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    I'm not gonna rag on your definition of fun - if you enjoy the brokenness of buff beams, more power to you. But as for me, I take enjoyment in my choice of what towers, heroes, abilities, and pets I use to beat waves. Introducing a copy of DD1's buff beam removes that choice, because the game has already picked for me. The balance of the game dictates that I use it in every map, or else I'm severely gimping myself and making the game much more difficult than it needs to be. This is the importance of balance - it allows players to pick their favorite ways to defend without making the game unnecessarily difficult. Pets, heroes, and their abilities can be tweaked to be properly balanced. Buff beams acting as a multiplier that scales with stats, no matter how they're tweaked, cannot be properly balanced. Don't bring over the summoner because: If I want the DD1 summoner experience I can just play DD1 I would rather those development resources be dedicated to a new and unique hero, and not a rehashed one that everyone has already played Introducing the summoner is yet further proof that DDA is just a copy of DD1 (as if it needs more proof lol) If minion units are a thing, then that further boxes players into a single type of gameplay, especially if buff beams in their current state are released While an RTS in a tower defense game is a pretty novel and interesting concept, is not the most efficient way to play that hero. Instead, effectively doubling your defense units with minions and plopping them on the broken buff beams we're talking about here is the most effective way. Doubling your DU with minions, once again, removes the choice of building. I digress though, as the summoner in DDA is not confirmed. I don't plan to bring it up until a) it's announced; and b) we have an opportunity to see how it plays, and specifically if the hero uses MU or not.
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    What exactly is "fun" about the buff beam? What makes it so much fun? Because if the towers were just balanced to compensate for not having the buff beam, you would be getting the exact same result as you would having it. You say that you don't care about balance, and all you want is fun. Tell me, how can you have fun in a game that is wildly out of balance? Should DSTs be made into unkillable aoe god snipers that kill everything? I'd certainly have "fun" watching a billion dst projectiles laying waste to everything in their path. No, you wouldn't accept this, because it is a remarkably clear indication of poor balance, which disrupts fun. The Buff Beam is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It pretends to be something meant for elevating weak towers into relevancy. All it really does is make the strongest towers stronger, and eat up even more of your space in required things to build. As far as the Summoner is concerned, MU was "a core piece not only to the hero but the game series." Should MU come back then? Because I can guarantee that if MU returns in this game it's going to lose what little support it has left.
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    And the tree is the one thing I'm actually enjoying...,well getting chests, not the holiday weapons. IMO removing the possibility of chests from all Onslaught wins was the worst change DD2 ever made. For those of us not resetting or never will, and don't climb, it's something we are cut off from. Also does not give any incentive to help players on lower floors. Having chests available has made the game slightly more fun since the tree came back. I say change the holiday weapons for onslaught/incursion weapons (or whatev) and make the tree permanent!
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