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    I am getting increasingly frustrated with DDA and the direction it seems to be heading in. It seems as each new mode is introduced fewer and fewer defences are viable to the point every map is more or less the same no matter who builds it. I have always wanted DD games to have multiple ways to tackle them and see a variety of approaches not this copy and paste mentality. I understand a Meta evolves but why does it feel so forced? Why does any other tower than DST just feel a waste? I have heard complaints about squire dps being balanced and DST issues, but what about making other heroes and defences as useful? Where is the push to see actual alternatives to the meta and freedom to be different? it doesnt seem anywhere to be encouraged to experiment or find a unique approach. It is so predictable and boring I have lost almost any desire to play. I have been considering to just give away my keys for console once they arrive. There doesnt seem any fun to be had when if I do want to be different the amount of times a niche build works, the grind required for that doesnt seem worth it. There seems little to no reward in not adhering to the meta with both the current design and other players. Attempts by developers to shake up the meta end up only furthering the reduction of viability of towers. In DD2 with onslaught all it did was have the Reflect beam meta thing that works in every map every lane. I might throw in a pdt or earth shatter out of pure boredom but while doing ap resets farming gear for more than the main 4 defences seems pointless waste of time. The same can be said for rift Mode. What would encourage me to farm a set for lsts or any squire defence tbh? For a few instances where they might be useful in a group? Why waste 100's of hrs for those niche times? I have always wanted a time when build diversity is actively encouraged and I can feel like I have a choice not feel like - here is the solution to the puzzle now use it everywhere. I fail to see this as a strategy game when one solution seems to be by far the only solution. Am I alone in this or do others also want to see actual variety in builds? Where do the developers stand and how do they approach this topic?
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    Everyone is handed a Nerf weapon in a Hunger Games/Battle Royale CG office match- who is the last one standing?
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    Dear all, I have been a fan of Dungeon Defenders games, since way back in the beginning, I guess it was 2011. After the rough launch of DDA, I have been worried if this game will make it, as the communication seemed to be declining. So I actually took a break from the game, to see where it all was going, even though I was enjoying the game. For me, a "grind" game, needs to have a path forward, and regular communication from the team, for it to be worth investing the time required into. But then I saw a Juicebag video, talking about a new Community Manager, and a survey inviting players to get their voices heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp_Ni2qcvro I did a search on Chromatic-games and found a recent interview with the CEO Augi Lye, talking about DDA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz3y2sG6RDk Those two things got me interested in the game again, and I got right back into the grind, and already meet a lot of nice people playing. That was a bit of backstory, but as the subject states, this post is about giving feedback, and provide some information on what I think would make the game experience better. I have not included feedback, requests etc. on topics, I have seen a lot of times before. As a small disclaimer. This is from my perspective and my opinions as I'm seeing the game, and having fun. Currently, I have completed Massacre in campaign, and some survival, so I'm getting into Rifted. Most of the challenges are completed as well. 1. QoL - "Force Ready All" Awareness I play a lot of public games, often I host the games myself, but sometimes I join other public games. A lot of players do not know about the "CTRL + G" Forced Ready All feature. It would be great if a message appeared, nudging the host to remember the feature. This could be done if 3/4 players are ready, and a certain time went by. Maybe with an option in the settings to hide this, so experienced players don't have to be annoyed with the message. 2. QoL - "Private" as new "Privacy Setting". Currently, there are two "Privacy Settings"; Public, and Friends Only. Doing some content, one might now want anyone to join the game. Not even if they are on the Steam Friendlist. I know the friend list can be set to Invisible or Offline, but why not add "Private/Solo" to the Privacy Settings. 3. QoL - Rich Presence in Steam. While playing in public games, I meet a lot of people that also enjoy the game. Many of which gets added to my Steam friend list. While seeing 5-10 people playing DDA at any time, there is no information about what they are doing. Hanging idle in their tavern, playing public or friends-only games. Some time ago, Steam added "Rich Presence" in the Steam chat, to allow friends, to see each other's status in a game. I would love to be able to see, what my DDA friends are playing, and if they want company. Steam is describing the feature as: "Rich Presence - Games can now show details in the Friends List like: Where friends are in a game, If they're involved in a match or just starting out, Whether they're available for matchmaking, What party they're playing with, Or whatever the game developer chooses" 4. QoL - "T" to change view A question I get a lot from other players is how to change view while building. For some reason, players hit "T" by mistake, while building and have no idea why they got into a new camera perspective. While placing any defense, the Defense description shows which buttons to press for Placing, Hide info, In-/Decrease aura size. Adding a "T" to change the view, would help a lot of players. 