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    So the title has nothing to do with what you're actually complaining about. It's easier to start at c7 mastery and use both rate mod and Shard and work backwards. You can skip perfect in the harder maps 30s build time eg and still get all the shards (just not all the flairs )
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    Only had one issue with the Diverse defence challenge but that was when I replay the wave. "Replay" never existed when Mastery came out so it's probably causing an issue, the simple solution is to restart the map. Take a break from Mastery, it can be frustrating and long but the main Hypershards you need is Mass Destruction & Vicious Strikes. You can get the other Hypershards later in time just sort out your defences for all of your heroes and give it another try.
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    I played mastery before and after the big MOD changes. The mode is definitely easier now due to MODs, but i did indeed encounter multiple glitches in objectives while playing. Especially the 10 def one - do not use 'replay from wave' as that what caused many fails on that mutator for me. It is buggy, can be frustratingly hard, endure many resets, and endless depths of frustration are to be had. However, once done, never have to touch it again (crazy poor replayability), and tbe hyper shards are soooooo worth it, at least until you do ap resets... To each their own. I didn't play and beat Mastery until i was over 1000 ascension on my first playthrough. Mostly out of sheer freaking boredom led me to it. But now i have all stars...and wish i had something as interesting as mastery left to still play.
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    You should see a title option in the in-game menu, pretty sure that's how it works on PC (can't check right now :v)
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    This is just a rough guideline with lots of exceptions, but . . . In general DD1 is designed so that the higher the stats, the more likely something will roll negative. The end game accs like Winter Wonderland, Temple of Love, and so on roll negative more than 50% of the time. The best accessories (masquerade, etc.) roll negative 60% of the time. Accessories on non-hardcore or on easier maps usually roll 6 or 7 positives. Accessories are an extreme example, but a lot of other items roll a significant number of negatives, too. End game players hate this, but I don't think the idea is wrong. Lower end gear is easier to get, higher end gear is harder to get. If you give people the best items without much grind, then there's nothing to grind for, and people will get bored and quit. If you get rid of negatives, the game would be completely different.
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