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    I love Dungeon Defenders and have put in hundreds of hours into each entry of the franchise. So I feel quite certain in this: Dungeon Defenders is a terrible multiplayer game. No matter who you play with, randoms or a team, there is only one builder. Its pointless to try and build if someone else has better stats than you because the DU system actually penalizes the entire team for you trying to help. So you are relegated to playing a dps character 90% of the time unless you solo play, which really takes away from the "tower defense" aspect of the game. If you dare try to build in a public online game, you'll be kicked 9 times out of 10 for daring, regardless of your stats being better etc. If you join an online game, you are to sit on your dps character, run circles, loot, and upgrade the builders towers. Its piss boring. The only way I can see this ever being fixed is if in multiplayer, DU got split and given to all players (with a bonus amount of DU to make it worth actually doing multiplayer on difficult maps) For example if a Map has 150DU normally, a second player joining would turn that into 160DU with 80DU tied to each character directly. When a 3rd player joins, The DU ups again to 180/ split to 60DU per person. And at 4 players, you get 50DU each for a total of 200 DU. Currently, I just play alone, because there is zero incentive to play with others. And while the strategy of Tower Defense really appeals to me, the crappy 3rd person combat mechanics most certainly do not. And even in multiplayer games, there is very little reason to strategize or speak with other players. One dude builds, everyone else fucks off and repairs/upgrades.
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    It would be fantastic to have the following aspects of inventory management addressed: Allow switching of characters at the inventory screen Remember Sorting type, akin to Filter setups Ideally, memorize Sorting type and Filters on a per Character basis
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    I appreciate everyone's feedback on the topic, I'll pass this along to the UI Design team and work with them to see if we can find a way to address some of these issues :)
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    Fixes: Swapping heroes and placing a defense skips the tower rotation step of defense placement.
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    This is largely the reason why the "start from wave xx" option is so widely requested. Hopefully that makes it into the game
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    The Drakenlord himself, other than being a bit buggy at times, is super easy to deal with. Throw Burning Strikes on your weapon and shoot him from range... He's a non-issue unless he bugs out and refuses to catch fire. The dragon can be friggin' annoying though. In C7, it's "just" a matter of getting a relic with 10/10 Tenacity and a C8 amp, throwing that on your favorite trash clearing defense, and then watching the boss lane. In Onslaught however, it just adds to the time sink because you'll run into that situation where you're running across the map to light a torch, get jumped by an assassin, and get to watch as a mob ambles over and smashes the objective with one hit. It's not that you won't get past it, it's just not fun, and adds even more time to an already long map. I'd be fine with the map if it wasn't in the Onslaught rotation. With 4 people, even with no Tenacity it's not bad, but you're almost never going to be pushing high Onslaught in a group.
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    They've said from the beginning that it would be a return to DD1 roots. I really don't know what you expected, this was basically guaranteed and what we knew well before EA hit. After DD2 commercially bombed and was widely panned by the fanbase (yes some people liked it, but on the whole), they're not going to be taking risks as their first game into a loved IP as a new company. If you're wanting new things, check back whenever DD3 hits.
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    Honestly, don't take this the wrong way but this just isn't the game for this mindset. It doesn't work in DD because it's stat based. People are going to want to complete the maps, ergo people are going to want to use the best builder. I'm not saying it's an impossible idea, or even a bad one... just one that doesn't fit with DD. If you're wanting everyone to build and have reason to build, give different towers to the classes and then remove hero swapping entirely - on top of that, remove stats. Make a game like Sanctum or some of the other good TD games like Orcs Must Die. Have the towers just be a baseline of damage, with possible upgrades via talent specs so people can specialize in a certain tower or something. *shrug* It would work fine in those situations as it encourages people to work together to all build and all contribute in the exact same ways. But that simply does not work for DD with how the game is designed, nor do I think it's capable of getting there without a massive overhaul. The difficulty is based primarily on the builder's stats, not on how good the build is (though the latter exists to SOME degree, obviously). I think the issue is primarily you just don't like how DD handles it, and that's fine! There are other games that do what you're looking for. But a lot of us play DD for THIS specific style, and we like it how it is. Even with its own issues; no game is perfect, after all.
