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    Hey All, Yesterday was a whirlwind for us - Our launch was an exciting culmination of a ton of work from a group of extremely talented developers, thanks to the community - 16 months is not a lot of time to develop a game as complex as Dungeon Defenders from scratch, but as we’ve messaged in the past, this is just the beginning for Awakened. The future is bright and we wanted to share a few thoughts about how we felt the launch went and how we want to move forward. What went well The response to the game itself from our community and streamers has been great. Balance, aesthetics, updates to the interface, the rewards we were able to get out- all point positive from what we’re seeing from you, the community. The momentum from the core experience and foundation is there to keep building upon, and build upon we will for the years to come! But, more on that later. What went “okay” There are still hard edges to smooth out, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Some are okay, and some are less than ideal. We know some players are being incorrectly flagged as hackers. We’re already on it (and them!). Remember to login to our ZenDesk here if you have any issues you’d like us to take a look at: support.chromatic.games Redeeming Kickstarter backer and preorder items has been a little rough. The in-game UX is less than adequate. Some codes were incorrectly sent out. We’re learning. We’ll fix it. Controller support is in a poor state. Lots of our UI’s currently suffer from this as the art has been coming in fast and hot. We’re on it, we promise. Performance optimizations are much improved from the beta / EA experience (we hope you can tell!), but there are still edge cases that are pain points for players. We’re aware and we’re on it. Translations are ‘a joke,’ let’s call it what it is. We are honoring our Kickstarter promise shortly, and our translation team will have their hands on our string tables shortly. We should have this sorted in the coming weeks. This is a high priority for us and our friends across the globe. This is probably one of the features we should have disabled until it was done properly. We’ll learn from it. What didn’t go well We realize that there has been some discussion about what 1.0 DD:A actually means as it relates to the amount of content present vs the original Dungeon Defenders. While we are happy to note that DD:A has launched with significantly more content than DD1 launched with, we understand that the perceived value of DD:A for some is less because over the course of the last 9 years, there has been continued development from not only devs but our fantastic Community Development Team (CDT) - and because there is more content in DD1 today, DD:A just doesn’t hold the same value to some players. We understand this, and it’s this feedback from the community that in part directed the move towards a price reduction for new players. We wanted the price point to more closely match where the game is at now, not where it will be 5 years from now. This didn’t go over well for a lot of you. We promised to honor our community of early adopters and advocates by promising not to touch this price. In short, we ended up fracturing your trust in us as a studio. Yesterday was an exercise for us as a team to digest and not be immediately reactive. We’re going to make it up to you, because your trust in us is extremely important - but more on that later. Legacy vs Play. We messed up here. As we got closer to 1.0, we realized that it just wasn’t possible to maintain player profiles for 1.0 for a variety of reasons - Items and gold in many cases were broken or have been exploited, the progression curve has changed, the way data is being handled has changed... Our solution was simple: How do we get this in your hands the quickest. We didn’t think it through, and we understand the outrage from our early adopters. You’re justified. We also agree that in retrospect the execution was a bad call, though the intentions were good (we promise!). We took a hard look at ourselves and decided that reacting immediately would be jumping the gun, so we apologize for not being fully transparent with the vocal outcry on launch day. Our goal was to come up with a viable solution before promising anything. And that’s what we’ve done - So here’s what we’re going to do to try to make our early adopters whole again. Legacy Progression Heroes We hear you loud and clear on wanting to play with everyone all in one area, so we’re already hard at work to make this the reality with every Defender in mind. As of