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    Thanks to all for testing and providing feedback for this Update 6 so far. It has been coming along and has hit RC where you can now play it and have your Ranked data progress saved by selecting it. We are looking to hopefully release this soon and quickly move to Update 7 for yall. So please test this when you can and provide any further feedback and report any issues with the update or with the game that need to get fixed. Minor issues may get fixed in Update 7 as that will be moving quickly to beta as well for all to test after this release. To go ahead and switch to version 8.6: Go to your Steam Library Right click on Dungeon Defenders and select Properties Click on the Betas Tab Click on the drop down box and select update6_rc Note: Your Ranked Progress will be saved but if something major happens where we need to update again or remove items, then you may lose those items. Or if you happen to exit the beta and go back to the Live branch, items from Update 6 will disappear. Here are the current list of Patch notes for this this update. New Map - Crystalline Resurgence 4 - Rewards buffed Sky City lower difficulty weapons and Mini Kraken pet New Map - Coastal Bazaar - Campaign rewards new lamp and carpet weapons - Survival rewards genie wave 25 and Mini Genie King end of survival wave 35 Updated Map - Emerald City - Reskinned Boss and changed name - Added survival - Rewards imp wave 25 and Desert Cupid end of survival - buffed emerald sword and staff stats - Emerald thrower now has more central spread - Random rewards were buffed to Moonbase levels - Added magic carpets to help move around map faster QoL - Added quality color around item names in inventory to help make it easier to identify item qualities. Toggles with "CTRL+O" - Display 3 decimals for buff beam boost values - Show DPS in tool tip for Bouncer Blockade and Slice n Dice like other towers
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    Officially we no longer support DD1 data restores as of many years ago however I do restores when I have a free moment. You can either send me a message on the forums directly or join one of the dungeon defenders discords and message me on there, my name is Ice there as well. Just send me a link to your Steam profile and don't log back into the games.
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    Personally, I'm not really a big fan of how strong the blue in Cyborks and Kobolts looks. I kinda feel the "theme" of the "Old Ones army" is kinda being ruined with that futuristic-looking blue. Aside from my dislike of their function, a majority of the dislike also came from the aesthetic while the other types of enemies looks pretty dope to me. If I may, I would suggest turning that blue into some kind of light purple like these for example. Just to match the theme of "the Old Ones army" :) Cheers and thanks for reading!
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    I really like this idea, it protects the host as well as giving other players joining some imput. It goes inline with my idea of some sort of block list. A reputation system would help people know if a particular host is someone has been abusing their powers but also lets a host kick unwanted players. Having a rep system may be easier to implement than my idea as well. i think this is the fairest suggestion I have seen so far.
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    You dont get in touch with Ice, he gets in touch with you. :) If someone cant find him you can message me as well and I can get it to him or someone else that can look into it.
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    I believe what moose is saying is that you get one pet per hero. If I have split-screened 3 other heroes into the mix, so I have 4 heroes on the field, I get 4 pets. Perhaps people would kick last wave to sign in one of their other heroes, so they get 4 pets instead of 3. I don't recall if you can sign a hero in last second like that, but if you could, it would reinforce my earlier point about people mostly abusing the kick option in order to direclty gain something, not just to be total jerks.
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    Thanks, I was wondering why we had not heard on the gems. I understand some backers may of needed more time to get their order to their satisfaction, I had dealt with mine virtually the second i received my survey xd. I just didnt think this was still being dealt with at this stage. As I said I am in no rush, just wondered what was happening since no statement had been made. May I please ask you again to try to be more proactive with details and communicate more often on how things are proceeding. It does your company harm to leave us backers feeling ignored and forgotten. it can look a little like "Now we have your money, we dont care". I know this is not intended, but you are developing a reputation for poor communication. This has been a long standing issue which makes it difficult to recommend others to invest in DDA at this point.
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