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    I love Dungeon Defenders and have put in hundreds of hours into each entry of the franchise. So I feel quite certain in this: Dungeon Defenders is a terrible multiplayer game. No matter who you play with, randoms or a team, there is only one builder. Its pointless to try and build if someone else has better stats than you because the DU system actually penalizes the entire team for you trying to help. So you are relegated to playing a dps character 90% of the time unless you solo play, which really takes away from the "tower defense" aspect of the game. If you dare try to build in a public online game, you'll be kicked 9 times out of 10 for daring, regardless of your stats being better etc. If you join an online game, you are to sit on your dps character, run circles, loot, and upgrade the builders towers. Its piss boring. The only way I can see this ever being fixed is if in multiplayer, DU got split and given to all players (with a bonus amount of DU to make it worth actually doing multiplayer on difficult maps) For example if a Map has 150DU normally, a second player joining would turn that into 160DU with 80DU tied to each character directly. When a 3rd player joins, The DU ups again to 180/ split to 60DU per person. And at 4 players, you get 50DU each for a total of 200 DU. Currently, I just play alone, because there is zero incentive to play with others. And while the strategy of Tower Defense really appeals to me, the crappy 3rd person combat mechanics most certainly do not. And even in multiplayer games, there is very little reason to strategize or speak with other players. One dude builds, everyone else fucks off and repairs/upgrades.
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    I appreciate everyone's feedback on the topic, I'll pass this along to the UI Design team and work with them to see if we can find a way to address some of these issues :)
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    Honestly, don't take this the wrong way but this just isn't the game for this mindset. It doesn't work in DD because it's stat based. People are going to want to complete the maps, ergo people are going to want to use the best builder. I'm not saying it's an impossible idea, or even a bad one... just one that doesn't fit with DD. If you're wanting everyone to build and have reason to build, give different towers to the classes and then remove hero swapping entirely - on top of that, remove stats. Make a game like Sanctum or some of the other good TD games like Orcs Must Die. Have the towers just be a baseline of damage, with possible upgrades via talent specs so people can specialize in a certain tower or something. *shrug* It would work fine in those situations as it encourages people to work together to all build and all contribute in the exact same ways. But that simply does not work for DD with how the game is designed, nor do I think it's capable of getting there without a massive overhaul. The difficulty is based primarily on the builder's stats, not on how good the build is (though the latter exists to SOME degree, obviously). I think the issue is primarily you just don't like how DD handles it, and that's fine! There are other games that do what you're looking for. But a lot of us play DD for THIS specific style, and we like it how it is. Even with its own issues; no game is perfect, after all.
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    People are too entitled. It is known that until you get the release candidate, you can expect any and all bugs. You think early release means anything? Why would steam constantly remind people that early release titles may or may not be stable and may or may not ever get a full release? It’s because you are taking a risk with the knowledge up front that things may not all be what you expect. Manage your expectations appropriately in the future and you won’t be disappointed
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    I would love to see better auto loot filtering. 1) Multiple rules on an AND logic basis. (IE: Auto any item that is LEGENDARY, AND auto Accessories that are equal or better to EPIC). Right now, IIRC, selecting LEGENDARY and ACCESSORIES will give me all legendary gear plus all accessories regardless of quality. I could be wrong on this... but I know it isn't the best setup. 2) Along the same lines, have a rule form as one of the fields would also be nice. (IE: Auto items with "Power Level," that is "Greater Than," "800", of "LEGENDARY," quality) Right now, I can't specifically tell the game not to auto loot all the crap 525-600 legendary drops. So I have to sort by power level and lock items, then sell all which isn't user friendly.
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    thinking about a possible upgrade UI instead of the drop down scrolling menu where the stats are all laid out on one page. Say there is an item missing defense rate, in that section it would say unavailable or not applicable.
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    You've crushed my dreams of being 2 billion mana in debt!
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    There's really no reason to flame and go ballistic because of an early access patch. I mean... yeah. It sucks, but it happens. I didn't like my inventory disappearing, or losing progress when the game launched on steam after hours and hours, but meh. When I buy into something that's early access, I know they inevitably can come with game-breaking bugs and issues. Doesn't mean I like them, but the best way to make the game better is to simply relay what you dislike about the game in a constructive manner to the best of your abilities, and if needed just wait for another patch or two and then give it a go again. CG patches fairly frequently.
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    There's been multiple requests to allow quick change (F1/F2/F3/F4) while in the inventory, so I doubt there's currently a better way. Hopefully something gets added, though.