this post, we’re creating a tool on our end that will allow us to bring your Legacy heroes over to the non-Legacy “Play” version. It’s not a very simple feat to accomplish, it’s not just a copy and paste system, but copy, bring up to date, and paste, where the updating adds quite a lot of complications. This is what we’re working towards copying over: Hero and Hero Levels Gold up to a cap Campaign and progression in general. Gear, at the very least ATTEMPT to bring it over. We’re very confident on the first two, but when it comes to gear it’s not as straightforward. We don’t want to promise that it’ll be brought over, but we are currently building out and testing tools on our end. Our current goal is to have this out by the end of next week. If it comes out sooner than that, or later than that, we’ll keep you posted as we find out. ALL of this means that you are able to continue playing on Legacy, and once the tool is setup, we’ll provide you a method to take your Legacy profile as it currently stands at that point in time, and do a one time copy over that replaces your Play profile (we are unable to merge them into one single profile). There’s a few methods we’re looking for you to use to make this happen, and we’ll make sure to update you once we’ve finalized it. This is completely opt-in, but is only a one time option. Price Reduction compensation We believe the move to lower the price point was the right call for the early and long term success of DD:A. On top of the rewards that early adopters have already received with their specific Kickstarter backer and pre-order tiers and the ability to get into the game early, helping mold the future and game directly, we will be granting all early adopters Shadow costumes. These costumes will be exclusive to early adopters of DD:A only. We get that this has caused frustration, and it’s not our favorite result, but it’s the best we can do given our resources at this critical moment in development. Our faith in our community is stronger than ever, and that was exemplified during our launch when our fans passionately cried foul. We want to make sure that everyone playing our game has a great time, feels respected, and is on the same page as us throughout development. We will have more information about how we plan to be more transparent with our community in the coming weeks. We hope that this check-in has helped explain why things are the way they are and we hope you continue to support indie games, support the DD community, and enjoy the efforts of our hard work! Thank you, Augi Lye, CEO
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    Just some small things that irk us defenders when trying to enjoy multiplayer <3 1. Chat auto-closes mid typing anytime an objective is updated (waves end etc) 2. Keybinds work while typing (i.e. hero display ui pops up, greying-out the game and your chat) 3. New messages are not displayed until you press enter, causing us to not see many lines of text from other players, constantly. 4. Incredibly lagging chat, sometimes not posting a message until minutes later.
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    Hey CG. Rough launch huh. Anyway, waited till the work week started to make this post. easy to focus on some negatives, lets talk about some great things you all are doing. You all give a damn about your game and the community. It shows. You may not always have the best transparency when things go wrong but you always work extremely hard to make up for it and admit when you make mistakes, thats big and deserves to be recognized. The end of week open letter was appreciated, owned up to items that were done wrong, and provided a path forward. Thank you for listening to community feedback, and coming up with a plan to address it. ice needs a huge shout out, this weekend, instead of enjoying a few days off, they were manually transferring dozens of players characters from legacy to play and still had time to help the community in discord, and on a anecdotal note while doing all that spent hours helping me track down the hacker flag issue i was having on my account. Mary and Phillip as well provided support, answered questions regarding the launch and letter in discord this weekend. There were probably other CG working through the weekend to help as well, got an answer from the CG support ticket input in sunday morning, most small companies you wouldnt hear back till monday. Just wanted to give a quick beginning of the work week thank you to all of you post. Its easy to complain about the bad things that happened and launch, but the positives are sometimes missed.
