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    DEFENDERS, We’re giving an update on where we are currently with the SUMMONING THE DEMON LORD update, bringing the Demon Lord boss fight, as well as the much anticipated Nightmare difficulty! There’s been a lot of hard work put into this build, and we want to give you a timeline on when you can expect this update. Let’s get into it! Feedback As many of you know, we recently launched the Etherian Cavalry as the testing group for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Some of these players are some of the most hardcore in the community, with some people being slightly more casual to help give us a broader understanding of how all our hardwork lands with a variety of players. We received some really great feedback from our first round of testing, and as a result are adding in some things to help smooth out the experience. For example: In Dungeon Defenders (2011), all of the Nightmare enemies spawned on the first level, without offering an explanation as to what they did. In DD:A, after tremendous feedback from our testers, we’re going to be altering that a bit and introducing enemies one by one, while also providing in-game explanations for what the enemies are, and some tips on how to play against them. There’s a slew of improvements and changes that we’re bringing into this patch as a result of their feedback so that it’s the best experience for everyone. There’s a lot more than this coming in this update, just too much to list here. Release “WHEN ARE WE GETTING THIS PATCH!?” Our original plan was to have it out today, but currently we want to spend a couple more days to polish it up, as we added quite a bit based on the feedback you provided. We’re planning on having this update be available on Thursday, April 2nd. We’ll provide more specifics on the time as it is ready. We’ll be watching if there are any issues you all run into and addressing them as soon as possible. As previously outlined in our COVID-19 post, a large chunk of time has been taken out of our tight development cycle due to converting the studio into a fully remote workplace, as well as making sure our employees are able to stay healthy and safe. This is unfortunately one of those areas that is getting affected by our efforts to put the safety of our studio first. Trying to get this update out during such a tumultuous time was a challenge for us, and while we are going to be a couple days late, we’re very proud of what we are able to accomplish and can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info!To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    DEFENDERS, Today our “SUMMONING THE DEMON LORD” Update went live on Steam Early Access. This Update opens up a TON of content. The first Challenge Maps in Act I are available to conquer, the Demon Lord himself has been summoned, and Nightmare difficulty is now available. It’s a lot of content — let’s get into it! Nightmare Difficulty The top difficulty in the original Dungeon Defenders makes its triumphant return. While it is not the hardest content coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, it definitely packs quite a punch. Enemies have more health, hit harder, and provide better rewards. That’s not all though — Nightmare brings four additional enemies into the fray, each with their own new mechanics to push all that Insane gear you’ve been farming to the limit. In DD:A we introduce these enemies in a more digestible fashion, so you can learn their mechanics one at a time, before having to face them all as you progress through the rest of Campaign and Survival. Spiders Coming out of every dark nook and cranny, spiders come to disrupt carefully placed defenses. These web slingers have a knack for dropping behind your defenses, causing havoc by weakening players and towers. Watch out, here comes a spider web! Abilities Can spawn in unconventional locations, sometimes behind choke points or typical building locale. Shoot webs that if they hit towers greatly slow their attack rate and weaken their damage. If they hit your hero, you are no longer able to use abilities and your movement and attack speed are greatly reduced, while greatly increasing the damage you take. Strategies Look to build defenses to protect defenses that are dealing with frontline enemies. Using your damage-dealing focused hero, quickly burst them down before they start launching webs. Sharken These land walking sharks pack quite a punch! Proving that they didn’t skip leg day, the moment they are in range of a tower, they begin to charge up before bolting forward, knocking any tower they encounter to the wayside. These foes don’t stop there — should anyone get within melee range of them, they’ll burst you down with incredibly powerful swinging giant crab claws. Abilities