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    I was hoping they'd have brought more of DD2's positive influences into the game. Sure, DD2 has flaws. Big ones. But it had a lot of cool ideas and improvements, too. The Huntress's Poison Dart Tower (I will forever miss those, and was extremely sad when I learned they didn't make the DDA cut), Weapon Manufacturers (an amazing idea, but balanced in such a way that the original intended weapon was obsolete. If it could be balanced to either use the weapon itself, such as in the form of a manufactured turret that fires it, or to have the weapon be worth picking up, it would be a fun and unique defense that would be super fun to play with), Earthshatter Towers, Sky Guards, and a bunch of other awesome defenses that would have been great mixed in with some of DD1's defenses. Instead, everything seems to just be a carbon copy of their DD1 versions, which just doesn't feel satisfying. Why bring back the same meta that people had already mastered? This was an opportunity for a new meta, a new balance... but alas.
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    Is there anything to speak of? We're approaching a year from the initial promised release date, and I haven't heard a peep about it since April. I was extremely excited for that version, and it's the reason I backed the game. Even went the extra mile and pledged enough cash for VIP status. But today I got an email talking about a new patch, and I read through the whole thing. I saw new content, even a glimpse of Captain Dreadbones, which actually looks pretty sweet. But then, not so much as a whisper of console support. I had a lot of faith in this title, but I haven't seen anything alluding to the Switch or ps4 releases in months. I want to stay positive, but it is becoming difficult to do so. I dropped a lot of money on that kickstarter and now it feels like us console players are being ghosted. For over a year how I haven't had any rewards other than some cool gold skins on DD2. I have some physical rewards, too, but those havent been shipped yet since again, no word of release date. Even just a blurb saying "don't worry, we haven't forgotten, but we're still working on it!" would be lovely. Maybe an email to us backers giving a progress report of some sort. Is it almost ready? Did you hit a roadblock? Do you have an actual progress report? Please. Something, anything, so that I know my faith and my money weren't misplaced. And don't underestimate the value of an email sent to backers with similar concerns. A lot of us would feel extremely relueved to know we weren't forgotten. We don't need constant updates, but maybe a monthly email about the current status of that release would be nice. We've been watching people playing DDA for months now wondering when we'll finally get a chance to get our hands on it. Please, don't keep us in the dark.
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    We are actively working on the Switch every day, its a tough challenge packing our game into the wonder that is the Switch, so the game needs to be well optimized to ensure that it runs smoothly. We've been getting some assistance from Nintendo and Unreal to help us reach that point and are making progress towards that. With that said, once we submit the game for certification and get the thumbs up from Nintendo to release, we will have a date to bring to the community, but unfortunately until that point we don't know.
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    The fact PC players are getting expanded heroes before consoles even get the base game is offputting. And no updates at all is very concerning. The promises made in the Kickstarter campaign and what is being delivered are growing more apart every day. And us Xbox and PS4 players still have an exclusive window to look forward too.....
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    Back Story: This project began before my CDT endeavor and the original idea was to make a different version of DD1 that I wanted to play. Since many of you have may have heard there won't be anymore official updates for the game (content wise) in the near or distant future I decided to pick up this project again. Changes: Backing off the statement above to achieve this goal a lot of changes were made. Examples: New Difficulty New Barbarian Towers New Equipment Qualities New Items New Player Abilities / Revamped existing abilities New Maps Complete Tower Balance Changes Quality Of Life (Inventory sorting , boss timer skip , and ect to name a few) Bug Fixes Graphical / networking upgrades and many many more... For the full list of changes that I have made Here. Download: We will be handling download links and other stuff in the DD1 Redux Discord https://discord.gg/tnkEwf6 Information for Total Conversions/Mods: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/19717-dungeon-defenders-development-kit-basic-overview/
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    Thanks! That's literally all I wanted. Just an "it's still happening". I started to have concerns when I saw new characters and such being added before I and others even had a chance to touch the base game. It helps a lot just to hear a dev say "we haven't forgotten", and that's all I was asking for, for now.
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    DD1 - Released Oct 2011 DDE - Released Jun 2014 DD2 - Released Jun 2017 DDA - Released Feb 2020 DD3 - Released ... Alright, I'll see you all around June 2023!
