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  1. Hi guys, Here we go I said on discord that I would like to see speedruns here on every map we can it should be always - MASSACRE, HC, RIFTED. I was very - very very impressed by almost perfect run I witnessed by my favourite streamer TD Anthem - This man made hardest map in game including boss in 8:31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G47jvdLtheQ&lc=Ugy2TtzN_d6nCN97ypV4AaABAg.9Hlb-MdaHE-9Hlh_atM0PD&ab_channel=AnthemTD Then other guy posted on discord he did Throne room: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/793238077791404082/793238141456744458/20201228224754_1.jpg
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  2. 75% of the time I cannot join a game, whether it's via the browser or joining on a friend. I typically get kicked back to Tavern, but sometimes to the main screen. When I do end up in the game, I can never play more than one round. Sometimes at round start, sometimes at round end, I get kicked back to Tavern. Every time, this error regarding FBITReader is in the log file. I can't seem to find anyone else experiencing this and the only search results show UnReal Engine issues from 2-3 years ago. [2020.12.29-13.52.25:157][232]LogStreaming: Display: Flushing async loaders. [
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  3. Some details. With Rifted mode released requiring multiple players to work together to complete a rifted build, I enticed some of my old DD1 friends to return. With the recent steam sale I purchased two copies for them and one for a boost monk. One friend executes perfectly. Joined my game in massacre hardcore rifted survival on Ancient Mines right after he completed the tutorial and hit 76 waves 23-25. Awesome, we can start farming his gear. My second friend played solo today and reached 18, clearing through Tornado Valley. When joining my game he gets booted to tavern. We try ever
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  4. There was a transfer between what they labelled 'legacy' and what we have now. Probably what happene to you. There was a transfer tool, not sure if that can be done in the backend. Pop onto Discord, which is where Chromatic communicate, this forum is largely only for us old timers.
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