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    The issue happens when ever you use a overclock beam on the DST at this time, We have a fix coming for the DPS calculation to correctly display when buffed. As far as any claims about the tower being nerfed, There was absolutely no change in actual DPS for the tower, It attacks at the same rate as before, and does the same damage too. The DPS on the tooltip will be lower and the attack rate will be slower to account for the windup time of the attack animation as stated in the patchnotes but this change will result in more accurate DPS calculations once the buffing issue is addressed.
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    I can say that if shards that change how a tower functions come in then i wouldn't want them to be for only the dd2 towers, this would need to be a game wide addition, and would honestly hope that each hero would get at least one shard for one of their towers, but preferably all towers have at least one shard when introduced.
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    Well I am not sure if I am noob or something here, but I play whole time solo. First i need to complete every map solo and then i will join groups for XP and to get some farm. I play DD franchise for many many years and I do not think that massacre either campaign or survival is easy. It was very challenging for me mainly Summit on campaign before 1.1 and also now survival to beat Demon lord is not piece of cake man. Not after nerf. Look at the playerbase - I think like 80 percent are below Massacre difficulty and most of hosted games are Alchemy labs or Royal Gardens. So clearly you are a small percentage of high tier players - who probably invested enormous amount of time to master this game. You have to look at it from both sides - for some people who are talented on this type of games or just spend enough time figuring things out it is easy and no matter what Chromatic do it will be easy for you. If there will be endless system something like Onslaught in DD2 you can proove everyone how good you are, until then it will be easy content because you mastered the aspects of game. So my end point is - For some people this game is easy but it is usually very small percentage of player base - for others its hard man, look at the steam forum or discord what kind of elementary questions people ask. Its completely normal. Cheers
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