Charged dash that knocks Towers away. Incredibly powerful melee attacks. Strategies Interrupt their dash as they are still charging it. Auras and traps help make quick work of these foes. Use ranged attacks to avoid their deadly flurry. Djinn The Djinn giveth to their ally, and taketh away from you. Able to channel their magical energy into a nearby ally through their hands, they are able to greatly increase all stats to their friend left uninterrupted. However, their powers don’t stop there. Using a powerful gaze, they can phase a focused tower out of existence should they be left alone. Your wish is not your command! Abilities Channeled cast that buffs all stats of a targeted enemy. Channeled cast that destroys towers. Heavy damage to heroes. Strategies Dealing enough damage to a Djinn interrupts their casting, preventing them from buffing their allies, or destroying your towers. Goblin Copter Look, in the sky! It’s a megachicken! It’s a propeller cat! NO, it’s a Goblin Copter! Using some crafty goblin engineering, the Goblin Copter is a mechanical miracle that is able to not only make goblins airborne, but also carry an Ogre with them. They are able to break through defenses by distracting towers using bright flares they shoot to continue their journey. After dropping Ogres, they shoot homing rockets that deal high damage to players and towers alike. Abilities Carry Ogres through the battlefield to specific locations. Shoot flares to distract towers from hitting them. After dropping off their Ogre, they shoot twin homing rockets that deal high damage to heroes and towers. Ogres are immune to damage while carried. When destroyed, Goblin Copters crash to the ground, dealing incredibly high damage. Strategies Focus the Goblin Copter before it drops its Ogre. If over a pit, the Ogre will fall to its demise, and you will not be hit by the crashing explosion. If the Ogre falls to the ground, it will have ⅓ of its original HP. Long range Harpoon or Deadly Striker Towers make quick work of these enemies, if they’re able to hit them. These enemies are sure to shake up some surefire strategies that worked through previous difficulties. To relieve some of the punishment that these crooked cooks dish out, we’ve created a digestible way to encounter these foes throughout your adventures in Campaign. The enemies first appear in the following maps: Spiders in Deeper Well (Nightmare) Sharken in Ancient Mines (Nightmare) Djinn in Lava Mines (Nightmare) Goblin Copter in Tornado Valley (Nightmare) As you progress, you will encounter more of these enemies in each map. Going from Campaign to Survival will not be as kind, with enemies coming at you in full force as soon as Deeper Well. Not all Nightmare enemies can spawn in every map, but when they do, it’s something that’ll haunt you in your sleep. After conquering the enemies that Nightmare throws at you, you’ll be rewarded with even stronger gear than before. These pieces of gear are going to first come in the form of Mythical gear, and then as you progress and claim even greater gear, Transcendent gear shall be yours! Arise, Demon Lord! The Demon Lord has been summoned to provide the first boss battle in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. This pillar of calamity is brought into our realm in the Alchemical Labs through a combination of alchemy, science, and dark magic. After braving five waves of enemies, you will have 30 seconds before this demonic monstrosity bursts from his lava-bound chamber. Though his power is immense, there may be some tools that brought him into this world that can help send him back! Hardcore Mode Are you a bad enough dude and think you’ve got what it takes to fight some of the hardest enemies without taking a knee? Then Hardcore is right up your alley! Enabling this option for any map you go into provides great rewards with a great risk. During Hardcore, should your heroes hp bar reach zero, you will not respawn until the combat phase is over, either from your towers carrying you to victory, or from your crystal core exploding in defeat. Another twist of the knife, if you should die, all the build mana you previously had drops to zero. There’s definitely strength in numbers, so team up to help shoulder the burden! Note: Hardcore is an option you’ll find during map select on the right side of the screen. Act I Challenge Maps The first of many to come, these challenge maps are an introduction into some fun content that takes maps you know and love, and adds a different spin on them. Deeper Well: No Towers Allowed In this challenge map, your Defense Unit amount is set to zero and you are unable to build defenses. You’ll need to bring your best damage dealing hero to deal with all the enemies that are gunning for your crystal core! Alchemical Labs: Raining Goblins It’s raining