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    I’m tired of farming never got a single deathwing I’ve got a bunch of Northpole so I m doing some onslaught I gues
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    I have collected my prize , thanks a million Bonny for the giveaway !!
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    idk about you but appealing on the forums and asking the community who is obviously against hacking and cheating isnt the way to go. and sorry to be the bearer of bad new but there is literally no way of this getting approved and youre talking about how theres so many solo players and your hacking wont affect anyone or anything. then why arent there more posts? well, thats because those solo players dont hack or atleast they dont complain. also also also, just hack on open or listen to what thaleskpl said and download an old version and play by yourself. and idk if youll read this so ill make this part really excessive. If you want to hack your stats and play solo anyways, play on local. theres no need to play on ranked if youre playing by yourself anyways oh and as a side note. when you said something about "seriously guys, come on now. who cares." uhh well sorry to tell you but the communites from dd1 dd2 the devs from CG and everyone who will possibly ever use this forums is against hacking. as another side note. you can beat everything solo. its not hard, you just have to stop hacking and actually try to play the game
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    Oh god, I just remembered that there will be Kobolts. Kobolts in power surge that are probably going to be level 40000 or so (Malthius mobs were about 36000, so that seems about right). I am really gonna have to make sure to find a couple competent players on ps4. Maybe surged WMs will be enough. That, and prepare for the endless barrage of carry requests. It's already bad, but surge is going to make it worse. I already can barely check shops without being buried in party requests and PMs for prime incursions. Might even have to turn off PMs for a while.
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