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    Yes, you were flagged as a hacker for having multiple heroes with 100k+ Hero stat points assigned, which can only be achieved through hacking, Unless you know of a way of another way, in which case I'd love to know about and we can talk about unflagging you. That said, the overwhelming majority of players being flagged have been investigated and proved to be cheating and I have personally looked into many cases and will continue to do so to anyone that thinks they were falsely flagged.
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    Agreed. It took DD2 several rounds of almost every game mechanic getting revamped, but they eventually got a lot of things in a relatively good place. Obviously there's still plenty of room for improvement, but for reals, they genuinely learned from what DD1 did right/wrong and improved upon it. Even though DD2's game designers made some pretty huge mistakes, they listened to the community and improved. They have my respect for that, even if I still disagree with some of their design decisions. They also have my respect for managing to make DD2 what it is today given the F2P business model constraints they were handed. DDA made token attempts to improve off of DD1, such as with the hero deck, but DDA has almost all the flaws of DD1 and then some. I don't feel that same sense of innovation in DDA that DD2 had. I also know that they get a lot of feedback from the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgic DD1 players to copy even more things over to DDA, which further encourages that lack of innovation. As I've said from the start, DDA should have been a new unique title with new unique content. And while I still think that, I fear that it is too late for CG to pursue that path anymore.
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    You know what would be super dope? An update that brings the game to the switch. You know, that update that was supposed to happen almost a year ago?
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    Santa's helper is geared up for Christmas. https://steamcommunity.com/id/darthvadius/
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    Yes, I have sewed these jeans for my son. https://imgur.com/gallery/AN9FlVZ
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    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978367453 blue boy
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    The game has been officially released. Please stop spreading the lie that this is still early access.
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    If you're referring to DD2, they are in the gamemode Mastery, being a criteria challenge only in specific maps. But once you've done those, it's a one and done thing. The other build timers would be before a boss fight like Betsy or Drakenfrost Keep's 6th wave and in-between waves for specific incursions like Dawn of the Blood Moon or Power Surge. The rest of your gameplay around endgame will not have build timers. If you're referring to DDA, to quote John Wick : "Yeah..." Just like DD1. But that's all I'm going around that as this is a DD2-specific thread.
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    https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Zy4y167zZ this is a 13min40s run video and just no time to upgrade xd
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    This is an unfair statement. Sure, console versions are horribly delayed, but that doesn't mean everyone at CG should be working on them. I imagine the programmers are swamped trying to optimize everything they can, but other departments might not have the skillsets to offer any meaningful contributions to the current state of the Switch version. There's no point in staff sitting around doing nothing just so users don't think they are wasting time on side projects. Sure, they could work on DLC for DDA, but that's a similar problem. Xbox/PS players are so far in the dark about when they can get a chance to play the base game, and PC players are already getting new content added? I mean, did they back the game in early development and are expected to wait for a Game-of-the-Year edition or something?
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    Thanks for entering, everyone! Submissions are now closed. Judging begins soon! I'll let everyone know when we've got winners and what the prizes are (:
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    When I read the 1.2 release notes Diablo 3 flashed before my eyes so many times. Rifts, rift enemies (elites), transmogs, & reforging. In 1.3 we'll have Kanai's cube in the secret tavern room.
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    2 crackers + 90 cv
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    Link to profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HelenGD Screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2275983863 Good luck to everyone!
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    CG would need to work on their community communication first. Also, given that everyone in the CDT has moved on to other projects, it would be a lot harder to coordinate a project like that now. This month marks the 1-year anniversary of when the CDT was disbanded. There are some huge architectural differences between DD1 and DDA that would prevent DDA from being just a DD1 update. These differences are not immediately present, which makes it really easy to have the "this could have been a DD1 patch" mindset. The whole thing was built in Unreal Engine 4 (unlike DD1 which was built in UE3), and uses a completely different player save system. These changes allow CG to make the game much more difficult to hack, as well as offer cross-platform saves (...when its released on consoles). These core features are literally impossible to patch into DD1 unless you rebuilt it from the ground up. This doesn't excuse the poor quality and state of DDA, and I 100% agree with your post. I just wish they hadn't copied DD1...