5. QoL - Appearance of Gemstone pets. As far as I know, there is no way to identify the gemstone pets, from each other. For me (at least) gemstones can be essential for harder content, but setting up a team of random people is hard, as I need to ensure we are covered with different types of gemstones. Adding another hue of color, shape, effect or something would make it easier to spot, which gemstones the other players in the team uses. 6. QoL - Tavern information for new players. Honestly, I can't remember If this is already in the game, but I think not, by the questions I'm getting from newer players. When joining the Tavern some information on what it has to offer, would help newer players. The information could be like: "How to transmog", "How to change difficulty", "How does the trophy system work", "Tease about the hidden room", "Provide information about the target dummies" etc. 7. QoL - Progression on some achievements If possible, I would achievements like "Defense is the Best Offense, Reached Wave 10 on all levels in Pure Strategy on Medium Difficulty or higher." much easier, if there was some visual clue, on which maps is remaining. In this case, the achievement spans over 5 difficulties, and to know your progress one needs to click on maps, on each difficulty to check what is needed. That's not intuitive, and should be easier to identify what's remaining before completion. 8. Idea - More achievements or accomplishments. I'm one of those guys, that loves completing achievements in a game. And in DD1 and DDA it's even more satisfying, because of the trophies. I have a lot of ideas of what could be new achievements, as I'm sure many others from the community have. - Some easy to implement, and some harder. I think it would be great, if the Devs invited the community to a brainstorm survey, forum thread, or some other way to provide ideas, concepts etc. to expand on the list of achievements. 9. Idea - Portrait of other players. Like in the DD MOBA and DD2 beta, it was possible to see a portrait of each player in the game under your own (In the upper left corner). This portrait could provide information on Class, Level, and might event introduce a portrait frame cosmetic feature, that could be integrated into the achievement system, as a way to brag ;) A few examples: "Players that are recognized, for doing a lot of public games. Might even be tiered", "Frames that unlocks for completing the harder content/achievements", "Tiered "grind" frames, by completing 10-100-1000 etc. maps" 10. Community - More regular posts from the Devs. It would be great to see more posts from the Devs. Even if it's small posts, as it indicates progression. It could be a bit like the Devs of Factorio. They post every Friday. I'm not saying it needs to be every week, but with a fixed interval. I'm certain everyone in the team, have something cool to share, that does not break NDA. As an example: Back in the days of DD2, there were some DevStreams where an artist was drawing a pet, effect, or some random asset for the game. I think it was a great little tease of something to come. But also, while we know the Devs are working hard, it showed something visual and gave a small insight into the progress. As this post got way too long, I keep it at 10 topics, even though I have more ideas to ramble about ;) I really hope this is appreciated and will inspire the Dev team. Have a good one :) My ingame nick is: lILL3Bj0rn
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    Hello Defenders! I have a very serious question for the community. And, I would really appreciate your response. Here it is: If you could ask the developers one question about their role/work at Chromatic, what would it be?
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    There are some players completely adverse to the Summoner being a thing in DDA especially if part of any paid DLC for the main reason you mentioned - own DU pool. There was some resistance to EV even though being included in the game for free some players still called her P2W and complained heavily about the buff beam (renamed to overclock beam) being a thing. I was a fan of the Summoner in DD1 and liked those master strategist challenges when you could only use minions too. One thing people seem to forget or perhaps are not aware that in DDE he shared the main DU pool, so perhaps that might be the way to go if he was to return. Also with Redux made by mostly one dedicated player (who is now a part of CG) IDHC rebalanced all the heroes and the minion walls are a thing of the past, if they bring in the Summoner they could take inspiration from Redux. I am not sure what the best solution would be to avoid resistance to him returning from some players. I wonder if it might just be best to avoid him completely for DDA than tackle him. The Jester I felt with the "wheel of fortune" ability was more broken and OP and is another hero I would be concerned with if she was to return. I did like the whole random presents thing and didnt really like the CDT towers they gave her. I felt giving her towers removed some of the uniqueness of the hero. If the Jester was to return I would insist on reworking the hero esp the wheel of fortune ability. As much as I would like to bring in all the heroes from DD1 even the gender swaps, I would much rather we moved on from DD1 and any new heroes or maps were ones are those we have not seen or perhaps even bringing in stuff from DD2. I was one of those campaigning for a console release of a complete DD1 for PS4 and Xbox1. I understand the desire to see allot of DD1 in DDA since it is so similar, but we need to move away from treating it as a remake of DD1. It was stated from the start DDA was its own game and would be "inspired by DD1", the problem is that even though there are differences and a new difficulty it still seems to many as nothing more than a remake of DD1. DDA to me should be able to stand on its own as a game and I wish as a community we started to treat it as such and not just constantly ask for bringing in DD1 stuff over and over.
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    Anime. *Edited by [CG] Philip - Reason: We don't allow such inappropriate words on these forums. Strike #1
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    What are the devs most excited about? Its hard to keep motivation when we dont know what is happening. I think knowing what the team is looking forward too can help maintain excitement.
