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    Hey All, Yesterday was a whirlwind for us - Our launch was an exciting culmination of a ton of work from a group of extremely talented developers, thanks to the community - 16 months is not a lot of time to develop a game as complex as Dungeon Defenders from scratch, but as we’ve messaged in the past, this is just the beginning for Awakened. The future is bright and we wanted to share a few thoughts about how we felt the launch went and how we want to move forward. What went well The response to the game itself from our community and streamers has been great. Balance, aesthetics, updates to the interface, the rewards we were able to get out- all point positive from what we’re seeing from you, the community. The momentum from the core experience and foundation is there to keep building upon, and build upon we will for the years to come! But, more on that later. What went “okay” There are still hard edges to smooth out, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Some are okay, and some are less than ideal. We know some players are being incorrectly flagged as hackers. We’re already on it (and them!). Remember to login to our ZenDesk here if you have any issues you’d like us to take a look at: support.chromatic.games Redeeming Kickstarter backer and preorder items has been a little rough. The in-game UX is less than adequate. Some codes were incorrectly sent out. We’re learning. We’ll fix it. Controller support is in a poor state. Lots of our UI’s currently suffer from this as the art has been coming in fast and hot. We’re on it, we promise. Performance optimizations are much improved from the beta / EA experience (we hope you can tell!), but there are still edge cases that are pain points for players. We’re aware and we’re on it. Translations are ‘a joke,’ let’s call it what it is. We are honoring our Kickstarter promise shortly, and our translation team will have their hands on our string tables shortly. We should have this sorted in the coming weeks. This is a high priority for us and our friends across the globe. This is probably one of the features we should have disabled until it was done properly. We’ll learn from it. What didn’t go well We realize that there has been some discussion about what 1.0 DD:A actually means as it relates to the amount of content present vs the original Dungeon Defenders. While we are happy to note that DD:A has launched with significantly more content than DD1 launched with, we understand that the perceived value of DD:A for some is less because over the course of the last 9 years, there has been continued development from not only devs but our fantastic Community Development Team (CDT) - and because there is more content in DD1 today, DD:A just doesn’t hold the same value to some players. We understand this, and it’s this feedback from the community that in part directed the move towards a price reduction for new players. We wanted the price point to more closely match where the game is at now, not where it will be 5 years from now. This didn’t go over well for a lot of you. We promised to honor our community of early adopters and advocates by promising not to touch this price. In short, we ended up fracturing your trust in us as a studio. Yesterday was an exercise for us as a team to digest and not be immediately reactive. We’re going to make it up to you, because your trust in us is extremely important - but more on that later. Legacy vs Play. We messed up here. As we got closer to 1.0, we realized that it just wasn’t possible to maintain player profiles for 1.0 for a variety of reasons - Items and gold in many cases were broken or have been exploited, the progression curve has changed, the way data is being handled has changed... Our solution was simple: How do we get this in your hands the quickest. We didn’t think it through, and we understand the outrage from our early adopters. You’re justified. We also agree that in retrospect the execution was a bad call, though the intentions were good (we promise!). We took a hard look at ourselves and decided that reacting immediately would be jumping the gun, so we apologize for not being fully transparent with the vocal outcry on launch day. Our goal was to come up with a viable solution before promising anything. And that’s what we’ve done - So here’s what we’re going to do to try to make our early adopters whole again. Legacy Progression Heroes We hear you loud and clear on wanting to play with everyone all in one area, so we’re already hard at work to make this the reality with every Defender in mind. As of this post, we’re creating a tool on our end that will allow us to bring your Legacy heroes over to the non-Legacy “Play” version. It’s not a very simple feat to accomplish, it’s not just a copy and paste system, but copy, bring up to date, and paste, where the updating adds quite a lot of complications. This is what we’re working towards copying over: Hero and Hero Levels Gold up to a cap Campaign and progression in general. Gear, at the very least ATTEMPT to bring it over. We’re very confident on the first two, but when it comes to gear it’s not as straightforward. We don’t want to promise that it’ll be brought over, but we are currently building out and testing tools on our end. Our