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    I recently played the first game for the first time. It's amazing! I'm usually strictly a console gamer (PlayStation) but, as I'd pre-ordered "Awakened", I received the code for the additional content and didn't want it to go to waste. it helped that Steam had the game on sale! Anyway, I LOVE customisation! One of the aspects of the original that I was pleasantly surprised by was the ability to edit the colour schemes of heroes and crystals. Yes, the costumes are awesome, and swapping parts—in the second game—of (mostly) the default is cool. But I would love to see the colour customisation brought back! However... if a developer is reading this, PLEASE include a value indicator (such as RGB or HSV) in arbitrary count or percentage. Otherwise, replicating a look (to match parts or heroes to crystals) or creating 'team' colours becomes impossible. Games like "Terraria" have had HUGE missed opportunities by incorporating a free form method of colour selection, and it's maddening when trying to build upon a theme and create a more personal experience. I don't know how many other people care about this, and my opinion is somewhat informed by my OCD, but I am hoping I'm not just an exception.
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    Ubermench42 on steam Ubermench42#4328 on discord Cheers Ubermcdoober Rewards Rolls player reward lunaris hat kime hat bullet hat slc112 hat putz hat black pheonix hat gyvexx hat jyu hat summimeow hat spammeplz hat mailmangus hat manyux hat moose hat childe amn hat dodo hat jaymuz hat superfx hat mxmx hat billyh hat pure hat kingenx moL michanthony moL slush eternity polar bear dog eternity chiaraux ocean bacta ocean mr edd07 pumpkin lolita pumpkin exostomp war bonnet jaditz war bonnet
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    I think we are all ok with CG taking the time they need to make DDA the best it can be. This thread is mostly just to build the hype and show excitement. If they push back the release date, then just make the number bigger and continue counting down. Also 50 days
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    One thing I've hoped for is bringing back DDE's color customization system. (Probably the best feature of the whole game) It let you color every different part of every pet, armor, and weapon. Unfortunately it was locked to ~15 or so colors instead of the complete RGB tuning of DD1, but it was a fantastic system to have.
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    This forum seems to be full of unban requests, so in the interest of avoiding more, here is a quick reference. Please do not make threads asking to be unbanned. They will be locked. If you any further questions, the Players Helping Players forum section is the place to ask! How did I get banned?There are two kinds of bans: VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans and Trendynet/Ranked bans. VAC bans are the result of known cheat programs/hooks/other tools that can be used to mess with games. VAC bans are game specific and only restrict you from playing on VAC-enabled servers (All online games are VAC-enabled). The only tools explicitly authorized for use with the game are the game's editor (DDDK) and the steam workshop tool used to launch the editor and upload things to Steam Workshop. Be aware that VAC bans operate on a delay system, so you won't be easily able to determine exactly what triggered the ban. They do this to make it harder for hackers to develop ways around the system. Trendynet/Ranked bans are the result of various rule infractions while playing Ranked games. While some of these infractions can also result in a VAC ban as well, others may not. These infractions may include but are not limited to duplicatiing or modifying items, Running a paypal shop, buying anything from a paypal shop, or trading in or otherwise knowingly purchasing modified items.If you are VAC (steam) bannedThere is nothing that can be done. Valve will not lift VAC bans under any circumstances. You can still play (and cheat) to your hearts content in local play. If the Play Online button is grayed out, it may be due to Steam Community maintenance, so you can check if you are banned or not you by reviewing your steam profile. If you are Trendynet (Ranked) banned only You can visit this link and ask about your situation: Trendy Support However, usually, unban requests won't be honored. If you are certain you have reformed you can consider getting the game on a new Steam account (or use Family Share to play the game on another account), but if you are using tools or attempting to cheat or knowingly purchase hacked items you can expect to get banned again. So please don't do it.
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