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    How's this for a non broken implementation: Instead of applying a flat multiplier to the damage or rate of a tower, the beam instead adds a flat amount of tower damage or tower rate stat to the builder's stats. So instead of buffing an apprentice tower with a 1.8x multiplier to damage output, it could instead buff it by treating it as though it was built by an apprentice with an extra 400 tower power. All numbers here are arbitrary, but it should be easier to manage because the beam just moves us up the diminishing returns curve of our stats, instead of catapulting us above the curve. You could effectively tune the numbers such that the effect of a buff beam was as if the builder of the tower being buffed had an extra X item slots. Now the tower is only worth the DU if it can buff Y towers.
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    I was hoping they'd have brought more of DD2's positive influences into the game. Sure, DD2 has flaws. Big ones. But it had a lot of cool ideas and improvements, too. The Huntress's Poison Dart Tower (I will forever miss those, and was extremely sad when I learned they didn't make the DDA cut), Weapon Manufacturers (an amazing idea, but balanced in such a way that the original intended weapon was obsolete. If it could be balanced to either use the weapon itself, such as in the form of a manufactured turret that fires it, or to have the weapon be worth picking up, it would be a fun and unique defense that would be super fun to play with), Earthshatter Towers, Sky Guards, and a bunch of other awesome defenses that would have been great mixed in with some of DD1's defenses. Instead, everything seems to just be a carbon copy of their DD1 versions, which just doesn't feel satisfying. Why bring back the same meta that people had already mastered? This was an opportunity for a new meta, a new balance... but alas.
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    Back Story: This project began before my CDT endeavor and the original idea was to make a different version of DD1 that I wanted to play. Since many of you have may have heard there won't be anymore official updates for the game (content wise) in the near or distant future I decided to pick up this project again. Changes: Backing off the statement above to achieve this goal a lot of changes were made. Examples: New Difficulty New Barbarian Towers New Equipment Qualities New Items New Player Abilities / Revamped existing abilities New Maps Complete Tower Balance Changes Quality Of Life (Inventory sorting , boss timer skip , and ect to name a few) Bug Fixes Graphical / networking upgrades and many many more... For the full list of changes that I have made Here. Download: We will be handling download links and other stuff in the DD1 Redux Discord https://discord.gg/tnkEwf6 Information for Total Conversions/Mods: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/19717-dungeon-defenders-development-kit-basic-overview/
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    I'm all for skipping it. Tower buffs in general being a meta requirement just doesn't do it for me. DD1 was a great game, and I'm glad I had the chance to play it, but man, once you hit that late game content, you had to build just such a way. This is why I was so disappointed that none of DD2's positive changes made the cut. That game was far from perfect, as anyone who has played it knows, but there were still positive aspects in there. I went into this thinking we'dget the best of both worlds, but with things as they are progressing now, it looks like we're being pushed into the same meta as DD1. I'd rather a new and unique defense than just another absolute requirement for progression, but it looms like that's where the game is headed.
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    I haven't posted to these forums at all, or rather since the days of the DD2 Beta, but I came here solely so I could express my support for what OP is saying. I echoed a similar sentiment on the steam forums, and I believe it is a very big mistake to keep the buff beam. If DDA is going to be successful, it needs to release itself from being shackled to every single design philosophy of DD1. Yes, keep what worked in DD1, but also change what didn't. I don't believe the buff beam improved DD1, I think it did quite the opposite, and as OP has demonstrated only presents a logistical nightmare for balancing.
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    This is clearly a superior implementation to the buff beam than DD1 and what we've seen of DDA so far. Instead of acting as a multiplier, it simply passes some of EV's builder stats to each affected tower. It still makes EV gear progression important, because you'll want her to pass as much of each stat as possible to affected towers. However, the ratio (or percentage boost) would remain about the same from beginning to end. CG could then balance it by determining how much of the builder stats get passed to the towers. Buff beams getting used in every build when they pass 30% of EV's tower stats to defenses? Reduce it so it's only 20% of EV's stats. Buff beam feels worthless and never used? Increase the portion of EV's stats that get passed to towers. Eventually you'd hit that sweet spot where it would be advantageous in some builds, but not a requirement everywhere.
