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    Giant glowy nesso probably looks something like this
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    Have you ever wanted your own item in the game? This is your chance to make it happen When making my "Event Items" thread I noticed that it's been a long time since a "Design your event item" contest happened. I got the green light to do another one and I feel like the community would be happy with it as well. The contest will last between 1-2 months, so you have plenty of time to come up with an idea and design your item. I'll reply to this thread announcing when you have one week left to submit your items. I'll reply again when the submissions are closed. Items posted after the period is over won't be eligible, no matter how cool they are. You can look at the old threads to see how people posted their ideas and what ideas they had here and here. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO 1. Pick an item in game (you can't suggest items that don't exist such as Old One on a Treadmill) that the event item will be modeled after 2. Pick a new name, description, raised by, upgrade level 3. Pick out new colors for the event, this can include how shiny you may want the item to be. (You can even choose the size of the item) 4. Pick stats for the item. Pick what stats the item has, how high the stats are, ect. (You can even change the swing speed of melee weapons to if you would like) You can post the item in the following ways: You can either create the item on your own using the public DDDK (there's a small guide at the end of the post) and post a screenshot of the item stats + it equipped / on ground, Post a edited photo as Pjtor did Post your item idea as text (we need the information above) Message me with your idea and I can help make it an item and you post the image (you'll need to know everything required in advance or I won't be able to help). After Aug 3 You may need to provide your save file if you're one of the winners to make things easier on the event team if you made the item on your own. RESTRICTIONS 1. The item can not have profanity, anything inappropriate or copyrighted names. In short anything that would cause trouble for the event team 2. The item will have to pass a "OP" filter. You can suggest whatever you want but know that the actual item may not end up as strong as you may have wanted it. 3. If the item is too similar to something we already have (i.e. Rainmaker 2.0 - A new op DPS staff that only changes the base weapon) it won't be considered. You can do new Armguards or reuse pets that already got a event item based on them, just need to give them a twist / new use. REWARDS The most creative item will be a reward for the next event. It will be chosen by the event team as a whole, but there may be more than one winner. Likes on the post may have a small influence on voting, but due to potential abuse they're not the selection method. As a bonus the winner will also receive a Final Patch. How to make items For those interested in submitting an idea, it's not quite so hard as needing the skills to "model" an item. All you have to do is type cheat codes*** inside the Dungeon Defender's Development Kit (free download under Tools in your Steam library) to change item characteristics. I will try to list a concise set of steps here that resourceful people could get set up. You can follow this guide to get DDDK up and running to make old items (as in anything before Tinkerer's Lab): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1228264209 1. Download the Dungeon Defender's Development Kit in the Tools section of your Steam library. 2. Navigate to the directory where you have DD installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\Binaries) then go to Binaries/Win32/DunDefDevelopment.exe 3. This is the test/development version of the game that comes with the DDDK, plays like the regular game but with chat commands. When you click on the program it will show you the typical launch screen to DD. Do not go into the configure options, just click play. If it asks you to rebuild scripts, click yes. It will get most of the way there then come up with a warning saying it didnt build correctly because of scrips added by the CDT and the DDDk being outdated. Close out of it and launch the EXE again. When it asks you again click no this time. 4. To get inside your tavern type "loadlevel LobbyLevel". From there you can use the normal level select menu to go to other maps. 5. You will start with a blank save, so use chat commands to get items. If you start typing in chat they will list autocomplete options. You will want to know "dolevelvictory" (to get end of map rewards), "killallenemies", "godall" to start getting items and "setherolevel" to be able to equip higher tier items. Type them in the chat without quotes. 6. Once you have an item, most item modifying commands start with "setequipment ". Drop the item on the ground and while looking at the item so it's info pops up on screen type these commands to modify it. For example, I can change the hero damage of a weapon by looking at it and typing "setEquipmentHeroStatValue 3 999". This set's 3rd hero stat(hero damage iirc) to 999. setequipmentstatvalue 0 Ranged 1 melee 2 elemental 3 sps 4 clip size 5 reload 6 knockback 7 charge 8 blocking 9 projectiles 10 proj speed Pet 0 melee 1 Ranged 2 additional elemental dmg 3 attack speed 4 boost 5 Range 6 Defense resistance boost 7 Defense Range Boost 8 blocking dmg resistance 9 Num heroes boosted 10 proj speed setequipmentqualityindex 19 (for ult++) setequipmentherostatvalue 1-10 (for hero stat values) setequipmentmaxlevel 456 (sets max ups to 456) setequipmentsellable 0 (0 to prevent sell; 1 to sell) settimedilation (speeds up map time) setequipmentlevelrequirement (for max level rquirement) 6. Other useful commands are "setTimeDilation" and "duplicateItem" ***This is a development tool, these "cheat codes" are there because they were useful in testing the game(they really do help). This will not affect or work in your regular steam copy of Dungeon Defenders. But hey, while you've got the DDDK downloaded why not try to make an event map or two:) EDIT: Forgot to add this. Here's a map that has all items in the public DDDK available. Just download it, place it under "UDKGame\Content\Maps" then when in game type "loadlevel TestMap3" and you should be able to just pick them up instead of having to go through the maps
