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    Why do you assume he wants to afk then? Having no dps hero doesn't mean afking a map at all.
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    We will be releasing the rewards that haven't been handed out yet once they are ready to be released. Please keep an eye out in our news and roadmap for additional details of when they'll be released. Spamming support, the forum, and/or random forum members for the unreleased rewards will not get those rewards made any faster. This thread is now going to be closed due to the direction its headed in which a reminder that please do not use these forums to flame or bash each other.
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    We recently received all the products we need to start on those. So the physical goods are slowly getting packaged and sent out in small batches, this process is being done manually a couple people from our studio so it will take some time to get through all the orders.
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    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. Dungeon Defenders was my first game on steam 6 years ago. I played it for a while and I just decided to go back to the game to finish it! My name is Helen. Nice to meet you all.
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    Thanks. I know the discord server. I joined couple days ago!
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    Nice to meet you too. A lot of us hang out at the DDrng discord if you'd like to join that server. https://discord.gg/FE4cRCs (https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/1743355067113382667/)
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    I'm the kind of player that will purposely lower stats just to test the limits of a build. I don't mind having to actively repair and upgrade. I just don't like using DPS characters because they can bolster non-optimal defences.
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    How I do it... bring up hero deck, right click on any hero and select swap, now on the left side click on the hero you want to customize and on the right side click on the Customize Hero button, change things and click the Confirm button. gl making the changes save from game to game .
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