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    The dark elves sometimes ignore your defenses and run the the crystal or to you (after respawning) and one shot the crystal, seriously annoying and unfun mechanic. The skeletons after being killed, slide under you walls and rez on the other side of them and go straight for the crystal, even if you kill them at the crystal they will rez again and continue, imo in a tower defense you should lose from your defenses falling, not to shit that can jump over them or spawn inside, please revert it to both mobs to DD1. thx /rant
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    The closer this game is to DD1 and the further away from DD2 the happier I am - so far I'm honestly just having a lot of fun with it, and the nostalgia of old maps mixed with the fun of news one is incredible.
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    Fixes: Party bar is not showing the 4th player on the map. Towers are not displaying correct tooltip values after being upgraded. Items icons in the inventory are not displaying the not valid sign when they should be. Matches made private are actually public for anyone to join. Items are not selling correctly in various situations. Memory leak when playing games with others. Orcs enjoy getting stuck on various maps. Players with OculusVR get crashes or have their device startup. Auto loot filter doesn't work correctly for clients. (You may need to reset your auto loot filters for them to work correctly after patch). Several more crashes. Changes: Timers on Tornado Valley updated to correct values
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    Thanks to all for testing and providing feedback for this Update 6 so far. It has been coming along and has hit RC where you can now play it and have your Ranked data progress saved by selecting it. We are looking to hopefully release this soon and quickly move to Update 7 for yall. So please test this when you can and provide any further feedback and report any issues with the update or with the game that need to get fixed. Minor issues may get fixed in Update 7 as that will be moving quickly to beta as well for all to test after this release. To go ahead and switch to version 8.6: Go to your Steam Library Right click on Dungeon Defenders and select Properties Click on the Betas Tab Click on the drop down box and select update6_rc Note: Your Ranked Progress will be saved but if something major happens where we need to update again or remove items, then you may lose those items. Or if you happen to exit the beta and go back to the Live branch, items from Update 6 will disappear. Here are the current list of Patch notes for this this update. New Map - Crystalline Resurgence 4 - Rewards buffed Sky City lower difficulty weapons and Mini Kraken pet New Map - Coastal Bazaar - Campaign rewards new lamp and carpet weapons - Survival rewards genie wave 25 and Mini Genie King end of survival wave 35 Updated Map - Emerald City - Reskinned Boss and changed name - Added survival - Rewards imp wave 25 and Desert Cupid end of survival - buffed emerald sword and staff stats - Emerald thrower now has more central spread - Random rewards were buffed to Moonbase levels - Added magic carpets to help move around map faster QoL - Added quality color around item names in inventory to help make it easier to identify item qualities. Toggles with "CTRL+O" - Display 3 decimals for buff beam boost values - Show DPS in tool tip for Bouncer Blockade and Slice n Dice like other towers
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    I love it when my defences are frozen, I also love it when an assassins stabs me to death while I watch the enemy run past my defences and start whacking my crystal :(
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    As people have known I have quit the main game of dd to pursue the DDDk and I have made tons of new content and I would like to propose a few of them. As the title suggest it is currently the goblin mech boss pet , the Ancient dragon boss pet, and finally the Kraken pet. I am currently planning on doing all the bosses and potentially all of the mobs and towers ( DST/LT pet ect). (can be tested in game here on open https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713063477) Every aspect of the pets a subject to change as I update them. dragonattack.url
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    Tomorrow morning likely around 9-10AM US Eastern.
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    Preach! This is spot on. You know, it's sad that people get upset about a push back in release dates. It's kind of pathetic, especially over a two day delay. 1) You all likely have a plethora of other games you could play instead... or perhaps FaceTime your family and make sure they aren't sick and have food in the pantries. 2) The level of entitlement is baffling, thinking we, the consumer, have some right to hold a developer to a deadline. No one is more upset / bummed than CG themselves. 3) We now have word about a hard date, April 2, for this update. Not some ambiguous month estimate. Can we all be happy with that for the moment? How about this as a thought? It was either CG delayed this deadline by two days to ensure we all still get the NM release in a responsible amount of time, OR they could have all stayed in the office and gotten COVID-19... I'm sure the latter definitely wouldn't have delayed release dates. So, everyone that wants to belly ache, quiet down and be patient. CG is taking this delay so they might not have further delays from illness / death.
