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    As I am an active player on dd2, I get a lot of questions on many things, including earning defender medals. Hence this guide. My only intent was to help people with a visual guide that's easy to understand. And it requires very little of the player to execute, other than patience through Rng. If some people find this guide to be too much effort, that's fine. While I do acknowledge this as an exploit, even in my guide, I don't think it's wrong to create and post links of it online, so that others can see it. If I get a direct message, or an email from Chromatic saying that I need to remove the guide and links, I will do so and update this page if it comes to pass.
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    I wouldn't tear up a good WM relic to do it, but for fun throw earth on one, and then poison on another defense... Poison Dart Tower will work naturally, or use a poison mod on Proton Beams for extra CC and poison. Earth + poison = chance to petrify, so you could Earthshatter towers + PDT's, poison Protons with Reflect Beam and the right shards to apllify its explosion which is naturally earth damage, even the dryads poison attacks are an option.
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    Bees are great boss killers except siege roller just like jaws said have backups for mobs
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    Too much DU on WM use it on proton or Reflect but not on buff because it’s just wrong but it’s your mod. Good luck
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    So I was kind of right beez are bugged, Darn I kinda have my hopes up on the Drayad too, I should have went for the big guy. Oh well at least she looks good. Thanks Jaws
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    I’ve given up farming any prime I’m just going after shards, that makes me a happy defender, then go to onslaught and grind cause I’m still a newbie, although as I climbed onslaught I find some lower floors are more difficult than higher floors I mean some of the mobs are unkillable but then a few floors up high lvl mobs die so easily, I still don’t get this but as long as I’m climbing I am a happy defender. Cheers.
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