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    DEFENDERS, Another day, another patch! The studio is all abuzz on getting as much done as soon as we can, so that we can get it into your hands. This is a crazy busy week for the studio, and there’s some stuff to go over, so let’s get into it. PAX East Some of us from Chromatic are going to be at PAX East, showing off Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and interacting with our community face-to-face. We’ve got some fun swag to give away, so if you’re going to be there, come visit us, let’s talk games, and have some fun! We’re going to be at Booth #12074 (right next to the big Nintendo booth). We hope to see you there if you’re venturing into the beast that is PAX East! Key Bindings This patch coming out today may affect your key bindings, and reset them to default (we've made some changes to key bindings). Just a heads up before the patch goes out here in the next couple hours. COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Upgrading We’ve been messaging with this project from its inception, throughout our Kickstarter, and in pretty much every Steam review that we are listening constantly, and that the success of our game is going to be heavily dependent on our community helping show us what’s important to them and how to make things feel better. This is the first big fix that we’re going to be making due to a TREMENDOUS amount of feedback we’ve received so far. Upgrading is currently WAY too strong on all fronts. It was first surfaced to us via the Propeller Cat being incredibly strong when upgraded. Then we dove into it more, and people provided a ton of feedback and screenshots showing how strong they were able to get via upgrading, and how it didn’t feel good. It trivialized content and overall made progressing and higher tiers feel very easy very quickly. We have a difficulty for that, it’s called “Easy”, but the feedback said that Insane should potentially be named “Sane” because of how easy it was being cleared. After investigating, this was clearly unintended and there was a bug in the upgrading formula. We’ve listened to the feedback, and to ensure that the game provides challenge, the efficacy of upgrades are going to be restored to their intended values due to fixing this bug. This is not going to only scale to just new gear, only to reroll gear you’ve got, or undo any upgrades you’ve applied. Every piece of gear in the game (equipped, received, and new drops), in regards to upgrades, will be scaled to not provide the crazy amount of stats they were applying. This fix will be coming in a patch later today. We’re going to be keeping an eye on this to make sure it feels great, and listening to feedback from you all based on this fix. Feedback on your feedback, if you will! This is one of the things we love about Early Access. Players are helping us not ten, not one hundred, but one thousand times more than we would have been able to do so on our own. We also are so proud of our community for pointing this out, that you all WANT the challenge, you WANT to be able to have an achievement that felt good to get, and are pointing out what the problem is, instead of just upgrading and cruising through what’s meant to be the hard content. It’s why we call you Defenders, and not babysitters. You’re here to defend and fight, not AFK and win. This is the exact kind of moment that really just reinforces our decision to listen to our community and work with you to make sure the game is the greatest it can be. This is such a big fix that we wanted to be as transparent as possible, as soon as possible. Our studio and community have the same goal — making the best Dungeon Defenders game possible, and open communication is a big part of that. Letting you know what’s going on and why certain things happen ensure that what we’re doing is to provide the best experience for the game, and that experience is the one you as a player are seeking. Continued Feedback You’ll see it said on most reviews for this game, spammed all over the forums, Discord, and Reddit, but keep the feedback coming through the in-game escape menu feedback link. It’s a direct portal to get feedback to us, so that we’re able to read through it all in one place and get the game the best it can be as fast as possible. We’ve got a ton so far, and it’s been incredibly helpful. Together we’re able to get an extraordinary amount of work done! Bug Fixes Adjusted how upgrades are presented on the upgrade screen to represent improvements better. Fixed an issue that prevented getting the final upgrade applied to certain stats. Fixed an issue to auto detect when an upgrade was no longer valid. Fixed an issue with activating the camera toggle with gamepad. Fixed an issue where Ogres or Dark Elf Warriors were not being damaged by Spiked Blockades. Fixed an issue where binding left and right arrows to movement removed the character rotation bindings. Adjusted