gobs, hallelujah it’s raining gobs! Just like the title says, goblins come raining from the sky! Goblins continue to spawn throughout the entire map from the sky, enough to blot out the sun. You have to weather the storm, slaying all that fall upon you. Bonus Map — Magus Quarters A fan favorite is returning! The Magus Quarters is a hotbed of activity, quite literally. After completing Act I, you now unlock this map for additional challenges, loot, and even a new pet. There’s more coming to this map, during the 1.0 release Magus Quarters will also provide a challenge map — The Warping Core! Balance Heroes Apprentice Manabomb Adjusted it’s scaling so that late game it is MUCH more powerful should you put points into the ability. Flameburst Tower Now has proper fall off damage. Lightning Tower Damage has been GREATLY increased. Is able to add new targets at the end of its chain. Remakes the chain lightning if an enemy in the chain dies. Deadly Striker Tower Improved the targeting functionality. Monk Hero Boost Was boosting too much, and has been reduced. Tower Boost Lowered the overall scaling of this ability. Squire Slice N Dice Tower Damage has been GREATLY increased. Gear Accessories Stats Overall accessories have had their scaling reduced to 25% of their previous values. Armor added to shields. Upgrade Levels Updated upgrade levels for all pets, accessories, and weapons. Pets Pet Rock Movement speed decreased to 50% of the hero’s movement speed, down from 75%. Decreased the total amount of stats given. Propeller Cat Lowered the additional power this flying feline was giving. Sell Price Many pets have had their sell price adjusted. Melee Pets Attack range increased to 400 from 300. Ranged Pets Attack range increased to 700 from 400. Upgrades The amount a pet’s damage can be upgraded has been GREATLY increased. Enemies Ogre Snot toss now has proper fall off damage. Effects of the Ensnare Aura are reduced towards the Ogre. General Changes There’s a new Intro cinematic that plays when the game loads, as well as before Deeper Well on Campaign. Check it out! After defeating the Demon Lord, a cinematic plays as you progress into Act II! Added Offline Play support. New visuals in Alchemical Labs, including some nefarious weapons floating with a protective barrier. Added a Lock/Unlock All action On Keyboard it is: Ctrl+L Gamepad: Hold X (face button left) Or click it! Added a “Click to Sell” feature You can now sell items by holding the “S” key and clicking on items (if the item is unlocked) Added a slew of gamepad and keyboard features in the inventory. Gamepad Improvements Can now scroll the stat panel with the right joystick. Hitting left and right now switches pages. Hitting right shoulder buttons switches you from heroes to defenses on the Hero Stats panel. Added support for Map Select and Game Mode Select Trap chaining has been added to the Huntress. Traps of the same type that overlap with one another will now set off a chain reaction should one activate. Ballista in The Ramparts is active and can be interacted with. It fires a shot, but it can’t hit anything. Just a cool little thing. Magus Quarters has now been added to Map Select! Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when connecting to a session. Fixed a crash involving the inventory while trying to matchmake or join a friend. Fixed a data loss issue related to joining a friend or matchmaking taking too long. Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to swap heroes while matchmaking. Fixed a crash involving opening the inventory. Fixed a crash if a Host had the escape menu open, and a client joined, the host would crash. Fixed a crash that occurred based on rare states of your heroes. Fixed a crash when a client creates a hero through the inventory during a multiplayer session. Fixed an issue with the tower repair cast bar not matching the actual repair time. Removed a pesky hidden flag that was outdated on The Promenade. Added functionality for “unreadying” to reset the timer to infinite (if applicable). Adjusted currency to 64 bit values (it’s a 4,000,000,000%+ increase). Optimized content within Tornado Valley for increased performance. Optimized content within Tornado Highlands for increased performance. Optimized content within The Throne Room for increased performance. Optimized content within The Arcane Library for increased performance. Optimized all skeletal meshes for Heroes to increase performance. Optimized how the Dark Elf Mage heals. Optimized Dark Elf Archer model. Optimized content on Lava Mines for increased performance. Fixed an issue that allowed a player to be buffed with an infinite duration Hero Boost. Fixed an issue with Escape Menu buttons not being clickable. Fixed an issue with Huntress weapons not having correct fall off damage. Fixed an issue with