after one player clicked agree, then it resets so they have to click again. DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF AUCTION HOUSE! 1) That destroyed the economy in WoW 2) There isn't enough of a played base to make spending time on it worth it. But to be honest, I think there are so many other things to work on/fix before trading. Lastly, why are you splitting time with console ports right now? Why not complete the game, THEN port it over. The console will have to wait a little longer, but they would have a much better experience overall as they would get a full game that has been well tested, and hopefully a more thriving player base. Splitting your time makes EVERYONE unhappy and gives EVERYONE a less-than-ideal experience all around, and the risk of players bailing is much higher.
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    It's not my first post on the subject, or even the first recent post on the subject in the forums. However, it's been weeks. Not weeks since we had news, weeks since a dev made a single post or reaction in the forums. Apart from Philips single response on 7th regarding a ruined Kickstarter reward, their last update was on how they were working on a bigger patch to fix the issues of 1.1 and wanted to get all of them out at once. That was back in mid September. I dont really have to convince anyone who frequents these forums on how the situation is currently bad. It's quite obvious. Despite CG repeatedly stating and promising that they want to and need to do better in communicating with their community, nothing really changes. The issues with current communication strategy? I suppose we should take the weekly streams as the information source and main community interaction from devs. I dont want to bash the streams as I like them as a supplementary idea, something that lets community engage with devs in real time, get less official updates and chats on the state of the game and what's going on. The issues with using this as your MAIN AVENUE of communication are numerous enough that it's a horrible idea. The biggest one is that for those of us who dont want to spend an hour watching a stream with a possibility of interesting info about the current state of the game, dont have a way to get the recaps on it quickly. If I personally dont enjoy the dev stream, I dont want to spend an hour weekly watching it, especially as there's no guarantee I can learn anything from it. If you want to use this as main source of communication, USE WRITTEN RECAPS. Something that can be glanced over in a minute or two, containing the most condensed and important info. Second, the dev stream happens at a scheduled time. If I dont happen to be able to participate at that time, it means there's no avenue for me to interact or pose questions, and I'm stuck watching a recording. I'd rather just not, to be honest. Other avenues for information? Facebook seems mostly deadend, there's little activity and it's not a forum suited for actual discussion, just short exchanges, with information being quite hard to find. Discord is, ofcourse, excellent, if you're active and you have an active dev team and community. Again, the problem is you have to be invested, constantly following and on top of it, while also having to go through a lot of not relevant stuff. Not really a good thing if you just want, say, weekly updates on what's going on with the game, what the team is working on and what's coming in the horizon. What does that leave us? Well, for example, the forums and news posts. If you cant afford to or dont have the resources to actively participate in the forums, just write a short recap on what you're working on with the game and why. Maybe what the challenges are and what time frame you're looking at. Be transparent, honest and communicate. The reason you're seeing an increasingly hostile, frustrated and angry fan-base is because you're really not giving us ANYTHING to work with. Almost two months with no updates on the state of the game? Last miniscule bug-fix patch on Sept. 18 and complete radio-silence since then? This is how a game and a company gets run into the ground. It's not just bad dev-work, it's bad business.
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    ....huh? I was quoting a previous comment. What on earth are you talking about?
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    Given that they fired their last one due to lack of sales, even though she was doing an incredible job and was basically handling all of the problems OP mentioned, I don't think that's a particularly grand idea. Sidenote: WHAT? They're rehiring this position now? I'm sorry, but bring back Mary please.
