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    I'm surprised a bug like this could exist if it does. I've played all the way back in NM4 and I definitely remember seeing those Altar Assassins. I even remember vividly back when I got trapped by both the DAs and bigger Altar Assassins in Chaos 5 during launch. I wonder how did you manage to beat that C5 incursion since clearing the wave depended on the Altar Assassins being killed after they become vulnerable as the wave are infinite. Though it's possible you might indeed just be in the standard Expedition map. However, if those three times you've played were before Protean Shift in 2018, that's kinda impossible as Expeditions did not exist and Trials' Chaos 5 did not have Crumbled Bulwark in it's map pool back then. Just my observation there.
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    @CrusadeR@DD2 Why would you need to get hold of someone to finish mastery lol , just solo it (that s what I did and it wasn't especially hard either) You should look into no freeze spots. You don't need tenacity or automation to have defenses working 100% uptime and being immune to freeze. It's just you trying to be lazy lol Now why would anyone play onslaught floor 6
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    This map can be done without tenacity or automation lol, even possible to afk it without at lower floors
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    10/10 tenacity is great but not needed , can also use automation
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