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    Concept: The idea is playing with words, somewhat of a pun between "dicing" as playing with dices (refering that are the scaling numbers) and "dicing" as in slicing (refering that are the colors, high damage and choosen pet). The pet would have only 4 stats for visual purposes of the numbers. The 20 used for upgrades and in the description are a reference to tabletop RPGs to reinforce the theme of playing with dices. Item: Harpoon Pet Size: as big as Mr. Crackers. Pet colors: Main color black. Secondary color dark red. Name: The One Who Dices Description: <color:255,0,0>Dicing</color> and <color:255,255,255>Dicing</color>, He forever strives towards the 20... Mana Cost: 987654300 Raised by: <color:75,0,0>Mv Base damage: 45678 Shots per second: 9 Projectile speed: 87654 Hero HP: 123 Hero damage: 456 Skill 2: 654 Tower range: 321 Upgrades: 20 / 20
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    I'm going to scream about the build timers until the end of time. They're not fun. They're anti-fun. They are harbingers of a deep and primal anxiety. They kill my ability to plan strategically in any way, because I can only meet the timers when I already know ahead of time what to build, and even then it's a stretch. The joy I get from carefully designing and plotting my defense so that it's just right is ripped away from me. They are bizarrely and unnecessarily biased against solo players. Campaign becomes a chore that I have to get through if I want to unlock the fun modes. And what's it all for, I tell you!? What do the build timers even add to the game!? What twisted soul is hunched behind their keyboard saying "I don't know how I could enjoy this game if I wasn't under arbitrary time pressure"!? I've never met them, and I hope I never have to. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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    Just caught up on this thread. I haven't been involved in the DDA scene for a while, but allow me to share my perspective on a few different things. Bottom line (TL;DR): DDA played it too safe by copying too many elements of DD1, and it suffers from the exact same flaws that DD1 has. They had an opportunity to improve upon the original design of the game, but didn't. Fun fact, when DD1 was very first released, nightmare difficulty was not initially on their roadmap. Due to the success of the game, they wanted to introduce more content, and more difficult content. However, there was a major problem: the stat scaling and number crunching was designed for insane difficulty being the cap. If they wanted to allow stats to go higher, those stats had to be treated differently. This is why in Nightmare you have hugely nerfed projectile speed, crazy different health scaling, pet buffs, DPS nerf, and a whole slew of other major balance changes compared to insane. One of the most confusing game design decisions I've ever seen is why CG opted to intentionally include these tacked-on balance changes in DDA as well. They had an incredible opportunity to rebalance this game for a smooth progression curve from start to finish (easy to massacre), and they instead opted to include the awkward insane to nightmare transition again. This is just one of the many red flags that indicate that CG is just trying the whole "you can copy my homework answers but change it up a little so it doesn't look like you copied from me". DD1 and DDA are just too similar - you can't avoid comparing them. On one hand, you have all the same core game mechanics down to the precise amount of XP gained per map being identical between DD1 and DDA. On the other hand, DDA isn't technically a remaster of DD1, so they left out almost a decade's worth of content. So you have DDA in this weird limbo of "It's DD1! ...But it's sorta not", creating this never-ending controversy. If DDA was different enough from DD1, we wouldn't see the content comparison argument. But the fact stands: DD1 and DDA are too similar not to be compared. CG tried straddling the two sides of "remaster DD1" and "make a brand new game", and honestly ended up getting the brunt end of both sides. If CG had simply stuck to one side or another of "DD1 remastered" or "Brand new game with new heroes, towers, enemies, and maps", we would see a lot more pleasant reception from all parties. CG could have stuck to the core mechanics of DD1 and given us a new defending experience with new abilities, towers, enemies, and maps. I feel like this would have been the best of both worlds. This is what I also communicated in my review of the game, which aggravatingly got a literal canned response from the developers (still salty about that btw). Unless CG makes some major revisions to their roadmap, I don't expect much progress here. In fact, the only reason why DDDK exists is because Trendy had a bit of extra time prior to DD1's initial release. While I would absolutely love a DDA SDK (enough so that I'd consider getting back in the game to take a crack at making content), I don't think it's very high on CG's priority list.