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    As we all currently know, DD2 is in a limbo state. Neither dead nor having upcoming content. Pretty much on ice (literally - with an all year winter). And we have no idea how long it'll last, it could even be years. All we had are pretty much glimmer of hopes. But holy smokes, the glimmer has gone brighter! Recently on the last Dev Juice (A second Chromatic Games stream other than the current Friday Funday), Chromatic CEO Augi reveals a very cool surprise - Possibly by around next year (2021), CG plans on forming a separate team to focus continuing on developing DD2 alongside DDA. Might want to keep in mind that the team would be smaller than DDA's and also. to not set a hard expectation on this too. If this plan goes smoothly and successfully, that would be really awesome! But of course, there's also a chance of stuffs going wrong which might result in the possibility of plans changing Here's a video by Juicebags (which also includes the clip from the Dev Juice) for references : With Augi and CG expecting the DD2 community to "fold and die" when they moved to DDA (which kinda had me surprised), it kinda made sense (at least to me) of several things: The scope and quality of content of DD2 2019 was just meant to keep players busy while they wait on the development of DDA. What CG Kyled mentioned on reddit that CG has no plans for content on DD2 later after that also now made sense. With the radio silence on DD2 after Prime Incursions and also after X-mas '19 which began the true limbo, it does seem that CG began to put all their eggs in one basket which is DDA. We don't really know why back then but now it makes sense. But hey, we're not dead, we're still kicking! Discord's still active, video guides is still being done on youtube, people do ask questions on reddit and there are players still playing DD2 which enables CG to eventually decide to cook this plan of continuing development up. Overall, I'm really glad and grateful too that CG is planning to move away from solely focusing on DDA and start focusing on both games. If all goes according to plan, (while I don't expect the future eras to be the return of DD2 2016, 2017 or 2018 etc), I do hope that it'll be much much more than what we had in 2019. So yeah, just bringing this news to the forums and looking forward to what the future era brings!
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    Odd, it won't let me. I can change my email address, but not my display name. That seems backwards :(
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    Defenders, To prepare for the upcoming Update 1.2 release we're pushing a quick patch to support the backend changes to help ensure a smooth update release. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Honestly, DDA has one feature that causes me to play it over DD1 - the mana consolidation functionality. I despise...despise losing crystals to map overflow in DD1. My only qualm with DDA (as a casual solo player with 600 hours and still barely touching Nightmare) is the lack of maps. There were so freaking many in DD1. I know CG has a lot to work on and limited hours to do it all. Statistically, I am in the minority when I say that I would pay for map packs, though they would need a lot of players to pay in order to make a dent even in just the salary cost of porting over the maps. I can see that being a problem as they raised just shy of half a mil, and low-end tech salaries are 50k+.
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    hit up philip on discord Your backerkit/email account might be compromised, you might wanna change your passwords and use a password manager to generate and store secure passwords. That or CG messed up and gave you the same codes they gave other people.
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    The game is designed to be playable on the Switch. So I don't think there will be any problems playing it on PS4. PS5 has full compatibility with PS4, I think? So that shouldn't be an issue either. The enemy limits won't be any higher than they are on PC, that you can be pretty sure of.
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    I know none of this you will want to hear but it is the truth. When CG was asked on their stream they said "We were only considering the option to make a small dev team but have no concrete plans as of this time". If they made these weapons better than anything normal it would make people cry out Pay to Win which, last I heard, no one wants. Always been that way, isnt likely to change. Stacking can be fixed with the vault, Material Vault can stack up to 9999 on materials, and there is always the option of bringing the carnival back. The lag on maps in Onslaught was figured out a few years ago as well, people dont want to hear the answer so they put their hands on their ears and shout "Lalalalalala" because the answer is stop using Reflect Petrify/SR WM/Frostfire and Grave Infection or anything else that causes tons of timers and effects from filling up your game slowing down the portion of the server you are allowed. Lots of people have moved to normal defenses and had no lag issues at all proving that point. Xmas is great and we get free stuff, removing it without adding something in return would only make people hate them for removing it. This is called a meta, these characters and their defenses are no better or worse than they used to be. The only thing that happened was buffs made those specific characters better than everyone else so players moved to use only them. The solution is to nerf them back into line which players also do not want. Buffing things that arent used will cause power creep because, most likely, those buffs will either make the ones buffed too good or the things that are buffed will make the current meta even more meta and unbeatable. Im sure you have good intentions by trying to give CG something to look at but I think you are a little early on that and there are bugs that are running rampant that definitely need addressing before they do something that introduces more.
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    This is a pretty stuck up comment if I say so. How about YOU apply? This isnt about taking their jobs or saying they are bad at it. At this point your preaching to the choir dude. We just want some communication and maybe to see CG actually cares about this game. Maybe my expectations were too high. But you can blame CG for that since they posted soooooo much prior to the games release, and then as soon as it was released every week we have gotten less and less communication. If their benefits are so great it's because I funded it alongside almost 12,000 OTHER backers, and that was just on kickstarter alone. Why are we barely at 300 people playing in a 24 hour span (CLICK HERE for PROOF!! https://steamcharts.com/app/1101190) If they want to offer me a position to sit down and tell you guys how their doing with progress, then I will do it for free. 🤷‍♀️
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    ya but do hotfix and dont wait 2 months to fix the summit siren bug. and so you have more small bug what make the game better if you fix it.