pet projectiles not having correct fall off damage. Optimized how enemy weapons are handled after defeating them, increasing performance. Several tutorial tweaks. Fixed the Lightning Tower beam VFX so that it properly follows enemies. Improved Monk run animation. Adjusted Inventory frames to always be active (no more fading) Squire’s heal and lose animations received small updates. Fixed verbiage used during the tutorial to be more in line with the narration. Fixed a scaling issue with scrolling combat text font. Corrected how lighting affected the anvil in the Tavern. Fixed an issue where if everyone unreadies, the timer (if applicable) gets set back to infinity until a player readies up. Updated a lot of training dummy functionality, including how damage is calculated and presented. Improved cloud backup saves. Fixed an issue when locking an item that locked the item selected and also the item the mouse cursor was over. Fixed Apprentice falling animation to be less choppy on ledges. Fixed Squire falling animation to be less choppy on ledges. Fixed an issue where players would see weird spawning events when other players opened their inventory. Fixed a gamepad issue when closing filters or damage numbers pop up. Fixed an issue where the hero preview would not load with a weapon. Added support for toggling privacy settings when creating a session. Fixed an issue with the Slice n Dice tower’s SFX looping improperly. Fixed sounds playing before animation on Defense Radial Menu. Adjusted radial menu animations to be snappier. Adjusted keybindings on various radial menus. Adjusted the radial bar menu visuals to be cleaner. Fixed Hero Boost and Tower Boost descriptions in the Hero Info Panel. Fixed an issue with the timer not going away when entering Combat Phase. Fixed an issue where item inspection only worked on the left side of the inventory. Removed the ability to close the Inventory filter UI with right shoulder buttons on gamepad. Fixed an issue with the HUD not disappearing when restarting a map. Fixed an issue where the filter UI could be opened while a context menu was open. Fixed an issue with the Spiked Blockade attack SFX was not playing. Fixed an issue with the Lightning Tower attack SFX was not playing. Fixed an issue with the SFX not playing when Heal finished. Fixed a lot of music related issues. Fixed an issue with the game starting fullscreen and ignoring resolution settings. Fixed various issues with gamepad usage on the Escape Menu. Fixed an issue where the Lightning Tower SFX was not stopping after being destroyed. Fixed an issue where combat music would play over victory fanfare. Fixed an issue where confirmation popups were not using the correct text. Fixed an issue when swapping heroes in the inventory, resulting in incorrect camera placement. Fixed an issue with the Summary Screen moving the player to the next map, regardless of win or loss. Fixed an issue with the Ogre’s swing hitting players. Known Issues Item tiers will change currently through upgrades going into Nightmare gear. This is currently a visible change, and is not reflective of the final way tiers will be displayed. Melee pet damage and ranged pet damage are not scaling correctly in Nightmare. All other difficulties will scale pet damage correctly. Public games sometimes do not show up in the session browser. If you click OK on a loot filter change and click back on options the UI won't close unless you hit the esc key. If you create a hero with empty hero slots sometimes you'll just see the hero and the background. This can be bypassed by hitting the “I” key or escape depending. Some accessories may change into another accessory, specifically the Sapphire Brooch, Mining Bracer, and Crusader Shield may become Monocles. Very high item level gear may not show a quality tier. What’s Next? Our release is not too far away, so we’re going to keep plugging away to get the remaining content all polished up and ready for you to conquer. While our schedule has become tight due to the effects of COVID-19 (becoming fully remote, internet outages making remote work hard, and so many other fun hurdles), we’re still doing everything we can to get this game out to you as soon as possible. To make this easier, please, should you run into any bugs during this update, report them to us through the in-game escape menu. We’re working as quick and hard as we can, but with the vast numbers you provide, we’re able to get issues surfaced faster, leading to quick turnaround and fixes. Also a big shout out to our Etherian Cavalry, they were a big help in surfacing some gaps for us and overall providing a better experience going into this update! