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    We're taking a look into this issue. It was noticed a few times in the past but was a rare situation for it to happen. However now its happening much more to the point of it almost always happening as some of you can tell. Programming team is on the bug hunt, hope they find the bad bug soon and squash him.
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    That explains why it wasn't present on ps3. I don't recall the ps3 version ever getting any DLC characters.
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    I never realised than this was a thing untill you mentioned now..Yeah, a sv that i use have 7,13m t5 become 13,1m t5. I played a tg with 4 player and felt ridiculously underwhelming with the spawn hero that was using with ordinary builds..So i tried solo and i won with no major difficulty.. I would go as far to say than is harder to win c5 power surge with basic ch7 stuffs than this one..The lack of mass assasins made way easier.
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    Hey thank you and I’ve seen you around on game and played my user name is INVENTO1014 let me know when your on
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    Oh, if you want one just for the hell of it, you can take it. I don't need an amp or anything. However, this is assuming you're on ps4, because if not, I can't help you. If you're on ps4, I have the same username as here. Just mention the dd2 forums so I know it's not some rando adding me,
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    Many of the flex goals are things that we'd like to add into the game eventually, meeting them just would've meant they were introduced at launch. Projecting into the future is really hard with so many moving parts involved in developing a game, we never know what might happen. That being said, if we have the time/resources we'd love to add the stretch goals, and a lot more, but obviously the core game-play takes precedent. If not at launch, most of them will most likely make it into some DLC eventually. Take my response with a grain of salt, I don't make any big decisions and none of this is concrete.
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