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    i agree juicebag has all the information you will need but nothing helps more than just playing the game
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    Tutorial doesn't teach u shards/MODs, as they are part of strategy setup for customization, they only teach u control wise to place down defenses, so don't bother to try to go back is my suggestion. As far as thorough explanation of the entire system, Search Mr. Juicebag, he's got pretty much everything there is to know about DD2 in his videos. When getting to smaller stuff, do read the text-description of shards/MODs u get, as most of them are very self-explanatory. As far as progression, expedition is where u do farming, and get introduced to various mob type. I call it "the second tutorial". After expedition, when u have experimented bits of defenses, mobs, u can move on to Mastery, and Onslaught (the mode that provides challenging content as u progress further). All of those Juicebag has good videos on, if u have specific questions.
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    Except his post missed the entire point of the thread, like shooting a barn in broad daylight and missing. Do players in challenging areas use walls? No, which is what the thread is about, finding a way to make walls more part of the defense and not a complete waste of DU. This would also subsequently open up more of that hp limit that Chromatic cant use to make more content challenging for those who snoozed up the floors to 900 (and believe me it wasnt challenging at all for them until they hit that hp wall) so they would find what they want and still win rather than beat on the hp wall without ever having a chance. Things that are not an answer to this problem are: Sleeping through 500+ hours of content to get anything challenging, using walls in lower floors even though they are completely useless and will only take one hit, creating a new game. None of these solve the problem, they just ignore it. Does anyone want to be labeled as ignorant for ignoring a problem?
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    MODs just drop anywhere on gears/relics. MODs has very clear description, 99% of them should be self-explanatory (like anti-melee, increase % damage to melee mobs ; defense rate, increase attack rate by % ; poison servo, gives defenses poison element ; etc etc) There is no "the meta" setup, since everything is customization and tailored to fight different specific type mobs. A setup may be meta to some people, but can be useless to others, because they have different play styles, and building strategies. For example u need Piercer servo, to pierce ; Poison servo, to poison ; melee-boom, to deal explosion damage upon killing melee mobs ; anti-range servo, to better kill ranged mobs ; Fire servo, to deal double damage to Frost enemies. (the biggest meta if any, in current state, is Crowd Control, which can be achieved by combining water/storm, or poison/earth elements ; before u step into onslaught, this can be applied to every single map u do) The quickest way to pick those knowledge up, is by playing, experimenting, and watching streams/videos of players who already implement those MODs to show various examples of setup for various enemies, like Mr. Juicebag.
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    Topic has come up many times. Challenging content is there. There's 0 people at 990+, 5 people at 900+. They are absolutely not afking, and struggle to climb even a few floors over a long period of weeks even months. Don't get why people keep playing tutorial content and ask for nerf or call the game no strat afk. Frankly, this almost feels like watching a college student do 1+1 all the time and call math worthless, asking for nerf to IQ so everyone can think 2+2 is hard. ( I honestly don't mean to be offensive lol, this is genuinely how I'm feeling rn...)
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    Goin down in power is a quick trip to a lost player base. Shafting the mid-tier players because the the top few% can reach OP levels is yet another way of potentially alienating the player base. I personally no longer have any affinity for building walls (even though I did at some point in the past). I'm completely fine with them being a niche utility, if that. The entire Incursions game-mode is basically a joke from day-1. The only incursion that was mildly engaging was the c5 Bazaar map (where defenses despawn but can be placed instantly). It's replayability lay in it's completely unique playstyle coupled with the OP reward it gave back then (legendary gear and monk staff afair). THIS is the model that worked, imho. Boss Mode incursions could've played a similar role but were never realised. Instead we got these mildly tweaked maps which didn't require a massive change of playing the game to achieve success. Mastery is brilliant. It was hard as %@$# back in the day, and through power creep has got successively more accessible to the wider player base. IMO, this is exactly how it should be. // 2cents
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    Technically there are clicker/incremental games that already do this, also passively for most. Start game and your number goes up, the more time you play the higher your number. You can run the treadmill as long as you want and it never ends, then when you are done you just stop playing. DD2 is a Tower Defense, where you plan out a build based on what you have in stock and what enemies you will be facing and change it along the way to optimize. The goal of the enemy is to make it past those defenses and to keep that from happening you use blockades to hold them back a bit longer. Gear is only relevant up to c7 and then its forever climb in Onslaught, there is no treadmill, it is a staircase, which does end. The unfortunate part so far is we have been given so much power in the recent times that blockades are useless and stacking more and more dps is the way of things. If they give us more power to balance out the lesser used things then do it again and again, its called power creep. In most games this is bad but in DD2 it is basically death because the game engine can only handle numbers up to a point. If the power we have gets over a certain limit then things breakdown and become irrelevant. For an example of this look at Incursions or Mastery, these are no longer relevant because of how much power we have given. Back when Mastery was released the best players in the game had struggles, now, anyone at c7 can complete them with the right defenses with fairly decent ease. Incursions are just played once, if that, to unlock weapons then forgotten. Onslaught on release it was hard for the best players in the game to get to floor 200, then Mods came and Marcos showed it was possible to max it out. CG then re-scaled Onslaught to what it is today and we again had/have players pushing far too deep showing that we still have vastly more power than we should. There is a saying that I believe is very common, "What goes up, must come down". We are at the peak of power, the next logical move is down. The higher up we go the harder and faster we go down.
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    A change like this would be the final nail in the coffin for me. Climbing higher in onslaught is enough of a challenge and I don't want to nerf more aspects of the game. Personally, I'd prefer if they incrementally gave us more power (e.g. Petrify /w taunt) than to make the game more 'challenging'. I had way more fun during the Petrify+Taunt shenanigans than a whole lot of time before. Personally, I'm not looking for this game to be a 'job' or a test of my 'epeen'. I just want to unwind and progress through the gear treadmill.
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