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    DEFENDERS, As you're aware, we’ve got a lot of work going on currently, and today we want to talk about a more serious subject and what we’re currently doing. We’re just going to jump right into it. COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) Response As this virus has spread and became recognized as a pandemic, it is important that we do our part as a studio in helping reduce the spread and effects. Last week and towards the end of the previous week, we began efforts to become an entirely remote studio. The greater part of this week, and continuing on, we’re still working out the kinks and making sure everyone is able to continue working, adapt meetings, and more. Outside of doing our part to stave off the virus, our goal is to make sure that our employees are safe, healthy, and set up to work as comfortably as possible. We’re still continuing to hit our intended milestones. The Etherian Cavalry received their first round of testing this weekend, tearing apart Nightmare to help us polish and address any large issues before releasing our March Update “Summoning the Demon Lord”. Having to mobilize our entire studio has definitely eaten up a fair amount of time, but we’re currently on track to still hit our milestones as outlined on our roadmap. If this should change, we will be sure to let you, our GLORIOUS Defenders know about it. We want to get this game out to you in the best state as soon as possible, but when it comes down to it, we will not sacrifice the safety and health of our employees to do so. We’re people just like you, there are things that are out of our control that we have to adapt and overcome to the best of our ability. We appreciate your support and understanding in the coming months. Please make sure to do your part in helping out throughout these tough times. If you are unaware of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), or have any questions, please visit the CDC’s Coronavirus Page for more information on symptoms and how to help prevent the spread. Stay safe out there! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    DEFENDERS, We’re a few weeks out from Steam Early Access and it’s been amazing so far! There’s a lot more that we’ve got coming up very soon — New Maps, New Pets, THE DEMON LORD, Nightmare Difficulty, Hardcore Mode, and more! We’ve been consistently patching in fixes and improvements, but this March update is going to be the first big milestone in our road map that we’re excited to get to all of you, our GLORIOUS Defenders. To keep with our transparency and consistent communication, before that comes out, we wanted to use this time to give another look into our studio, showcasing some of the developers that are hard at work. This time, it’s PAX East themed! You’re going to be hearing from some of the courageous souls here at Chromatic who persevered through the cold, cold weather of Boston and were able to not only show off their work, but also engage with a lot of the brave Defenders (both new and old) who were able to make it out. Let’s get into it! Some of The Team Mary — Community Manager We all had an amazing time at PAX East and met so many fans of the Dungeon Defender series! It was great to actually get in-person feedback from so many people. I’ve been stuck at home since PAX East due to the flu and am very much looking forward to being back in the studio. It’s hard to read all of your feedback on my tiny home laptop and I miss my big monitors! My dog is also clearly very bored just sitting at home and would like to be back to bothering the artists and trying to go under everyone’s desks in search of food. Philip Simpson — Gameplay Engineer Hey guys! I'm one of the gameplay engineers on the team. In regards to my history here at Chromatic, I joined the team over two years ago, right before the Dungeon Defenders II Onslaught update. I've been a huge fan of the Dungeon Defenders Series since the beginning, totaling around 500+ hours combined in both DD1 and DD2, so it's been an absolute blast to get the opportunity to work on the games. Outside of work, I'm a huge RPG fan and play a ton of them, such as Path Of Exile, Borderlands, D&D (5e Mainly). Other than that, I'm a huge fan of dogs, specifically when it comes to Corgis as people in the discord already know. Some of you may know, I was given the opportunity to go to PAX East to help out with the booth we had there. I can't convey enough how amazing it was to be able to interact with both new and old Dungeon Defenders fans and to show off our latest game. The amount of support this game has from its fans is mind blowing and one of the many reasons why I love being a part of this team. I really hope to be able to attend more conventions in the future to be able to meet and talk to all of you! My day-to-day usually involves working on various UI's. One of the things I've been working on lately has been improving and