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    I’m venting out cause I got some time, been playing this map for about 3-4 hours total per day, but I’m not getting prime weapon that I wanted or worst I get weapon nothing related to prime map promised, instead I got a lot of North Pole which is not prime related but incursion. PLEASE FIX THE DROP SO THAT EVERY ONE IS HAPPY, incursion drops are not prime drops end of story. So I’m gonna stop playing prime until I got nothing else to do on onslaught which I’m still working and please make the floor go to 1 million just for the fun of it and have good drops and maybe limit the players playing after every 100k until one player can only play the map so that it’s impossible to play. That’s about it. Thank you for reading. I appreciate both of our semi wasted time. Seriously fixed the loot
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    Area of effect. @uzar really? Doesn't sound like something Trendy would do. Plus I'm sure I don't need to point out how easy it makes the map...
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    Yeah, always seems like the one you want never drops. I've gotten 4 deathwings, 2 Waveblades, and 3 of the bow (I farmed the hell out of the demon lord), but not a single one of the Gobu rifle, which is the drop I actually want.
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    I think what Switchblade meant by that is, you can't put Shocking Revelation and a Water Servo on the same relic anymore. So your advice to use it was unhelpful to those who didn't have one before they removed it several months ago. Which, in my opinion, should have been disabled even for players with it because it has only caused more issues.
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