current goal is to have this out by the end of next week. If it comes out sooner than that, or later than that, we’ll keep you posted as we find out. ALL of this means that you are able to continue playing on Legacy, and once the tool is setup, we’ll provide you a method to take your Legacy profile as it currently stands at that point in time, and do a one time copy over that replaces your Play profile (we are unable to merge them into one single profile). There’s a few methods we’re looking for you to use to make this happen, and we’ll make sure to update you once we’ve finalized it. This is completely opt-in, but is only a one time option. Price Reduction compensation We believe the move to lower the price point was the right call for the early and long term success of DD:A. On top of the rewards that early adopters have already received with their specific Kickstarter backer and pre-order tiers and the ability to get into the game early, helping mold the future and game directly, we will be granting all early adopters Shadow costumes. These costumes will be exclusive to early adopters of DD:A only. We get that this has caused frustration, and it’s not our favorite result, but it’s the best we can do given our resources at this critical moment in development. Our faith in our community is stronger than ever, and that was exemplified during our launch when our fans passionately cried foul. We want to make sure that everyone playing our game has a great time, feels respected, and is on the same page as us throughout development. We will have more information about how we plan to be more transparent with our community in the coming weeks. We hope that this check-in has helped explain why things are the way they are and we hope you continue to support indie games, support the DD community, and enjoy the efforts of our hard work! Thank you, Augi Lye, CEO
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    It moves a map object from the demon lord crystal statue like what really>? NERF!!!
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    I just bought DD Awakening and it seems to just be a rehash of the original. My questions are: will DD2 continue to get updated content, holiday events, new content etc? Is it worth getting back into? Lastly are they still patching as frequently as they did when the game was new and will they continue to do so?
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    DD2 is not dead, but all dev efforts are on DDA right now. Until it's released on all systems and no major bug issues (so mid 2021-ish?), i wouldn't expect any DD2 work to really be done. No official word though, but we haven't seen a major update since elements were introduced, which was a while ago. I expect them to patch out the holiday tree soon though, 😥.
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    If I have 4 builders in my deck and I want to swap them out for maybe a hero dps, or maybe some leveling alts, then the amount of clicking and right clicking and just plain fiddling to get it done is pretty bad. Steps: 1. Press H on keyboard 2. Mouse to heroslot to swap 3. Right click 4. Left click on Swap 5. Mouse to hero you want to select 6. Right click 7. Left click to select Repeat for each hero slot you want to swap With the time limitation on campaign this is like 15 seconds operation which is WAY to much! Also, hero slot 2 doesn't work properly, and you have to left click on TWO different characters before the "select" function works properly. Was like this all of early access, and this bug is still here.
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    I'll be adding stuff to this post(to make a longer and easier to read list) and bump from time to time after adding couple of new things instead of creating new posts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - remove those blinking yellow borders from Aura's its a huge pain and disctraction - going through medium to unlock all maps and currently dropping green item feels like getting a Unique rare drop in other games, I'm at a3-s3 and I've dropped only 2 green items so far... It doesn't look balanced. I didn't even bother to pick up anything till A2. - targeting towers/auras/traps that overlap for upgrade or rapair needs to be fixed asap, even witch changing camera view it's really bad - add amount/type/direction of enemies to the map like in DD1, having this thing to be visible only at doors is simply stupid. Icons are small and the further away you are the smaller they get - add the name&cost of tower/aura/trap to the center of the screen when you're trying to place something, green border for icon in the bottom right corner isn't the best and the icon that's green on cursor is bad and you're not able to tell from it what you're placing coz it overlaps other green stuff - allow us to scroll out camera more when placing stuff with top view - make inventory key also close inventory in addition to ESC, cmon guys its a standard in every game and great QoL - cancel tower stats after pressing E again instead in addition to moving camera away from their hitbox - let us rebind LShift and G... - enemies in many maps get stuck and circle around one place until player comes near - enemies that push away defenses are the dumbest mechanic implemented in a tower