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    Hello Defenders! It’s [CG] Britt here to get you excited about a brand new campaign I’m running for the community throughout the month of February. I’m calling it… FAN ART FEBRUARY For the entire month of February, CG pages will be soliciting different forms of Dungeon Defenders art from you - our wonderful and dedicated community. To be frank, I’m not what you’d call the “artistic” type - I really enjoy appreciating and sharing others’ great works, though. So, show us your skills! We want this all to be about you, our GLORIOUS community! How will the campaign work? On Monday of each week we’ll post a different art-related prompt on here and on Twitter and Instagram. Community members will be able to share their art for that prompt under the forum post for the entire week. At the same time, you’ll all vote on your favorites. The works with the most forum votes by Sunday evening will be featured on our Twitter and Instagram pages. We’ll include your social handles if you want that recognition, as well. That’s it :) Now, for the art schedule: Week 1 (February 8-14) - Spring Cleaning. Here in Etheria there are no seasons, so every day can be Spring if we say so. Clean out your cloud and show us those DD pieces you’ve been keeping to yourself for too long. Week 2 (February 15-21) - Love is in the Air. Valentine’s Day usually only comes once a year in Etheria. Why not make 2021 special with a WEEK full of heart- and love-themed art? Week 3 (February 22-28) - Transmog Showcase Week! Let’s see your best “walk-the-throne-room” look. (We all deserve to feel great while defeating Mech.) What’s your first masterpiece going to feature?
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    Thanks for the welcome! While Lawlta's CM work is tough to live up to, I'll try my best to be active, honest, and fun for this great community.
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    I feel that sentiment is shared amongst many players and not just for Split Screen, but other features promised in the Kickstarter. They like to tell us they are working on various things, but never willing to give an idea of when we will get anything. They rarely give us actual information it ends up seeming that they are just stringing us along. I have lost count of the amount of times they promised to be more transparent in their communication its become a meme. It will take allot of proof before some of us will have any faith that they have in fact learned from the past.
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    You may not be aware, but Pure Strategy and Mixed Mode are not currently available for Massacre difficulty (or with Rift Mode). They have stated they are looking to add these in the future, the main issue is how to work Pure Strategy with Sirens in Massacre. Sirens rely on DPS and cannot be targetted by towers, so it will be a difficult task to balance PS in Massacre and having loot with some value. I feel it might be a while before we see PS for Massacre as I think they are concentrating on getting DDA on Xbox and working on Trading which is supposedly the second part of the update we got end of last year.
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    I share your concerns as well when it comes to introduction of hew heroes. I feel its more complicated than just a balance issue. trying to bring any new hero will be difficult if not impossible if we look at current game it will become either OP or totally useless. I find it difficult to see where a new hero would even fit in? Any new hero will have to fit in with Rift Mode or it will be outright ignored. It will have to see some usefulness to a point that one defence can be used instead of any of the few currently being used atm. I really struggle to see how with the current game where any would be replaced by a different fusion defence and if we did get some defence better than DST can you imagine? "I farmed x hours for perfect DST fusion gear and now y tower made it pointless". I am unsure where DDa goes from here hero wise, but I do not envy the Devs trying to sort out this mess.
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    Adjusting the target priority for DSTs has been needed since day 1, this is even more evident with Rift Mode. The problem for me is that there doesnt really seem to be any viable alternative to using DSTs as the main DPS tower. The biggest bug bear I have mentioned elsewhere is how Rift Mode basically forces us to only use specific defences and ignore practically every other one. Does anyone make harpoon fusion Squire? or LST Apprentice? Do we even use those towers at all anymore? Even Flamebursts are becoming a thing of the past. back when Insane was the hardest difficulty the solution was to spam dsts after everything since we have just came full circle back to that.
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    Phil is allergic to anime basically and says if you type or say anime while he plays it will instantly make him die in game xd
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    I remember being mentioned on stream that CG has a Lego UCS Millennium Falcon (that has to be moved due to the flooding). That is actually pretty cool, so out of some weird curiosity, my question would be - What's the story of the Falcon's road to being a studio buddy?
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    This is an easy one, It's clearly me as I never die.
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    In regards to future DLC, is there an expectation for how much will be new, never-before-seen stuff and how much will be recreated maps/heroes from DD1&2?
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    I (we) really appreciate you taking the time to write down this feedback! Lots of great ideas that the studio has been discussing. We're very fortunate to have such an engaged community that cares about DDA
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    I like this idea. Would be great to see it implemented Personally, I'd rather them just get split into different pets. In DD1, beating the dragon would give you a guardian/animus of your current hero. While some things could use "Hot-To" info, this begins to stray into the excessive tutorial territory. New players won't know how the various things in the tavern work from the start, but as with the enemies and maps, you learn as you go. For example, as you unlock achievements, you'll notice trophies pop up. For the systems that really could benefit from the extra info (lookin' at you transmog), maybe an interact-able board on the wall or book on the counter. That way new players aren't overloaded by tutorial popups. There's also the option for smaller topics (like 1. QoL - "Force Ready All" Awareness and 4. QoL - "T" to change view) to have things on the loading screens like countless other games do. Would love to see this. Could also help with some of the bugged achievements. This is something that would likely need to be done before console versions could release. I can't say I've ever seen a game add more achievements to it's base game after release. There is the option to add for DLC content, though. Great idea. Can use Rocket League as inspiration for this one. Just avoid the loot boxes.
