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    There is no logical reason to restrict host ability in the game. If somebody wants to host a game, they should be the ones controlling it. If you take away the ability to kick you give power to trolls and bad people in general. If I want to HOST a game why should I not have any elevated permission? If I don't have the ability to control MY lobby, I won't play public games at all. Please do not even consider this option.
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    I'll build a pulley system, if you want to pay tribute with big beef and cheddars, and we then wheel down concept art. As for the original question, we'll be getting things sent out shortly for lunch dates. The idea would be to try and have lunch with individuals, instead of large groups. Give that special attention <3
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    TL, DR version: ALT + F4 I have been playing DD2 almost every day except when I had to work over time, since I started last October. I remember struggling thru. lower expedition, not knowing what the hell cyborks do, geodes, shielded gobus, until I realized this game was designed for 6+ yr old, and I needed to read description of stuff to get the information to progress smoothly xD and all those hours I afk in town every night b4 bed, just to look more like a vet-player lol I remember first going into Mastery w/ zero knowledge, and got my ass kicked; first going into onslaught, not knowing how to read description again; equipping random shards, still not knowing how to read. After almost a month or more, I slowly learned to read, to research, to do math, and to watch better players for builds, placement, and play styles. That was when the game got me hooked tremendously, when I started to log in almost every day, looking to learn something new, to improve, and to progress. Looking back now, I've had so much fun each time I learned about new things, the excitement each time I accomplished something I couldn't before. It was all the obstacles to overcome one after one, that kept it super exciting, and all the "hidden" features of the game that always kept things new, refreshing, and therefore keep players exploring and experimenting non-stop. Ancient Power system is very controversial. I personally love it. However, understanding everyone has different opinions, I'm merely sharing my memories. The period of all my APs, were one of my best experiences, because I learned the most knowledge to support to where I am now. Every AP I went thru, gave me the opportunities to experiment with different defenses, combos, builds, heroes; gave me the chance to learn about the mutators more, where I always had to read and plan more meticulously and differently. It taught me there are no best build, best defense, best hero, that everything is subjective, situational, and work in conjunction as a whole. That to me, is the beauty of DD2, and what has kept me this long. 【Funnily I had so much in mind before typing this up. Now that I'm doing it, I don't know what to say. There're too much happened in the past half a year or more, to put in texts. Lastly, thank you TE/CG, DD2. This was my first ever Xbox game, and will definitely be in my memory for long. I look forward to DDA a lot. Before DDA and/or "end game update" comes, I think I've had all the fun and progression I wanted in DD2, and it's a good time to take a break. Knowing how much DD2 has me hooked and it's hard to get off right away tho, I think I will do some fun and informative vids to share
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    I've finally made the time to do some test run I've wanted for a while. Here's a gift to the community especially many newcomers to the game. Hope this will help :) Test Environment: Onslaught Floor 200/300/400/500 ; Test Subjects: various Weapon MODs Procedure: Putting CC only defenses, providing as little damage from defense as possible; In order to test how strong they are, I put ONLY 1/10 MODs from C7 (Grave Infection, Banjax, Frostfire) In F300 vid, ramsters were used instead of self-proc WM, for newer players. Relics are un-upgraded, and only utility shards & MODs were equipped. F200, test results: https://youtu.be/K4NF-wPiL08 F301, test results: https://youtu.be/vPix09cuB-Y F403, test results: https://youtu.be/pbu09n2lbvQ F509, test results: https://youtu.be/5adYBHub9vo Comments: Let me just say... phew~ THEY ARE GOOD. For denser-mob lane especially, the non-stop proc is satisfying to watch. Keep in mind, they are fixed damage, so doesn't matter what your stat is, u can achieve almost identical effects as the vid, for all those tics, as long as u manage to kill a mob and have those MODs equipped. Best of all, u can find those MODs as a fresh beginner into the game, and possess the power to push beyond F300 and go into end game. In the F400-vid, there were 2 frost lanes, with which most new players have problem. This strat build completely ignore their slow mechanics and destroy lane easily. Takeaway (TL;DR) : Farm a few C7, or spend some gold. GET YOURSELF A SET OF "GRAVE INFECTION, BANJAX, FROSTFIRE", put it on any DPS hero. Put down some CC defenses; kill some mobs each lane; sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks :) Last Update: F509 took some very active playing to finish, I think that will be the highest/biggest floor/map I try for this experiment. Nonetheless, a struggling win is a win, 3 C7 1/10 MODs are still very powerful for many lanes even up in F500+. In the thread and videos, lies a suggestion to many newer players, do not always chase all the perfect 10/10s stressing yourself out when not at the stage of needing them. Having 10 proper 1/10 is more powerful than 1 10/10, and will carry u much further.
