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    if any of the extra goals were to be hit out the gate i would definitely like to see the riftwalker .
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    2 things to say 1. I totally agree that the Xbox and PS4 backers should get something in return, CG didn't plan on the timed exclusive, but they can handle it better. However, it can't be anything exclusive to PS4 or Xbox, since cross-saves will kinda ruin that exclusivity, that or it'd be hell to program to make it available on PS4/Xbox but disabled on PC and Switch. 2. Communication. Yes they could have definitely handled that better, but better late than never right? They have the best interest at heart for the game and the players, communication is a difficult thing, especially since a lot of things they want to tell us they either can't because of an NDA with Nintendo about the timed-exclusive, or just don't know yet (for example: people asking how long the timed exclusive will be, a CG member has stated that higher-ups are still figuring that out, that's a lot of back and forth with Nintendo I'd think). surprise third point. Don't forget to love each other. We are a community, you can be mad sure, but please keep everything civil and respectful. CG are only humans too and as much part of this community as we are, neither can exist without the other.
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    I dont mind it if we get a few more fine tunes to it. Like if in the hud it shows what torches have been frozen. Less torches, I feel its abit of a cluster of torches I find. Maybe not so random dragon moments. Like set phases.
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    It depends. I dont think Nintendo is funding DDA directly but more offering support for it to be released on there console first. So if they giving CG funds Id imagine it be to dev time for switch. Not to meet all there goals. But who knowsm
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    I didnt donate to the kickstarter because Ive got a son on the way now when it started. But If I did it would have been for the ps4. Ok it kinda sucks that ps4/xbox has to wait but if this means a better game in the long run due to this partnership deal then Im all for it. Weighing pros vs cons Id say the pros outweigh the cons and the only con is just waiting abit more. And now a days I honestly wish games devs choose the more time option to deliver a good game rather then the rush out peices of #*#@ we see now a days.
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    Did you see anyone talktrash nintendo? This whole thing is a choice CG did. If sony had the game delayed on playstation 4 for what ever reason, I would be mad at sony and not CG. I personally don't have any special love regarding Sony. I switched to console gaming about 5 years ago because I couldn't play keyboard and mouse anymore because of wrists issues. I didn't really switch by choice. I didn't want to play with a controller on PC and never know if a game really supports controllers and if it does is it even well supported. I also wanted to have a fair playing field in player vs player games and not be against keyboard and mouse players. I don't even get why some of you guys keep saying that like it is a good thing, that should count for anything. How is getting a project started on fake promise, getting outside money and screwing over some of your backers and refunding some of them any good behavior? The amount of money they'll actually have to refund to a most likely very small amount of people must be nothing to what they gained / will gain. edit : If something outrageous happened in two months from now and 90% of the entirety of the backers asked for refunds, do you really think they would refund everyone? It's funny to me how at the start they were saying that they were back to being an indie studio with no more obligations and no one forcing their hands. Then they raise a lot of money from fans and proceed to sign a contract with Nintendo which forces them to do things and they can't even actually talk to us about any of the details because of said contract. @LemonyNebula Cross-saves as you mentioned, is the only thing that really frustrates me with this whole console timed exclusive situation. It's the only thing that will really affect XB and PS players who get to play later. If they really care as much about XB and PS players, they should disable cross-saves imports on Xbox1 and PS4 for something like the first two weeks. Personally, hoping they will do something about it is the main thing that has prevented me from seriously considering getting a refund. And to be honest, to me it kinda goes to show that they actually don't really care about their backers. There are a few things they could do to try and at least make the XB and PS only players feel better about the situation. Instead they just said "we're sorry" and are giving refunds.