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    DEFENDERS, Yesterday the Activating the Goblin Mech Update was released and it’s been a blast watching many of you take on the Technological Terror himself! We received a lot of great feedback and reports after the launch, and in our ongoing mission to make DD:A the best it can be, we’ve got a patch that went out this morning. Let’s get into some dang notes! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where map unlocks were not happening properly. Fixed an issue where Deeper Well couldn’t unlock on Nightmare difficulty. Fixed an issue where the Session Browser wasn’t showing game mode type. Fixed an issue with the Thunder Spike Trap not dealing damage. Fixed an issue with the Crystal Core outline focus color. Fixed an issue with the floating rocks so that they render by default. Fixed a few issues with collision on Endless Spires. Fixed an issue with stuck enemies on Tornado Highlands. Fixed an issue with Boss accessories not dropping on Hardcore. Fixed an issue with customization appearing on the Hero Selection screen. Fixed an issue with the Steam Overlay causing rare crashes. Fixed an issue where gear quality was displaying incorrectly for some Defenders. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    DEFENDERS, With the launch yesterday, we haven’t had any crazy big issues, which is amazing. That said, we do have some bugs to get fixed, so let’s get into it! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with the Huntress causing a crash. Fixed an issue where player dropped items were not showing correctly for clients. Fixed an issue that was falsely triggering hacker flags on players. Fixed an issue where Pure Strategy could not use start from wave. Fixed an issue with the Hero Stat panel’s responsiveness. Fixed an issue with the Bug Report’s responsiveness. Fixed an issue where clients could not properly see a Huntress’s trap being on cooldown. Fixed an issue with chat persisting incorrectly. Fixed an issue where only the Secret Room or VIP room could be unlocked, but never both. Fixed an issue with clients connecting to hosts. Fixed an issue with multiple achievements not triggering. Fixed an issue where camera location wasn’t correct when leaving top down mode. Fixed an issue where skeletons were using the wrong run animation. Known Issues You are unable to drop items at this time. This is intentional while we fix a bad inventory bug. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Ok, so lets start with a major one. Split-screen multiplayer. One of the key reasons I personally bought the game. This would have allowed family to come together and play a co-op game. And what do Chromatic do? Fail to deliver what was initially stated and would have been a great family bonding experience. Something that would have made the game more interactive on twitch, direct chat integration. I would have loved to interact and mess about with a streamers game with this feature. Another potentially great feature thrown to the wayside in place of More Pets and Player Trading. I would rather throw my items directly on the ground like in DD1. What happened to new bosses? They were thrown to the wayside for DD1 bosses. I was hoping for the lore of etheria to be expanded, not for a poor remake of DD1 with mild changes. Some of which are for the worst. Better chat functionality? Just feels like old DD1's chat system to me. Its a real disappointment. So far, just a worse version of DD1. I was hoping for this to be a true sequel, not a flimsy remake. And the failure to deliver on promises just ruins your credibility. I would never recommend this game to my enemy. If you are going to spend money on this franchise, spend it on Dungeon Defenders 1. Because DDA is just a worse version of DD1. If I have missed anything, let me know.
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    Recent reviews on steam are down to "mixed".
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    I'd love to see tower destroyed notifications and possibly Ogre notifications. Maybe I just don't really check my towers enough, or check the map enough.. but I think it'd be real nice to have this feature.. Just a nice QOL addition. What do you guys think?
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    I use a controller. I feel your pain x10. Changing back to my DPS character with 2 seconds left in the preposterously-restrictive timer on Lava Mines Campaign Massacre is harder and more stressful than using Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 2 and trying to get a fatality where you freeze the opponent with Sub Zero and then Switch to Kung Lao and throw your hat at them, decapitating them while frozen. Okay, it's an elaborate comparison. But it's harder than it needs to be by a lot. :)
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    DD2 is not dead, but all dev efforts are on DDA right now. Until it's released on all systems and no major bug issues (so mid 2021-ish?), i wouldn't expect any DD2 work to really be done. No official word though, but we haven't seen a major update since elements were introduced, which was a while ago. I expect them to patch out the holiday tree soon though, 😥.
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    Hello, Like we can see on discord, it is a problem with the "semi wipe" on the release. People who have play and farm like me during the EA, who thinking we don't have any wipe or like today, moving on a server with EA players and "modder", where the big playerbase will not play. Why not just copy past our heroes from legacy without any stuff, only level ? I think it's not a bad compensation to do that. We can easily doing all campaign to compensate the hundreds of hours played in EA and still have a lot of hours to farm for the best stuff. It's just a proposal. ;)
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    There seems to be an issue where it's triggering so it's being looked into right now! We can look at profiles and see that people are not actually hackers though so not worries if you're not hacking. Send me a PM with your Steam name if you are marked! PM here or on Discord!