defense game... i COULD understand that if I could later MOVE towers like upgrade or repair... but as it is now, nope, it's stupid. - top view camera in Arcane Library is still annoying as hell - Ogres are a bit dumb with throwing toxic balls right on their feet - lack of description for Bonuses and Multipliers when hovering in Summary screen - remove canceling tower placement when it's offscreen(stage where you pressed LMB and trying to rotate it properly but if you go too like 5m away from it it's being canceled) - why there is no "Solo" mode so players can pause game anytime they want? - attributes on gear are a mess, hard to read, mixed, make proper columns left for hero stats and right for defense stats - v1.0 and there's still no live update for Stats - no number update for collecting whole set on items hero is wearing, make it like "base + bonus" so if item has base 10 Fortify and you have whole set with 40% bonus is should be shown as "Fortify 10+4" - make Toggle stats stay by default after re-opening inventory instead of having players to press it every time - I hate that you've locked away the freedom of picking up difficulty & maps. "Do this difficulty and map to unlock this difficulty and map...", at least Hard should be available by default instead of only Medium, why did you decide to slow down players so hard in 1.0? - game browser is awful, can't filter stuff, breaks while scrolling if someone's game name is too long - add small icons(in addition to existing filter ofc) in corners for set items to easily tell which set is it coz sadly visuals for them are quite similar. Like for Guard set add small shield icon, for Miner's set pickaxe icon etc - make server type(Public/Friends) stay the way player picked it with 1st run instead of switching it to "Friends" every time player goes back to Tavern - cursor dissapears while trying to upgrade sometimes - fix the weapon types... who marked "Morning Star"(mace) or "Bo Staff"(staff) as polearm... Polearm can be a spear, halberd, poleaxe, glaive... - after pressing E to check tower range/stats let range persist for ~5sec, if tower has long range and it goes downwards the wall or something it'll dissapear before player can check it properly - lack of Quick Sell shortcut for single item, like Shift + LMB - can't sort items by Item PWR - while doing Endless Spire map on Insane my Ballistas preferred to attack Ogres that were further away instead of Wyverns that were 2m closer to them and were smacking my crystals. - Apprentice's Mana Bomb skill should be used on key release not when it's charged, same like RMB for his weapon - lack of description for Ensnare Aura/Str Drain, how strong is it? Nobody knows... - it looks like charging Kobolds ignore Ensnare Aura? Why? - no special enemies announcements, like "Prepare for Wyverns" or "Ogre incoming!" etc... - no party info in multiplayer game, no player list, their HP/Mana/Class, there also should be something like build icon that player can pick in their inventory to see if someone is DPS or Builder and it should be displayer on their portrait - Night Elves sliding through maps after grabbing aggro looks insanely stupid, and player can't even tell where they are in waves, just "puff" they're smacking you, make them run instead of sliding and a bit bigger maybe so players can see them - delays between waves in A1 maps are waaaaay to long... - So... Necros are still able to revive skeletons behind defenses(they're being pushed through) - Sometimes Ogres don't give a f*** about defenses and rush fo crystal, happend literally 5min ago in Insane Survival Wave 22 in Magus Quaters, Ogre just skipped Barricade and went for Crystal - Mana that lies on the ground dissapears when the boss countdown starts. Why? - disabled hero swap at boss countdown. Why again? - Alchemical Lab boss, when killed leaves his skill(those ground flames) on the ground for X-XXsec, it should dissapear when boss dies I think... - when during wave there's an info like "Crystal under attack" and I press ESC to call out menu cursor will dissapear at the moment of announcment pop up, every... single... time... - few times after respawn my camera was stuck inside character, you can imagine how annoying this bug was - so... after reaching Nightmare I feel like it's kinda forced to party play... It should be properly scaled, if player wants to solo let him solo but with proper enemy scalings, overall got quite negative feelings towards Nightmare and probably Massacre too. And then we add Spiders that nuke builders... Really unfun experience. - chat bugs all the time - inventory is way too small - no item stash? - inventory managements is truly awful - please add option to the filter to pick up items only with for example 2000+ PWR, "Upgrades Only" is a bit bad - drop transparency(dots) is too great, cant see anything under towers/traps/auras range - Mythical and Transcendent drops should have higher&stronger beams - all defenses should dissapear after finishing last possible wave
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    Appreciate the recent transparency that is being shown regarding some of the decisions of the release, but would love to hear at least some sort of timeline regarding split-screen and if it will be returning at all or a timeline/priority for it.
