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    Holy mother of pearl! What on Etheria is CAP'N DREADBONES doing there?! This is something I totally hadn't expected. An very interesting surprise to be sure!
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    Oof. I mean, at least there's some news, but as a Switch owner who also has a ps4, this isn't the news I wanted to hear. I haven't even gotten a contact email for my physical items yet (tshirt, poster, etc) and now I find put I'm probably waiting at least another 6 months to play it... It beats hearing no news at all, though.
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    So is this an Xbox timed exclusive now and if so, what happened to the Switch deal? If money was involved, does the new deal cover the old and is necessary? Or is there another reason it's releasing on Xbox first? As you say you are going through the other console certification processes after rather than alongside as none has still come through, hence the lack of a date. Can we be 100% sure it will still release on these consoles at all? I am happy there is some response now, but it really makes you question if you know what is going on yourselves. I'm willing to wait what it takes for the switch version, as I have the PC one too. I'm still a supporter. But it would be nice to know at least a basic reason behind some choices when it regards already late releases. As put nicely as possible... this is messy.
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    Either buffbeams are good enough and will be used in most builds (not needed, but almost, like in DD1) Or they're not good enough, and they won't be used. Which is not good. I don't see any alternative, sadly. Or maybe something complicated, like them not being good enough in first wave, but scaling really well so become viable later? Probably too hard to balance. If i had to chose, I'd rather have them be useful rather than useless, even if it means they're almost mandatory.
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    Not gonna lie, I'm pretty upset that Switch is being forced to take the backseat, especially since it was touted to release "soon" for such a long time. And during that time, all we got was radio silence without any sort of communication or updates. Understatement of the year
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    "When? We are working with Microsoft to target a Q1 2021 launch for the Xbox. " Still haven't learned from your mistakes? . Do not give a release window, because you will most likely not be able to meet that time frame....which is 90% of what got players mad at you guys in the first place. Do not give a release time, until you know an actual date, for a fact, that it will be released. Just some advice. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love the first Dungeon Defenders. I played it on PS3 and it's easily in my top 20 games of all-time (not that I have an actual list), and I've been gaming since Atari. So that's a lot of games I've played. DD2, I didn't like so much (microtransactions ruined it). I was excited when I learned you were making DD Awakened (with no microtransactions).....then I learned it's basically a glorified version of the first DD. It didn't turn me off from wanting to play it, but it certainly look A LOT of the excitement out of it. I'm still very much looking forward to playing it though. And even though DD Awakened most likely won't be out on Playstation for another year or so, I'm still holding out hope for DD3 down the road someday. DD3, I completely new DD game, with all new maps, weapons, etc. with no microtransactions. I realize something like that would be like 5-10 years down the road lol. Also, some more advice: I can promise that DD fans aren't as angry with you guys as gamers were with Hello Games and that whole No Man's Sky nonsense..... and yet nearly everybody loves Hello Games now, for their efforts and dedication (post-launch) to the game and making up for their mistakes. Please learn from Hello Games, and once you do fully release DDA for consoles.... do everything in your power to earn back our trust, because No Man's Sky PROVES that you can (if you handle the situation correctly) earn trust back from gamers. :)
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    I will agree that I hate the build timers. I'm a slow builder, and my daughter can't build at all because she isn't a hardcore gamer. The timers kill any casual aspect of the game. There needs to be some kind of storage in the tavern! I'm carrying around 2 screens of pets because I want to keep them! Simply give us a place to store things and it's added collecting as a whole other task! I like the idea of item reforging a lot. Looking forward to seeing that, hopefully it isn't months away. I thought the trading that Blizzard implemented was pretty good. Can add items and/or money, both players click agree, if something is added after one player clicked agree, then it resets so they have to click again. DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF AUCTION HOUSE! 1) That destroyed the economy in WoW 2) There isn't enough of a played base to make spending time on it worth it. But to be honest, I think there are so many other things to work on/fix before trading. Lastly, why are you splitting time with console ports right now? Why not complete the game, THEN port it over. The console will have to wait a little longer, but they would have a much better experience overall as they would get a full game that has been well tested, and hopefully a more thriving player base. Splitting your time makes EVERYONE unhappy and gives EVERYONE a less-than-ideal experience all around, and the risk of players bailing is much higher.