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    Just watched Juicebags video on EV, and I'm really disheartened to see that it is basically a tit-for-tat copy of DD1's EV. No improvements or lessons learned, including the most disappointing part: an immediate shift to a buff beam meta. It is another direct copy from DD1 without even any attempt at something original. This gives continued evidence that DDA is in fact just a copy of DD1 minus 90% of the content. Instead of CG using their valuable dev time to create unique and original content, they are squandering it to attempt to play catch up with DD1, who is still many years ahead in terms of content. I don't want DD1's EV. I don't want a meta centered around a buff beam. Instead, I want an EV that combines the best of both DD1 and DD2, and tosses her own unique flair in the game. Reflect beam is a great defense, and a staple to her arsenal. Maybe have another go at the weapon manufacturer. Instead of making it a damaging tower, return to its original design of being a pickup-based defense. Crank up the damage of the nukes and let EV shine at burst damage. How satisfying would that be to have a weapon manufacturer build a nuke throughout a wave, and give you the ability to one-shot a couple ogres no sweat? Give us a brand new tower that we've never seen before Give EV her own weapons, otherwise EV will always be at odds with apprentice and huntress at who uses staves/guns better. If THIS was the EV that was announced, I would be a lot more excited. I don't want parity to DD1. I want a new take at a tower defense RPG with DD1 core game mechanics.
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    We are actively working on the Switch every day, its a tough challenge packing our game into the wonder that is the Switch, so the game needs to be well optimized to ensure that it runs smoothly. We've been getting some assistance from Nintendo and Unreal to help us reach that point and are making progress towards that. With that said, once we submit the game for certification and get the thumbs up from Nintendo to release, we will have a date to bring to the community, but unfortunately until that point we don't know.
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    The fact PC players are getting expanded heroes before consoles even get the base game is offputting. And no updates at all is very concerning. The promises made in the Kickstarter campaign and what is being delivered are growing more apart every day. And us Xbox and PS4 players still have an exclusive window to look forward too.....
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    DDA is not in early access, it has been OFFICIALLY released. It might still feel like EA due to the missing content, but it is not. Regarding the age of DDA vs DD1, sure DDA is younger, but it was meant to be a remake of DD1, the age should not matter.
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    And the tree is the one thing I'm actually enjoying...,well getting chests, not the holiday weapons. IMO removing the possibility of chests from all Onslaught wins was the worst change DD2 ever made. For those of us not resetting or never will, and don't climb, it's something we are cut off from. Also does not give any incentive to help players on lower floors. Having chests available has made the game slightly more fun since the tree came back. I say change the holiday weapons for onslaught/incursion weapons (or whatev) and make the tree permanent!
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    EV will most likely be on all platforms. The devs have made no indication that the console versions won't have all content, at least not yet. We just have to wait indefinitely for the console version.
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    admittedly, I don't follow the other community discussion platforms. There are several ways to handle a chokepoint. The real problem is base-scaling for each tower. In theory, each different character could handle chokepoints alone, if scaled properly (this is assuming the DD1 issue with Ogres glitching through Squire and App walls is fixed in DDA, which I haven't played enough to know). I don't think a buff beam is going to open the door for variability in how you handle a choke point. I think the only thing a buff beam will do for your choke point is force you to place every tower at said choke point in a relatively straight line, or basically be deemed a worthless tower. One of the problems, in my opinion, with buff beams (from DD1) is that anything NOT on a beam would basically be destroyed in a fraction of a second in Nightmare mode, unless it was placed behind something else on a buff beam. DD1 forced you to either 1) put a buff beam under your entire front line at every choke point, or 2) create a tower health summoner that was literally for nothing more than making a high HP minion wall and a mage. Seems to me that buff beams actually hinder your choice in handling chokepoints (if they take the same approach that DD1 implemented) I do agree that the two offensive EV towers need fixed so they are usable.
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    DD1 - Released Oct 2011 DDE - Released Jun 2014 DD2 - Released Jun 2017 DDA - Released Feb 2020 DD3 - Released ... Alright, I'll see you all around June 2023!
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    What about that ? '-' I found it in the secret room after finishing the campain :/
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    Yeah, can't honestly say I'm expecting any further updates, either. I know they said they weren't done with it, but they also said christmas wouldn't extend all the way to April yet I just collected a nice, festive August christmas present.
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    This would be a better implementation, multiplying the builder's stats by a ratio extracted from the EV's stats
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    I just want the game to come out at all, lol. DD2 just isn't as fun anymore.