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    Thanks for the contest Plane :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/6472486
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    Thanks for the contest! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067334111/
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    Well its got to be my public image red and black jester. She is chilling next to her favorite spot to throw away items https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/
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    god this thread is so the depiction of what this game has turned into. The rebranding from trendy was supposed to be about fixing so many of these issues. I had originally made a switch pre order and somehow knew i shouldn't wait for the switch release. You know id givemost companies a pass for bad customers service through march april and even may but at some point they need to be doing their job and actually fix their issues. Something tells me the game just isnt doing well enough to keep up many staff members. I dont fully know numbers but looking at some of the trophies id say most people are already done with the game in any serious fashion.
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    Looks like CG cooked up a holiday event for DD2 - Source : This is definitely a nice start, looking forward to seeing how things hopefully goes in the future. I'm always broke so this is really cool haha!
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    As we all currently know, DD2 is in a limbo state. Neither dead nor having upcoming content. Pretty much on ice (literally - with an all year winter). And we have no idea how long it'll last, it could even be years. All we had are pretty much glimmer of hopes. But holy smokes, the glimmer has gone brighter! Recently on the last Dev Juice (A second Chromatic Games stream other than the current Friday Funday), Chromatic CEO Augi reveals a very cool surprise - Possibly by around next year (2021), CG plans on forming a separate team to focus continuing on developing DD2 alongside DDA. Might want to keep in mind that the team would be smaller than DDA's and also. to not set a hard expectation on this too. If this plan goes smoothly and successfully, that would be really awesome! But of course, there's also a chance of stuffs going wrong which might result in the possibility of plans changing Here's a video by Juicebags (which also includes the clip from the Dev Juice) for references : With Augi and CG expecting the DD2 community to "fold and die" when they moved to DDA (which kinda had me surprised), it kinda made sense (at least to me) of several things: The scope and quality of content of DD2 2019 was just meant to keep players busy while they wait on the development of DDA. What CG Kyled mentioned on reddit that CG has no plans for content on DD2 later after that also now made sense. With the radio silence on DD2 after Prime Incursions and also after X-mas '19 which began the true limbo, it does seem that CG began to put all their eggs in one basket which is DDA. We don't really know why back then but now it makes sense. But hey, we're not dead, we're still kicking! Discord's still active, video guides is still being done on youtube, people do ask questions on reddit and there are players still playing DD2 which enables CG to eventually decide to cook this plan of continuing development up. Overall, I'm really glad and grateful too that CG is planning to move away from solely focusing on DDA and start focusing on both games. If all goes according to plan, (while I don't expect the future eras to be the return of DD2 2016, 2017 or 2018 etc), I do hope that it'll be much much more than what we had in 2019. So yeah, just bringing this news to the forums and looking forward to what the future era brings!
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    Wait.....maybe that’s been it all along.....it’s always been feb 2021!! Damn Chromatic, why didn’t you just say so! Oh yea...wait....you guys never say anything when it comes to updates on the switch. My bad.
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    If you look at the Nintendo site it's a little late hahahaha I think they want to say release date February 2021🤣
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    Thanks for the contest Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/809347250/
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    Hello, thanks for the contest (: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mighty_Fox http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052609351
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    For questions and issues with your order you can send an email to Support@Chromatic.Games and they will be able to pull up your order and assist you.
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    Here it is on full display....that quality, F rated customer service! If you are working as intently on the game as you say you are then it shouldn’t be too hard to provide your fan base with something as simple as a update. Some may say doing so might take you away from your diligent work efforts, hence slowing down progress.....but I’m sure I speak for all of the Switch fans in saying...it’s ok...what’s an additional 15 min delay......any news would be worth it. Hate to rock bottom you like this...but You have paid investors wanting to know the status of your progress. That’s what we are....the people who paid your salaries with our hard earned money to make this game....show a little respect and give us some news. Your mothers raised you better than this. Non response is going to force complaints to the numerous business reporting agencies....there are legal ways for us to get our money back. 1 meaningful update is all we ask....some solid info... not your usual.. ”QQ it’s hard programming stuff” “the switch is complicated OMG we didn’t know” ”we promise we are working” GIVE us something of substance! Or at least admit defeat so we can stop holding our breath.