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    People are too entitled. It is known that until you get the release candidate, you can expect any and all bugs. You think early release means anything? Why would steam constantly remind people that early release titles may or may not be stable and may or may not ever get a full release? It’s because you are taking a risk with the knowledge up front that things may not all be what you expect. Manage your expectations appropriately in the future and you won’t be disappointed
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    I love the fact that the Devs are communicating with us on a regular basis and offering help or just giving feedback on stuff... Sadly thats by far not usual even nowadays... So lets all give them a big HUG
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    While I cannot confirm that all DLC will be free, we have already announced that DLC 1 (Q3 2020) will be free :)
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    Tower view is something we have planned
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    DEFENDERS! Today we pushed out an update to bring the holiday season to Etheria! While we’re working on our Beta for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, we wanted to make sure that Dungeon Defenders II was able to celebrate the festivities that the holiday season brings. Let’s get into it! Holiday Season When you hop in, the Town Hub and Private Tavern has been transformed into a cozy and wintry wonderland. You’ll notice the most welcomed change, being the Wayfarer is dressed in his best Santa costume… Oh also, THE GIFTING TREE IS BACK! Check back once a day to receive some awesome goodies, maybe a mythical Defender Pack or a Season Weapon is inside. Open those presents before all the snow melts! (this snow isn't strong enough to last until April this year ;) ) Holiday SALE In the spirit of the holidays, there’s a giant gem sale going on in the emporium. All of the following are on sale for 50% OFF of their normal gem cost: ALL Heroes ALL Costumes ALL Shards ALL Shard Packs ALL Hero Bundles ALL Bags ALL Bank Vaults ALL Tower Skins Material Booster Pack Some things may not have a 50% off badge next to it, but we assure you that everything listed here has been lowered. We’re excited to share the holiday cheer and make it easier to get what you want this holiday season! Known Issue The Target Dummies are on the naughty list, and have been banished from the Town Hub during the holiday season. (Really they were causing an issue with loading that area, so they’re temporarily removed) What’s Next? We’re currently working on getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened out here shortly with 2020 just right around the corner! We’ve been hard at work, and if you haven’t, check out our beta check-in here. If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened before preordering/purchasing on release, be sure to add us to your wishlist to get continued updates! <3 Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future that our Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU! Happy Holidays! Chromatic Games
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    Does anyone else feel like the dryad is way underpowered now? i know she needed a nerf. But she was hit with a boulder compared to what she was. So my point is i think that she deserves some kind of buff for her AI targeting or even a good Bee buff (nothing crazy) but something that can make her work well in high onslaught again. i miss her,
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    These new and returning weapons are great.....until they aren't great. I've been looking over this as best I can and thinking about it a lot and I kind of half did the math over it. I wanted to detail it out and see if I'm crazy or if something doesn't seem right. To start, Chromatic said there are over 30 weapons. Juice collected all of them and showed that there were 32 weapons so I'm going to calculate using that number. Within that number there are 3 shields (no attack types or changing secondary stat) and 2 tomes (no attack types but does have changing secondary stats). The rest are weapons with multiple attack types/speeds and changing secondary stats (Ability Power and Hero Health). Of those, Swords only have 3 attack speeds and then a speed bonus. The special weapons Toxic Shock, Phantom Phoenix, and Chilling Touch only have 1 attack type but at 3 speeds. The Dark Ritual Dagger for Mystic has 3 speeds with 3 weights. The Monk weapons have both 3 weights and Single, Triple, Quintuple shot types at 3 speeds. The rest have Single, Triple, Quintuple, Burst, and Scatter Shot and all have 3 speeds. Those listed from Swords down have 2 secondary stats. Now, anyone who knows me from my Stream or Discord knows that a vomit of math is about to caress your eyes, so be prepared. This math will find total possibility of drops then reverts possibility to percentage chances of getting a singular specific drop from the possibility. 