polishing our gamepad support as we approach our launch on the Nintendo Switch. On top of that I've been actively listening to community feedback about various issues and features regarding Auto Loot, Sorting and Filters, as well as lots of QoL features and overall just providing user options to customize their game to their liking. I've been very active in the community discord, so feel free to have a chat with me and let me know where we can make improvements or even just things you like! Geoff Shreiber — Implementer and QA Hello! My name is Geoff Shreiber ([CG] Seven if you frequent the community Discord) and I do Implementation for Dungeon Defenders Awakened! I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, but I now live near our studio in Florida with my lovely girlfriend and our two cats. I like doing card and coin magic, I pronounce gif like "jiff," and my favorite foods include sushi and Taco Bell. That's pretty much everything there is to know about me. Since "implementation" is somewhat vague, let me briefly describe my day-to-day at Chromatic Games. I will receive a task from a Designer or a Producer to make some feature work in the game, then I collaborate with Artists, Animators, and Engineers to make it happen. This can be as simple as a small change to some character's stats, or a multiple-day-long project comprised of multiple features and systems in the game. Some examples of stuff I am partially or entirely responsible for include the character animation system, the preview of your character in the inventory, the lava geysers on the Lava Mines map, and the tutorial. I have been playing video games all my life. My first video game was Final Doom on the PC when I was very little, and I have been hooked ever since. I love the thrill of a good intense battle in a fighting game or a shooter, the adventure and planning of a good RPG, and the sense of pride and accomplishment after finally beating that super hard boss that you spent hours and hours preparing for! For as long as I can remember thinking about it, I've thought "I want to make these games so I can give back to this community." If one person finds the same enjoyment and excitement from the games that I work on that I have throughout the years, that's why I do what I do. Over the years, I have played very many different games from all sorts of genres. I'll often get into a groove and play a whole lot of games from one genre back to back. At the time of typing this, that genre is Action RPGs, the latest one being Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Some of my favorite games of all time include Pillars of Eternity, Path of Exile, Warcraft 3, Quake 3, In The Groove, and Super Smash Bros. For a few years, I played Super Smash Bros. for WiiU competitively, maining Link, under the tag "7". I helped run our booth at PAX East from February 27th through March 1st. Being able to intermingle with the community and hear everyone's first hand accounts of their time with Dungeon Defenders Awakened was an awesome experience. It really helps motivate me to keep putting a lot of hard work and effort into the game, making every part that I work on as best as I can. Hearing everyone's feedback and criticisms of the game also helps not just me, but everyone on the team, get a better idea of what parts of our game work, and what parts don't work so well. That way, we know where we can best spend our time to make a game that the community really enjoys, and we can be proud of. Even if you weren't at PAX and don't get to tell us in person, please continue to give us feedback. We listen to it, and it helps us keep going. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about my story, and keep Defending in those Dungeons! Here’s me helping someone at PAX East that you may have seen shared on our Instagram! What’s Next? We are currently hard at work on fixing the patch we reverted yesterday, to make sure there aren’t any inventory or equipped item resets included in the updated patch slated for early next week. When this new patch goes live you’re getting the updated Huntress and Monk character models, along with highly requested inventory updates and additions. Our other focus is on getting the March “Summoning the Demon Lord” update ready, as well as our Switch build ready for initial submission! While we’re focusing on providing the best game possible, as a studio we’re closely watching the Covid-19 Virus and will be taking any and all precautions necessary to ensure development continues as smooth as possible. Social Defenders To keep up with us and get the latest news on both Dungeon Defenders and us folks here at Chromatic Games, make sure to follow us on our social media: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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