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    @SantanzChild Oh man, that's really unfortunate, Would you mind sending me your order information in a private message on either the forums or Discord, so we can look into getting this fixed.
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    While I am suspicious of this for many reasons that aren't making sense, saying DD2 is a dying game means DDA is also in the same boat. Multiple times through DDA's very short lifespan of many updates it has fallen below DD2 and once was below DD1 in concurrent player count and it stayed that way for a while each time, so in that respect an update for DD2 would be good because it doesn't bottom out as low as DDA. Keep in mind that player count is PC only, so including the console players in that count means DD2 is doing far better than DDA right now and the previous times DDA was below DD2. I also think they either said or mentioned something about not allowing cross saving from PC to the other platforms for a short period after the consoles get their release so they have a chance to get their progression without PC players ruining it but once they do allow that the PC count will probably plummet in DDA. tl;dr - Im suspicious of this move Augi made, but if DD2 is in a dying state then DDA is as well
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    How long ago did you submit your request?
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    The healing of the healing aura is very bad, but the healing has another effect which is really good: inside the healing aura you can't get webbed by spiders.
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    Yeah healing auras are good because of the spider protection, it's just that the healing is awful and the healing is supposedly the primary function of it.
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    Got my first physical reward delivered today after USPS losing it for a few weeks. Signed poster completely ruined. Really a shame was a nice poster too.
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