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    I've been putting a decent amount of time into DDA since the beta testing and release of Rift Mode. There are a few aspects of the mode that I enjoy, but overall I have to be honest and say that I think this has been several steps in the wrong direction. Farming feels pointless - A huge part of farming any map was the exciting possibility of a useful drop on any wave. Narrowing Useful drops to only specific maps on specific waves means that 99% of game play is overwhelmingly pointless with no hope of a lucky rare drop that can make any wave have good possibilities. Rift Gear makes Godly gear pointless - Playing any map and getting a good godly piece feels like a drag. What should have been an exciting moment of maybe getting the odd improvement on your Godly gear feels like "oh well I'll sell it because it's not rift". Negative and backwards game progression - After countless hours of farming precision godly gear and having really great sets in order to progress now you have to dismantle your set and good gear and equip crappy low end rift gear and then struggle all over again on the same maps we are already tired of grinding. There is nothing more frustrating that looking at your combined stats with your godly set and then putting on mediocre rift gear hoping the set bonus will get you over the next hump. It is not a forward progression that feels good. It's a frustrating leap backwards that makes everything you've done feel pointless. Gear not compatible - IMO it is a horrible mistake to not allow Godly and rift pieces to combine for set bonuses. It should not be an all or nothing thing since every rift piece is a considerable step backwards in your overall stats. It should be a progression. So if you have say a good ancient set of Godly gear and you get a good ancient Rift Chest piece you get 1/4 of the rift bonus but continue to have the "set" bonus. Or possibly a decreased set bonus but a percentage of the rift bonus increases with each set piece of rift gear you add to your set. The idea that an ancient rift piece negates your set bonus when all the pieces are ancient is nonsense and frustrating. We need content, not revamping gear - I've been revisiting the "DD1 redux" gamemode and have been absolutely loving so many things about the original that are missing from DDA. Yes DDA has implemented many improvements visually and in game play, but there is so much more emphasis on content that keeps the game moving forward. More maps, modes, pets, accessories, crafting stations, coal, gems, etc. etc. etc. We need content not continual re imagining of how gear works that keeps undermining the grinding we've already done. Multiplayer scales badly - The difficulty when adding players into survival ramps up so much it's impossible to play as a team unless everyone has insanely good gear. I love helping my kids or playing with friends but maps I can solo as soon as they join the defense fails, even if they are helping with gems or dps. Multi scaling is way off and gets insanely difficult going from solo to even dual. I'm still loving DDA and will keep grinding, but I really hope the devs make some serious changes to Rift and then start focusing on "CONTENT". Gear sets and rift pieces should be compatible. Rift drops should not be limited to specific maps and specific waves, it destroys the joy of grinding. I HATE certain maps and despise that I am being forced to play them and feel that 99% of the waves I play are pointless.
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    lots of good ideas here, but most of it would require drastic changes and i therefore doubt they will even consider it. The real problem is that someone at CG absolutely loves the hero deck. players have been saying remove the hero deck ever since dungeon defenders eternity and it falls on deaf ears. it creates massive problems and eliminates build diversity even w/o considering rift mode. the simplest solution? 1) xp toggles. players can gain xp on X number of heros which can just be toggled on/off. it's still limited but has nothing to do with a hero deck. done. simple 2) completely remove the hero deck in its current form. the "list" of heros we can choose from (our entire hero list) becomes the deck. they will soon allow us to re-sort that list, perfect for this solution. now in keybinds we can assign ANY keys we want for the hot swaps. F1-F12 by default(still fully customizable) would make sense for the first 12 slots with any further slots being blank by default. then we can assign literally anything we want to swap between any heros we want. if i wanna swap to my 30th hero slot with the V on my keyboard? sure done. The biggest problem with things as is, is that build diversity doesnt exist. even w/o rift mode. once you're end game you focus on speed builds. so for example on glitterhelm that means we have 4 major points of defense. if we want more than 4 heros used, we must run to a spot, build, swap the deck around for more diversity, finish building, then run to the next spot and reswap the deck all around again. all that deck swapping adds a TON of build time. the end result is no diversity at all. players refuse to waste time swapping the deck around roughly 8 times during the build phase to get what they really want. instead we limit ourselves to the 4 in the deck and only build what they offer. the end result? when i run glitterhelm i use 2 monks, 1 EV, and 1 apprentice. i never swap them for any reason as that wastes too much time farting around with the hero deck. so all those extra very specific characters ive made? they're all wasted. i think ive got around 30 heros at this point, all of which have very specific purposes. unfortunately im pidgeon-holed into using none of them because of terrible game design. ideally when running glitterhelm if i actually had my choices, my build would include 3 monks, 2 huntress, 1 ev, 1 squire, and 2 apprentice. that's 9 heros i would use and im stuck with my crappy 4 heros option. terrible terrible design. but again, this has been beat to death by people dating back as far as dungeon defenders eternity. someone at trendy/cg thinks the deck is great and we will never be rid of it. it stamps out build diversity, makes gaining XP a nuisance, and encourages people to narrowly focus on 4 characters even if they have 30 like me. it has absolutely no upside. some of the ideas of the OP would give it upsides and are good ideas. however i dont see them ever implementing such complicated systems as they would require a lot of work. my solution is simple, would require very very little work, and fix all of the real problems with the deck.