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    The invite / joining flow is something that we've heard a good amount of feedback on and looking at what we can do to improve it, and I believe there also some weird issues preventing players from joining one another that also need to be looked into.
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    All I am hearing you say here is that you want to use other social media sites to bump up your search engine results to make DDA and Chromatic Games more prevalent in that area, I used to own a web design firm as with many websites so I fully understand how all that works. I however strongly fell that you guys should have a place on the forums to post about small so called “smaller victories” As already mentioned not everyone sees the “smaller victories” because they don’t use the some or all the social media
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    ya I now but they don't think so. The form is last place for info. I also don't have Facebook nor Twitter and don't want it.
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    Darkness traps remove elemental resistances, ogres don't have any, darkness traps didn't make ogres lose their target in dd1 so no use for ogres. It has uses for trash i'll let you discover those in time :). No one stated anything though, it's my personal deduction. You are not blind ^^.
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    Twitter/FB are always our first line of communication as not everyone checks the Forums frequently. We try to post larger updates here :)
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    Send next group of creeps. Large swaths of time are spent with no mobs on the map . Just figured I'd throw this out there, as wave 15 runs for pets last 3x longer than they should currently. Appreciate your time. (and mine heh)
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    Given that DD1 got so much love from the community with the modding kit, I'm hoping there is at least hope for DDA to get in on that action. That said, I figured I'd start learning UE4. Is the team locked in on a specific version at this point? Also, poking through the game files I noticed some early draft cinematics. Excitement levels are pretty high right now.
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    Hello. Will it be as easy to farm as current "end game insane" Armor? Give or take a week or two, hardcore players will just be done with it again, since the loot system is so shallow as it is... All the depth that was in DD1 and DD2 loot is gone in DDA. You implemented a spliced DD1/2 version of loot, with zero of the depth that they both had, and we are just left with; > Get X item at X item power and it will do just fine... Wheres is the "WOW!" did i just get that!? Sure I mean, whenever I get my first item with 25 all tower stats, I will be happy for like 3 seconds, then realizing how little it actually matters and just think; "Well there goes another 13m into upgrading!" Loot is so shallow, you have to count on a single hand how many numbers total your tower stats go up most of the time.. - Wheres the huge ass weapons or the tiny ones? - Wheres the random firing rate for bows/guns? (They are all set by default) - Wheres the random huge stats on low tier gear?? - Wheres the FUN and we don't give a shit feel of how crazy stuff is at? Anyways, what you guys think about the loots? Let me end with that I am having fun, farming away, but if what we have, is signs to come, there will be need of way more that just 1 "new" difficulty mode.
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    As far as I know there isn’t a better way at this time, it was the same in DD1. This is the one downside of a deck where everyone levels up at once, it can feel a tad annoying doing these levels but once you get used to the menus and what you are doing it won’t be as bad.
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    Alright I think this is what you were looking for; I'm not sure how the picture order will show but here is my test with the weapon shown, firstly I found that attack DOES NOT AFFECT ELEMENTAL DAMAGE. I found this interesting because you could effectively spec into more hero boost (But it falls off after 270-310ish points). I couldn't think of more test cases but I still have the weapons so let me know what you think. The most I could squeeze out of this weapon was 1.5 consistent dps with hero boost at 350 but it stopped scaling more than 1k dmg per 10 points at that 300 mark so I put the extra points in agility, vitality, and casting. I'm glad I did this test cause a perk of using elemental damage could mean throwing more points into HP, Casting, or even Tower boost (but this skill is too mana hungry for its effect). CAT_BOOST_POWER = 1.4 That being said with the given damage number I will provide the set up I followed: 69k DPS: 291 attack ; no cat ; no hero boost 329k DPS: 291 attack ; no cat ; w/ hero boost = 130 155k DPS: 291 attack ; w/ cat ; no hero boost 1.3m DPS: 149 attack ; w/ cat ; w/ hero boost = 290
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    For the record, ogre snot and DEW's do zero damage to cores in DD1. Can't target them, and can't do collateral damage to them. It was deliberately and intentionally designed this way, so as to avoid super frustrating experiences such as this. I'm not sure why they re-introduced this as a thing, because all it does is create a frustrating gaming experience. CG if you're reading this, please take note when you implement nightmare enemies: spiders, djinn, and copter ogres literally cannot damage eternia crystals. They were intentionally designed this way, and for good reason!
