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    Yeah, I definitely managed it too. It's very annoying with the assassins without the stun factor though. other than that, I actually enjoyed the incursion with how engaging it was. Though, as usual, prime incursion could use more rewards on the tier of expeditions or more since it's kinda disheartening to went through all that and getting nothing.
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    Think it's a hangover from when we had different types of stats on different types of armour. Eg warlocks gloves would have magical resistance and ability power with a specific picture, while warrior would have a different picture and be physical resistance and hero damage.
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    I cant speak for him but i believe than the reasons around is probably the same..There is a bunch of reason why is flawed but basically for me is a time sink, not cost effective , not linear way of progression and as you are playing with the same type of things on floors the game becomes very boring/repetitive..Add the fact that you need to start from initial floors instead of continuing from the last achieved floor you gonna effectively play maybe as much of 400-500 extra floors to get 30 ap with restrictions of towers because of resource. Wouldnt be so bad if you could have the possibility to essencially do reset by doing the 20-30 floors requirement from the last achieved floor (you would push floor while doing those things although would maybe be unballanced for the actual stage of the game with the grind to ch8), be able to get more than one ap power for a longer floor push and also the game had a progression system that involved boost the certain type of defenses existent (like perks/improvements) as you pass from certain floors numbers.. All in all it hurts more the game than helps atm..
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    Yo I might be crazy, but I love the AP reset system. I came back to this game a couple months ago, got to C7, floor 80, and i'm working on my 16th AP reset. The game has a lot to do and I can plan and set goals. I'm gonna do 30 AP resets, push to floor 250 ish, reset again with a big ascension jump and then push floors. Along the way modding gear and guilding shards. Everything is an option as I only did the primes to get destructive pylon, and have only done mastery to get destruction....maybe it's a time issue, as i think i would have completed at least the mastery if I had been playing this whole time.
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    My only request is make it worth farming. It's a fun, nice looking map that I don't mind seeing occasionally when a new player asks for help on it, and would like to play more. Put a normal amount of motes, gold, amps, exp, and drops in it, make the drop from the dragon a random C8 weapon from any of the other Primes, and you're good to go. Just making the drops equivalent to C7 Draken plus a weapon and occasionaly a C8 amp should do that. Otherwise it will be like the rest of rhe incursions, farmed for a few weeks, then forgotton other than occasional once through for the hyper shard.
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    demon's lair is the best map for gold farming though
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    It used to be like that when we had skill spheres. I don't mind the system as it is now. Not perfect but not bad (apart from utility being massively under pointed for all but barbarian - isn't it about time we got magical and physical defense stat back)
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    I don't think an ascension rework is necessary or worthwhile at this point imo. However, I would like to see the unused utility points actually get a purpose, its silly that 1 out of 3 ascension points are unable to be used after you maxed out the utility column. Possible utility point ideas for these would be :- 999 point node - Add these points to Column A 999 point node - Add these points to Column B 999 point node - Assassins have a 0.1% chance to not latch on to you (99.9% at 999 points) 999 point node - Towers built by this character have 0.1% chance to not be affected by disable effects (99.9% at 999 points) These are just a few things that came to mind and I know the barbarian tree setup does not encourage such changes with its unique structure but a couple of abilities could be moved to easily accommodate any alterations. It just bugs me that I have 100's potentially 1000's of worthless points on basically all my chars except barb and I think it would be easy to give us something to do with them.
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    Yeah, I'd love to see an ascension rework. I don't even really have a problem with shortening the grind at this point, either, considering DD2 is pretty late into its lifespan. Another one I'd like to see dealt with would be the wasted points. The only character who won't start losing every third ascension point within a few hundred ascension levels is the Barbarian, as it is now. Seeing a big chunk of points just collecting dust like that bothers me.
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