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    The patch will be today.
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    Yes, this is planned.
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    Yes, but it won't be in this update unfortunately, but hopefully we can get something added soon, Tower tooltips are in a bit of a weird spot at the moment.
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    Hello, Etherian friends, Just wanted to drop the forums a quick line to let you know that I have personally made my return to Etheria during these last few weeks due to the immense fun I’m having with DDA. I just absolutely fell in love with DD (on console, Xbox) in 2011 and was a regular contributor to the forums and an event host on XBLA in 2013-14. I suppose my claim to fame was that I was with our friend Laura Wants a Cow the day she created the “King’s Armor” (event rewards) for Xbox. She made a mistake on the first helmet, and I kept it (with her blessing). So my tower monk Shambala was the only character in the Xbox universe with… get this… “legitimately better than perfect tower stats”. LOL The intervening years have brought a lot of changes. My team of friends and family have gone their separate gaming ways for the most part. My kids are adults now. My now ex-wife (the erstwhile Mrs. Damocles) isn’t into gaming anymore. And my friends and colleagues from the Xbox DD1 days (Kwee, AFreakinCabbage, DesktopJoe, UnarmedReaper, among many, many others), I’m afraid I’ve done a terrible job of staying in touch. Life swept me into different directions. But I will say this. I bought DDA, just on a whim, about a month ago. And it has the same magic that DD had, all those years ago. I have 45 hours in and am genuinely enjoying it (after hating DD2, having had the Eternity rug pulled from under me, and thinking the MOBA idea [remember that?] was wretched within seconds of hearing about it). I’m now 46 years old. I have a good but stressful job. And more and more often when I’m free, I find myself thinking that maybe a DDA run or two might be fun. And it is fun. Consistently. No game has ever scratched that itch. Orcs Must Die tried to, and it’s fun. But it’s not the same. Others have tried and flopped. But I beat The Summit solo on Insane for the first time last night, and it was just as rewarding as the first first time, all those now nearly 10 years ago. I finally felt, once again, like I was home. As fond as I am of the past, I’m looking forward to an even brighter future. I look forward to sharing it with all of you, both old friends and new. To Etheria, Damocles
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    Turn on auto-updates Go to bed Enjoy in morning :)
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    most of us arent mad about 2 days, we're upset that it wasnt communicated until about 1 or 2 hours before the deadline. and while normally i would agree that game companies arent required to tell us anything, i believe that changes when you run a kickstarter and take peoples money w/o a finished product. also it's fair to add they did tell us in the covid 19 update that things were still on track and that they would LET US KNOW if that changed. they put that expectation on themselves at that point. it's not the end of the world, and a delay really doesnt bother me, but a heads up for the backers that paid for a game that was initially promised as a FULL release by february is not a big ask...it takes 2 minutes to write a quick 2 line forum post, we dont necessarily need a big huge update that takes an hour to draft. you do bring up a good point that they tried to get it done and just couldnt. and we should let them know we appreciate their hard work during this trying time. i for one am excited that they have a job they can still do from home remotely, which will give us all something to do while we're stuck at home =) also sorry about your ski trip, i had to cancel a board game weekend with my outta state friends so i feel ya papa, now i gotta wait another year to see those guys =(
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    ok, then i will enjoy my beer and go to bed kinda soon. good night everbody and have fun without me ;P
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    Character customization with accessories is something we have discussed, but might not make it into the base game at this time.
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    Would love to see functionality added to see current tower range after a tower is placed. some of the towers gain range as they are upgraded we know via the tooltip, it would be nice if we could toggle seeing how far they actually go just like you can see when placing a tower. this would also be nice just to check right after youve placed it, as sometimes the camera angle while placing is unhelpful in that regard. please add to the wishlist
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    Sorry but i gotta defend Batophobia here, whilst at the same time i understand your point this has to be said. The DD community is understanding of COVID-19 and the entire world is being effected, its out of CG's hands and we get that, and in their COVID-19 post, if they had said "Hey guys because of this we can't promise to meet our deadlines but we will still try our best as we adapt to the circumstances", and its not unreasonable to be upset the day of release for the update to only find out then that it will be delayed, the delay itself is understandable and i get it man i do but they MUST have known before the 11th hour that they had 2 days more of work to do so once an official decision was made, they could have told Mary to post a little update such as "We are afraid we discovered a few bugs in the last moment and we may have to release the update late, once we know for sure when we will release the update we will post again" or not even that it could just be "Things have slowed down more than expected due to COVID-19 and we are still getting adjusted to working from home so the march update has been pushed back, we'll update you when we know more" Nothing about that is unreasonable, they are a professional company and we are the customers who backed them, we are definitely owed some information as most of the people here backed them through kickstarter or backerkit and whatnot before they had even started coding the game so it was an investment. Wanting to know how our investment in the game is progressing is not being entitled, obviously not many people invested more than the basic packages that includes the game, but some of us gave loads more to support them. In short, WE UNDERSTAND the delays, and all we ask for is regular communication with us because we put our hopes and money into the future of this game and this company. Also i wouldn't say that we are mad, we are just upset and telling them, they could do better in terms of communication. Obviously all of our priorities are on fighting COVID-19 and staying safe, im glad your parents survived this pandemic and we will make it through this, but we can't let this virus shut down the planet, and CG didn't say "Due to COVID-19 we are forced to shut down" instead they said they will try to keep the goals which given whats going on is admirable and to have ONLY a 2 day delay in my books is impressive it just would have been nice to know a little earlier, some of us made plans to have an early weekend to have some fun and take our minds OFF this crappy pandemic for a while, but unfortunately some people have to bring it up everywhere everyday in this a gaming forum. Sorry if i rambled a little bit there and got somewhat repetitive.
