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    Hello Defenders! I have a very serious question for the community. And, I would really appreciate your response. Here it is: If you could ask the developers one question about their role/work at Chromatic, what would it be?
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    i guess my question would be when will we know how to get from 73/74 to 74/74 achievements?
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    Adjusting the target priority for DSTs has been needed since day 1, this is even more evident with Rift Mode. The problem for me is that there doesnt really seem to be any viable alternative to using DSTs as the main DPS tower. The biggest bug bear I have mentioned elsewhere is how Rift Mode basically forces us to only use specific defences and ignore practically every other one. Does anyone make harpoon fusion Squire? or LST Apprentice? Do we even use those towers at all anymore? Even Flamebursts are becoming a thing of the past. back when Insane was the hardest difficulty the solution was to spam dsts after everything since we have just came full circle back to that.
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    Hello Jaws! While much of our focus is on DDA right now, as the CM I'm able to invest time in all of our communities (that includes DD1 and DD2). I'll keep these ideas in mind as I plan content for all our platforms moving forward. I appreciate the passion I've seen from the DD community in my short time with Chromatic, and my goal is to foster that passion as much as possible. See you around
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    Thanks for the welcome! While Lawlta's CM work is tough to live up to, I'll try my best to be active, honest, and fun for this great community.
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