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    DEFENDERS, The time has come… We passed Microsoft’s Xbox Certification for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!! With that, DD:A will officially be released and available to download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles on March 17, 2021. Pre-order for DD:A will be available on the Microsoft Store beginning March 3. Qualifying Kickstarter and Xsolla Backers who chose “Xbox” as the platform for their Game Key reward will receive their digital game key in their emails prior to the launch date. Players will receive a day one update available at download that will bring the Xbox version up to date with the current PC game. These launch-day features include 15 Campaign maps that can be played on 7 different difficulty levels, along with the addition of Rift and Hardcore Modes that will challenge even the toughest Etherian defenders. Xbox defenders can play alongside friends with up to 4-player online co-op. Also, we have a patch coming shortly after release that has even more quality of life and performance improvements that weren’t able to make it in our initial release! Check out the official Dungeon Defenders: Awakened trailer for Xbox: There are a few features that are still being worked on that will not be available at launch, but will be available in future updates: Cross-Platform Saves ⁠— We know this one is disappointing to not see at launch. While we’re working to have this available to all players as soon as possible, this feature requires an extra certification from Microsoft. This would have pushed our launch date back even further and we really didn’t want to do that. Various In-Game Backer Rewards — In-game rewards such as Item Names and Enemy Names will be ready and viewable after the first post-launch patch mentioned above! Split-Screen Co-op — This is another popular feature that players are anxiously awaiting and it will be available as soon as it runs smoothly! Adding split-screen is a difficult feature to incorporate because the UI needs to run cleanly and efficiently on multiple views. Right now we’re not satisfied with the way our split-screen UI functionality is performing, so we’ll continue to improve this feature until we’re confident it will work the way it’s supposed to for all players. Don’t fret, it’s on the way! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on all things DDA, make sure to follow us on all our social platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums We can’t wait to introduce Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to our console defenders! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    I'm sorry for any confusion caused. This was a reply on Brittani not on Vicogmir. What i meant to ask was: Why do we actually have to ask these kind of questions to get any sort of update on these function on this game... why is there not an actual up to date roadmap. Why is it that Britanni actually does know the answer to this question while some people are eagerly waiting on this functionality to arrive and dare to ask the question again (after a year!!!!!!!!!) That's what i meant with: keeping quiet doesnt make us forget :) Just some frustration on CG's coms strategy :)
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    Hi Vicogmir, We definitely haven't forgotten about this! Split-screen co-op is still in the works. It won't be available for a while, though, because it's a difficult project and we want to be sure the addition of this feature won't hurt other aspects of the player experience.
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    Not yet. They shifted focus to Xbox release, so hopefully that includes them working on split-screen
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    So sadly, they are unlikely to put in the (subjectively ) best character, the Summoner, due to balance concerns. Having his own pool means every minion he adds is potential damage added on top of what you can always do, meaning you will always be better off using him than not if maxing play and hero switching. But if you think that is a problem to your challenge, why not just choose not to use him in that way? And since when did that matter? It didn't matter in DD1, the game this is supposed to be similar to due to how well recieved it was, so why now? It's a coop game after all, not competative in any way, so to remove an entire playstyle for balance seems backwards to me. Honestly, I think balance is important to stop a game from being steamrollered and 'poor' balance can make anything unfair and unfun, but what is fun to play mechanically should really come first. I don't get this modern requirement that players have to have every single aspect of a game balanced as though they are unable to limit themselves or create challenge. By all means have a form of balance, but don't limit everything for fear of min maxing or lack of self control. I mean, say Summoner was in and you found it OP. What is the difference between it not being in the game or you just not playing it for challenge sake? Or you can do what I did in the first game. Only use the summoner, ensuring he has to be used in the combat phase removing all standard player DPS potential and converting that to minions. I didn't need to, but I did as it was more fun. Sure, online makes it a little difficult to follow your own rules if randoms join you and do their own thing, but I would rather even a setting to block a character than not have them in the game. Or if you must enforce it, make minions only exist when the summoner is in play. As for the idea that without a focus on balance how much you play would be hindered, such as reaching the end too easily giving less to play for, I kind of agree and disagree. Because that assumes that a player won't play something that is fun to play without a direct goal. I still play DD1, I still return with brand new versions of characters I already have high level versions of just to level them up again and play through those early waves, as they are fun. I play because it is a joy to play rather than because I want to beat another arbitrary new difficulty for a trophy to keep me playing. I'm also for "bad" characters or underpowered ones. I found Jester (sorry Jester fans) a hinderance more often than a benefit due to their unique randomised playstyle, but I loved that a lot. I realise I may be a tiny minority here, but I got to say it. Basically I fear that focusing too much on balance could mean we lose out on some interesting directions they could branch out too. I'm looking forward to new characters and honestly, prefer the idea of new ones over the same old ones. I'd give up summoner for a good new character any day as I can play DD1 still, but I am a little concerned the new characters will be pretty samey for the sake of balance if summoner was a concern for those reasons. No experimental new playstyles sort of thing.