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    Defenders, Nat “Higgsbosonic” here, wanted to bring you an update regarding our next patch! 1.1 Patch Update The Update 1.1 patch is going to be released in August. We’ve seen a few comments regarding the patch arriving in July and that it has been delayed. This post is the first official statement regarding the patch and its timeline. This is a standard content patch and not a paid DLC. There are only two places for official announcements: the news posts on our website, and the Chromatic Games Dev streams (at twitch.tv/chromatic_games). Anything outside of that should not be considered official information, even if it comes from an official dev. We know you are eagerly awaiting this patch and we're working at full capacity (without crunch) to bring you high-quality patches and content for DD:A. We care about our team and do everything we can to take care of them as we continue to make DD:A the game greater and greater with each update. We do not want to rush out patches or content. We are ruthlessly testing and incorporating the community during the entire process. Every week our RQA team and Ethereal Calvary which are all community members playtest our latest build and provide feedback. They help us find bugs and the fun! We thank all those who dedicate their time to us now, and in the future. So what’s in it? There has already been a lot of information shared with the community about what is going to be in the patch in terms of features. I wanted to gather all of that in one place, confirm its existence and provide a few shiny screenshots. Please note, not everything included in Update 1.1 is listed on this post. Massacre Survival Yes, it is on its way, we’ve been spending an immense amount of time to make sure this game mode feels right. Provide a challenge, proper progression curve, and rewarding loot. This is just the beginning of the late game and we hope you enjoy the challenge! Skyward Challenges Two new challenges await you! Take towards the sky as you tackle these new adventures in Tornado Valley and Promenade. Invade airships, defeat the ship captain, and dodge deadly mortar barrage; or play capture the flag against Copters of both the goblin and Ogre variety, meanwhile, there are missiles set to stun kill. EV-A* An old robot-friend has found her way into DD:A. Series EV is a beloved hero from the franchise, we wanted to bring her to DD:A along with her reflect and buff beams ^^. Something a little extra to help deal with the challenges that await in Massacre Survival and beyond. *Hero name subject to change ;) Abilities: Decoy Proton Charge Defenses (All the Beams): Proton beam Physical beam Reflect beam Shock beam Buff beam Dual Weapon Equip: Gain stats from both weapons Only one weapon can be used at a time Huntress and Apprentice weapons only Check out some EV-A Gameplay over at JuiceBags Youtube channel! Inventory Oh, inventory management, where do I begin… Well, there was once a dev named Philtermancer, he was a wise engineer, privy to the plight of inventory management time sinks that plagued the community. His trusty friends Sir Sean “Shoryu” Ryan the UX wizard and Magister Mario “Luvcraft” Machado UI Art master devised a most wonderful solution. In Update 1.1 you are bestowed the blessed bag filters, making your adventures in Etheria easier, the end. Inventory Filter Bags: New additional filters: Fancy new tooltips: There are additional features and changes coming your way in our 1.1 patch as well as hundreds of bug fixes. Come say hello and chat about the upcoming content in our Discord! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Just watched Juicebags video on EV, and I'm really disheartened to see that it is basically a tit-for-tat copy of DD1's EV. No improvements or lessons learned, including the most disappointing part: an immediate shift to a buff beam meta. It is another direct copy from DD1 without even any attempt at something original. This gives continued evidence that DDA is in fact just a copy of DD1 minus 90% of the content. Instead of CG using their valuable dev time to create unique and original content, they are squandering it to attempt to play catch up with DD1, who is still many years ahead in terms of content. I don't want DD1's EV. I don't want a meta centered around a buff beam. Instead, I want an EV that combines the best of both DD1 and DD2, and tosses her own unique flair in the game. Reflect beam is a great defense, and a staple to her arsenal. Maybe have another go at the weapon manufacturer. Instead of making it a damaging tower, return to its original design of being a pickup-based defense. Crank up the damage of the nukes and let EV shine at burst damage. How satisfying would that be to have a weapon manufacturer build a nuke throughout a wave, and give you the ability to one-shot a couple ogres no sweat? Give us a brand new tower that we've never seen before Give EV her own weapons, otherwise EV will always be at odds with apprentice and huntress at who uses staves/guns better. If THIS was the EV that was announced, I would be a lot more excited. I don't want parity to DD1. I want a new take at a tower defense RPG with DD1 core game mechanics.
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    Thanks. I played OMD, but it was recently pulled from the server, so no longer playable. I remember seeing another tower RPG game on PS4, but i cannot remember the name. I'll keep looking and share if i find it.
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    Sanctum 2 came out on PS3 Orcs Must Die! Unchained is apparently on PS4 The rest don't seem to be on any PS device
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    some time after switch release, the game will launch on other consoles aswell
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    Does it still drop from Dawn of the Blood Moon or is it forgotten by everyone?
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    Yeah... I've been constantly farmin for a 5 days and got one for the huntress. But will still continue to farm as I want to make a semi nuke monk. Really tired of looking at Deathwing and any other polearms Thanks for the luck!