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    This is kind of ridiculous, nobody is upset about the delay its the crappy communication thats upsetting. Its the fact it took a few hours before the end of march before they told us it would be delayed, they 100% knew it would be delayed by 2 DAYS at the very least 2 days before the end of march, we shouldn't find out new info in the 11th hour is what people are getting annoyed about. A delay in the current circumstances is not just understandable, its expected, the whole world is delaying everything for everyone because of this pandemic so nobody has a right to be upset with them about a situation out of their control, but creating a quick forum post with an update, even if the info is vague such as "We are unfortunately going to have a delay in the release of this next patch, at this time it is uncertain how much of a delay there will be but we will update you as soon as we know".
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    This is something I spent some time working on for the nightmare update, so hopefully it helps :)
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    Lots of opinions here. at the end of the day we will get to battle the old ones eventually in NM but we as fans of dungeon defenders understand that there is tough times in the world at the moment.
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    Clearly you guys don't understand how crowdfunding works. Your donation does not grant you anything other than the potential of the project you fund might come to fruition and you will likely get a copy. That is all kickstarters guarantee; potential. CG owes you guys nothing and you are entitled to exactly that, nothing, if this project fails. The fact you have EA is more than a lot of kickstarters are able to provide. You guys are already getting a return on your donation which is great! You might not get the return in the time you were hoping, but CG doesn't need to tell you every few days that they are on track or not. No kickstarter has to release information on the product, although yes it would be bad PR if they didn't hype it up. Some kickstarters are years long projects. Speaking of board games, my friend invested in Scythe and didn't get a copy for over a year. He didn't expect it to come out, but he was hopeful.
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    You misunderstand my point. I don't care if there needs to be a delay. In fact, I think the entire community would be more than accepting if they had just come out and say it. The problem doesn't even lie in their not acknowledging it until the last minute. Honestly, even being a backer before there was a product isn't a factor. It comes from them continuously reassuring everyone that the March deadline is still expected to be met until the deadline is here and then giving notice about it. It is not about 2 days, its about telling us one thing and changing it at the last minute. Imagine if instead your ski resort assured you that they were still operating fine and you were welcome to enjoy your vacation on the proposed date, but the day of they told you they need a few days before you can come. You'd probably think "man I sure wish you'd have told me sooner". Exactly this.
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    tooltips would be amazing, glad you're looking into it.
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    1) In the Covi update, we were told The roadmap called for March release, so it's entirely reasonable to expect a release on 3/31. To have the first hint at a delay to come on 3/31 comes across as a bit disrespectful, since it seems unlikely that they didn't have any idea there would be a delay until day-of. 2) This is definitely not the first instance of communication issues with CG. Just looking through some of the various threads here, you'll see communication has been a problem pretty much since the beginning. Don't get me wrong, it is much better than it was. I think a lot of us just assumed that the hiring of a community manager would play out differently than it has been. Perhaps iamisom just spoiled us, perhaps the forums are just deader than I think. Nothing against Mary, she has been wonderful and a big reason why the communication is better now. In fact, I'd love to see more than a post a day from her! 3) There was only assurance that the deadline would be met. The DD community is quite understanding and forgiving. The problem was that every interaction with CG included something like "but it still is on track for March". To go back to the movies analogy, imagine we have the outing set and you mention "there's that illness going around, but don't worry, still planning on being at movie night." Don't be afraid to say "this sickness is kinda nasty, but hopefully won't have to push back the schedule a little bit." The later still insinuates that the timeline is on track, but offers reasoning in the event something goes wrong. If we reschedule at the 11th hour, it's more understandable.
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    Can we get a tool tip to show what % the ensnare slows and the str. drain drains?
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    Hello and welcome to our Polly (not Poly) the Parrot giveaway and contest, hosted by Moose and I. Polly is well known for her beautiful colours and slightly less beautiful squawking. However, Polly is a lot less known for her ability to take down the infamous Kraken boss. We're running this giveaway to show you just how effective Polly is at this task and why she should be respected as one of the best Kraken killers. But of course to find out how good she truly is, you'll have to farm some first. Everybody who enters is a winner in this one to say thank you for respecting one of the forgotten pets of this game. For some of you dedicated individuals, we will also have a CONTEST with extra prizes to show off the best Polly's that are farmed during the time period of this event, no previously farmed items are allowed. The main contest will be for the best overall DPS Polly's, however we will also have some prizes for the top few Transcendent and Supreme ones too. All you need to do in order to enter is farm a Polly from Buccaneer Bay survival, Wave 25 and post a screenshot of it UNUPGRADED. If you're posting an Ultimate or higher quality item, remember to censor the last digit of the 8 hero/tower stats! This giveaway will run from the time this is posted on March 28th until Sunday April 26th at 11:59pm CEST. Ps. only one parrot entry per person, add steam profile link to your post, you can edit your entry any amount of times you want before the deadline Ps2. parrots that will win the dps contest need to be shown on trade before getting the reward, it is to make sure that they were farmed on ranked
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    You all can´t read they postet a view days ago that because of Covi-19 they have to get there workers safe. So yeah they communicat a lot. And on 31.03 they said it get a bit of a delay because they wanna polish a bit more. So yeah i don´t understand why you all say something against there communication....