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    ye i had exactly the same thought.. where should this go? with my perspective, they just fucked up another game with the potential to be good with that move. all you have to do is grind for rifted gear, just go with 23-25 runs and thats it. takes long, nothing else. and its kinda boring to just play with DST. there are so many characters which have potential to be fun and good, but they are garbage. you have to lvl 40 characters, just to use every character in a particular situation, so you have the right rifted gear. in my opinion, thats just annoying. why cant we just have more rare gear, that makes all defense rifted? why even implement rifted? all you have to do right now is place DST, some auras, buff their range, maybe some traps if your dst not that good yet. and the EV: what to do with the proton beam that has almost no use at all? just playce a rifted electro that clears the whole map, so why go for the proton beam? same for shock beam? why would you use it if u have a huntress trap thats 100x more efficient doing that? what is the squire for? no one uses its defense, its jsut there to be there, but useless. so unbalanced. just make the weak defense stronger, that they are a viable consideration. right now, i can braindead spam my DST and still win. what a challenge. and it just makes it frustrating to farm so much rifted gear with always the same build: DST, auras and you are done. and you need so many characters just to farm even more geasr for them. not fun at all.. dunno, maybe they just added that so the hardcore community has something to do, while they wont release stuff? they said, they will work for years on this project and make it perfect, but thats what they have been saying alot, yet they failed always. i wanted a remake of DD1, just the graphic a little bit, the engine, so its not so laggy in the lategame, and maybe some QoL updates, like seperated loot, loot filters and a properly designed inventory and i am good. dunno what that rift mode actually does in that game.
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    Support this. I support adding pretty much any heroes at this point. Summoner definitely is the most silly one to resist when EV was welcomed so warmly. Adding EV to the game was a cop out for CG to avoid doing real balancing work. Clearly there are no intentions of any scaling uniqueness to DDA so summoner almost has to be added to the game from my perspective. may as well just add in barb and jester, honestly.. The game absolutely needs more diversity in strategies, no matter what way you spin it. Really feels so underwhelming to just repeat the same builds we did in DD1. refusing to add summoner is where we are going to take a stand against following the DD1 train tracks? How ridiculous. At some point just make up your minds and create a game CG can stand behind. TL;DR: Summoner seems like a no brainer to me since they are repeating DD1 anyway.
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    Here's my second fan art attempt for Dungeon Defenders! Link to my steam page artwork: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2397575828
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    I make the same post every few months, but i'd like more achievements and more tropies in the tavern, like 'beat all maps without using <op hero>' or 'beat all maps using only jester (or whatever) hero'. This way, you get to replay the game with different challenges. You can decide to make challenges for yourself, but it'd be better with trophies. I think.
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    I completely agree dizzydiana. New heroes are the best way to go. The only reason I mostly bring up the Summoner is because of how clearly that character was designed to shake up the formula. I mean to actually bring an RTS style of play to Dungeon Defenders was so out their and different, that you could tell the developers enjoyed testing out new things and adding interesting gameplay mechanics that are well outside the box. If they did re add the summoner and wanted to make tweaks I will still be happy with it. As it is more the play style that I loved. It is also why I never made the most of Summoner as I always had them out during the wave to control units, removing my DPS, rather than using it as another source of towers. As I suggested, just making it so Summoner has to be in play for minions to do anything would still be a way to balancing it a bit as the lack of any attack from the character, makes them less useful at damage beyond 'towers' and removes the dps potential of another fighter. There are likely ways, but it's not really the point as another interesting character could take their place. But my problem really, is with the fact they are concerned enough about how Summoner is implemented balance wise that they are 'unlikely' to appear, at least any time soon, and has me concerned about whether the new characters are going to add as unique content as they attempted back then. Or wether the concern of balance would hold them back too. It really does need new content, I too am a little dissapointed with how DD1 it is in regards to it's over reliance on old content. I mean when the switch version comes, at least I will have a portable DD1 in a way, but I did expect more. Which is probably why I care so much about unique content and playstyles being added after. Truth is, we have no way of actually knowing what any new character may be like, and I would hope my fear is proven wrong. But I have seen so many games focus on min maxing and balance so much that they have ruined what made them fun in the first place. Magicka is a great example of that, the first game had you being able to technically be strong enough to kill everything from the start of the game, including yourself. The overpowered spells still didn't ruin the game, but instead made it more fun and could also be a detriment to your survival which was also... fun. The second one and especially the PVP version (which is a little more understandable) lost most of that because they wanted to balance it more and honestly, it felt like they forgot what the game was about. Basically, I don't really care if summoner does or doesn't come back so much, as long as there are more interesting ways to play and more "out there" characters introduced. But the balance focus has me questioning the possibility of that happening.