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    my man if you cant beat it with max stats then you cant beat it
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    There's one about 5 minutes away, your food will still be hot! This is my favorite restaurant in the entire world and the fact that you mentioned it specifically makes my heart happy. I promise I won't let the rest of the team call the cops if you give me a roll.
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    lol huh? Couldn't have possibly been the fact that almost every high floor climber in the old onslaught was spamming bees? I haven't used bees regularly since the NM4 days. Plus I love fun powerful things. I am 100% not a member of the fun police and have never asked Trendy / Chromatic to nerf anything since the game began.
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    I like most of the new heroes introduced into DD2 and had hoped for some others planned which never made an appearance like Man and the machine. I would like to see the Lavamancer and Mystic in DDA I loved their towers. They have stated that only the OG 4 will be available on release, but I hope the roster of heroes will increase relatively quickly afterwards. I also hope that the new hero they mentioned The Riftwalker will still make an appearance in the game. My only caveat is we do not get another OP ability like the Jesters Wheel Of Fortune and that each hero will still be viable to DPS with in mid-late game. I love me Apprentice and would like for one game to actually make him a worthwhile DPS hero :(.
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    She's fun to use, I'd definitely like to see her return. The Lavamancer, too. For all its flaws, I really do like DD2's heroes.
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    I'm an endgame DD1 player, 9 lvl 100 characters, great ult armor on all and a lots of event items. I have hosted a lot of games. I'd say 90% of all games I have hosted is for helping other players. If you touch the hosts ability to kick players you are shooting your game in the foot. I got two main points if you reduce the hosts abilities. - Players will just play private games instead I would stop hosting games if players could come in and fuck up my game. I'd just stick to play with players I know. That would make your game seem dead, or abandoned way quicker. Also it would make it harder for everyone to find a game to play. - Vetarans would be annoyed of the game way quicker Veterans of DD1 is the players that keeps DD1 alive for all this years and they can keep DDA alive 10 years from now. Veterans often host games to help newbies, and if they get reduced host rights they might stop doing that. If few players are online and you are tired of grinding, helping other players can be relaxing and nice. Also you can see how insanely good your gear have gotten, and players telling you that your gear is awesome makes you feel good about all the grind you have done. If players don't want to do that anymore because being a host sucks, I think they would quicker give up on the game. This is a game breaker for me. If you mess too much with the hosts abilities, I am out. (English is not my mother tongue)
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    We heard back and are working with Sony currently.
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    I really hope GW returns. My fave hero to use.
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    I may or may not fly across the globe all the way with homemade sandwiches, extra butter with lettuce and all for the peeping. Probably have to grab some pizza from some pizzeria to bribe CG for a way in. If not we'll just have force our way in with a food fight. Preferably fruitcake as ammunition. Or...of course, we all just could eat in peace. Totally no plans for any invasion with food of any sort. Nope none at all.
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    I support your cause
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    I'll add a Canadian twist, bring in some Tim Horton's to eat while we stare uncomfortably at the devs. No reason to all have the same thing.
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    I believe Mr. Juicebag has many different videos on those maps with various builds strategy if u would like to learn. The purpose of this thread is only to pass and demonstrate the power of weapon MODs for newcomers recently entering the game.
