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    I don't now why they left early access. The game is far from done still no mass survive and most challenging are not done. A par Of the shop and trading. And more more and more.
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    Are we going to get a balance update for Massacre towers? Right now i don't use anything but auras and traps with a spike blockade with dps toon. That is meta. I beat every mass map with no apprentice towers or squire towers. shoot you don't even use squire for anything other than spike and dragon. I would like the option to build those. I just don't see how you can do wave 20-25 on mass without tower support. The Nerf to towers makes them hard to use in mass. Idk maybe im just crying but i would like that to be considered along with maybe Godly and Ultimate gear to supplement. Thanks.
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    Local coop with friends is probably the least of the developers concerns considering the Corona situation lmao
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    I never claimed you couldn't. You'll notice that there were 3 possibilities, of which liar is the final option: 1) There is legitimate issue, in which case contact support 2) Codes were already received and unsure how to use, which is fine, but ask about how you can access it instead of claiming you haven't been given anything 3) You have received codes and can use everything, at which point you've been given your bacon and eggs and are complaining that you haven't been given that dinner you were expecting to have tomorrow.
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    Ended due to sesar dropping out. Thanks to all who bid!
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