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    You aren't entitled to any compensation. It's sad to see that so many people feel so entitled to things these days. Understand that things happen and that you don't have the knowledge and capacity to understand the decisions that were made and that it was the best case scenario and continue to play and have fun, or don't. Your pick.
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    thx for the giveaway keiji. hope you like this one, hehe >.> https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198417716162/
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    Now this is what I call a cardboard tube. Take a look at this marvelous design. The beautiful blue color of this tube combined with the greenish color wrapping around it quite frankly makes for a masterpiece. This item might not have the highest upgrades, it doesn't have the best stats but you know what? A true master can wield any weapon well. Should one find themselves in trouble, the positive cast rate and a whole 334 range will make for some very effective strength drain auras. This is the perfect weapon. Sure you can get more damage, better stats and the like, but the balance of this item, combined with the breathtaking design will surely make you fall in love with this tube. https://imgur.com/a/ofb1NoD https://steamcommunity.com/id/t_boltsniper/
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    They have finally done it! First players to reach floor 999 post-isle of dread. Congratulations Random, Muggs and Fale! So uh, when Mark's gonna be eating his shoe haha
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    Hi there! We have not forgotten about DD2! We are just a small team and focusing right now on launching our flagship game for us as a new company.
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    On Tuesday PC had 1100+ players at peak, so Idk where you are getting your stats but I would check them again. The game has hovered these kind of numbers for the past few years so not dead. Also every 6 months or so the "Game is dead" threads pop up and they are never true. During peak times the servers do struggle we have seen it a lot and during low times the server has zero issues which we have also seen a bunch. They are prioritizing DDA but that is because they are trying to make the game succeed and doing it remotely due to covid but that doesnt mean they have given up all hope for DD2, they are still planning on supporting it, they just need to get DDA on its feet first.
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    I'll be adding stuff to this post(to make a longer and easier to read list) and bump from time to time after adding couple of new things instead of creating new posts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - remove those blinking yellow borders from Aura's its a huge pain and disctraction - going through medium to unlock all maps and currently dropping green item feels like getting a Unique rare drop in other games, I'm at a3-s3 and I've dropped only 2 green items so far... It doesn't look balanced. I didn't even bother to pick up anything till A2. - targeting towers/auras/traps that overlap for upgrade or rapair needs to be fixed asap, even witch changing camera view it's really bad - add amount/type/direction of enemies to the map like in DD1, having this thing to be visible only at doors is simply stupid. Icons are small and the further away you are the smaller they get - add the name&cost of tower/aura/trap to the center of the screen when you're trying to place something, green border for icon in the bottom right corner isn't the best and the icon that's green on cursor is bad and you're not able to tell from it what you're placing coz it overlaps other green stuff - allow us to scroll out camera more when placing stuff with top view - make inventory key also close inventory in addition to ESC, cmon guys its a standard in every game and great QoL - cancel tower stats after pressing E again instead in addition to moving camera away from their hitbox - let us rebind LShift and G... - enemies in many maps get stuck and circle around one place until player comes near - enemies that push away defenses are the dumbest mechanic implemented in a tower defense game... i COULD understand that if I could later MOVE towers like upgrade or repair... but as it is now, nope, it's stupid. - top view camera in Arcane Library is still annoying as hell - Ogres are a bit dumb with throwing toxic balls right on their feet - lack of description for Bonuses and Multipliers when hovering in Summary screen - remove canceling tower placement when it's offscreen(stage where you pressed LMB and trying to rotate it properly but if you go too like 5m away from it it's being canceled) - why there is no "Solo" mode so players can pause game anytime they want? - attributes on gear are a mess, hard to read, mixed, make proper columns left for hero stats and right for defense stats - v1.0 and there's still