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    The map itself is marvelous. I would never ask CG to take it out of onslaught. The frost dragon is an incursion mechanic, and deserves its place alongside other incursions. Incursions have no place in onslaught. It would be absolutely delightful if drakenfrost keep was just another map in onslaught rotation without the dragon. Royal Gardens was a great map in DD1, it's a shame that it is tainted by the un-fun-ness of the frost dragon in DD2.
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    Resets were a pain because it was literally the same thing over and over and over and over again. I started going crazy at 24, so I decided that was good enough and upgraded all my equipment. DD2 was monetized very poorly primarily due to investors. Now that CG have full rights to the game, I am fairly confident they will set things right with DDA. Personally not a fan of the artstyle, but to each their own. Now, if CG decided to put DDA as an epic exclusive or riddle the game with P2W microtransactions, then we would know for certain that they're in it for the money and not for the passion of making a game or the community. Those would really be the only scenarios where I'd genuinely 100% leave the community for good.
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    Did you see them spawn? Wait - they came during build phase??? Bastille? There aren't even skeleton generators on that map?
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