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    You guys are the reason i stopped backin Games on Kickstarter. This is fuckin laughable
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    Would you like to participate in an Influence week, like back in 2015 in DD2? I understand that this would be low-priority, and should be held after all the backer-stuff, console releases etc. But i think it would be great to hear about the Devs thought on participating again. The first Influence Week brought great addition to DD2. And it was funny for the community to watch in the Devstream. Dungeon Defenders II Devstream 24: Influence Week Devstream - YouTube
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    After having played in rift mode for a while now id like to comment on what ive observed. Chromatic said they increased the minimum loot quality when playing on rift mode as it was a major player concern when grinding. So far in my experience what i've seen is that we now obtain a large quantity of "mid" tier items with absolutely no increase whatsoever in how many high tier items we see. I have run around 1000 glitterhelms with rift mode hardcore survival wave 25 since the patch. i average 8min 30sec per clear which puts me at around 150 hours of clearing that map. in that time the BEST fusion chest or helmet ive seen was a 383 upgrade chest, nowhere near the 418 max possible. i have however seen out of those 1000 drops at least 900 that were between 320 and 350 upgrades. so tons and tons and tons and tons of mid tier items, but no increase at all in the number of high tier items. this is also apparent when considering the non-fusion armor drops. i do not average any more 400+ regular armor drops per hour than i did prior to rift mode. i do not know if this was intended or not. but it is extremely frustrating to know that ive run that one map for around 150 hours or so and still come WAY WAY WAY short of finding a top tier chest or helm for my fusion set. it feels like top tier drops retained the exact same rarity when the "minimum floor quality" was increased. im not expecting to see better drops than what is possible in non rift mode, but the expectation was that we would see high tier items more often which has not been the case. it feels like items were on a scale from 1-100, 1 being the worst and 100 being the best. and items 1-50 were all pushed up to 50-60 range making the minimum floor 50. so while technically the minimum floor quality did go up, we didnt see any increase at all in obtaining the things we're grinding endlessly for. Maybe im completely wrong, maybe ive just been unlucky? who knows. but this is how it feels and has been my personal experience. hundreds of hours clearing glitterhelm and still not even remotely close to finding what im looking for. maybe add in a crafting component so that after.....100 runs....or whatever, i could increase my chestpiece from 383 upgrades to reroll with a 393 minimum quality. at least then it wouldnt feel impossible to obtain what im looking for. it just truly feels like previously the chance to get a 418 quality drop in glitterhelm was 1 in 10,000, and now it's still about 1 in 10,000 which means the minimum floor quality just didnt help at all. frankly it means that farming in non rift mode is actually better because you save time not needing to rebuild so often since there are more mobs per wave and actually building the map takes a very significant amount of time compared to slaughtering mobs. of course we require the fusion gear now so going backwards is not an option unfortunately.
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    Why? Christmas time is wonderful! According to the sociology research topics this time is still favorite for most of us, especially for students as the holidays begin.
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    For the love of the gods please no more Christmas. It’s August...
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    You could start by looking at the DD1 bonuses and seeing if they still apply. You will probably run into issues if the names have changed, bu that's a good place to start. From what I recall, other than patch notes, the wiki was built by the users.
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    Gear Score of that piece, it measures the average power level of it. When combined on a hero it gives the hero an average Gear Score of all Armor/Weapons (Relics dont count towers hero score), and the Champion Score (Gold Crown in inventory and escape menu) is the highest Hero Gear Scroe Hero you have out of them all. Items can be vendored for gold, or traded to other players for gold. If any have a good stat roll you can level it up or if any have a good mod you can transfer it to another item. Other than that no there's nothing you can do with it like breaking them down for anything. I would suggest checking with a reliable source on item prices before trading to other players and get a second opinion after that just to make sure on price.
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    Since there seems to be people who do not know how the Auto Loot function works I thought that I should put up this Forum post about it. This is something me and a friend of mine discovered yesterday and had an issue with for a while. This is how it works. First you need to Filter your bags for the kind of equipment you want to have in it. This is to specialize for each bag what kind of item you want in it like if you want only have Militia gear pieces in a bag all of that kind of item will be placed in it. When that is done you need to go into the Options menu and then go into the Gameplay tab. There you can see the Auto-Loot Filters Edit button. When you click this button you can finaly decide what kind of items you want to get auto looted. What most players might not have noticed is that you need to make a bag Filtered to get the loot auto looted. It might be a good Idea for Chromatic Games to make an explanation Question mark or something that you can hover over to see how it works. There would also be a good idea to add so that you can choose to Always pick up Fusion items in the Armor tab of the Auto loot function since you probably do not want Militia and Primitive Fusion gear to be sorted in the same bag. I added four pictures to show where the options are located and what filters you can choose. Just remember to add only the items you want. The first pickture is where to find the Auto loot Filters in the Option Menu. The second Picture is what Filters there are to choose of. Third Picture is of where you can find the Bags and Filters inside the Item Box. And finaly the Fourth picture is what Filters there is for the Bags Filters. As you can see here i have choosen only the Miner gear pieces in this bag since i want them sorted that way.
