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  1. DEFENDERS, The long awaited Episode 2 Part 1 PTR is here! Players who own a copy on steam can access the steam beta branch and play the PTR to help us gather feedback and find bugs before release. How to Join We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join! PTR Reward Given the Halloween nature, the PTR reward will be a RGB Pumpkin Mask Transmog, as what’s more spooky than a bit of RGB. If RGB is not your flavor, We’ll be allowing people to collect any of the prev
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  2. DEFENDERS, The long awaited Episode 2 Part 1 update has finally arrived! This update features a ton of new features and content such as The Summoner, Runes, Trading, New Defense Changes, 2 New Maps and more! Get ready as this is gonna be a long post! This update is currently out on PC Steam, Xbox and PlayStation! Unfortunately Switch will lag behind quite a bit until a later date. The Outcast Summoner The Outcast Summoner, One of the most iconic heroes joins the battle for etheria! You’ll be able to create and try out the new hero along with all their abilities and m
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