no live update for Stats - no number update for collecting whole set on items hero is wearing, make it like "base + bonus" so if item has base 10 Fortify and you have whole set with 40% bonus is should be shown as "Fortify 10+4" - make Toggle stats stay by default after re-opening inventory instead of having players to press it every time - I hate that you've locked away the freedom of picking up difficulty & maps. "Do this difficulty and map to unlock this difficulty and map...", at least Hard should be available by default instead of only Medium, why did you decide to slow down players so hard in 1.0? - game browser is awful, can't filter stuff, breaks while scrolling if someone's game name is too long - add small icons(in addition to existing filter ofc) in corners for set items to easily tell which set is it coz sadly visuals for them are quite similar. Like for Guard set add small shield icon, for Miner's set pickaxe icon etc - make server type(Public/Friends) stay the way player picked it with 1st run instead of switching it to "Friends" every time player goes back to Tavern - cursor dissapears while trying to upgrade sometimes - fix the weapon types... who marked "Morning Star"(mace) or "Bo Staff"(staff) as polearm... Polearm can be a spear, halberd, poleaxe, glaive... - after pressing E to check tower range/stats let range persist for ~5sec, if tower has long range and it goes downwards the wall or something it'll dissapear before player can check it properly - lack of Quick Sell shortcut for single item, like Shift + LMB - can't sort items by Item PWR - while doing Endless Spire map on Insane my Ballistas preferred to attack Ogres that were further away instead of Wyverns that were 2m closer to them and were smacking my crystals. - Apprentice's Mana Bomb skill should be used on key release not when it's charged, same like RMB for his weapon - lack of description for Ensnare Aura/Str Drain, how strong is it? Nobody knows... - it looks like charging Kobolds ignore Ensnare Aura? Why? - no special enemies announcements, like "Prepare for Wyverns" or "Ogre incoming!" etc... - no party info in multiplayer game, no player list, their HP/Mana/Class, there also should be something like build icon that player can pick in their inventory to see if someone is DPS or Builder and it should be displayer on their portrait - Night Elves sliding through maps after grabbing aggro looks insanely stupid, and player can't even tell where they are in waves, just "puff" they're smacking you, make them run instead of sliding and a bit bigger maybe so players can see them - delays between waves in A1 maps is waaaaay to long... - So... Necros are still able to revive skeletons behind defenses(they're being pushed through) - Sometimes Ogres don't give a f*** about defenses and rush fo crystal, happend literally 5min ago in Insane Survival Wave 22 in Magus Quaters, Ogre just skipped Barricade and went for Crystal - Mana that lies on the ground dissapears when the boss countdown starts. Why? - disabled hero swap at boss countdown. Why again? - Alchemical Lab boss, when killed leaves his skill(those ground flames) on the ground for X-XXsec, it should dissapear when boss dies I think... - when during wave there's an info like "Crystal under attack" and I press ESC to call out menu cursor will dissapear at the moment of announcment pop up, every... single... time... - few times after respawn my camera was stuck inside character, you can imagine how annoying this bug was - so... after reaching Nightmare I feel like it's kinda forced to party play... It should be properly scaled, if player wants to solo let him solo but with proper enemy scalings, overall got quite negative feelings towards Nightmare and probably Massacre too. And then we add Spiders that nuke builders... Really unfun experience. - chat bugs all the time - inventory is way too small - no item stash? - inventory managements is truly awful - please add option to the filter to pick up items only with for example 2000+ PWR, "Upgrades Only" is a bit bad
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    Agree, it was a well written, thoughtful note. However, the fact that local split screen was not addressed at all concerns me. Has this feature been de-prioritized? Eliminated? I backed the game on kickstarter, but agreed NOT to play the game until my wife can play it with me.(couch co-op)
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    I'm sure that massacre will be adjusted and balanced more in a future patch. That being said, I don't think you're going to be in a position to only use towers at any point in time (especially during progression). It's supposed to be the hardest content in the game and as such I think the intent is to require strategy, strong towers, and active hero play/dps to defeat.
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    I cannot change the language in-game, everything in the "Gameplay" tab in Options is grey. I want to move from French to English as the translation is very bad. Thanks.
