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  1. Hey Everyone! I’m Andrew Bernard, and I’ve recently joined Chromatic Games as your new Community Manager! I’ll be working with everyone here to hopefully fill Britt’s shoes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, I’m coming into a well-established and close-knit community so I’m sure the transition will be seamless. I look forward to connecting with everyone! A little about myself: I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller, and I play most every genre of game including: RPGs, Adventure, Survival, Roguelite, Co-op, and many others (Recently: Fin
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  2. DEFENDERS, Based on your feedback, we have made the following updates to the PTR. We expect this to be the last round of changes, and look forward to bringing these changes to the live client soon! General UI Updated tooltips that item effects and set bonuses that affect Primary Attacks also affect Secondary Attacks. Gear Added cosmetic rewards (Raven Lord Wings) to the Test of Lycan completion Heroes Squire Hero Shield Throw (Secondary Attack) Damage increased to 350% of Weapon Damage up from 300%. Towe
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