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    https://imgur.com/a/mGZ8MKq Will post my actual entries later and with details ofc.
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    While I agree with the post above on a lot of things, I'm still very glad they decided to do a proper remake of one of my favorite games of all time after the mishap that was DDE. I have been loving my time with DDA so far even if it has fallen short of some of its promises. Hoping that a proper update to the grinding in Mass Survival combined with player trading can turn this community into what DD1 once was. Fingers Crossed! :)
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    -auto loot based on item power -certain enemies shots are too direct and dont allow enough room for dodging imo, for example ogre spitballs, demon lord fireball, spider webs, goblin copters -stuck enemies very frequently, spiders targeting crystals -ogre aggro is very spastic, i mean seriously if a blockade goes down you know you cant win at that point because he will just head straight towards the crystal with no way to try to aggro him yourself unless your stats are already inflated and you can facetank him because if you move 2 feet away from him he will just ignore you -some goblin copter paths and drop points feel very poor -summit nmhc has way too many goblin copters especially during the boss fight, goblin copters; make your towers miss them, drop in an ogre, seek out players way too hard, shoot missiles that take a lot of effort to dodge, fly, have high hp. -no good way to differentiate copter ogre and normal spawned ogres -level locking difficulties when you can literally just join someone else even if you dont have the level requirement -enemies should immediately be removed from your map upon to not clutter the map up with useless info -can i see xp to lvl up? -cant skip boss or end of mission cutscenes when u press it too early or something -pressing t to change the tower view changes it for each character and you have to press t again to change it back for each one -defense autoheal after each wave or atleast trap recharge please? -northernmost ogre coptre on promenade isnt possible to damage until its pretty much already at the drop zone
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    I played DDA again for the first time in about a month this weekend and it was fun. It was fun because I deleted my team of level 100s, all my gear, and started again. I suspected when I moved my team over from legacy that the game would no longer be fun, and I was right. I’m not sure why I thought that and I’m not entirely sure why was true for me, but my desire to play evaporated at the inauspicious launch. …honestly it might be related to campaign build timers on Massacre, see below. 😊 So in an effort to reignite my interest, I started up the team fresh with nothing but the generous 35 billion gold from the legacy transfer and all the maps unlocked. I really enjoyed the progression. Just as much as I had the first time (the first DDA time). I played the Deeper Well on medium, then hard, then beat the campaign on hard (losing at the Ramparts several times and the Summit twice along the way) and then Insane, where we're currently stuck on Glitterhelm. Seeing my team establish and keep a nice distance between their levels and the recommended levels we were beating was gratifying, and though the slog for even mediocre gear was more grindy and with fewer “Oh, nice, I can really use that!” moments than I’d have wanted (especially after beating the Demon Lord to find that the reward weapon wasn’t as good as something I found lying around on the ground on the next map), it was enough fun to fill 16 hours from Friday through yesterday, and I don’t regret a single moment. The team is currently level 48-58, and we really have no answer for multiple 650k ogres @ Glitterhelm on Insane. So I’ll probably take some time out from my Campaign-exclusive run and grind some xp and gear the next few times I play. I’m looking forward to it. I wanted to share some thoughts with you all while they were fresh in my mind. I speak solely for myself about all of the following items. Feel free to agree, disagree, or ignore as you see fit. 😊 The Chromatic Roadmap is a bit of a disappointment. Not that the items on it don’t have merit, but the glaring lack of a new map sticks out like a sore thumb. Unless it’s being kept under wraps (which is a bad idea) or the vague “Moon” reference refers to a new map, there appear to be no plans for new maps or story progression. I get that the game wasn’t complete at launch, but I’d much rather have a new map, never seen before in any DD game, than literally anything on the roadmap except for controller support. It’s complete absence from the roadmap is unsettling. If I were the business manager @ Chromatic, I would double-down on making this game as awesome as DD1 was and make no mention whatsoever of any futuristic thoughts that could deter people from considering this game to be the franchise for years to come. Just the notion that a Chromatic staff person mentioned DD3 earlier today on these forums makes me queasy. If DDA turns out to be a transitional step between DD2 and DD3, then sure, let it play out that way. But a lot of good and uncertain things have to happen on the business side for it to turn out that way, and I wouldn't make a habit of mentioning it. Anything that calls Chromatic's commitment to or focus on this game into question will just cause uncertainty to players about whether it's