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    the way I see it is im spending du that could be used for more towers to make a select few towers stronger imo I think thats fine
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    1) Towers could just be balanced instead of arbitrarily being weakened because you're on massacre. There is literally nothing stopping CG from making magic missile towers stronger than deadly strikers if they wanted to, but that would also be poor design. 2) It doesn't really open up more options. Right now for example I can setup a lightning aura by itself and it'll damage things that aren't electric immune. I can amplify this by placing a wall at the edge of the aura to keep enemies in longer. Strength drain or darkness trap so it now hits everything. Ensnare or gas trap to also keep them in longer. The buff beam by comparison just makes things stronger by arbitrarily making things stronger, something balancing the game could do instead. Every build is now going to use buff beams, kinda like how every build has to use strength drain auras. Regarding the balance, the only thing I can think of is for every defense buffed by the beam the multipliers are reduced. So 1 tower, 100% buff. 2 towers, 50% buff to both. Something like that.
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    I would think they need to finish split screen before they want to release on console, but they've done crazier things.
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    I miss the Armory. Was one of my favorite maps in DD1.
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    So how do you feel about things like Monk boosts and the pets that boost towers?
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    Can i get shadows skins if i preordered the switch release(Digital Deluxe) back in january?
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    https://imgur.com/a/I2IDYpH These are my entries. I could not throw one out to limit it down to 3, so I decided to post all 4 (counting the Annatar set as one here). Also stating this here, all items should be max upgrade. Das Gold der Wüste: First one is "Das Gold der Wüste" which means The Gold of the Desert. It is based on the weapon Sandstorm, the mage reward from uber death from above. I chose to make it a tower weapon with 700 on each tower stat. Also to stick with 7 I made it 70/70 upgrades, +7 projectiles and -70k projectile speed (the projectiles look very fancy). The quality should be Ultimate++ (for some reason it did not get any higher than Ult+). The hero stats, knockback and charge speed represent important dates to me. The damage on the weapon is just for looks. 100k poison damage and 25k generic damage. The elemental damage does not scale with hero damage so it is about half of the generic damage with 4k on hero damage. So it is rather purely cosmetic. The description references to the original weapons name. Meltdown: Next up we have Meltdown. That is the mage reward from Volcanic Eruption. Quite simple, it is a glowy red Supreme dps staff that has both, 30k fire damage and 30k electric damage. On this the elemental damage does scale with hero damage so it basically is a 60k staff. The item description references the dual elemetal damage. As for stats I decided to have them all at supreme cap, apart from the tower stats which, to blend in, I put at 50. Adding up on that 500/500 upgrades, 50k projectile speed, +5 projectiles. Finding a name for this was the hardest part. Gladius Aureus: After that we have a golden sword. The name Gladius Aureus (Latin for anyone who wonders) literally translates to Golden Sword. Aurarius, the forgers name on this, does mean Goldsmith, and I tried to make the text also look a bit golden. The item description references the pureness of the metal this weapon is made of. Weapons made of gold usually wont be very good as it is such a soft material, so the damage is a reasonable 125k. I also did remove the elemental damage, to make it more clean. Gold always shines. The stats evenly split up between 550 and 750, make it usable for either dps or tower. Upgrades are 175/175, the quality is Ultimate. Annatar Set: Last up I made this Annatar set. The Annatar set was my favourite one for quite a long time. I think it does look very fancy. The stats I did keep reasonable here too. They all should be ultimate quality, 100/100 upgrades. The names and item descriptions should be self explaining. The forgers name Annatar is kept in blue to fit the Ultimate quality. Thank you very much if you read all this.
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    Most of the backerkit rewards are yet to be given out. It is mostly the kickstarter stuff that has been released. You should have at least the shadow skins and the forum titles I believe.
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    A big contributing factor to DD2 having more concurrent players is the fact that it is free to play and there is no barrier for entry. This is a big deal for kids who like to play with their friends and don't have money.
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    Agree with all of the original post. Copying DD1's EV is probably the single worst decision made so far. I would have rather seen a 6 month extension to launch date if it meant we could avoid having buff beams in DDA. As everyone else says... might as well play DD1 if DDA is going to have the same, stupid, forced meta. Good-bye creative building freedom... This is sad. I was all in favor for giving CG a break. After hearing this news, it is very hard to cut them slack now. Weird part is, it seems like almost the entire community is not in support of copying DD1's EV. I don't really understand where they got the notion that this was a good idea.