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    Hey there, You can get it from Drakenfrost Keep man in Expeditions or Onslaught on it's third weekly loot rotation. To gauge on which weekly loot rotation you are in, here's the schedule - 1st Week - Torch Bearer Mod in a Drakenfrost Sword or Bow. 2nd Week - Frozen Path Mod in a Drakenfrost Magic Staff, Polearm or Canister. 3rd Week - Frostfire Remnants in a Drakenfrost Tome, Gun or Lava Arm. 4th Week - Drakenlord's Soul in a Drakenfrost Sword, Dagger or Axe. And the cycle repeats. Each rotation occurs roughly every Monday (if you live the west side of the globe) or Tuesday (if you live in the east side of the globe).
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    Greetings and welcome to the community and the forums. I'd certainly hope this could mark the return of the forums being a very fun place to be like in 2018 (with Lawlta's tenure as the CM back then) And I'd definitely second Jaws on having any energy spent on DD2's aspects of the forums with fun activities too. With the possibility of CG looking into all aspects of the franchise this year (hopefully), it would be nice to see it being celebrated in the forums too, and not just in Discord. As for the community, yeah, I think both Jaws and Batophobia sums it up very nicely. Couldn't have said it any better.
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    Hello and welcome. We wish you success in your new role. While DDA is the current CG focus, DD2 is very much still alive. I am excited to see any energy spent on resurrecting the DD2 forum, as that has been on life support for over a year. It's needs some direction and effort. Meme challenges, surveys, guides, contests and giveaways, random questions, and some just good natuted goofiness. DD2 is far from dead, so it's forum should reflect that. Some things to know about the DD community. We are passionate and loyal to the franchise. We appreciate news and honesty about timelines. We are always desperate for new content and guides on how to play the game better. We are always looking for an excuse to play DD more- so give us one. We are happy to help in those efforts, like the wiki pages. We want DD to succeed, so that there will be more. Good luck. I'm excited to see what you can do.
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    Welcome! Sorry the place is a bit of a mess right now. The community is quite passionate, which can be overwhelming when problems happen with development, but ultimately they are friendly and understanding.
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    Invest? Not giving anymore money to this crap company.
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    Have you ever played PvP in DD1? It was broken as heck. You have 100% damage reduction squires, permainvis huntresses, towers everywhere that 1 shot anyone*, traps everywhere that 1 shot anyone*, auras that 1 shot anyone*... you get the idea. *Everyone but squires that had 100% block on their shield. PvP doesn't work in a game where tower damage and hero stats scale differently.
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    I want DD2 to be a good game. PVP is like creating a whole new game so how about we let them fix the game base first.
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    Hi Everyone! My name is Brittani Sahm - the brand new Community Manager for Chromatic Games, and your personal insider to all the things going on in the studio. Who am I? Before finding my way to CG, I was (and still am) a professor of public relations. My favorite part of teaching has always been learning about and talking with students, and I’m looking forward to reaching even more people through the many DD communities I’ll be in contact with as your Community Manager! I am a hit-the-ground-running kind of person, so the first thing I want to do in this role is learn as much as possible about all of YOU. The more I get to know each one of you, the better I can be in this role. There is a survey linked at the bottom of this post that brings up some of these questions: What are your favorite aspects of DDA? What are your favorite platforms for communicating with the devs? How many bad jokes can I reasonably make you listen to during my streams? (That is serious - Studies have shown that my jokes land 60% of the time, all the time.) I am a people person, and I will take my role as a representative for CG and the community seriously because I care about, well, people! I’ll share a bit more about my personal life, too. This may be obvious, but I am a gamer myself. If you look through my Steam or Switch libraries, you’ll find plenty of casual RPGs and simulation types of games (exactly what you’re thinking - Animal Crossing is in there), and my first gaming experiences involved playing anything Mario-related on Super Nintendo with my family. I love the nostalgic feeling I get when revisiting SNES Yoshi’s Island on my Switch now. All of this started with my parents’ love for video games that was passed down to me and my siblings - we grew up with my mom bragging about her sick Ms. Pac-Man skills from her arcade-playing days (she still likes to brag when she has a chance), and my dad making sure we had access to all the new consoles (we still have an Atari locked up somewhere). Because I’m a gamer, I understand the importance of knowing what’s going on with my favorite games and studios and feeling like I’m heard if I have a question or issue. I like talking to people, so this is something I’m quite passionate about. That is my strength as a professor, and that will be my strength as CG’s Community Manager. I could talk about myself for longer than you are probably willing to read, so I’ll stop for now and open the conversation up to you. What do you want to know about me? I’m looking forward to learning more about and engaging with this great community! (On that note - If you have a few minutes to spare, please fill out the survey below. It would be a huge help for me to get to know more about the awesome Dungeon Defenders community.) Dungeon Defenders Player Survey
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