how often Dark Elf Warriors target the core, forcing them to focus on players and towers before focusing on cores Adjusted some spawners to fix stuck issues on Arcane Library (Survival) Fixed an issue where the Squire was able to use Circular Slice without cooldown. Disabled the ability to toggle split screen. This was unintended for this portion of Early Access, and was creating an unenjoyable experience for those able to activate it. Adjusted Hard difficulty unlocking, requiring players to instead beat the map on Easy or Medium to unlock the Hard difficulty, OR beat the previous map on Hard. Gemstones now have different names and descriptions to better communicate what they do. Fixed some grammar and typos in pet descriptions. Fixed some spawning issues in Royal Gardens. Adjusted Royal Gardens crystal core to having 2000 HP. Adjusted mana culling checks. Adjusted Tornado Valley crystal core to have 1500 HP. Adjusted Tornado Highlands crystal core to have 1500 HP. Adjusted Throne Room crystal core to have 1750 HP. Fixed an issue with chests not spawning in Tornado Valley. Fixed an issue that saves profiles correctly on disconnects. Adjust weapon damage upgrade caps. Adjust ogre projectile targeting to prevent it from getting stuck in spawners. Fixed a memory leak that was caused by enemy tac map icons and loot icons. Provided options for AZERTY keyboards, so that they can update movement bindings without issue. Adjusted some collision and spawners in Tornado Highlands to fix enemies getting stuck. Fixed an issue where multiple Hero Boost buffs from multiple Monks were stacking. Now the first Hero Boost sticks, and later applications are ignored. Fixed an issue where multiple Tower Boost buffs from multiple Monks were stacking. Now the first Tower Boost sticks, and later applications are ignored. Adjusted how many enemies could spawn per frame, and adjusted radius of spawn points to address enemies getting stuck. Added the ability to upgrade crossbow ammo capacity. Fixed an issue where Block damage reduction was scaling improperly. Adjusted Pet Upgrade scaling. Fixed an issue where Ogres were not included in Deeper Well (Survival). Added the ability to upgrade Pet Attack Speed. Fixed an issue where the XP bar was not updating properly on initialization. Fixed an issue where filtering by accessory type was filtering all accessory types regardless of your selection. Fixed an issue where the Tac Map could be opened while other menus were open. Fixed an issue with Ogres getting stuck in Royal Gardens spawners. Fixed an issue with Summit clouds translucency. Fixed an issue with Damage Dealt and Damage Received show up on the defense tooltip incorrectly. Fixed an issue with Defense tooltips not displaying with decimal places. Added a fix that destroys drop items if the owner leaves the game. What’s Next? We’re going to continue to keep working hard and listening to feedback. We’re pouring through it constantly, so keep posting it through the in-game escape menu. It’s how we were able to get ALL of these bug fixes taken care of since our last patch, which was TWO days ago. The more you give us, the harder we work, so let’s keep this train going! Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria, Chromatic Games
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    Tower view is something we have planned
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    Funny part is the people who didn't want a DD remake think it's a remake and the people who wanted a DD remake don't think it's a remake. At the surface level this game does indeed look like a remake. However if you put a lot of time in DD (like I did) you can rather quickly see how this is a completely different game with tons of stuff changed however if you simply played the game through on Hard or lower and stopped playing I doubt you'll even notice a lot of the stuff changed. It really doesn't help though that they brought back a few of the old maps. Still though I think the best way to put it is this is DD re-imagined in a new light and aimed a lot more towards casual. Also I really hope the free DLC focuses on porting all of the notable maps from previous DD games (Kings Game, Aquanos, Glit. Caverns, and I never played DD2 so whatever good maps are from there) with a 2nd DLC focusing on entirely new maps and hero's. As for bringing old hero's back I have mixed opinions.
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    While I cannot confirm that all DLC will be free, we have already announced that DLC 1 (Q3 2020) will be free :)
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    So, With this cat i had 200m dps with my legendary minigun. With the new update the stats on the cat just got rerolled to lvl 1 (1.4 power) while i cant reset points. That makes it completely useless and ive spent 9 million coins to upgrade it - all gone now :) cmon - i see its op. but please just let me reroll the fucking stats?