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    Sanctum 2 came out on PS3 Orcs Must Die! Unchained is apparently on PS4 The rest don't seem to be on any PS device
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    I would like to see much more new content in general. We wanted it to go back to it's routes with DD1, but we didn't want another remake, so new characters or new skills would be a really nice thing to have.
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    Does it still drop from Dawn of the Blood Moon or is it forgotten by everyone?
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    I feel ya. I was looking forward to being able to sync my Switch and PS4 profiles so I could play DDA on the go and at home using the same data. The radio silence was the worst part. The delay is annoying, but honestly understandable (considering Nintendo's demanding policies regarding third parties, AND the fact that COVID has caused just about everything to slow down), it's the lack of any sort of mention that was most concerning of all. I just want some tidbit so that I can keep being hopeful until the day comes I can finally play.
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    Are you talking about the Skyguard tower, as that is Monk's only tower. Rest are auras. Are you using power, speed, and range shards? All maxed out? Have you gilded them yet? Mods also helo, but you won't see that in tower stats. Anti mods add a lot of enemy power as well.
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    This is exactly how I and the other 4 people that I convinced to back the game feel. Any update is better than no update.
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    My problem with shards is that basic critical stats and fun extras use the same slots, so if you want to play with what shards you have, you will take huge losses in power, speed (thus overall DPS), and/or range - all critical to gameplay. The replaced shard needs to be as beneficial as what is removed or you took a loss, especially on maps where DU is tight. I wish stats shards and gameplay shards took different slots. That way you have the power and can change up how the tower plays. That or more DU, but most of us would likely just add more power in that case... I love gameplay shards, a lot, but rarely are they good enough to sacrifice the basic 3 stat shards, so the vast majority of mine sit in the vault.
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    I definitely agree with all the points (of the original post) here. Especially with giving EV new weapons. The canisters that was introduced in DD2 was a great upgrade and concept as it adds more uniqueness to her. It would've been a good opportunity to explore more cool arm cannons concepts as this incarnation does includes an actual hand on her cannon arm. This version of EV (visually) does seem like an upgrade, so it's quite peculiar that she retains all of the old tech.
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    A reliable source told me that the more you ask the more they delay the update
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    Item: Jewel Crested Sword Event Name: Ancient Jewel Sword Forged by: Ancient (255,0,0) Magus (150,0,255) Description: Enchanted with devilish magic. Mana value: 11.2019m (This is a reference to the DD update 7 release :)) Stats: HeroHealth: 333 HeroDamage: 666 CastRate: 333 Ability2: 666 TowerHealth: 200 TowerRate: 400 TowerDamage: 400 TowerRange: 200 Swing Speed: 8 Draw Scale: 1.5 Upgrades: 666/666 Concept: It's a DPS weapon which you'd use on a Barbarian with Tornado stance while being hero boosted. I want this weapon to show people that DPS Barbarian can be pretty good and to show Barbarian some love since it's barely used nowadays. Balance: Comparing DPS just hitting the dummy in different ways (hero boost on/off, tornado on/off etc. you get the idea) it's roughly as good as a 130k Honey sword (450-460 upgrades). Now keep in mind that an actual Honey sword would get a lot of damage out of Hawk Stance which I didn't include in the test to favor the event and simplify testing. Pictures: On Ground: On Inspect: On Character:
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    Fantastic analysis gigazelle. When I heard the EV announcement I was excited for a new hero, but seeing the wording of "bringing back the EV" is a massive red flag. I'm really hoping that the reason they haven't announced any details publicly about the EV is because they're considering going in a different direction with her other than just a direct port, and they aren't certain yet... But I'm not confident about that at all, and I am prepared to be very disappointed. DDA's biggest flaw for me right now is that when I recommend dungeon defenders to my friends, I tell them to just buy the first one. There's no reason for me not to tell them that. I really hope that changes soon.
