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    DEFENDERS! Today is a big day for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and Chromatic Games! Earlier today we were featured as part of the Nintendo Indie Showcase, which if you haven’t seen, click HERE to check it out. This is HUGE for our game and studio, helping us bring the world of Etheria to many future Defenders. This showing also revealed something very big: A RELEASE DATE! Dungeon Defenders: Awakened releases February 2020, and there’s a lot of reasons for this, so let’s get into them by answering some questions we’re sure you have! Release Why is it not releasing in October 2019? Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is meant to be a showing to our loyal fans of what we’re capable of as Chromatic Games. This isn’t a simple remaster/remake, but bringing back the soul of the original Dungeon Defenders into modern day. Building the game from the ground up is no simple feat, and we’re pulling out all the stops to really blow your socks away. Half of the maps in DD:A are new; Assets in the game are new; all of the UIs are new; and a slew of new features to make for an enjoyable experience. Releasing in October would lead to two things: an unpolished and unrefined gaming experience, or tons of crunch that can burn out developers. As a studio, we absolutely REFUSE to release DD:A as half-baked, and as a business we don’t want people working unbearable hours (we love all our employees, they already kick a ton of butt). This meant pushing our release date to accomplish our goals, and give you the game you deserve! “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” - Shigeru Miyamoto Why February 2020? In short, It’s the best time for us to release the game. In long, there’s a multitude of reasons. We’re able to keep cranking out content without overworking and breaking developer souls; we can release a beta that allows us time to make iterations as they’re needed; we don’t have to compete with AAA releases that would drown our marketing efforts; it’s after the holidays, giving Defenders a chance to get back to post-holiday life-ing and get hyped for DD:A release; and we could keep going. Overall, it’s best for us as a studio and better for those of you wanting a great DD:A experience. For those of you wanting a bad DD:A experience, we apologize, but we are unable to provide that. Beta? BETA?? BEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTAAAA??!??!?!? We’re currently going over the best time for beta and letting you sink your teeth into this meaty game. DD:A PC Beta will be available Early November 2019. This Beta allows us to monitor all the systems we’ve been working tirelessly on, and getting any fixes out before the release. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated during these testing periods, together it we get to make an AWESOME game. Nintendo Switch Console Timed-Exclusive? This means that we’ll be releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC right out of the gate in February 2020 at the same time. What does this mean for our PS4 and Xbox One backers? We’re going to be spending extra time polishing up the builds for your platform. The release for these platforms is not very far off from the initial release, with a concrete release date coming in the near future. Or maybe we’ll NEVER release on those platforms, MUAHAHAHA (just kidding, we love all our consoles Defenders and could never hurt you like that). New Content? Well I guess… So far we’ve been showing off some of the hotness coming in the forms of complete maps, concept art, and goblin animations. Everything here is still considered a work-in-progress, but everything is until the game’s released! First we want to show off our new Dungeon Defenders: Awakened logo and cover art (it’s freaking amazing). Let’s take a look at the new Squire in 3D, with his animations in-game! Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3 Blood Boil Circular Slice Healing Death Also how about our first boss map, Alchemical Labs! The core will be in the middle, we just wanted to show off the art! There’s that core, get back to the middle of the room! How about a look at your favorite homestead, a place to kick up your feet and admire your loot, THE TAVERN! That’s Sir Bubbles himself there on the wall. Here’s old George, on patrol. Kind of. And last but not least, while we’re finishing up the work on his encounter, how about a look at the NEW Demon Lord? What’s Next? We’re going to keep working incredibly hard to get DD:A into your hands, duh! This is a giant passion project for all of us, and every day is a blast, even when we’re squashing bugs (ty QA, we love you). Regular updates are going to continue, and we’ve even brought on board some awesome help to get this info out to you! Speaking of… Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team is having a blast working on DD:A, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    We'll be posting an official update very soon (with more details and progress to look at) but the game's release as a whole has been delayed until 2020 to make sure it's as great as humanly possible. PC will be releasing the same time as Switch (Feb 2020), but the PC beta will be before that. XBox and PS4 will be released shortly after, we will have more details on this soon.