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    I had that same thought! If he’s back, I wonder who else we’ll see? I mean the Harbinger DID escape. Will we see him again? What about some of the other incursion bosses? That would great! Hey Devs....will you turn the shock beam into the weapon manufacturer with stun ability? Pretty please? With beans on top? We need the atomic missiles back! Haha! It’ll be better to shoot down these new air ships and the return of Captain Dreadbones.
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    I feel ya. I was looking forward to being able to sync my Switch and PS4 profiles so I could play DDA on the go and at home using the same data. The radio silence was the worst part. The delay is annoying, but honestly understandable (considering Nintendo's demanding policies regarding third parties, AND the fact that COVID has caused just about everything to slow down), it's the lack of any sort of mention that was most concerning of all. I just want some tidbit so that I can keep being hopeful until the day comes I can finally play.
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    Are you talking about the Skyguard tower, as that is Monk's only tower. Rest are auras. Are you using power, speed, and range shards? All maxed out? Have you gilded them yet? Mods also helo, but you won't see that in tower stats. Anti mods add a lot of enemy power as well.
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    This is exactly how I and the other 4 people that I convinced to back the game feel. Any update is better than no update.
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    Players assumed you were releasing something in July based on the roadmap you published. https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com/ This used to have dates and they said July. Also the previous roadmap posted for Q2 has not been finished however Q2 has come and gone and items on that roadmap were also missed. So stating where players got the idea for the dates is kind of concerning. More internal communication should happen as it feels like your "not sure" where us players get these crazy ideas! Go figure. Looking forward to the update though but still it's short on what was talked about for Q2 but heading in the right direction.
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    Palo is correct. They all still drop on the incursion stage. Just remember that drop rates are low. I've farmed for hours and not seen 1 of the 4 ever drop in that stretch. But...these realy are just for collectors as there is nothing special, gameplay wise speaking, about these 4 weapons. Good luck!
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    My problem with shards is that basic critical stats and fun extras use the same slots, so if you want to play with what shards you have, you will take huge losses in power, speed (thus overall DPS), and/or range - all critical to gameplay. The replaced shard needs to be as beneficial as what is removed or you took a loss, especially on maps where DU is tight. I wish stats shards and gameplay shards took different slots. That way you have the power and can change up how the tower plays. That or more DU, but most of us would likely just add more power in that case... I love gameplay shards, a lot, but rarely are they good enough to sacrifice the basic 3 stat shards, so the vast majority of mine sit in the vault.
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    DDA is not in early access, it has been OFFICIALLY released. It might still feel like EA due to the missing content, but it is not. Regarding the age of DDA vs DD1, sure DDA is younger, but it was meant to be a remake of DD1, the age should not matter.
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    Considering that DD2 has more concurrent players than DD1 and DDA combined, and considering that DD2 has a better review score than DDA, I wouldn't call DD2 a failure. Sure, it didn't reach critical acclaim like DD1 did, but neither has DDA. In fact, I'd submit that DDA's lack of critical acclaim is precisely because it refuses to stray from DD1.
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    A reliable source told me that the more you ask the more they delay the update
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    Fantastic analysis gigazelle. When I heard the EV announcement I was excited for a new hero, but seeing the wording of "bringing back the EV" is a massive red flag. I'm really hoping that the reason they haven't announced any details publicly about the EV is because they're considering going in a different direction with her other than just a direct port, and they aren't certain yet... But I'm not confident about that at all, and I am prepared to be very disappointed. DDA's biggest flaw for me right now is that when I recommend dungeon defenders to my friends, I tell them to just buy the first one. There's no reason for me not to tell them that. I really hope that changes soon.
