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  1. DEFENDERS, We have been hard at work on DDA Episode II, and wanted to show off our colorful new map: The Bazaar! Here you will brave the onslaught from both enemies old and new as you protect Hammel the Camel (and sure, the core too I guess) at all costs! New Map: The Bazaar After defeating the Lycan King, the heroes traverse a great desert finally arriving at The Bazaar, the first map of Episode II! This map is a relic long forgotten, part of the same civilization that inhabited Tornado Valley and Tornado Highlands. You’ll have to fight your way through the Bazaar in order to pr
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  2. We will start work on split-screen and cross-saves after all of our port work is done, so that we can do everything all at once. Trading is something we are already looking at, and will release it when we are comfortable with it's integrity.
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