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    Hey Chromatic, First of all, congrats on the change to Chromatic, i hope you make an awesome game. To that end, i have had a few people recommend i mention a few ideas...completely up to you if you use them. I had a thought last night, what if the enemies were more like player characters in that they wore the armour they might drop? If an ogre has a base HP of say 1mill, but had a HP rate of 250 Health per Hero Health stat point, and wore armour with random stats, they could be a lot more powerful than their base HP (and this could be done with many stats, speed, Damage, cast rate for their poison balls maybe), this would make an ogre with 1mill hp base maybe be able to have 5mill hp if the gear they were wearing had high stats. this would make them a challenging enemy. Furthermore, this enemy could have a chance to drop armour, much like they would normally, but perhaps this could be a chance to drop the armour they were wearing. i think this would make the enemies feel less Same-y, and make sense that the harder enemies, with more stats, had a chance to drop better gear. This could be applies across the board to all enemies, this might be a horrible idea too, i dunno. Second thought, which i think might have already been suggested, thought of, considered, i dunno. Survival, its kinda a lifestyle at the endgame...i think it would be Awesome if we could save the state of our survival may at a build wave, then come back to it. prolly lots of stuff to figure out in the fringes of this one, but my friend and I spent a good loong while on a survival map yesterday, and are pretty limited to how often we can do them because they can take so long in the end game, perhaps this would be a nice middle ground and let us play a few waves on weeknights when we cant give 5 hours to a survival map. Thanks heaps for creating Dungeon Defenders, i have had a Great time playing over the last 7 years, i truly hope you make another amazing game in DDA. regards, Urgle
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    Let's sum up my opinions on Split Screen rewards: I hate it. But we need it. Not sure what to type here. I have lots of mixed feelings about Controller Emulation. 1. I dislike losing 75% of my FPS to split screen for extra items. 2. I dislike plugging in 3 controllers or finding an emulator to get extra items. 3. I dislike getting extra items for having extra players I am not playing. 4. I like getting extra items for having friends splitscreen with me. 5. I like how it speeds up getting a specific items. 6. I dislike how it's required to get a good items. So what could be done? A logarithmic slider that ramps up difficulty and ramps up rewards. Essentially meaning if you're strong enough and farming a specific item you can set the amount of drops(/players) to 12x for a 40x (random example number) difficulty increase. But i'd like to know the communities thoughts on this as a whole. They said they'd be adding tons of QoL improvements so I thought i'd bring this up as it's a pretty big part of the game.
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    Just saw the DD:A trailer in the Switch Indie World Showcase video on the Nintendo YouTube channel. The game is looking pretty good. The only things I've seen so far are Kickstarter video and some images in the updates. Is there somewhere that stuff is being uploaded that I'm missing? Also, it mentioned the Switch timed exclusive being released in 2020. Is the PC version stilled planned for October? Edit: There's also this slightly different version that's just the trailer
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    The thing is if this was the only time they didnt give us advance notice of something I would be allot more sympathetic but its not. With the whole delivery charges thing they waited until we complained and even then it was a while before they officially responded. Then there were many gaps in communication with keeping us updated with how they were getting on. They seem to be lacking in having someone with PR experience or at least decent experience in communication. They really need to start getting ahead with releasing information rather than address it AFTER people get it from elsewhere. I personally dont mind them having it a timed exclusive for switch and having to wait to play it on my PS4 as I can see how that may of helped them with finance or programming. I still want to give them the benefit of the doubt in how my backer money is being used and what the end product might be. In total I have gave CG $170 in the hope of a good game and even with my frustration of their lack of communication I am genuinely looking forward to DDA. All I have asked for in many posts is that they start being more proactive towards backers to help reassure us that our money was well spent.
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    To go back to the topic at hand split screen and loot . Do we punish genuine split screen players in order to catch those looking to cheese the system? On console at least it is easier since there it is possible to log into multiple accounts on the same device and for DD2 2 players can use this to play split screen together. It would seem quite fair to implement only one reward per account there at least. The problem is what about PC players it is almost impossible to have multiple accounts running on steam at any one time even more so if you are looking to be online with them. Unless you think every player will have their own computer what will happen is most will share one account and split screen there. My son and I did this for the original game since we have different strengths he might dps while I built or repair while I took down the boss etc. He had his own heroes and I had mine. It felt to me at least fair that we got our own loot. That being said loading in extra screens just for loot using emulators or whatever is cheesing the system. I am not sure if it would be possible to prevent the use of an emulator to help reduce those looking to cheese loot drops. If there is a way to allow multiple accounts to play together on PC then fine restrict it to one account one reward else I cant see how its fair to those genuinely using split screen.
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    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Firstly why oh why does it seem impossible for chromatic to give information before we find out elsewhere? This is getting real old real fast, the only seem to respond AFTER we find out something and then go on here to talk about it - end of rant. So for console players for a month or whatever only Switch will be available. My guess on this its probably due to the help they have received from Nintendo to develop the game to be able to play on the Switch so fair enough. It would be nice however if they can clear up how long the time will be, for all we know it could be 6 months or more. I am also a little disappointed it got pushed back to February next year, but hopefully that means a better finished game.
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    They have mentioned on stream that loot will be instanced. If memory serves it was one of their first streams talking about DDA where they also promised that it wont be "inventory management the game".
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    Guess we're back to this point now.