3 Shields, 2 Tomes with 2 Secondary stats, 8 Swords with 3 weights and 2 secondary stats, 3 special weapons with 3 speeds and 2 secondary stats, the Dark Ritual Dagger with 3 weights 3 speeds and 2 secondary stats which is 17 of the 32 drops. I know of 5 Monk weapons bringing the total to 22, which leaves the rest as the last weapon listed above (Huntress/Monk) as 10 weapons. This gets written out as: Shields + Tomes + Specials + Dark Ritual Dag+ Swords + Glaives + Ranged Weapons 3 + (2 x 2) + (3 x 3 x 2) + (1 x 3 x 3 x 2) + (8 x 3 x 2) + (5 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2) + (10 x 5 x 3 x 2) = 661 possibilities with 32 weapons That is a lot of possibilities when opening a gift. We do know you didn't care for just the number of possibilities you want the chances of getting that single individual super awesome weapon you are dying to have from the total number of possibilities. That one god weapon. For that you just take 1 and divide by the number of possibilities. 1 / 661 = 0.15% chance to get the exact one you want out of 32 weapons, with all the things you want on it (not counting stat rolls and bonus speed) Now before you go and burn down the forums, do keep in mind this does not take into consideration the roll value of your secondary stat that is permanent and cannot be changed and the bonus attack speed on swords that goes up to 20% and also cannot be changed. The biggest consideration is how often you get gifts, which is RNG from Victory Chests after you get all the guaranteed ones on the specific floors. I won't be taking into consideration the guaranteed ones because I and many others will not be resetting again (as we have finished that) so those are a one time deal for us. After looking at these numbers in my head, on paper and while writing this I have come to one conclusion. This is absolutely unacceptable. My suggestions on this are not pick one and go with that, its pick ALL of them and go with it. First, give us some way to reroll secondary stat....uh....stat, soon, next patch, asap. Second, remove the attack types no one wants, like Medium, Single and Triple. Do a survey or something to get an idea or however you want but the undesired attack types should not drop from these. Thirdly, Remove ALL locked mods. They are not fun and ruin weapons that we have other plans for. These would significantly reduce the chances of getting screwed by RNG over what is most often a weapon skin and has nothing special about it otherwise. Grindy game is grindy, I get it, but this is way WAY too much. tl;dr The chance to get the weapon you want is really low, if you wanna know more at least skim the post dude or dudette :) Edit 1: Juice gave an image of all the weapons for an accurate calculation Edit 2: Added a suggestion for fixing the weapons and making it all better Edit 3: Don't math tired forgot to move the decimal
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    I would love to see better auto loot filtering. 1) Multiple rules on an AND logic basis. (IE: Auto any item that is LEGENDARY, AND auto Accessories that are equal or better to EPIC). Right now, IIRC, selecting LEGENDARY and ACCESSORIES will give me all legendary gear plus all accessories regardless of quality. I could be wrong on this... but I know it isn't the best setup. 2) Along the same lines, have a rule form as one of the fields would also be nice. (IE: Auto items with "Power Level," that is "Greater Than," "800", of "LEGENDARY," quality) Right now, I can't specifically tell the game not to auto loot all the crap 525-600 legendary drops. So I have to sort by power level and lock items, then sell all which isn't user friendly.
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    Wanted to add my agreement to these comments; I don't use twitter, facebook or instagram and can't keep up with the discord, but I have the DDA forums bookmarked and I check them daily for any and all Chromatic posts.
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    This menu was created for functionality by Engineers - the UI team will be making a pass before the final release, don't worry!
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    thinking about a possible upgrade UI instead of the drop down scrolling menu where the stats are all laid out on one page. Say there is an item missing defense rate, in that section it would say unavailable or not applicable.
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    You've crushed my dreams of being 2 billion mana in debt!