worth their time. It's true that Chromatic is not Trendy. It's also true that my ex-wife at age 47 is not the same person as she was at age 25. That does not change the fact that lots and lots of promises were made and broken. People don't forget that. Chromatic needs to be careful about allowing new character classes to break the existing maps’ challenge/fun/progression. If the Series EV (or worse, the Summoner) is as OP as they were in the original, they’ll obviate the existing character classes. Part of the beauty of the game is that you’re (usually) not absolutely obligated to use any particular character class (except maybe a huntress) in order to succeed. I’d really like to see it stay that way. I think we should avoid any new difficulty/map that can’t be beaten without a Series EV, for example, (or that an EV makes it so much easier that trying it without one makes no sense). I’m vehemently opposed to Mistymire, Moraggo, Aquanos, and Sky City being the progression of the DDA storyline. This is supposedly a new game. Re-usability of code and nostalgia aside, DDA already has a disproportionately high number of maps that have been included in previous games. Though I would love to see Aquanos in particular as a bonus map (favorite map ever with Moraggo and Ramparts rounding out the top three), I think it’s important that new maps be new. Entirely new. And prioritized higher than is being done according to the roadmap. I have no problem whatsoever paying a premium price for DLC, just make it worth it. $10-15 for one awesome new map and its associated challenge is not unreasonable. If you build it, they will come. And, again. DD3 will never exist if DDA is not robust and complete. The Campaign Build timers on Lava Mines, Glitterhelm, and Ramparts are too short; I’d suggest increasing all of them (every wave, all three maps) by 30 seconds. Those maps are just no longer fun, and several other campaign maps feel like there’s never time to place defenses semi-carefully, repair anything, evaluate/pick up gear, or enjoy the experience of playing. Co-op or not, the game needs to be enjoyable for solo players. If I have the gear and the game experience to beat Lava Mines on Massacre, I don’t want the timer to be the reason I can’t do it. It feels cheap and contrived. I can’t even tell you how many times I had to try it that first weekend. It was terrible! I did finally win. 😊 Someone from Chromatic should provide an update on how things are every two weeks, on this site, whether there is any meaningful progress or not. Just stop in and say hello. “Hey, this week the office is no longer flooded and folks are settling into working from home”. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or ten pages long. It doesn’t even have to be about the game. But for it to exist would be nice. Have whoever writes it to be available to chat with the players occasionally for a day or two after it’s posted. Those are my thoughts as I’ve returned to Etheria, yet again this weekend. It does, by and large, still feel like home. 😊 TL;DR - I stopped playing in June, came back, started from scratch. It's fun again; the progression works well. I have thoughts about the future that I wanted to share and I've intentionally said some provocative things to allow the forum users to discuss if they choose.
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    Limit it to 1-3 items, otherwise one person can end up cluttering the thread
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    Please send me another message, I get dozens of messages a day and sometimes I lose track of some. If you wish to go a different route, you can email Support@Chromatic.Games with your issues.
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    Let's Be Honest DDA have potential to be the best Tower Defence game of all time , but it need real work to reach that point But the main focus of the Game is perfect really , and the lack of contant and splitscreen problems can be easly fixed by the devs, after that it's just some glitches every 2 weeks or so the main thing is the core of the game is really good
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    Patience may be a virtue, but being lied to and accepting it isn't. As they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. And when it come to DDA, there sure has been a lot of fooling people, espescially the console folk.
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    DD1 was amazing and new and innovative and joyful. And if this was the first game in a new franchise, I think people would give it a lot more slack. But it isn't. It's the fourth game in a well developed franchise and is currently delivering very little compared to the first game. Hell, I'd argue that Dungeon Defenders Eternity, a game that cost $6, delivered more value than Dungeon Defenders Awakened. The only thing this game has going for it is massacre. As someone with >2000 hours in the franchise, I've always hated build timers and haven't bothered with massacre past The Deeper Well. To quote Gigazelle's review: Despite Chromatic's avid claims that this title is not a remake of DD1, in its current state this is quite literally a remake of DD1 minus 90% of the content. You have the exact same four base heroes Summoning the exact same defenses Which cost the exact same defense units and mana Killing the exact same enemies On most of the same maps. And that's the problem. This isn't the first entry into a new franchise and I don't think we should be upset when people don't treat it like it is.