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    I disagree. It's more like if the people that funded Apple to build the next iPhone wanted to be given a heads up if their "spring" release suggestion had potential to not be met. Many of the users here backed them from Kickstarter, and a lot of those users already feel betrayed by the PS4/Xbox release delay. Also, there's no demanding that we be told all the secrets. We're not asking for solid dates or even what content is coming next. We just want to be respected enough to be informed when there might be a delay. If we planned to go to the movies together and I told you a few minutes before showtime that I want to reschedule for a couple days later, you'd have good reason to be upset. If I told you the day before that I might have to reschedule, there's much less of a problem. This is 100% accurate, and I could be completely wrong. I just think we live in an era where you can make little comments to defuse potential problems later. Again, not a full write-up update like they have been doing (which are great for official announcements), but quick comments intended to keep people in the loop. Someone on the forums noticed that a dev mentioned a potential delay, they spread that info as a delay seems inevitable, the userbase is understanding because they were given a heads-up, CG can write up an official announcement for whoever doesn't dig through the forums. Again, not in PR, so this could entirely be wishful thinking and rose-colored glasses. This is the part that is important. I think the majority of users here trust CG when they say they are delaying things to make it better. They've proven that they are working hard and making improvements. If they need to delay things, I don't doubt that most people will be more than accepting because they believe the result will be a better product. After all, "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad".
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    Preach! This is spot on. You know, it's sad that people get upset about a push back in release dates. It's kind of pathetic, especially over a two day delay. 1) You all likely have a plethora of other games you could play instead... or perhaps FaceTime your family and make sure they aren't sick and have food in the pantries. 2) The level of entitlement is baffling, thinking we, the consumer, have some right to hold a developer to a deadline. No one is more upset / bummed than CG themselves. 3) We now have word about a hard date, April 2, for this update. Not some ambiguous month estimate. Can we all be happy with that for the moment? How about this as a thought? It was either CG delayed this deadline by two days to ensure we all still get the NM release in a responsible amount of time, OR they could have all stayed in the office and gotten COVID-19... I'm sure the latter definitely wouldn't have delayed release dates. So, everyone that wants to belly ache, quiet down and be patient. CG is taking this delay so they might not have further delays from illness / death.
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    Currently the Strength drain and Ensnare not scaling based of defense power is a bug and I believe will be addressed in the Nightmare update.
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    go to this topic to see what they have done so far.
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    I appreciate everyone's feedback on the topic, I'll pass this along to the UI Design team and work with them to see if we can find a way to address some of these issues :)
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    There are no plans for any more game updates to DD1. We can do events without updating the game though, and it's possible we may still run more events in the future. I can't confirm anything until it's ready to be announced, however.
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    I mean really the title says it all. I'd seriously love to actually move the UI around and put it where I think it should be. Actually i'd like to take it a step further due to Chromatic having difficulties making a decent UI and say we should be able to also modify it and change icons and stuff like you see in a fair few other games but honestly i'd settle for the ability to at the very least move it around for now. Amazing-1.m4v
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    This asinine idea that just because there are some things going on that their promises somehow don't matter and expecting them to hold up their end is "entitled" is just that...asinine. Using COVID as a scapegoat is a copout, period, plain and simple. They gave a timeline with all of these factors considered and still are blowing by that like it doesn't matter.....no we don't need to be understanding...no it isn't entitled, it's simple integrity.l
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    Greetings Defenders, A few months ago, we welcomed Alec “Lawlta” Saare into the Trendy family as our community coordinator. You may have seen more of his beautiful, bearded visage and less of my pre-pubescent mug over the past weeks. There’s a reason for that: Today is my last day at Trendy, which means Alec is your new community manager! I hope you’ll treat him well as he dons the community gauntlet and assumes direct control. (We use the Power Glove system here. It’s very advanced.) I’ve enjoyed every minute of working with these professional goofballs, and it’s with a heavy heart I’m moving on. But the future of Dungeon Defenders II is bright. In fact, the team is working on new modes and features that are on my personal wishlist. The first details of these changes are starting to trickle out, and I can’t wait to login and experience them with you as a fan! Speaking of fans, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you over the past six years. The creativity, generosity and passion of the Dungeon Defenders community is inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what weird-ass videos, art and memes you’ll make next. Don’t let your memes be dreams. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@iamisom) if you want to stay in touch or play games together! Love, iamisom
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