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    If anything there is also the problem of the onslaught wall. Looking at leaderboard everyone gets stuck around 947-948-949 because scaling goes up way faster then. Not sure why they had to have a scaling of around 172 level per floor suddenly change to 402 500 level per floor after 945. Would have made more sense to have an higher and progressive scaling. Well I know actually ...they wanted to stop onslaught climbers from beating the game without turning the general population against them. Back when they nerfed tube and oreck set-up (that wasn't even op) they clearly showed that they just wanted people to stop climbing. Just to give the illusion of difficulty...
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    You know, I have advocated wide range nerfs across the board to bring us back to the shinning days of early Onslaught when floor 200 was pretty much the best you could get, but the community seems to just get rowdy at the idea. CG might be afraid of the unyielding backlash such a balance pass would bring. Players have just gotten so comfortable with the concept of doing very little to nothing and winning that they refuse to go back to actually playing the game when they had the taste of AFK city. Bringing some defenses down a peg and buffing ones that we dont use much or at all would bring back some of the most interesting parts of the game like walls. Though that does mean that the game will no longer be AFK able which will be the hangup spot for players.
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    Also overcapping defense rate allows it to ignore Frost Orc slow. It literally strips Onslaught of any skill or challenge just like the Water Servo/SR build before it which is why that mod combo was disabled. Onslaught is also not infinite, floor 999 is max and CG had to put up a massive HP wall on the enemies to stop people from effortlessly progressing towards it. This HP wall is the integer limit for the game so they cant go any higher, which means the game cannot get any harder, so if we get more powerful and continue progressing then there is nothing CG can do to make it a challenge anymore. In order to reverse this they need to deal out some nerfs which the playerbase has voiced hatred about and will probably always hate the idea of.
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    I'd be in favor of that. Big time. Cut all power by a digit and break up all the metas! Be like DD2:Reawakening ha ha. Or just a complete reroll on power, like they did when they switched out from all crit builds to rate builds. Was basically a brand new game in many ways...
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    Great post. I did not know about the integer max. That explains a lot. DD2 really has capped out then...in terms of full power. Sounds like their best bet would be to create a new mode like mastery that can baseline stats how they see fit, or universal nerfs across the game. Otherwise our elusive true endgame mode doesn't seem physically possible based on this info... If that is the case though, why wouldn't CG explain that on the forum to us?
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    Actually the payout on Mass Destruction would be pretty sub-standard. Given that gilded shards get only 4 extra upgrade levels it would go from 70% to 78%. Then given you are using a Destructive Pylon and Gilded Destruction with a Mass Destruction now you are getting a 333% bonus to defense power. With a Gilded Mass Destruction you would get a 349% bonus to defense power which is only a 4.6% increase over current. I wouldn't even consider the attempt given the lack luster results.
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    Is there anything that can be done about the Tomb of Etheria set bonus consistently crashing your game? Using the set bonus on your primary character and activating split-screen in any way immediately hard crashes your game 100% of the time. I've seen an alarming amount of people asking why their game is crashing from normal play and it is always met with people being told about the bug followed by being told to just not use them. This really feels like a pretty poor excuse after there was a lot of time put in to making the set that everyone loves, followed by changes to the set bonus due to community feedback that everyone eventually came to agree on. I'm personally a big fan of both the accessories themselves and the new set bonus and really don't want to have to completely give up on using them since it stops me from playing the way I normally play the game. As much as I know there is supposed to be no more changes at this point, if there is anything that needs to be done at this point, this is definitely the most important thing to deal with. The game hard crashing from playing normally is a pretty huge problem that I feel really needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
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