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    I'm sorry if I have to be the guy who "reminds the teacher about the homework" but the propeller cat pet from wave 15 survival on alchemy labs is wayy overtuned in my opinion. It will boost your dps exponentially. I got one reserved for lvl 27 and above, maxed its boost stat to 28ish and my dmg per hit went from 6k to 190k. Me and a friend extensively tested this on Insane Survival The Summit while being around lvl 55 and we got to wave 24 (game crashed else we probably would've finished). I imagine if you got a better cat the results would've been even more insane, although you already one shot every mob other than ogres with that kind of boost. The only reason we made it that far is because of the pet, and maybe enrage auras are really strong right now, the game says they have a 95% chance to enrage basically being the best way to stop a wave over gas/ensnare. Id heavily consider patching this chromatic, seems pretty busted but honestly having a great time with the game aside from EA issues. (also if you change the targeting system of dark elf warriors back to DD1 days that would be great as well seeing as they're the number 1 threat to you, your defenses, and the core unlike before when they wouldn't do any crazy stuff until all the heroes are dead.)
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    Any set, all primite / ancient / militia etc. will always give 25% increase of all the stats on the items in the set.
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    It doesn't take very long to get to the point where the first 15 to 20 waves of the 25 become trivial. I write this now on wave 16 Insane afking in game. In addition, outside of the pet on wave 14, the first hour or so of the grind is unrewarding. On top of this, there are always the potential for things like game crashes, so the longer the run is the more at risk you are from losing your progress. I would like to see changes so that a run is an hour tops. I'd prefer they just made it 10 to 15 waves, make it harder to justify the better stuff dropping early on. Edit: Also just to make it clear, this isn't a post about how much loot you get VS time played. While I'd like the time to run Survival cut in half, I'm fine with getting less loot per single run to balance things out.
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    I wrongly thought that I could get many mass destruction shard, so I reset at 900+.Now i find i only can get many destruction pylon shard..i m sad to lose progress on floors...
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    I started playing DD1 when it was released way back in 2010 (has it really been 10 years already!?) After it was launched, there was periodic DLC, mostly during holidays, that would add some new skins, weapons, and a map. The cool part, though, was that this DLC was released for free for 2 weeks. It really made each release feel like a love letter from the developers to the players, and it made me excited to keep going back to the game (and convince others to buy the game and play it). What are the odds of this being a thing for DDA? Let me be clear, though. I'm not against the idea of paying for extra content. For example, the Lost Shards campaign maps were never free, and there's no problems with that. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I remember the first DLC pack being released, and it was the Ramparts with a Halloween theme, and it was glorious. Even the strange presidential campaign map with the boxing ring and the Demon Lord ref (and PVP). DD1 ended up with 25 expansions, 2 of which are still free on Steam. Having some be free for a couple weeks on release portrayed them as developers having fun making stuff for the community to enjoy, rather than repeated cash-grabs. I'm not saying everything should be free from now on. I'm just saying this was something that elevated DD1 from a fun game to one of my top 3 games of all time. If CG decides to not do this, I'm not going to refuse to play or anything. I just wanted to bring up that this was a thing and have it be considered for future content. You guys are doing a fantastic job with listening to the community and trying to quickly fix bugs and improve the game. The difference between the Kickstarter problems and now is quite evident. Keep up the great work and we'll keep enjoying the game.
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    If it isn't more difficult it will be a bug and will be fixed. It's supposed to be harder and saying "i dont think it will be harder" doesn't mean it won't be lol. I don't know what you're talking about in half this post though. "removing of low level god characters through forced levleups?" What does this even mean? Also, the vast majority of everybody never liked negative stats and it doesn't add challenge, it only means more junk loot. I'll give you no resistances as an oversimplification, however. Also, every serious player of DD1 was using controller emulators to level 4 heroes at once. Doing that automatically just means you don't need to use third party tools to save grinding time. I don't know how this isn't a very very good thing.