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    Since the forums broke the last few threads images and the update changed links, I'm gonna do a new list to help people know what they're looking at when trading Huge thanks to the old threads from russman, Articuno and kg4q. Also major thanks to Dark for providing a updated list from the two forum transitions we had (Trendyent forums -> dungeondefenders/1/forums -> current ones). Here's the list for anyone who may want it (link). For the old Trendy sponsored events, traces are on the Sign Up Threads for the events (linked besides each post). Some of those events also had discussion threads, which will be linked when I know they exist. For the CDT team events, you can find traces here for normal events and here for the forum giveaway ones, clicking on the tabs on the bottom for which event you want Info on post layout: Post 1 - 2012 Series Events + One Offs Post 2 - 2012-2013 Series Events Post 3 - 2013 One Off Events Post 4 - 2014-2017 Events Post 5 - 2018-2019 Events Post 6 - 2020 Events Post 7 - Beta Testing Rewards + Forum Giveaway Events
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    I've played thousands of hours of DD1 and DD2, loved both game (especially DD1) a lot, both the DLCs, etc. You can say I'm a hardcore fan of the series, and I was so happy to pick up DDA yesterday. So here's my review, in the hopes that it can encourage the devs to push more stuff to make the game even better. Keep in mind, I've only completed the campaign on medium and hardcore for now, so I can't speak for endgame stuff yet (just wait 1-2 weeks I'll get there lol). So overall the game is very good. It really brings back the DD1 feeling, something people missed since DD2. The old maps are well remastered, the new maps are great (I love them), the game is very well balanced in campaign medium. Bosses were not easy but not too hard, except that damn dragon who's hard to kill if you have no DPS and play solo. The general feeling is really like DD1 and it creates a great atmosphere. Congratulations on that. Loot Loot is a bit weird in DDA, although it is MUCH better than DD2. It's closer to loot system from DD1 where any stat can roll on almost any armor. I will say though, please mark the loot, at least the rarer ones, on the map (EDIT: Upon inspection, I can see it now, but it's very pale, probably why I didn't notice at first). The removal of negative stats is a god gift (no more great builder loot with -100 speed... hurray!), and the overall randomness (to a certain extent) of stat rolls is close from the DD1 system. As for rarity, the drop rate seems very well balanced too. In my campaign play, most of the loot were junk, I got a couple of uncommon (the green loot), and 2 rare or epic, forgot the name of the rarity in DDA, the blue loot, and only from the lava cavern (Glithersomething Cavern). Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but rarity doesn't seem to be linked with level requirement like in DD1 and seems that item power is the one that determines it. So it's closer to DD2's loot in that regard. I'd say I'd prefer DD1 system a bit more, since I still think getting mythical loot and above is ridiculous on lower difficulty. However, I have not got loot of higher rarity than blue for now, so perhaps I'm wrong and mythical and above only drops on Nightmare and above. Heroes Nothing much to say, very similar to DD1. Animations are better though. Nothing to complain about. Waiting for the DLC heroes. Hero Deck This is a weird one for me. I like the shared EXP for all heroes in the hero deck, and I like the quick switch and the removal of the hero forge. Those are great changes, more like features that were kept from DD2. However, I have not been able to create a fifth hero. Perhaps I'm just missing something (I just played for less than a day lol), but if that's really the case, then I must say I'm disappointed. If I have one DPS, I can only have 3 builders? That doesn't seem right. What are we going to do with all the DLC heroes? DD2 did this for a while to encourage coop and cooperation among people, but that goes against hardcore players. DD is about having fun for everyone, but also about hardcore gamers who farm for hours to get the best loot and have the best builds. I'd suggest going the DD2 way: you can switch hero from your hero deck during battle, and you can swap heroes from your hero deck during build phases. Like i usually have 20+ heroes, all specialized in one build. EDIT: Just found out you can create more than 4 heroes. So scrap that part. However, my point still stand for having more than 4 heroes during build phases. Menu and UI This is weakness of this game. I don't know for others, but I'm not a fan of the new icons for stats and the new names for stats. What was wrong with Tower Health, Tower Attack, etc.? I'm now having difficulties reading the loot because I'm not used to it yet. Can we at least have different color icons for hero stats and tower stats? I was really confused at first. "Power, is that hero power, or a tower stat?", stuff like that. I'm fine with the inventory UI mostly, except for the fact that it's weird to have the lock all and sell all options above the lock and sell (single item) options. Switching between pages is annoying, perhaps we could get a shortcut for that (or perhaps there's already one that I'm missing?). Also it's probably a bug, but when hitting sell all on a page that isn't the first one, it doesn't automatically returns to page 1. The hero stat menu is terrible. The function of adding points and removing them is well done, but it's downhill from there. First of all, why isn't the equipment stats added to the hero stats in that menu? I have to click on an additional button