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    Everyone who kickstarted a tier that contained the game also gets those codes, but so far none have been given out to anyone. So I am curious when those will be given out too.
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    +1 What OP said and thank you CG. For what it‘s worth I would also be completely fine with Hero Levels and EXP only. Gear would be nice but ok if you can‘t migrate it.
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    Timed build phases were present in Insane and above difficulty for campaign maps in DD1 and originally also in DD2 (subsequently removed). I have always saw timers as an artificial way to add difficulty since it is all about learning the map and route and as you say becomes very cookie cutter in build diversity. Once you are able to build any map with over 5 seconds left, you really have to ask what is the timer even doing to the player? The idea of timers in any context is to add pressure and make mistakes all more painful, but it isnt as if you are building the map differently each time so its just a memory game and a speed check. I have before during the whole development asked for some alternative to forced build timers, but it seems to not garner much support or any response from the developers. I cannot see at this point any change to build timers so it seems we must accept them being there are decide if build timers being present detracts from playing the rest of the game enough to where you no longer wish to play.
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    No, I did because they said it would. Personally, I don't think it is anywhere near ready and they should have delayed it instead of making so many compromises and leaving people in the dark about what will and will not be included through lack of clarity and communication.
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    Wanted to make a comparison regarding marriage or relationship. Hesitated, might poke on some hives that I don't want to poke :)
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    Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the change. Also some honest friendly advice. Take nothing stated or planned for a development cycle in an early access game as set in stone, even if said to be. By nature it is likely to change in many ways and something like progress is often one of the most common things to change due to how later additions can heavily affect it. All developers appreciate your support, and I would not like to say "never back anything", but please do so for the right reasons to avoid dissapointment. If you believe you have a lot to lose from the game changing or progress wipes, I urge you to consider holding out in the future for the official release when things are a little more predictable. I hope you either find another game to enjoy, or better yet, come back loving the game regardless.
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    this^ right here.... curve ball thrown by the devs. one way or another someone knew, and let us find out for ourselves. worst part is we are the ones who backed the game that are upset.... I am not even mad or upset that I have to start over, its more the fact that we were misled to start over. Because lets face it who is going to play legacy? Low blow @crhomatic
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    Here are some starters. Levels - Make sure you played through all the campaign and adventure levels. Quite easy to do. Once those are done, go to Expeditions, and play through the Chaos tiers from 1 through 7. Once you can beat C7 with any ease, you are pretty much done with the basic game. You can play Onslaught too from there for greater stuff, but only if you want to get into endgame. Same with resets and Mastery mode- don't bother unless you plan to play this game for hundreds of hours more. Gear - as you go up chaos tiers, look for gear with the highest gear scores (visible by looking at the stats), and constantly swap in better gear. Focus all highest gear on one hero as that becomes your 'champion score' and that is what unlocks each new chaos tier. Don't waste money on upgrading gear until C7, as it will just get swapped out. Once at C7, get all legendary gear, then max it out. Wait for high drops - again, look at gear to see its stats. Shards - easy for the most part, put Def Rate, Deadly Strikes, and Destruction on everything. You can farm these on certain chaos tiers or buy them in town. Do all of the daily and weekly tasks to get DMs. Mods - 2 choices, 1) put more power, rate, and range on each relic you use (wait until c7- as you will be swapping gear like mad until then), or 2) put antis on gear. Anti Melle, Anti Ranged, and Anti Support. Will pack a lot more punch. There is a lot more customizing you can do with mods and shards later as you learn the game more, but the above will serve you well enough. Towers - Monk is a good place to begin. Flame auras and lightning auras can handle A LOT of what you will face. Only real threat to those are Cyborks from C2 and Hex Throwers on C5. Need towers for the C2 ones, and buy EV2 (with DMs) so you can build reflect beams for C5. Good luck. Ask questions from there if you need more help.