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    Please do not name-and-shame users in game on the forums. I have removed the names given in the post. Feel free to report users you suspect of ch eating through appropriate channels, but don't post about it here. While it is impossible to completely eradicate cheating, Chromatic will be doing their best they can to limit its potential impact.
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    I'd love if, per hero, we could check stats off as "desired stats", and whether or not gear would be an upgrade is determined only by those stats instead of all stats. If no stats are marked as desired, it looks at all stats as it does now. So if my desired stats are power and D. Rate, the two added together would be that gear's value. This would work when using both auto-loot and filtering gear in our inventory. This would make sorting through loot, especially with multiple heroes, much easier to manage without getting too complicated.
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    Lots of opinions here. at the end of the day we will get to battle the old ones eventually in NM but we as fans of dungeon defenders understand that there is tough times in the world at the moment.
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    You misunderstand my point. I don't care if there needs to be a delay. In fact, I think the entire community would be more than accepting if they had just come out and say it. The problem doesn't even lie in their not acknowledging it until the last minute. Honestly, even being a backer before there was a product isn't a factor. It comes from them continuously reassuring everyone that the March deadline is still expected to be met until the deadline is here and then giving notice about it. It is not about 2 days, its about telling us one thing and changing it at the last minute. Imagine if instead your ski resort assured you that they were still operating fine and you were welcome to enjoy your vacation on the proposed date, but the day of they told you they need a few days before you can come. You'd probably think "man I sure wish you'd have told me sooner". Exactly this.
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    I'm not sure if there was a limit in DD1, but you could definitely have more than 12 heroes. I think it's unlikely they will introduce a limit that would delete characters for legitimate users DD1 had special drops for each boss, I would plan on DDA also having special items.
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    Bad communication with community in this company, But game still good. We will see in April 1 and now i go sleep.
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    Not trying to make this negative or anything I like so many JUST WANT CHROMATIC TO OPEN UP AND TALK TO US tell us what’s going on.
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    $#@$@#$ SPIDERLINGS ... noooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOO
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    My Harpoon supremacy is soon to return
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    Early this week I submitted this Steam review, outlining my feedback of the current state of the game and how I anticipate we could make it better. I want to spark a discussion with the community here to see if others share a similar sentiment, or if I'm in a vocal minority: "How would you feel if CG scrapped many of the existing defenses in DDA and revamped all four hero's defense pools?" This would mean: We would have a bunch of new defenses to play with, but also; Some defenses would invariably be cut from the game. We're still in Early Access, so this is something that I anticipate could be a possibility. Would this divergence from the DD1 experience be a positive or negative in your mind? What do you think can be done to help the community be more unified on the vision of DDA's future?
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    Just to get people's hopes up on that legendary rock, I'm over 350 runs without seeing one so far. I feel like I'm experiencing the absolute worst case scenario right now though. :)
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    All lost, Not a big deal is EA, shit happens, but just wanted to give a heads up that although I followed the warnings listed in the patch notes, it still happen upon joining someones game (from steam invite)so I'd suggest playing solo until further notice...imo, hoped this gets rolled back, if not at least fixed :) happy farmin'
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    I'd also like to add in that half the maps are new.
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    Elemental acts the same as DD1. The only time I’ve ever found E-Damage to be worth upgrading is the early game progression. Once you start having a decent amount of hero attack points the scaling simply beats elemental damage shot for shot. Boost or not it still doesn’t do anything. Though I have ran elemental weapons on my upgrade characters before so I could dump all of their points into casting rate and still have some decent damage when paired with std auras, that’s the only use case I’ve ever personally seen outside of early game to worry about elemental damage...aside from way back when where elemental upgrades made an item worth more to sell on PS3 lol.
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    Well, if you want different multiplayer modes, why don't we go for the obvious first: You can only join a team with 1 hero in your deck. So you have to select what hero that should be, and so must the other 3 in your team. Maybe this multiplayer mode needs a 5 man team instead of 4. The team leader should be able to adjust the LFM text in the browser on the fly, so it can reflect what sort of heroes they are looking for.
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    If you are bored while grinding ancient mines (or others ancient mines just has some cool background stuff) dying grants you free movement until you re-spawn.
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    When I click on one of the forum topics, such as “players helping players” then click on the “Home” button to go to the main DDA forum page, it takes me to DD2 forums. We can work around it but it could cause confusion with newer players.