to access a different menu to see my total stats. Can't you fuse both scene? I don't know, display the full stat with the point allocation in parenthesis besides? Additional suggestions Most of the features I'm suggesting are self explanatory or require very little explanations, so I'll just put a bullet list: Minimap during battle. Add 3 toggle options when pressing tab: no map, big map overlay, minimap in a corner. Stat comparison when expecting loot on the ground. Stats that are better are already in green, but can we have stats that are lower in red, and missing stats also in red (perhaps another color of annotation so the player doesn't confuse the comparison with negative stats on the loot). Mark loot on the map, and with a color code so we know what rarity it is. Put a warning text on the screen when a strong monster spawns like ogres. Sound effect when a rare loot drops. Additional hero slots with possibility to swap heroes from hero deck in build phase (see hero deck section of this post). More hero fighting skills with the possibility to swap abilities (like we have 5 hero skills and can only have 2 at the time, so not to mess with the current inputs). Conclusion Overall, the game is great for now. I'm sure with more content it can surpass DD1. One thing though, making it close to DD1 is a good thing, as that game did some many things right, and also because a lot of people liked it. However, simply remastering DD1 is not enough. Don't be afraid to test out new stuff as long as it doesn't change the core of the game, like DD2 (but let's wander not too far from the core like DD2). For example, new hero fighting abilities that we can swap. I'm very happy with the game and wish for the best. I'll continue playing until I'm done with the endgame, and I'll post another more complete review once I'm done with the endgame, or far into it at least. In the mean time, I'm eagerly awaiting for more content. Mush
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    As others have mentioned you can swap out your heroes in and out of your deck, you can build with as many heroes as you would like, they do not have to be in your deck to retain their stats on their towers. With regards to the flow being not very intuitive we are aware, and we've already begun blocking a smoother flow on how to handle that better. You can switch between pages using scroll wheel or Right thumbstick on gamepad I believe. Is there something you find annoying about that i'm missing? Our goal here was to try to be a bit more thematic with regards to the fantasy RPG setting, which we know can confuse some people with regards to what does what. We have plans to overhaul the Hero Stat Display on the left side to better reflect current values as well as allowing you to get a understanding of each stat and how your total value came to be. Our reasoning for keeping them separated was to prevent confusion of where and how many points you had assigned. Since the Hero Stats can be reassigned at any point we wanted to try and make it as straight forward as possible, Here are the stats, Here are the points you have assigned in each stat, Add and remove as you see fit. I do see where you are coming from and might be something we consider as a toggle in the future. Overall really appreciate the feedback, I love to read these kind of posts and try to give an understanding of how things came to be from our side of things and where we can improve on.
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    Iron Brigade is another example, sort of a steampunk/military action td game. Even though it's fairly different, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD might scratch the same itch and it's on sale for $0.51 right now.
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    Really good idea I have had this problem before I created the own map and all the build was mine then 2 guys just kicked me from it. Maybe make it so the person who made the map cant be kicked.
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    Just as the title says, I got kicked by the 2 same people twice. Not sure of the first time since we failed the run but second time they came into the same map (Isle of Dread, Dark Awakening) then kicked me out my own map. Since this is a possibility, I wanted to give feedback if it’s possible. Please make it so that when you Create your own map, make it so there’s a party leader that Can Kick without having to vote. Nor be kicked out of the party you started first for that matter. I would love to avoid trolls that can do this. I play a game to have fun and not get annoyed.
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    A way to sell DLC is to make it part of the meta. Buff Beams will be part of the meta, so EV will sell.
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    I agree with your arguments, but its too soon to be talking about the amount of players and the amount of content in dda. DDA is still in early accsess wich means that the game is not complete. Is simply not done. If you want a finished product you dont buy the game at early accsess, you wait until they remove early accsess and then play. One of the big differences with dd1 and dda is that dda is server based, this means its much harder to cheat in the game. I think there is no cheaters in dda. If you want to cheat in dd1 you can simply download cheat engine or a program that simply lets you change a players and items stats easally. dda is a better version than dd1 in so many ways and of course worse in some ways like trading and shops and as of right now, but it will improve in the future. Remember that dd1 is like 9 years old or something and dda is a couple months old.
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