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    Hello guys! Just wanted to share my feelings about DDA. I played about 1800 hours on DD1 and felt like I couldn't enjoy again another DD game. But actually really love DDA. This game brings back tons of memorys and also few forgotten friends on my steam friend list hahaha. It's has been a longtime since I first played DD1. Now married with 2 kids and one more on the way. Well thank you guys for making the perfect games for me :) That being said, long live to DD and and all its community and tons of loots for you guys!
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    I feel as though a filter allowing the player to choose their preferred play-style, be that Tower stats or Hero stats. I feel as though making this improvement would help the game in many ways. I would find this a great help as it would make it both easier and quicker to adjust my characters preferred build without having to check every piece of armor that has a green arrow showing improvement when in fact it is not something I can use. Also a filter to ignore certain stats, so for example if you only wanted better tower fortitude the filter would filter out all gear that doesn't have a better tower fortitude stat.
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    They should just include folders and the better filters. I don't see why they are against the folders, it would make sorting and collecting pets for example much easier and tidier. They definitely need to improve the filters though, on my Squire I equipped "overall better" gear and my blockade health went down by 2k so I just put the old gear back on.
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    Maybe it’s a ...’special’ cat. Why are you discriminating against Special Kitty! Do you also hate Wheelchair Raccoon from Overcooked?? Where does your hate end...
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    Like in the Headline i wish me a Range Indicator Key that i can see what my Towers will hit and where.
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    They’ve said no folders??? I’m against this but if that is the case we need storage for items and absolutely more filters. Filters for hero/tower stats on gear and filters that remove items from the list, we need a level slider for the filters too, and a “show equippable” button
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    As others have said, we're still in Early Access and there is a lot more to come. We wanted to focus on making DD more accessible without such a large learning curve, while integrating the best parts of DD1 and DD2. We're still working on this and there will be lots of new and familiar content being added throughout Early Access, release, and tons of DLC eventually. We have to get the base content in, but using UE4 we can add so much more functionality than either game and we plan to do so. As for the lack of story...that's because there's no cinematics yet. They're coming :)
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    We hope to get the cat fix in todays patch.
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    I've definitely experienced this on multiple maps. I can't say I've ever seen a kobold explode normally on a crystal. This was a problem in the beta, haven't played multipleayer in EA yet, but I've seen others mention it.
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    Happened again to me tonight. Yes, I reported it. I read in one of your forum threads you were still investigating occurrences of the no progression save bug. I've lost pets and xp all week so today all day I ran solo and hosted only. I got bored and wanted some interaction so I joined some multiplayer sessions in the browser this evening after playing all day.. first couple runs went fine. I got a great rock pet and the host reset and I couldn't find the pet anywhere. I tabbed over and noticed my save file had not written/saved for the past 35 minutes or so ... so none of the waves were saved. Happened last time I got a rock with 100+ stats on it also. I shut the game down, had them re-invite me and watched my save fine save between every wave after that. I am on the current patch, last night verified all files and today at noon uninstalled and reinstalled, so I'm definitely on the correct patch. Don't need any white knights telling me how I'm an idiot for reporting this because it's early access - I'm not whining or calling the dev's lazy - just reporting it because they mentioned yestereday with their patch they were still looking at occurrences of this happening. I can share logs if needed. Blix
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    They've said that they don't want folders, so I would imagine that they will increase the usability of the filter function. The need for this will increase exponentially as higher level difficulties are released. Hopefully we will get some sort of bank storage system in the future, but we will see.
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    mid-wave swapping would basically destroy the game for me personally. I do understand both sides on this. But beeing locked out of your builder while your enemies crush through your terrible placed defenses is something elemental to Dungeon Defenders. However the UI has improved in comparison to Beta. But it's nowhere to be finished and I think that CG knows that. From what I have seen so far DDA is hella fun at the moment, and when you look at the fact that they developed everything from the ground up and painted every asset, model, object new, then I truly believe that they will be able to develop/design a good working UI. In the end this is nothing to difficult. Just comparise combat UI in beta with EA Version. It did improve! We all should just continue testing the game and gather up good constructive feedback for CG to make DDA a good game.