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    I had that same thought! If he’s back, I wonder who else we’ll see? I mean the Harbinger DID escape. Will we see him again? What about some of the other incursion bosses? That would great! Hey Devs....will you turn the shock beam into the weapon manufacturer with stun ability? Pretty please? With beans on top? We need the atomic missiles back! Haha! It’ll be better to shoot down these new air ships and the return of Captain Dreadbones.
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    At this Time, don't rush and take unhealty routes to fulfill your Roadmap. We, the Summoner understand this Situation and are/will be on your side.
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    There are currently no plans to wipe progress made during the Early Access
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    Welcome Mary! Great to have you on board, and I am definitely looking forward to this bright new era! :)
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    Knowing a possible reason for something does not mean knowing the reason. There are many to choose from, but all can mean a different development position. For example, If they were being supplemented by a deal with Nintendo, then a release elsewhere sounds like that could be over, meaning they may need support elsewhere. Was this deal needed or was it just choice is what I am asking. I choose not to assume, but knowing where they are right now could be helpful to understanding decisions or what to expect next or what may be needed. I have supported them since Kickstarter and I will continue to do so. I didn't ask for weekly updates.
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    Really glad and appreciated for DD2 to have those events there! It's definitely a start, and hopefully more things will turn up next year!
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    These seems to be great features arriving soon! The Transmog system is practically nullifying a major issue I was having with DDA and DD1 - weapons with random colors. Unlike DD2 where those is only rare instances, DDA and DD1 just have too many to the point where I just don't have the motivation to collect any weapons. As what's the point with collecting all the same weapons but with jarring and random colors. It's not fun for me. With the weapons being reverted to their default state while the colors will just a customizations option instead, the possibility of collecting weapons in DDA (at least for me) is opened. Also, really glad the color customizations for costumes is being improved on. The current iteration felt really clunky to the point where in some cases it better to stick with default or roll with the shadow costume (looking at you, Monk...). And looking forward to seeing the new fusion weapons and the 20 new accessories! (Wowzers) With all this new features that I want coming soon to the game, guess I'll actually return to playing some DDA.
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    I was really looking forward to this and on the whole it seems great, but I think a few changes are making this difficult to get into initially: I see no mention of Promenade having its DU reduced from 140 to 110. What's up with that? That was my go-to build for farming XP and exactly where I wanted to level my EV. The patch notes mention that: "BUGFIX: Attack power now scales pet damage", which sounds like a buff, but in reality my dragon is doing half its normal damage now, making it difficult to do the maps I used to. Are these changes deliberate?
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    Gotta say, love the new card art! So much better than what it was previously.
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    To be honest, I am kind of regretting having backed it and requested PS4 versions. At this rate the PS5 will be out before this game. Should have played it safe and gotten it for PC. At least then I'd have something to do instead of bemoan my mistake.
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    Controller Support is being worked on and we have our first pass for update 1.1. I won't guarantee it will be 100% polished but it will def. be a big step in the right direction as we get closer and closer towards our Switch Release, which we are working on every day.
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    Any plans to add custom taverns back to the game so people can host their own shop again? It's the one thing keeping me from coming back. Being able to customize your own taverns so you can display your best trophy's and loot, then host it for the public to join where people can come in and talk/trade/haggle with you really set this game apart from all others and is the reason I poured so much time in to the first DD, and loved it so much. The game seems so hollow without it, it's missing it's soul. Personal loot has killed so many other games because it ruins the interaction/community aspect of the game, it ruined Diablo 3 for me, ruined DD2 for me, and I really hope it's not here to stay with DDA.