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    There's really no reason to flame and go ballistic because of an early access patch. I mean... yeah. It sucks, but it happens. I didn't like my inventory disappearing, or losing progress when the game launched on steam after hours and hours, but meh. When I buy into something that's early access, I know they inevitably can come with game-breaking bugs and issues. Doesn't mean I like them, but the best way to make the game better is to simply relay what you dislike about the game in a constructive manner to the best of your abilities, and if needed just wait for another patch or two and then give it a go again. CG patches fairly frequently.
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    The only real complexity to DD1 loot was the larger margins you could get. it wasn't 0-+5 for example on low level gear, you could get like -10 - +10, usually seeking out gear with say , high boosts to tower stats with penalties to hero stats or vice versa for the focused heroes, yes this mythical has +221 to tower dmg but it has -178 to tower health and I use this hero for blockades. Being able to move/balance around stats with that gave you larger control and more options on how to build, ending up with people aiming for absurd breakpoints on focused builds (eg, magic missile becoming a laser, harpoons from across the world) because you could get absurd numbers and results by minmaxing that you couldn't get with this *balanced* gear that we have now.
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    There's been multiple requests to allow quick change (F1/F2/F3/F4) while in the inventory, so I doubt there's currently a better way. Hopefully something gets added, though.
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    Thumbs up. Upgrading traps and auras needs an overhaul. I’d still prioritize fixing obvious bugs like ninja core destruction and complete lack of gamepad functionality in the ui, but this sort of thing should have been one of the first aspects of the game that was scrutinized. For reference my ideas about priority are 1. Gamebreaking bugs like crashes 2. Active games dealing with tower placement, attacks, upgrades/repairs, etc. 3. Ui interactions of any sort (keyboard and mouse or gamepad) 4. New features / balancing I know everyone wants new features NOW but do you really want them in the midst of everything else that’s jacked up? Make the game great by getting the basics right and then add to it so past issues don’t become future issues or worse ongoing issues. the simpler it is to interact with the game (whether it’s creating a new game or interacting with objects/players in game) the more likely it is that people will stick around we all have enough craziness in our lives to worry about how to upgrade or repair auras/traps. Eventually it’s easier to move on and find something more enjoyable
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    it's fine as is, no reason to eliminate a style of play that you dont like. it's not hurting you to play a full dps character as that has huge benefits. it's also not hurting you that i prefer to play an active builder, usually a builder hybrid of some sort. You said you dont want to feel punished for playing a dps character but that's not a fair judgment. that's the equivalent of me saying i dont want to feel punished for playing an active builder because dps characters are strong. it's ok that we all enjoy different styles of play as many of the posts here have pointed out. neither style is currently suffering there are benefits to playing both ways, therefore i say leave it be and let people that enjoy both styles of play enjoy themselves.
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    This. I’m In the camp of wanting it to be almost a clone of dd1 with better graphics, more characters and maps
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    Burning combo = useless
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    Someday someone came into my tavern, offered to sell an event, and asking for 140 cv, he took only currency. I did not answered at once coz I don't usually keep a lot currency, my best friend Kaito spoke before I made an answer, kid, if you want to buy it, I will pay. A lot of memories like this in DD on a lot best friends make my favorite memory ( and YES! I have a lot of best friends on DD which is quite logical for kid ) . The best feeling of those memories is, friends are willing to back you up with all that they have, currency, trust, the chance to fail or look stupid, and fun time together, which is the most precious thing on a co-operation game to me, also the few moment we see through the walls of hero status and ++ gears knowing what really connect people better behind those. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062578171
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    I have to say a big thanks to the CDT and all of the community testers for all their hard work, time and effort put into all of the CDT Updates. It has been a blast getting to play each new update with checking out the new content for the first time with friends. Favorite Memory from DD1 for me has to be The 100% completion of Achievements Pre-CDT Updates. There was just something unique about that feeling for finishing the Achievements for the first time. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bla11/
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    If anything there is also the problem of the onslaught wall. Looking at leaderboard everyone gets stuck around 947-948-949 because scaling goes up way faster then. Not sure why they had to have a scaling of around 172 level per floor suddenly change to 402 500 level per floor after 945. Would have made more sense to have an higher and progressive scaling. Well I know actually ...they wanted to stop onslaught climbers from beating the game without turning the general population against them. Back when they nerfed tube and oreck set-up (that wasn't even op) they clearly showed that they just wanted people to stop climbing. Just to give the illusion of difficulty...
