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    Wondering if anyone has a Day 1 patch version of DD1 laying around, or anything close to it. Want to play a version of the game before it got exceptionally crazy near endgame, hoping someone may have a conversion or something sitting around based on it. Thanks!
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    I'm really hoping their silence just means they are gonna send out the beta codes monday since the freaking hinted at this 6 days ago. Like seriously I dont understand why an indie game company cant even give their backers any information. Like come on...
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    So close, yet so far, if I open the kickstarter page even a single time more frequently, they are going to stop me from connecting do to overloading that poor server single handedly lol..
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    Man you really got my hopes up. Maybe there's still time but it's 6pm in Florida right now so....
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    Can confirm. Very awesome.
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