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    From us, Your Defenders: I've spent $40 on your game because I remember how much fun I had with DD1 back in day on the PS3. When me and my group of friends found out about DDA (4x of us), all of us decided to pick the game up and started playing together A LOT. We each put about 100 hours into the game grinding till the end game waiting on release day so we may access MASSACRE. Unfortunately CG has decided to split the player base into PLAY and LEGACY mode. CG has decided to wipe all my hard work and effort from the main player base. On top of that, my account has also been flagged as HACKER, so I can no longer join any of my friends in PLAY mode hence they will also be reported as hackers. I've never hacked in DD and can't even imagine how I would've done so. On top of all of that, CG went against their word that they would not lower the price of the game at release. A let down, after let down, after let down. Please help me resolve this ridiculous "HACKER" issue or else I will not be back in the future for any CG related games, and I will definitely post bad reviews based on my negative experience. JM
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    First off -- there wasn't a real wipe. All the EA content can be accessed and played in Legacy. That's a positive Second, CG graciously lowered the price to make it more accessible to more people --- MORE GAME for LESS! Another positive. Third -- the game is great! CG really knocked it out of the park. It runs well, bugs are not game breaking. Anyone that thinks the game should cost more or should be able to use EA content in 1.0 content don't understand the basics of gaming. Please ignore these people, CG.
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    You can add too the fact that we don't have the full experience of DD1... Yeah DD1 with all it's actual content, heroes, maps, etc. I'll send a report to steam again if they dare to do a "DLC CONTENT3 with heroes, skins " already in dd1 for some bucks... They need to eat right.... Yeah...40 bucks for the dd1 version when it was released on mobile lol. And the beautiful wipe out for the full release, that's a BONUS for sure right ? So pissed...Love this game and yet so pissed against the devs who just don't give a damn about us. IT's a shame really
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    To top it off, the game went on sale today. Nice discount for all the people that didn't waste their time in early access. Most companies do it the other way around... but not Trendy.
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    It's not wiped it's archived, and accessible. Why do you care about the forums anyways? That seems like a strange complaint
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    Idk if it was removed. But in the loading screen it had 3 circles and the right one said couch co-op
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    If they released this info 2-3 weeks before launch, people would've taken it BETTER.
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    360 hours invested and now I have LEGACY mode? Are you serious? What about the "no changes to v. 1" ?
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    I have upgraded the bad tube's projectile speed as far as it can. Thank you for the event, hope we still see you around in DD, if only for poly runs. https://steamcommunity.com/id/darthvadius
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    oh yes it staacks. u can stand by the same towers and boost them together. also the monk should use a damage boost gem and the app use a d-rate boost gem. they all work together to make a whole bunch of goodnesss
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    cancelling bid ss mesh , good luck on auction
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    saw this on discord and even though it's not "gear" those stats are ridiculous!!!
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    Since you’re not using boost to slow, you can switch out deadly after placing with another shard and the towers that were originally in the aura will continue to be boosted as if the aura was still boosting them (including upgrading the boost aura).
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    Thanks for the contest :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980328457
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    I know upgrades are 337 for armour and 403 for weapons. Stats are a little bit harder to clearly note.
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    DEFENDERS, Fresh out of the developer oven, and out to you now are some quick hot fixes we’ve recently pushed out. Let’s get into it! Bug Fixes Fixed a crash that resulted from an improper profile state. Fixed an issue for hosts where having the tactical map open when the end game summary screen appears would prevent interacting with buttons to move on. Fixed an issue where kobolds were gaining a speed buff when inside an ensnare aura after lighting their fuses. Fixed an issue where untargetable enemies were spawning and strolling right up to the core. Fixed an issue where the max number of upgrade levels based on the current upgrade level was incorrectly capped. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Hi all. I've been searching and trying things for an hour about this black screen issue on startup. I can't even change UDKOptions.ini.local in Whatever:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config as this file doesn't exist for me. Do you guys have any fix for this please ? Thanks a lot in advance, Regards.
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