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    Actually the payout on Mass Destruction would be pretty sub-standard. Given that gilded shards get only 4 extra upgrade levels it would go from 70% to 78%. Then given you are using a Destructive Pylon and Gilded Destruction with a Mass Destruction now you are getting a 333% bonus to defense power. With a Gilded Mass Destruction you would get a 349% bonus to defense power which is only a 4.6% increase over current. I wouldn't even consider the attempt given the lack luster results.
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    Not sure what the point would be? At best you'll get some concrete answers that you'd get in a formal write-up anyway, at worst we'll continue to get ambiguous 'maybes' that serve only to frustrate.
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    While DD1 was much more multi friendly and DD2 was made to be, you can do almost everything in the game solo without too much trouble. Also know that when you do play multi - each added player increases the hp and atk of the enemies, while you and your def do not. So...solo can be a lot easier very often. Plus, tbh finding people to play with you in DD2 is kind of a chore...especially in Onslaught.
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    Hey there, just wanted to note something that I've noticed about the Kunai Striker bow - So here's what the Kunai Striker looks currently - However, it's underneath actually looks pretty epic! Plus with even the icon showing this side, I'll have to go to the conclusion of this bow is being set in the wrong way aka being flipped. Kinda hoping there would eventually be a fix to this and also this being unintentional. Just letting ya'll know anyway! Thanks for reading and cheers!
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    Damn lol speedy reply. The thing I was testing didn't work, so I'm using another way. Also yeah nuke monk should be dialed back, but they're probably not gonna ever do it. Also why can't you delete your own post smh.
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    I played mastery before and after the big MOD changes. The mode is definitely easier now due to MODs, but i did indeed encounter multiple glitches in objectives while playing. Especially the 10 def one - do not use 'replay from wave' as that what caused many fails on that mutator for me. It is buggy, can be frustratingly hard, endure many resets, and endless depths of frustration are to be had. However, once done, never have to touch it again (crazy poor replayability), and tbe hyper shards are soooooo worth it, at least until you do ap resets... To each their own. I didn't play and beat Mastery until i was over 1000 ascension on my first playthrough. Mostly out of sheer freaking boredom led me to it. But now i have all stars...and wish i had something as interesting as mastery left to still play.
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    DEFENDERS We released a patch today for PC and PS4, with Xbox coming later today. This patch is providing new costume content, as well as a small bug fix. The majority of this content is for our Kickstarter backers, with a brand new costume available to all as well! Costumes For the “Etherian Beta Tester” and up tiers, you will receive the Corrupted Gunwitch costume (as well as a Gunwitch code if you don’t have her unlocked): For the “Etherian VIP” and up backers, you will receive the Golden costumes for each of the base four heroes: For the “Ultimate” Tavern and up tiers, you will receive the Crystalline costumes: We just added these costumes to the game, and will be sending redeem codes out next week. This is to ensure that everyone receives the update and does not run into any issues redeeming their codes. Also, available now on the Emporium is the Underworld Mystic! Bug Fixes The Wayfarer has boxed up his winter holidays clothing and is back to his normal business attire. What’s Next This patch was focused on preparation for getting rewards out to our loyal backers, but fear not! We’re currently working on some challenging content for some of our most tested Defenders currently. The progress is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to share more with you. In the coming weeks we will have more information for you! We recently released an update on our Dungeon Defenders: Awakened progress, and will be sharing more each month. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our progress, click here for more info. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
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    I won't be putting water to explosive trap then :/ Thank you Paloverde and All Your Yeahs for the help :)
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    Placing an elemental servo on a physical defense turns it into a magical damage dealing defense.
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    Fun Fact - It was a passive for this bow before it became a shard!
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