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    Gilding hypershards is definitely not intentional. We've taken preventative steps to enforce this, but it seems under certain limited circumstances, and due to unintentional behaviour, it may be possible in one or two limited but specific cases. With our attention and resources focused on DDA at the moment, I cannot at the moment provide an accurate timeline for a resolution on this issue, but I wanted to highlight that we consider it a bug, it's not intended and it may cause unforeseen technical issues if you continue to exploit it (of which we wouldn't be able to assist).
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    Would it be too much to ask to allow the requirement for one character to be used for all defences for that defender. An annoying part of both DD2 and DD1 is the creation of 1 specific use characters. So you would have a flame aura monk, an electric aura monk, a boost aura monk. (I know you cold get 10000 ascension DD2 and almost be able to do that). a cross between DD2, where you have the 4 relics slots but you are also allowed to put an equal amount of points into all types of relevant defences. currently is kinda pointless creating another character to instantly level it up.
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    The easiest solution is to delete or not use them. If you choose to use them, depending on a potential future resolution, it may cause issues or conflict with your existing save profile. If there's even a small chance of data loss or corruption for a player's profile - I wouldn't risk it. Any future fix for the issue has a very real chance of removing or altering any number of hypershards above the normal max of two. So keep that in mind.
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    Correct. CG has been extremely quiet. They have no community manager right now, and the forum is feeling the affects of that. Tempers are flaring about the lack of communication and updates. They say they are working with a PR firm to try to correct... Kyle at CG has been the only one posting any info to the community. So the release date is not locked in yet, nor is the Beta date yet (although a lil birdy hinted that this Fri some info on that may be coming), and the exclusive window has not been defined yet either. Hence the reason tempers are on the rise IMO...
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    I could get behind that. Hero clutter isn't a good thing, especially when you consider that we won't be able to switch during combat phases now. So having fewer heroes to cover more roles would be ideal.
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    Just letting you know, Zombiewookie's on PC (I've encountered him on several random matches) and you're on PS4 right?
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    Yeah... I have a Switch as well as a Ps4, and was happy about the cross save thing, but I was looking forward to playing with both my Switch friends AND my ps4 friends using the same save file. So to know we won't have that for who knows how long is a little frustrating, especially after how the kickstarter ade a big deal about all the games releasing at the same time when we met the associated goals. I've had time to accept it for what it is, but I'm definitely still not pleased.
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    No real news yet. Some pictures that imo look pretty poor overall (apprentice towers look 2d for some reason) we should have news later this week or early next week. Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if we got news that the release was gonna be pushed back to april before we got a beta release
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    Yeah, PC and Switch get the game on release day and the rest of console owners will have to wait a "yet undisclosed window of time" as an exclusive period as part of the deal with Nintendo. As a PS4 player, I'm not happy about that. At all. We always get the short shaft. That was not the Kickstarter deal i backed, and had i known this would occur, i would have pledged a whole less digit of support. Just encouraging me to NOT play the game. If i can't play DDA, I'll go find a game that does want my business. Not the only RPG looter in town. Question is - whenever the exclusive window is finally over...will i still care? Being shut out makes me jaded. Big time. If that was not obvious yet 😆
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