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    Commenting to add on to the above points of NOT wanting mid-wave swapping back. Also I haven't been having any problems with the build timers on insane. You learn to start with barricades in every lane and build your damage towers during the first very easy wave.
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    Sorry if i was unclear. C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local/DDS. Not sure how much this actually works tho, but always good to have a backup :)
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    They have said that folders wont be coming because the filters would be so good that you didnt need folders.. So I also thought that you would be able to filter for certain stats. Hopefully it comes later, or else I would really want my folders back so I can sort my gear for hero and tower stats.
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    It's really not that different from what they said it was. A mix of old and new maps and trying to bring back the original feel of the game on a new engine. I'm not sure what part of what they're doing isn't in line with that. stats and loot cleaned up, just about everything is legitimately improved aside from the features we're still waiting on. Careful, you say that now, but nightmare and massacre will be a thing.... :p
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    I like big folders and I can not lie Like from dd2 you can't deny That when a player sets up some proper storage management And named folder storage in your face You get organized, want to save that gear better tough 'Cause you notice that one old folder was stuffed and busted Deep in the folder DDA has I'm looking and I can't find what I was saving for my monk anymore Please for the love of god and all that is holy make it so we can create and name new folder in inventory and have gear go to a particular folder like you could in dd2
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    There is nothing to get at 999, and nothing past it. You would've had to reset anyways to play anymore Onslaught.
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    “Hero lock deck is good and adds danger to not building in time when there is a timer. “ “Because mid-wave switching is something that only serves to make the game remarkably easier andnothing else. It makes slow building, terrible placement and being fairly undergeared pretty much non-issues and considering they're essentially the 3 biggest loss conditions that's a big impact.” If you don’t understand the link between mid wave swapping and difficulty, Consider this: being locked into your builder or your dps character means you lose access to the other during the wave. If one of your structures goes down while on your builder, you can rebuild! Yay! But if you’re on the dps then you can’t. Now the pressure is on while you’re down a tower for the whole wave. But being locked into the builder can also be a problem. Towers need assistance sometimes to take down an enemy or a particular grouped up part of the wave. If you aren’t on a dps character then you are heavily relying on your towers or allies. That required strategy or cooperation with allies is what keeps the game from being too easy. Remember that your towers are stronger while your builder is out. If you could switch out mid wave you’d essentially get the tower bonuses while he’s out for the whole wave and only switch to dps to deal with threats then get your builder bonus again after.
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    Are you restarting the game when this happends? All i can recommend atm is go to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local and backup you DD files ^^ It sucks that some players are losing progress, but i am 100% confident they are working hard to solve this issue!
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    This is largely the reason why the "start from wave xx" option is so widely requested. Hopefully that makes it into the game
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    No, the fact the feature itself was bad was why it was bad. I absolutely categorically do not want to see mid-wave swapping. The timer is fine as it is. Other complaints I'll agree with, though. The UI is bonkers terrible. 'Not the worst I've seen this decade' is about the highest praise I have for it. It's functional but a bit incoherent and lacking features, etc. They'll hopefully get there, but we'll see. I don't especially have faith nor am I especially cynical, so just taking a wait and see. In the interim I'm enjoying the game enough that I'll get my money out of it either way, as I basically wanted 'DD1 with some new maps and minor changes', which is in large part what this feels like in a lot of aspects.
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    Since this is front end feedback which could potentially alter the games course I’d just like to throw my opinion in too and mention that I do not want to see mid-wave hero swapping possible. It takes away from the difficulty of the game and pushes it further to letting one person solo-building a game while 3 others just sit there doing nothing. It’s still possible even without switching but at least you have to really try
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    Last I heard, there are no plans to wipe save data and cross saves will be available when the console versions come out. Cross play doesn't have an official date yet, but they have mentioned it as a maybe.
