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    "Regular players who play maybe an hour a day dont have the time to grind for this." This statement is frivolous. If a task takes 100 hours to complete, it doesn't matter if you do 10 hours at a time or 1, it still takes 100 hours to complete. Those who can put in many hours per day still had to go through the task of gathering the ability to do the task or finding other ways to do it, you can't punish them or ask to have their accomplishment taken away because some people can't put in that amount of time. As a point of argument, you don't have to get very high in Onslaught to complete the Ancient Power grind, floor 150 will give you 1440 min ascension and is more than enough to do resets forever and is very obtainable with many builds and very little power if you are correctly geared to do a small climb and resets. I climbed to 200 and did 58 resets without the use of Tenacity with DFK in the way every step of the way while my defenses were using relics that dropped and not re-leveling the ones I had. To compound that, I don't even use the meta that everyone else has used, so the game is very completable without the need of Tenacity or Automation.
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    We are trying to make sure all of the CDT weapons have an ult drop rate within the same range of 40-50%. So the ult drop rate for emerald staff will be addressed in this update to be in line with everything else.
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