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    The current state of the game is also not favorable for such a long break without any updates. Massacre campaign is out and probably beaten by a good amount of veterans already, but Massacre survival is missing. Keep in mind that the game and especially the long term motivation in a DD game is mainly driven by loot. And there is no point to overgrind the current content, when all your gear will become obsolete with the next big update. You could argue, that people might want to prepare for Massacre survival by gearing up, but exactly this gearing up process has already happened and was too fast. DD1 was extreme in this regard, maybe a bit too much, but that super lucky RNG drop was something, people could spend many many hours into. DDA is on the opposite end again, making it quite easy to get decent sets within a few runs. And - as I said - it is just not worth it to grind the last bit of stats out of the current content at the moment. In addition the shift towards hero damage and the massive nerf of tower DPS might be harmful in the long run for Massacre survival. Frankly, the balance was fine for the campaign mode - I would even say that's how the campaign mode should be - more focused on hero damage / active gameplay. But I cannot see that work well with multiple, hour long survival runs. The focus on hero damage requires (too much) active gameplay and many players, who just like to set up a relaxed farm run might not play that much then. If you want to encourage high activity from the players you also have to reward them more. This shortens the gameplay time and therefor reduces the player numbers more quickly.
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    To be fair, they have been doing pretty well in the dealing with bugs department. The game does consistently get more stable, but squashing bugs isn't enough to keep the player base coming back. I appreciate that CG is working hard on this during pandemic issues and having a pool as an office, but it was their choice to come out of beta into early access when they did. It was also their choice to do their official release when they did. It's true that no game is ever perfect, but they had a checklist of things that were expected in the finished product. When you decide to classify your game as "released" without some of those things (like local co-op), then expect players to be disappointed and frustrated. Especially when the communication with the community has been a consistent problem since the beginning. So many problems could be alleviated by simply saying something before doing something. The DD community is one of the better ones. They are passionate about the games, they can be pretty forgiving about mistakes when made right, and they can be very patient and understanding if given the opportunity. If CG says they need to delay a release, the vast majority would be fine with it. Instead, they release with missing features and the whole "Legacy" problem.
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    Hate me and other bored players all you want. I don't begrudge you your enjoyment of the game. But if you do care about the future of a game that is, as you say, still in development (despite having sold itself at a AAA price and launched to the public), then you should be concerned that players are bored. Your frustration with other players not sharing your enthusiasm doesn't change the economic reality for the studio.
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    Their new, flagship product has roughly half as many players as the years old free to play product that they themselves agree didn't work out. It barely has more players than the decade old game it's trying to usurp. For perspective, it's averaging fewer players now than it was when it was still in "early access". Maybe it isn't "dead", but it certainly isn't thriving. I'm in no position to know how much runway they have, but I'd be surprised if they don't try to start selling DLC soon. Every month that goes by, you end up with fewer people that are going to come back to buy it.
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    This is actually very sad news. I had no idea the community actually wanted to follow the same heroes in DD1. This will just mean that DDA will come to a meta where basically everything will need a buff beam and only after years of farming will players get to a point where they get gear strong enough to develop practical strategies without a buff beam. That is how DD1 went down. Is this going to be basically a verbatim repeat with slightly different maps? Where is the community mostly voicing these opinions at? Do I need to reboot my discord account to keep track of this stuff?
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    I do agree that focusing on making sure you have the right speed, and pet for that matter will make a difference in your ability to build a map. Its possible to do it with precision swapping and key pressing (for the skills that give speed boosts). I think i struggled at Lava mines, and that was my roadblock for a bit on Massacre. At the time I was working on soloing the campaign. I think hes also saying that due to the short timers you cant really enjoy the map. I agree in that regard. I too felt the timers made those maps less enjoyable to play, at least in solo. I think a timer pause would be something of a start. imo any timer pause should only be applied to nightmare or massacre only.
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    We definitively want to add new heroes in the future for DDA. We are bringing back EV first due to the overwhelming amount of requests wanting to see her come back. There have been no discussions on what DD3 will entail at this time. We have our focus completely on DDA and will be adding content to it overtime to make it the best we can before moving on to other projects. Player Trading is on our roadmap, We know it was a popular feature in previous games and so we want to bring that back, I don't have an ETA at this time but it is on our radar. We have plans for adding tons of content, Some which will be references to old games, and also some completely new things that have never been see before.
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    There's like 8 "frequent" users that you can see pop up at least once a week, but other than that, not really. It is probably correlated with the lack of content however. Kinda sad, I miss the DD1 forums and I dislike discord as a communication system.
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    But... but... DDA is a highly competitive game. I am physically hurt whenever I hear about the filthy AFK players that grinded enough, or leeched enough, to do content AFK while I can barely do it while being active
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    I agree with squire towers. I want my machine gun harpoons from DD1!
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    I'm the kind of player that will purposely lower stats just to test the limits of a build. I don't mind having to actively repair and upgrade. I just don't like using DPS characters because they can bolster non-optimal defences.
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