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    We are so happy about our partnership with Nintendo, and what it means for the future of the studio and future projects. With that being said, DDA will be a timed console exclusive, and we will be announcing more details on the XBox/PS4 release dates soon. PC will not be affected by this. We will be releasing an official communication very shortly, but yes the game was delayed until 2020 to make sure that we are able to deliver on the high expectations we have for the game and to make sure the game is perfect for years of support.
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    Heyo. I've got bukoo hours in DD1, and hardly any in DD2. I played DD2 early on, and all the constant changes and choices really soured me on the game. It may have been different if I had waited for the final release, but I didn't. Now a days I am older and wiser, and avoid ALL "Early-access" and "pre-orders" and "pre-releases". Fool me once with delivering nothing or garbage, shame on them. Fool me two, three and then four times? Shame on me for believing that developers can be trusted to deliver a product when they already have cash in hand. I've been playing a ridiculous amount of Path of Exile recently, if you want an example of "End Game Content done Right". Wanted: 1) More maps that you can have choke points in. One of my biggest complaints in DD2 - you couldn't stem the tide of enemies. Granted, I didn't play long because I hated the play style choices, but I got the feeling that no matter what I did the enemies WERE coming through, and there was nothing I could do about it. 2) More seige-like maps. The first boss in DD1 comes to mind. Relatively small map, with a central courtyard that all the enemies converge on. 3) More "mob stopping" creations / heroes. 4) Fewer simultaneous mob 'lanes'. Maybe a different progression path for single player and multiplayer? Perhaps both sets of maps could be played either way, but there is a huge design difference between what is fun with a group and fun by yourself. I travel a LOT for my job, and crappy hotel internet is not conducive to a fun multiplayer environment. Not Wanted: 1) Loot boxes? Get those outta here. Don't be yet another developer using these. The science is there, they are predatory, unscrupulous developers target them at 'whales', and at least for me, it just isn't fun to have a 1% chance of getting the thing I want, and a 99% chance of getting 197 other unwanted things. And content gated behind loot boxes? Don't even think about it. If you are going to have them, do them right, absolutely nothing progression or character strength related should be in them. Cosmetics only. Pay-to-win is a common sign of a bad game. 2) Less of a FPS run-n-gun game like DD2 and more of a strategic game like DD1. Change is fine, but DD1 was the play style that got me hooked. Flow management! 3) Ultra-grinds. I am ok with 90% of content being accessible with a moderate time investment, and 10% for the hardcore 2% of players that want to dedicate their lives to DDA. This does not include Canyon Map - Easy, Medium, Hard, Ultra style gating. I'm talking about content gate grinds like "You need 1000 dingle-shards to repair the dingleberry gate to get to Uranus maps..." and the shards only drop rarely enough that you need to grind through 900 maps to get them. 3b) I get the most enjoyment out of leveling schemes that is exponential leveling. Where you can get through levels 1-50 or whatever relatively easily but the higher tier content is accessible to levels 51-75, which each level is harder to get than the last. There should be NOTHING that is 'required' to have max level to access or do, but there should be perk(s) for obtaining it. 4) More simultaneous 'lanes'.
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    My main problem with such features is that it openly discourages playing with others in regards to loot farming because you'll suddenly be getting less loot due to the fact you've now got to share it. I would prefer a method of loot scaling that encourages actually playing with other people as opposed to multiple controllers on the same account. Especially since DDA's loot will be instanced, and you don't have to worry about whoever happens to be closest to the drop site ganking that one great item.
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    One restriction that would be nice was to only give one map reward per account.
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    What I dont like about Mastery is that theres no way to reset the map. Lets say you have the challenge where you cant upgrade any defenses. Most of the time when I finish building out the defenses in the first build phase I accidentally upgrade something and its all over, I cant reset, I have to leave, come back and set up everything all over again. Its not challenging its just frustrating (yea I did it myself but so what). This is the same thing with other challenges that you can fail before you even hit the start button on the first wave. Another thing is that theres no rewards on a map by map basis. No defender medals, no shards, nothing. Very little rewards other than the hypershards we're after.
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    ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198808459026 2 Events and dices 3
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    1 - Massive story 2 - Game modes game modes game modes, sure story is cool but give us play modes that we can just hop into and play. 3 - A meaningful grind “In DD2 we grind for motes, tokens and shards = boring, In DDA give us a grind that’s rewarding, say like armor sets like Word of Warcraft tier armor set with a 2 piece and 4 piece set bonus and weapon sets. Let the things like motes, tokens and shards come to the player naturally. Add new tier sets every 6 months or so? 4 – bring in rewarding play, set in points in the game that are very hard to get past but then reward that player with something that fits the challenge 5 – If you do anything like ancient power and onslaught, make them go together so that an ancient power reset will make you godlike, but onslaught always is a challenge still
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