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    I'm all for the Switch version. Can't wait to play DD on the go!
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    Thus naming myself a "consolepeasant" earlier. I also don't understand why i play on console, PC is much better and way cooler. Have you seen that video on console graphics? Absolute shite! Just looking at it makes me sick! My prayers are with you my poor soul, in hoping they finaly fix your framerate to a 120fps, after all you didn't buy that new screen for a lousy 60 frames a second! i can blink faster than that!
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    Patience may be a virtue, but being lied to and accepting it isn't. As they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. And when it come to DDA, there sure has been a lot of fooling people, espescially the console folk.
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    My question is this, are the people that are complaining about the game being stale already the same people that cried because they lost their progress from the ALPHA? What I'm saying is, if you are, then you purposefully requested to be bored. You wanted your characters back that already had basically maxed out gear so you wouldn't have to enjoy playing the game from a fresh start and regrinding the gear. To anyone complaining that this doesn't pertain to you, then ignore this, but if it does, you asked to be bored, plain and simple. People referencing DD1, yeah it has TONS of content, that was released over years. When DD1 first came out, it didn't even have as much content as this game. Calm down folks. Play other games till stuff comes out. Patience is a virtue.
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    I would actually like to see more towers in the game have more shards than shard slots. With a couple balance passes, you could create multiple viable strategies for a single tower. I'd also submit that a lot of these shards are in fact not 100% worthless (don't get me wrong though, some of them still are lol). They're by no means reflect beam caliber, but I still occasionally will use a ballista on floor 350+ in onslaught. You're forgetting the increase you get from gilding these shards as well. Empowered bolts (gilded): 40% chance to deal full damage to all pierced enemies for the next 52 seconds. This effectively removes the damage penalty for piercing entirely. Probably don't even need to gild it to keep the 100% pierce uptime. Power bolts (gilded): 40% chance to deal 72% bonus magic damage. That's a straight-up 29% increase in DPS. Not as good as a gilded destruction shard (42%), and pretty close to non-gilded destruction (34%). But, you can stack power bolts with destruction. Puncturing bolts (gilded): You can now pierce 6 additional targets, bringing the number of pierces to 12. I don't think I've ever seen 12 enemies lined up for a shot before, so I don't anticipate seeing this shard getting used that much. Splody harpoon (gilded): 34% chance to deal 920% defense power in an explosion around the enemy. This procs for every enemy pierced. As mentioned above it also works with rollers from the front sometimes. Oily harpoon (gilded): 100% chance to oil target for 7 seconds. Ignite is worthless, unless it's against drakenlord. The valuable thing about oil though is that it slows. Stack this with boosted grasp, frostbite tower, or frosty beams, and you have enemies who are effectively pinned in place. I currently run splody harpoon + oily harpoon + defense rate shards, with unique power + unique critical + unique CD mods. The relic is currently c8 0/5, and my tavern dummy DPS is sitting at a comfortable 6.5M DPS (tier 1 with dest. pylon and boost aura, pretty standard setup). It scales pretty bad with upgrades; 9M DPS at tier 5. If I wanted to prioritize damage, I could very easily crank that up further if i replaced oily harpoon with destruction, but I use it in combination with flame auras to AFK drakenlord bosses.
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    I will never understand people with console, the primary platform regarding Dungeon defenders is on pc. I would like to think that they will realease it a little bit later than what you would expect. Me personally would like for them to use their time to make more content instead of realesing it on consoles. I know that the console game was going to be realeased among the 1.0 and that did not happen. And of course when they promise to do it qnd they dont, thats a bad thing. In all i have not heard of many games making it to consoles in early accsess. You could also consider thar the game is not on mac eather and in my view i think mac is above consoles.
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