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    Hi defenders, first i want to apologize for my english skill. So, i played almost 200h on EA and didn't got major issues during this time. Sadly after the release i got an infinite loading screen after complating a random map. This occurs like... 50% of the time. i tried to do "return to tavern"or "play next map" and got the issue on both choices. The only thing i can do is ALT+F4 when i check the processus tab on windows, the game run perfectly and i still can "hear" the sound of the tavern or the next map (depend of what i choose to do). Then, when i relaunch the game i loose my previous progress. (the last map i did) and to be honest this is the most boring thing. :( Anyone occurs the same issue ? did you find any fix ? (i tried to update all pilots, switch the game on my SSD, uninstall/install) just in case see below my setup: Windows 10 x64 i7 6700k Motherboard: ASUS sabertooth Z170 16go DDR4 GC: Msi RTX 2070 SSD samsung 860 EVO
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    Same boat here, sent an email and a ticket, still yet to receive any information on how/why/what is going on with the rewards, since the devs post mentioned we should have them by now. Fingers crossed eh...
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    I kinda like what they may have been going for with the change from EA, but the TOWER stats and HERO stats need to be in separate columns, they are kinda all over the place, it irks me too, so you're not alone OP. The compare feature is a little gross also lol
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    I wish there was an outdoor lobby we could join like in DD2
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    so after putting 600 hours in and getting shafted by cromatic games, is there going to be a problem when i hack all my gear into play?
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    I believe this feature hasn't been added, and honestly I'm not sure why it hasn't been.. In my eyes being able to see your party info at a glance should be necessary, especially now that they're out of EA.
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    He has went back to a more or less normal schedule streaming on You Tube and Twitch. he is still recovering a little the 24 hr stream was quite tiring for us, but was still fun. I would like to thank anyone who tuned in and supported him, I am sure it helped him get through it. It sure helped me moderate and get info out on discord etc throughout the 24hr stream. I cannot see 24hr streams being a common thing for him, but there is some scope for more for special occasions.
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    I don't think it is realistic for them to offer refunds, they aren't that large a studio.
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    Hey! I don't know about a Phoenix pet but I do know they gave out a Kickstarter Giraffe on a Treadmill pet for the appropriate tiers, although there are Kickstarter rewards that have not been given out yet.
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    I honestly think this is a pretty bad practice because you aren't actually rating the game on its own merits. If a bunch of people actually did look at this post and go leave negative reviews (effectively brigading) it would give a false impression on the quality of the actual game itself. Yeah, the soft reset and price change can be frustrating, but they aren't relevant to future purchasers and abusing steam reviews to force developers hands without actually reviewing the quality of the game seems like a problematic way to go about things
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    What if you never received any codes at all? (I checked my spam / auto filter also.) Was a $40 backer, bit disappointed that I received no email as others did earlier this week. -T
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    I cannot change the language in-game, everything in the "Gameplay" tab in Options is grey. I want to move from French to English as the translation is very bad. Thanks.
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    I've already gotten to 65 on all 4 classes. With another hour I'll be 70. Start from wave makes the grinding 1000x easier. If they mean end of next week being like the 5th I may or may not be close to back to my original characters. I also didnt put a huge amount of time into nightmare mode because I knew massacre would be a gear reset (assuming we had survival). I also am actually kinda ready for the challenge of breaking into nightmare again and progressing through that.
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    Get to Nightmare/Massacre first. If there'd be a tower that would necessitate a downgrade, it would be the Deadly Striker Towers of Apprentices shooting half the map as it's range and pierces through walls. If any, Squire towers needs some buff/changes.
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