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    One thing worth remembering is a kickstarter or backer situation, is not only an unusual situation by on large, but is also inherently full of potholes and problems. The word estimated means a LOT in these cases and any and pretty much everything mentioned should be taken with a grain of salt. They can aim for something but fail or misjudge and to be honest, game development is hard. Like real hard. Especially when you are going at it on your own, pulling out predictions and numbers out of the limited information you have at the time. To be a backer means to accept that things can and likely will go wrong in some sense. Your in it for the highs and lows. You are supporting them, it is not just a product. Normally however, these issues do not and should not end up affecting the backers too much beyond product quality. Which Chromatic has failed with when it comes to things like the delivery costs (They should have eaten the costs out of the development money) as a backer should never be asked or forced to part with 'more' money if something happens. The fact it took from peoples pockets, via either the money for an originally unstated delivery or the products themselves, due to their own mistakes was hard to forgive. They tried that for a long time before doing the right thing and publicly offering refunds or better yet, pledge changes. The gems... not so much. This is on a different and more minor level to that. They decided to take a deal to help fund due to misjudgments or unforseen issues costing more time or money than they intended. They just wanted to do better than they ended up allowing themselves with previous plans. While it does put only certain backers out, it does not put them out financially and could be classed as a development change. We were never given a solid date during the pledge for release and knew it would likely change. Nobody seems to care about the delay and this is nothing more than a longer delay for a certain platform. Yes, they wrongfully said the platforms would be releasing at the same time, but if they came out and said sony or microsoft put the release on the backburner would you be as angry? Or is the anger due to knowing they decided themselves to delay it after promising otherwise? People feel lied to, cheated and many feel that being held back will affect their gameplay as they fall behind those who get in first. I honestly get it and agree. I'm not trying to pretend that isn't a problem or take that away from anyone. It's like playstation or xbox players are litterally worth less than everyone else and you should be just as valuable as anyone else. Like you are picked on in particular and it is a bad omen for the care they will put into those platform versions if they so easily throw it to the side. But lets be realistic. A delay in time ahead of another platform is the real affect here, and in terms of development is a minor one. One for a lot of money that could potentially improve the game drastically. I do not believe Chromatic is trying to decieve anyone or upset their backers. I do not believe that they think less of any platform, I just think they are trying to make the most of an oppertunity to improve and help the development of the game. Unfortunatly the cost to do so will rub people the wrong way. And they are offering refunds straight away, which is a huge deal in itself. They are not trying to trick or trap you, they just are doing what is good for the game that we said we were behind. When they have more concrete information on what their future plans are due to this deal, they should tell us. It's risky making any more promises from here as it is clear, people don't like to be told one thing for another to happen. So they are playing it cautiously. They should tell us this beyond twitter and facebook though, I honestly come across their view on the situation by chance. I didnt get any emails or anything, just the last kickstarter update that told us nothing. They are the worst at clarity...
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    So @Alhanalem Clearly didn't get the Pun of my purposely chosen words even with Switch italicized... You're a Mod and I understand attempting to defend CG. But lets be honest CG calling this change of consoles not releasing all simultaneous wasn't just a "mistake from marketing" It was a Choice they made. When Trendy Ent. employees stepped away from the Safety blanket and Oversight of investors to start their own studio they signed up to make a game on a Budget that THEY mathed out into Crowdfunding tiers. Their Marketing team did a GREAT Job convincing Us that with our Support they could reach these Goals And make the game within THEIR OWN ESTIMATED timeline . Rather than stick to their pledge of these Goals that were met THEY CHOSE to accept a Paying partner that imposed Exclusivity rights for its platform. It wasn't a mistake. SO they either budgeted terribly, Allocated our pledges poorly, or purposely Mislead us with the monetary goals outlined in their KS. I was Skeptical but as you said. I Tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and have some faith they could own up to what they were selling... But Alas the Almighty Dollar won them over. If it wasn't Feasible to make the game on their estimated budget set out in KS across all platforms (their most recent tweet thread talks about the difficulty of release on all platforms) ... Is that NOT Bait and Switch???????
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    I can't get into specifics on the Nintendo deal (partially because I don't know everything, and partially because I am not allowed to), but at the time of the Kickstarter, a deal with Nintendo was not considered and we initially did plan on releasing all platforms at the same time. However, we luckily were able to partner with Nintendo, which will have so many positive effects on the game and the studio as a whole. It is an opportunity we simply couldn't pass up, and after all things considered, the timed exclusivity is a small price to pay for the benefits. Trust me, it was not a decision that was made lightly.
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    You should be happy in my opinion they have a huge company like Nintendo onboard. If you have to wait a little longer so be it... the long term prospects of a larger user base means more content and lastsbility. The more players the better right ? lets face if you ask for your money to be returned you are still going to buy the game, No ? Plus you will not have that swanky gear. Cutting your nose off to spite your face springs to mind. However while I will be swanning around with my gear from the Kickstarter.
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    They have mentioned on stream that loot will be instanced. If memory serves it was one of their first streams talking about DDA where they also promised that it wont be "inventory management the game".
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    While typically I don't wish to respond to these, I'll make an exception. First off, I joined the CDT? Interesting. I guess I'm an honorary member maybe, I'll need to see if the CDT is okay with thats. I also learned weapons like this drop from The Deeper Well. Must have been in update 6.
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