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    Insane survival should not be droppin lvl 0-34 pets as often as it does. My bags are littered with this trash, and its a massive waste of time. Insane Survival pets should always drop at a minimum level of 45 up to 60. A good breakdown would be: Easy 0-15 Standard 15-30 Hard 30-45 Insane 45-60 Nothing more frustrating than getting a level 0 hand and giraffe on prominade survival insane mode. Not to mention, I spend all my time most farming Ancient Mines, and its hard enough to get a decent roll on stats + The right stats, without the gamble of whether or not I can get higher than a lvl 15 fucking pet.
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    The current EA isn't much more than the beta so I'm sure a lot of people (myself included) aren't really touching it until at least the next wave of content. A lot of people also got burned really hard by DD2 as a whole so it shouldn't be too surprising if the numbers aren't as high. The opening of the DDA pitch is entirely about going back "to the roots" of the franchise and recapturing what made DD1 great. It's kind on you if you somehow ended up believing the game would be radically different when that's the opening speech. I'd argue that actually a pretty big point of it was to replace running back and forth to the forge during build phases which was made a completely redundant and tedious mechanic by the more compact maps and removal of the build timer - the same as the scattered mana chests. "This feature would be great for this game if you changed this and added this and that and totally revamped this and reworked that" ultimately means that the feature is in fact not very good for what the given game currently is. A lot has to be done for it to end up being something more than a half-assed mechanic that made the game easier like in DD2 and frankly that time and effort is probably better spent on other things.
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    Why do you even play in multiplayer if your entire opinion on the matter is, "I hate fucking everyone and when I play multiplayer, I dont want to have to engage with anyone else"?
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    I understand your point but regardless of how ever many people have to build, after the first 3 waves you are going to " " So I don't think in your case multiplayer is the problem. It seems more like you just don't like the state of the game in general (still in early access btw). I too would like to see some spiciness added to the game but more importantly it's best they work on bringing the game to a more stable state.
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    I saw 1.51 and i think it can go way up, its just quessing but based on other pets i suppose it can go up to 1.99? I did not tested it yet.
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    so apparently you can't fit 999 walls... :-D
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    I get what you are saying about enjoying grinding, got the better part of 6 years in to Wow, 1000s of hours in Diablo 2, 500 hours in Path of Exile and Warframe and plenty more in other games but running to chests, having to interact with the forge and such never added to the game for me and isn't busy work/grinding that is enjoyable. And I can't say that it adds to the lore either, whats the lore about the chests that refill with mana? And the Defender Forge was also something that doesn't really make sense lore wise. And besides this issue DDA has plenty others that just make the grind not fun, like survival taking 2+ hours on any map besides the first on with 90% of the time spent AFK, I've been playing Dota Underlords while playing DDA since there isn't much to do when towers are built. Yeah people didn't like DD2 we get it but whats the point in doing DDA if it's going to be mostly the same as to DD1 and ignore the few things that people actually liked about DD2? With DDA it seems more like the devs are afraid to make innovations in fear that the community won't like them since it wasn't in DD1. The more in depth items and stats from DD2 made for a lot more engaging gameplay then DD1 gameplay but it seems we are going back to the simple "Stack Power and some Range and Defesne Rate on Apprentice" and "Stack Fortify on Squire". Tower combos right now is pretty much Squire Blockades, Apprentice Flameburst and Sniper tower with Monk doing Strenght Drain and Slow. Huntress traps never gets used, Monk Lightning Aura isn't worth it's defence points and Squire while have decent towers are just too expensive in terms of defence points when Flameburst is just as good. And there are games in this genera that manages to make the game not AFKable, or atleast really hard to AFK, Deathtrap and Orcs must die come to mind. And careful balance isn't something I trust the devs to do, especially with the builder boost in the game since they either need to balance with it in mind meaning harder content will be even harder if you aren't an active builder or the don't balance around it and it becomes easier with an active builder but in both ways an active builder is always going to be optimal, especially in multiplayer. They haven't optimised the game at all, they are using UE4 and if they can't get it to run smoother on PC when there are games that look 100 times better with more advanced partical effects that run good on UE4 then it's a big fail. And sending extra enemies/faster waves wouldn't really cut down on AFKing since unless they send a shit ton of suiciders or ogres blockades will barely take any damage if you build correctly. Only way to get rid of AFKing is the actually make players use their characters and their abilities and have DPS characters be more in line with towers for balance and part of the game loop instead of extra that you can play.
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    well this is a bug they have fix this was not intended for the early access. Disabled the ability to toggle split screen. This was unintended for this portion of Early Access, and was creating an unenjoyable experience for those able to activate it.
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