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    If the cross-save thing happens, I'll likely go between PC and Switch
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    the campaign on this map is easier than all of arcane library survival. the survival on this map is literally unplayable. no matter what i set up, even with my stats (high 7k to low 8k) im unable to beat this map on survival even with one character in while dpsing. i hit 1 frame and my defenses die before i can react to it. the map is nice, the spawns are easy, but there are so many mobs that im unable to play it. i agree with pretty much everything thales wrote and many more people agree.
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    In my honest opinion, lagging the game with more enemies so you get more rewards to make Coastal Bazaar "Moonbase 2.0" is not the right way to go. It just makes people that don't have a top end desktop have a hard time playing the map. On moonbase people already get 30 minutes difference between game time and real time due to the lag. You could just make the scaling on enemies harder and the scaling on drops better instead to make a new armor farming map, so you end up getting the same relative difficulty and number of ult per hour. My main point on saying this is that while on moonbase you have to defend only one crystal, this map will have 3 crystals to defend with an a big number of enemies, so the difficulty will be way higher and no one will move to it instead of the old armor map. It just looks like a mentality of "this worked before, so let's do it again and ignore the obvious problems with it". Making the map difficult and rewarding is better than laggy, harder than the old map and just as spammy with bad quality armor Also, yes this is a rant against artificial difficulty with spam of mobs, it's just a lazy way to do it. This will probably end up being ignored the same way emerald city rewards scaling. The only weapon with movement bonus for apprentice doesn't even get near the clava which you can farm on a way easier map Edit: Forgot to say that while testing people who usually have 10 fps on moonbase get to 2 during the waves on this map. This also exposes the fact that if you go under 7 fps, your lightning auras do way less damage, since the damage is frame based. You'll need ultra high stats to do the map, as well as a really good computer. I legitimately don't want to have to go through 4 hour moonbase runs again
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    I honestly dont see the problem lmao... 1. the 1600 cap.. you need more then that boi? ayelmao 2. dont play on ranked then? its rare that people give a crap if you play on open and cheat your way thru?!? if your playing on ranked system, you obviusly want to use the stuff you farm in some connection to players(since no one plays open but cheaters and people testing stuff). 3. You have absolutely no argument, your rude and your a cheater... Go play local if you want to cheat "with friends", host a hamachi tunnel, or just setup a VPN tunnel and cheat with them... dont get other people involved in something they dont want to do And yes i know im late to the party :)
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    1600 stats is already stupidly high anyway for a single item and if I could get builders and dps with 16,000 total stats everything would be a COMPLETE face roll. even with half that (8000), everything in this game, even the new maps, are super easy. If you can't even win with 8-16k stats, clearly you should play a different game. A harsh truth perhaps, but, someone had to say it =P I've cleared virtually everything in the game with 4-5k stats (Just got Ultimate Defender last week), and the game can be cleared with lower stats than that still (But I admit some maps like embermount, emerald city, CD resurgence etc probably not a good idea to try to clear with much less than 4k...) So far, embermount and emerald city are the only two maps that have given me serious trouble, but I know I just have to refine my strategies and probably gear up my dps heroes a little more (especially for embermount).
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    Some of the new bonus maps are quite hard (too hard), but just FYI they're all possible solo.
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    well thats a cheap way for it to get noticed
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    The cap he's mentioning is the 1600 stats hardcap that was introduced last patch to prevent hacking, not a real cap points that can be achieved with normal gameplay.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but once you hit max stats on DD1 can't you just clear everything and anything anyway? So what be the point of removing the cap?
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    Looking at it in the middle of the night has nothing to do with players right? Even if the game has around 300-700 players online at once each day in the last month. Cheating on the game is against the rules, and you hurt other people when not playing solo. The playerbase is more than happy that there is a stat cap now, so hackers can't ruin their game just because they feel like it. If you want to hack solo, download an old version and play on local. Saying the stat cap needs to be removed just makes you look bad
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