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    @Vhoori Yea, that is a job posting on Chromatic's website that I shared. Valthejean was just quoting me. 100% legit link and job posting. Also, didn't realize they fired their last Community Manager. That is a bummer. Ummmm, micro transactions for cosmetic things isn't a bad idea. Plus, it was the same mentality that they ripped off from League of Legends. DD2 was supposed to be a MOBA just like League of Legends, then at the last second they fired their Co-Founder, Jeremy, and changed back to the Tower Defense genre. Also, the set equipment is the same as in DD1.
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    if the trace is uncomplete than i won't accept it sry
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    Did you look in your mailbox at the tavern to get them? If not there, you should submit a ticket with CG for the error.
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    I personally haven't gone on survival as of yet, I am just playing all the maps on all the difficulties, but seems like a hassle Haha Definitely similar on DD1, not particularly a fan of DD2, DDE was okay but not anything special, DDA is getting there but still needs a lot of improvements. I do agree, I do miss Trendy however, I just hope CG can improve DDA a little bit more. My first time going on it I notice massive map errors such as, Missing Walls, or Walls that shouldn't there, legit saw enemies walking through them aha, but all valid points and I agree. Hopefully they will add more stuff such as maps and more characters so it makes the game that little bit more interesting to play. I hope to god DDA isn't dead otherwise I would've support and helped CG get quarter of a million $ for nothing. I understand the frustration and I feel it too, hopefully they will work on doing more with the game soon, fingers crossed... True, I am currently playing it on my MacBook Pro, although it is playable to a certain extent, I can't run it on epic settings only high, so getting it on xbox would be a lot better, it will also be more difficult for people to "Mod" it like they did on DD1, which was really annoying if you just wanted to play legit. I know you have ranked, but even then you still get the occasional modder on there showing off there cheated items. Definitely agree there, they started adding random stuff and it made the game annoying, just lost interest to be honest. Thank you for all of your opinions! It's awesome hearing it. From what I hear the main issue is CG's lack of communication. All that we can hope is that they start communicating with their customers a lot more, also the road map is ridiculous, makes no sense.
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    I just miss DD2 (Pre-Alpha version). I can see why people hate the game currently. But the Pre-alpha version was by far my favorite of all TE / CG installments.
  33. 1 point
    Sadly, all this was is a fart in the wind... Would have been nice to see them add more content to this game considering the number of new players it seems to pull in.
  34. 1 point
    I do like dda. It's a nice game but I don't like the rng at boss battle it's of all the other get the rong resistance and I loose. Or a missing shark get poison resist and I loose . I hope they make it so you don't fail the wave 25 of random shit. For the rest great work
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    I mean, technically they announced the Switch date, it's just that date was Feb 2020...
  37. 1 point
    How long ago did you submit your request?
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    The healing of the healing aura is very bad, but the healing has another effect which is really good: inside the healing aura you can't get webbed by spiders.
  39. 1 point
    You need to message [CG] Philip on the DD discord (or he might see your message here, but he's more active on discord). People who use the cheat engine get flagged as hackers, even if they stopped using it.
  40. 1 point
    Yeah healing auras are good because of the spider protection, it's just that the healing is awful and the healing is supposedly the primary function of it.
  41. 1 point
    That is great news, and a really well done post. Thank you! Glad to have hope... I'm still playing.
  42. 1 point
    If you want a guaranteed response, go in general chat and ask them how far in DD3 development they are. No clue if they'll answer your actual questions after that though.
  43. 1 point
    hallilughya! or however you spell that word! So glad the game isnt COMPLETELY and utterly abandoned. Lets hope all goes well and they can get that team on DD2 again! :D
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    The summoner had two pet slots, allowing him to double up on dps pets. So saying he only had towers isn't particularly correct. MU would only be acceptable if the minions despawned if you swapped out of the summoner, otherwise it's just another stacked layer of terrible balance. Make it tied to the hero mana rather than build mana, and I'd be down with it. Something like each minion costing 5-10 mana, which reduces your maximum mana pool by that amount, making you choose between active abilities and more mana. I don't think it would be healthy for the game to add in another layer of building points that end up becoming required to progress.