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    Players assumed you were releasing something in July based on the roadmap you published. https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com/ This used to have dates and they said July. Also the previous roadmap posted for Q2 has not been finished however Q2 has come and gone and items on that roadmap were also missed. So stating where players got the idea for the dates is kind of concerning. More internal communication should happen as it feels like your "not sure" where us players get these crazy ideas! Go figure. Looking forward to the update though but still it's short on what was talked about for Q2 but heading in the right direction.
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    Practically wiped all pre-release progress and stole more than $10 from me. Don't expect me to pay for DLC after this trick, or anything you release for that matter. I see how you treat people who believe you.
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    Well done guys on promising no wipes but effectively wiping us, bad decisions over and over.
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    welp they did it. Whilst they technically did not wipe our progress, they effectively wiped it or split the community. Goodbye DDA, was fun whilst it lasted. Last time I support this studio...
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    360 hours invested and now I have LEGACY mode? Are you serious? What about the "no changes to v. 1" ?
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    Thank you for letting us know! Stay safe guys!!!
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    I just realized I've been watching the Orc loop for several minutes. It's come a substantial way since the beta. Absolutely fantastic work CG.
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    cant wait to relive one of my favorite games
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    Wow! I am impressed with some of the weapons, especially the shields. I'm kinda itching now to see the cosmetic customization potentials after seeing this. :) Totally dig the mustached rock pet too! And it never occurred to me that the carrot-nibbling ramster could be made into a pet too haha!
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    All of the rewards listed on the DDA pre-order page are for DDA and will be sent after the game launches.
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    If you backed for the PC release then yes, your Beta key will convert to an Early Access key automatically. You'll just need to update on the 21st.
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    If I backed it on kickstarter and got beta access, do I get early access?
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    Unfortunately the release for Switch and PC has been moved to Q2 2020. We will launch Early Access on Steam on February 21st.
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    Wait I thought it releases on switch in February??
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    \O/ Mary... always good to see you. Be sure to give Rusty a hug for me ;)
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    Yay! AQW & Dragonfable were my jam back in the day. Welcome to our little corner of the internet, excited to have you with us.
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    He is a cockapoo, maybe! I adopted him so not 100% sure! You'll all meet him next month when I start bringing him in and I plan on having him on any streams I do. He's a good boy!
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    Now that is a name I have not heard in a very long time... straight from DD2's super early pre-alpha days! Anyways, welcome Mary! I look forward to working with you, and hope to see future involvement between the CDT and CG for DDA!
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    Welcome Mary to the DD Community! Rusty is adorable, what breed is he? P.s. I guess we are besties now?
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    Hey there! Like the other C8 weapons in Prime Incursion, and as far as I know, the Crystalline Claw and Canister have a chance to drop from a legendary victory chest in Prime 6. (The Wyvern's Den or Dawn of the Blood Moon.) Hope this helps! :)
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    Really glad we're going to have a community manager again! Looking forward to that! :) And that's a pretty dope looking sword there! It's giving me the Protean vibes.....
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    Hi I literally made an account just to reply to you because its very clear you lack what I though was basic knowledge so I'll put this as nicely as possible. The reason any developer chooses to release on Xbox is because literally anyone can release anything on Xbox. That thing is just a glorified PC, They have very minimal standards compared to Sony & Nintendo who don't just accept....crap that crashes/blue screens, Its why APB reloaded can't get updates now that its released. Every time that company tries they get denied because the game still crashes mainly due to the new team not knowing how to code. But it makes a perfect example of why developers choose Xbox over Sony. APB was released on Xbox long before it came to ps4 then it switched hands into even more incompetent developer. TLDR:Xbox supports newcomers & Sony + Nintendo have standards. Xbox sharing 75% of its features with pc also helps. (Notice how if you can do it on pc you can do it on Xbox?) But rest assured we will all eventually get our DD A And trust me, you don't want weekly updates on progress. That'd look more or less like (we fixed this & broke that so we walked that back and are now at square 1) every week. You DO NOT want weekly updates. Monthly is fine.
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    We're not ready to announce the XBox or PS4 release date just yet, but keep an eye out!
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