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    Just caught up on this thread. I haven't been involved in the DDA scene for a while, but allow me to share my perspective on a few different things. Bottom line (TL;DR): DDA played it too safe by copying too many elements of DD1, and it suffers from the exact same flaws that DD1 has. They had an opportunity to improve upon the original design of the game, but didn't. Fun fact, when DD1 was very first released, nightmare difficulty was not initially on their roadmap. Due to the success of the game, they wanted to introduce more content, and more difficult content. However, there was a major problem: the stat scaling and number crunching was designed for insane difficulty being the cap. If they wanted to allow stats to go higher, those stats had to be treated differently. This is why in Nightmare you have hugely nerfed projectile speed, crazy different health scaling, pet buffs, DPS nerf, and a whole slew of other major balance changes compared to insane. One of the most confusing game design decisions I've ever seen is why CG opted to intentionally include these tacked-on balance changes in DDA as well. They had an incredible opportunity to rebalance this game for a smooth progression curve from start to finish (easy to massacre), and they instead opted to include the awkward insane to nightmare transition again. This is just one of the many red flags that indicate that CG is just trying the whole "you can copy my homework answers but change it up a little so it doesn't look like you copied from me". DD1 and DDA are just too similar - you can't avoid comparing them. On one hand, you have all the same core game mechanics down to the precise amount of XP gained per map being identical between DD1 and DDA. On the other hand, DDA isn't technically a remaster of DD1, so they left out almost a decade's worth of content. So you have DDA in this weird limbo of "It's DD1! ...But it's sorta not", creating this never-ending controversy. If DDA was different enough from DD1, we wouldn't see the content comparison argument. But the fact stands: DD1 and DDA are too similar not to be compared. CG tried straddling the two sides of "remaster DD1" and "make a brand new game", and honestly ended up getting the brunt end of both sides. If CG had simply stuck to one side or another of "DD1 remastered" or "Brand new game with new heroes, towers, enemies, and maps", we would see a lot more pleasant reception from all parties. CG could have stuck to the core mechanics of DD1 and given us a new defending experience with new abilities, towers, enemies, and maps. I feel like this would have been the best of both worlds. This is what I also communicated in my review of the game, which aggravatingly got a literal canned response from the developers (still salty about that btw). Unless CG makes some major revisions to their roadmap, I don't expect much progress here. In fact, the only reason why DDDK exists is because Trendy had a bit of extra time prior to DD1's initial release. While I would absolutely love a DDA SDK (enough so that I'd consider getting back in the game to take a crack at making content), I don't think it's very high on CG's priority list.
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    Events Team still doing this, SMH.
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    Here are my thoughts on boosting: Boost aura (40DU) and buff beam (60DU) are not worth it unless they are boosted by destructive pylon. I would advise against putting destructive pylon on boost aura or buff beam. If you equip destructive pylon on the boost tower itself, it's convenient to have a single boost tower but you're missing out on a chunk of DPS. Even then, buff beam at 60DU isn't worth it a lot of the time. However, I have found that equipping unique power and unique CD mods on a buff beam gives it enough kick to make the 60DU worth it. The downside is that you only get one. But at 60DU a pop, you typically can't afford more than one anyway. It's definitely not part of my cookie cutter build, but rather an onslaught build where different lanes need differing amounts of attention. Overall, be cognizant of the DU you spend boosting vs the DU you spend placing towers. Two flame auras + buff beam will drastically underperform compared to just summoning 4 flame auras. However, If you have 4 earthshatters and 2 skyguards that cover two different lanes, a buff beam would do a ton better than just adding another earthshatter. Radiant power not only applies to DPS towers, but also applies to boost aura and buff beams. If you use both a boost aura and buff beam in a build, you get even more of a damage increase. Destructive pylon works best on inexpensive towers. Examples include proton beam, serpents coil, snaking sands, or LSA. I personally use proton beam for trap/aura/node builds, and serpents coil for tower builds (e.g. PDT, earthshatter, skyguard, etc).
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    Iron Brigade is another example, sort of a steampunk/military action td game. Even though it's fairly different, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD might scratch the same itch and it's on sale for $0.51 right now.
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    Just as the title says, I got kicked by the 2 same people twice. Not sure of the first time since we failed the run but second time they came into the same map (Isle of Dread, Dark Awakening) then kicked me out my own map. Since this is a possibility, I wanted to give feedback if it’s possible. Please make it so that when you Create your own map, make it so there’s a party leader that Can Kick without having to vote. Nor be kicked out of the party you started first for that matter. I would love to avoid trolls that can do this. I play a game to have fun and not get annoyed.
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    Really good idea I have had this problem before I created the own map and all the build was mine then 2 guys just kicked me from it. Maybe make it so the person who made the map cant be kicked.
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    Typical examples are Sanctum (which has a sequel) and Orcs Must Die (also with a sequel). I rather enjoyed Fortified, though don't expect to see anyone else ever playing it.
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    I agree with your arguments, but its too soon to be talking about the amount of players and the amount of content in dda. DDA is still in early accsess wich means that the game is not complete. Is simply not done. If you want a finished product you dont buy the game at early accsess, you wait until they remove early accsess and then play. One of the big differences with dd1 and dda is that dda is server based, this means its much harder to cheat in the game. I think there is no cheaters in dda. If you want to cheat in dd1 you can simply download cheat engine or a program that simply lets you change a players and items stats easally. dda is a better version than dd1 in so many ways and of course worse in some ways like trading and shops and as of right now, but it will improve in the future. Remember that dd1 is like 9 years old or something and dda is a couple months old.
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