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    It feels kinda bad because I already talked about all that kind of stuff before with a lot more details but, in this thread, I did not feel like taking that time any more because to me it ended up being all a waste of time. As soon as they announced the delay for console releases back then, I was the first one, in the DDA kickbacker forums, to mention that the cross-saves feature would be bad for the game experience of the players playing the game for the first time day one on console. Someone very high up in CG took the time to reply to that and they said that it had not even crossed their mind before I mentioned it and that person said they would talk about it with the team. I asked them multiple times to please temporarily disable the feature for at least a very short time when the game first releases on console to preserve the player experience of ; playing a game the very first day and getting to race with everyone else that just started playing to achieve things like content and trophies/achievements for consoles. I never heard anything about that subject ever again after that initial response from a person at CG I mentioned above. And I read every forum posts for something like at least 2 months afterwards until I had pretty much lost any hype I had left about playing DDA. Sorry for going so off-topic but it just felt bad for me to have people "correct me" by adding good points I already made a long time ago but did not take the time to mention/make again. @Dani Thank you a lot for taking the time to answer to my thread's question.
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    Perhaps we should request a wipe?
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    Thank you so much for this contest https://imgur.com/a/MY1DWfV https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198904883994/
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    Thank you for the contest plane https://imgur.com/a/B3E1Lyh https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049496561/
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    I feel we could all use a little Christmas cheer now, so my Huntress is busting in bringing it with her. Thanks Plane. https://steamcommunity.com/id/bignick573/
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    I think that cross-save is the way of the future and any game that does not do it will be left and forgotten. I understand your point, and I do think that something has to be done about the broken progression, but not having cross-save is not the solution. One of the points that sold me on the game was cross-save. I want to be able to whip up my switch on the bus (whenever we're allowed to be humans again) and continue my grind. A better solution would be to lock out transfer from playing with fresh starts for a month or two, or if that's too complicated you could block transfers for one or two months.
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    thank you for putting me through this heck of a map, i had to go afk for some hours but thankfully build was still up when i got back https://steamcommunity.com/id/sesar64/
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    Your data has been restored
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    I'll offer you this event item
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    Hello. I hope this is correct but I'll rerun and repost if necessary. Proof of step 1) https://imgur.com/a/IGYDddj (Victory screen.) Proof of step 2) https://imgur.com/a/kFFebKL (Entered a boost monk in on last wave, solo game.) Proof of step 3) https://imgur.com/a/iPi1BIy (Towers built.) Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cojohn/
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    did you pass
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    I actually did not mind the Hero deck method, Otherwise I would have readily been waiting for some type of emulator, or probably just run the game on two accounts to level up faster. The grind was enough between 70 and 90. Although I think I noticed it a lot around the 80s. Im sure with future updates there will be better maps to run that allow for much easier experience gain just like Tavern Defense on DD1. With updates were sure to receive more weapons that all have potential, but in games like this when your an efficient player you tend to go for whats best, and whats best tends to be 1 or 2 weapons. (more if your just throwing in different functionalities of that weapon, but in the end the DPS levels out the same. I was largely disappointed in the weapon from that map. A PvP deathmatch and assault map or maps would have been good to have, with the winners getting better end game chests than the defeated. Im not a fan of Pvp in Dungeon defenders, but the idea would be fun in strictly PVE situation as well. It would be sweet if the free DLC was those 4 maps, but no way do I want them to be the paid DLC.
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    I didnt even know about this! The CDT put in some amazing updates into DD1. It would be cool if there was something to be done about another partnership or something.
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    thx for cotest here is my lava edition^^
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    Thx for the contest Plane :) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/
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    This is so sad. 6 months of full releasewith a character and 3 maps releasedand 1 new mode. After all that they havent even announced the switch date which should be before the other 2. I feel like console has been scrapped and they forgot to mention it.
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