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    It's not terrible game design though, because durability is a thing and lesser mobs tear through it. Not to mention they drop loot and give an actual use for AoE towers - if waves got reduced down to just "the hardest burst" and the filler got removed single target towers would absolutely dominate. Because mid-wave switching is something that only serves to make the game remarkably easier and nothing else. It makes slow building, terrible placement and being fairly undergeared pretty much non-issues and considering they're essentially the 3 biggest loss conditions that's a big impact. Many people didn't want it back. Yeah... I feel a bit bad ragging on it because it's someone's work but it's just... Bad. It feels a whole lot like a shoddy mobile game UI and the inputs being laid out for Switch even on the PC version bothers me for some reason.
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    I am actually LOVING this game's potential. I just assume that the UI and menus will eventually be fixed down the road. I do think this game will be a disaster though if they don't properly implement most of the great content from DD1. -I know there will be boss fights in the future, but will they drop farmable unique weapons like the Soul focuser? -Will they bring back classic pets like the laser robot that dealt ALOT of DPS without needing an active ability? -Will all of the characters come back? -Will they include the farmable game modes like "Assault" where you can farm weapons like the Blasticus? -And more... I have faith that most of the bugs will eventually get fixed. My focus is how the content, progression, and end game will be handled. During DD1, it was a fun and big deal when the released one map at a time. Each one included new unique (farmable) weapon drops and a new enemy that would make an appearance on every map when played on Nightmare. I feel like the current core game play that they are building off of is capable of being better than DD1. That is my first impression. It all just depends on how well they handle the bugs and implement the future content. Incredible potential.
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    A number of features are missing. keyboard shortcuts in inventory (Lock, Sell) inventory folders additional filter options like armor type, weapon type survival starting wave selection view level of players in game repair should snap to the most damaged tower targetted Progress has been made since the closed beta, but it's not feeling like a cohesive game yet .
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    From now on we shall only be accepting feature requests in the form of parodies of songs.
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    filter by lvl. I know its probably mundane once you hit max level, but, I dont want to see items I cant equip unless I'm specifically planning for the upgrade.
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    change armor filter names to Chain, Mail, Leather... Be able to hit the L key to lock an item, and the S key to sell an item. When upgrading, be able to see all upgrade categories at once without having to scroll Filter out gear that is too high level. (Maybe select level for max you want to see) Stop telling me my monk weapon is an upgrade for my huntress.
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    How about you find a beautiful girlfriend/boyfriend and go out dancing? If you have a handycap get one of those special set-ups for snow/water skiiing or equestrian set-ups. Replacing gaming with excercise or learn more about developing games and make a great one based off of your successes and failures. Hail, I like your videos. Nice layout and informative. Hearing you say thanks for the memories DD2 when you haven't even been playing a year is interesting, though. It's like hearing Steph Curry or James Harding thanking the legends that they've had the opportunity to play with while Bird, Jordan and Olajuwan (sp?) are enjoying a game of poker. Those two phenominal players really haven't played against any legends all that often. Try not to mention Juicebags name too much. He was a large reason bees got nerfed. Nerfing is a lazy way to balance games. There were two solid alternatives that (at the time Trendy) Chromatic had as opposed to making wild, biological creatures go from swarming to single-targetting hive units. Nerfing is lazy and crying for nerfs is only done by lazy, non-creative people. Coming up with solid, well thought out, balancing mechanisms is tough, and takes time.
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    Hello Backer! Forum Titles are now select-able under your profile. Please follow the instructions below: First start by clicking your username in the upper right of this post. Then clicking on Profile in the drop down menu. Click Edit Profile button once your profile page loads. Scroll to the bottom of the profile edit page and you should see a Title section where you can select the titles available to you. All Done! Thank you for being a Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Backer! Special Notice(s): If you are a preorder through preorder.dungeondefenders.com/Xsolla your forum titles will be handed out right after the game launches. If you are a backer and do not see your forum title option please contact support: preorder@chromatic.games Styles and colors to the titles may change at a later date.
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