  45. 1 point
    I could see this is you were forced to stick with one hero, but since you can change, it doesn't really make them any different than any other character you've geared for building. You can build all your minions and switch to a DPS hero. Although, if you really wanted to, pets can be decent DPS weapons. Just look at the Massacre threads talking about Squire tank. Also, the summoner can phase out of combat, so they can avoid all damage while easily moving around the map. Sure, it's pretty limited to specifically being a builder, but then again the Barbarian was specifically limited to being a DPS hero.
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    Here is the item i made. Name: <color:255,150,15>Blessed Brownie Forgername: <color:0,145,250>Meshak Item's primarycolor: 10 1 0.2 Item's secondarycolor: 2 0.2 0.1 I tried a lot of red and blue color brightenesses and i ended up with this one. It looks great in item box and on ground/players. As the rock is found in the volcano map, I made this one looks like a volcanic stone. The glowy red eyes looks like lava. For the description i have 2 idea i like: 1: It's overloading you with his power?! 2: You are now over encumbered Ups are 60/60 because Cursed Brownie is having 1/60. Imo, the pet is balanced. It will never be used on builders. I see it mostly as a fun stat pet. It can be fun to see some players using it for a few extra damage stats but being insanely slow (especially with SL skins). And also seing them dying sometimes because they can't dogde anything,... Or just using Blessed Brownie as a nice tavern decoration. It can be a very fun pet to use.
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    DEFENDERS! We’re almost at the end of September, which means there’s a little over a month away from the Dungeon Defenders: Awakened PC Beta! The team has been putting in tons of time to really make sure the beta is a great experience, while also polishing up a lot of areas that won’t be seen until release. Starting next month, we’ll begin ramping up displaying a lot of the hard work that’s been going on in the world of Etheria. As we’re working on that, we didn’t want to leave you without anything for September, so while this will be one of our shorter updates, we do have some awesome things to show off. We have a big post processing and shader effect that is still being tweaked, and the following pieces are still works in progress, but without further ado, let’s get into it! Squire Towers We previously showed the concept for these bad boys, now it’s time to see them in-game! Spike Blockade Bouncer Blockade Harpoon Tower Bowling Ball Tower Slice n' Dice Blockade These towers not only look fantastic but are incredibly fun to defend with. There’s another set of towers that we’re putting the finishing touches on in regards to animation, so we’ll show off the concepts for now. Get ready, the Apprentice Towers are coming at ya! Apprentice Towers Arcane Barrier Magic Missile Tower Flameburst Tower Lightning Tower Deadly Striker Tower Our goal was to make sure that the towers are very discernable from one another, something that was harder to do previously. We cannot wait for you to see their 3D beauty, we’re just giving it some finishing touches before doing so. These are things you’ve seen before. How about we look at something that’s NEVER been seen before? Maybe a map? Maybe a new map in Act 1? Actually yeah, that sounds pretty good. Let’s do that! NEW MAP: Lava Mines This map is one of the new campaign maps coming in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened! It’s a ton of fun to play, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and most of all — LAVA! What’s Next? We’re still working our hardest to ensure the Beta coming in November is going to be the best first step at letting you, our valiant Defenders, take on Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. There’s a ton of info we’re excited to gain, where we can make the game better, and most of all — LET YOU PLAY! There’s a ton still left to do, but it’ll all be worth it. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team is having a blast working on DD:A, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    I do believe this game is dying. the developers give no feedback to us. the game is buggy as hell. I personally watched my own tower Nerf them selves. this morning I was do mass in alchemy and electric aura was doing 13k over clocked. I took a break for 20 mins came back and not doing only 9k over. same gear. In just the last 4 weeks I have watch the amount of player drop by 60%. because they are made because of bugs or have nothing else to do. Yet we keep asking the creators whats up and get wall of silence. Now they have all this kick starters money and we have little to nothing to show for it. So developers if you are reading this. giving us at the least once a month updates letting us know you still care is the least you can do. If you have giving up on the game then have the common curtsy to say as much so we can uninstall and move on.
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    Missed celebracers part
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    i know the frustration My friend in the road map the switch is next update https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com/ if you love the game like us you will stay little bit :)
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