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    Nessie everyone favourite Scottish lake monster has arrived in DD and you can even try it out Show support in the comments! Pros - Cute - Heals - Also heals an ally at the same time - 128 different colours - Has 4! little flap flaps - Shakes its head at you constantly - Always smiling even after 40 Moonbase runs without ++ - Content that is actually worth farming Try it out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801986996 Please add to a map and let us farm it <3 Nessie model and texture was made by me and IHDC helped me with getting it in game and showing me how to make it. Nessoc.mp4
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    I'll build a pulley system, if you want to pay tribute with big beef and cheddars, and we then wheel down concept art. As for the original question, we'll be getting things sent out shortly for lunch dates. The idea would be to try and have lunch with individuals, instead of large groups. Give that special attention <3
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    Fair comments guys 👌🏻 I would still say doesn’t need nerfing as people cannot reach the highest level possible yet ;) The bigger problem to the game in my eyes is not that frostfire combo in anyway shape or form. That actually makes the game fun. It’s the fact the meta is to spawn build :) I remember when the passives were on the equipment and frostbite towers and traps ruled the day :) wasn’t spawn camping back then and just NM4 was tough. When it changed I quit for 2 years just didn’t wanna start over. Back now though :) I like your videos though ;)
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    The frost dragon is a very interesting and unique mechanic. It requires players to stay attentive and to work together to keep all torches lit. It's a fantastic feature that breaks conventional map rules and introduces an additional challenge on top of what the map alone offers. But guess what? There's a dedicated place for that - it's called incursions. Having to deal with the frost dragon while pushing onslaught floors is not fun, not rewarding, and I can't work as a team because pushing onslaught floors is more often than not a solo thing. I would like to see the frost dragon moved to its own incursion, allowing us play the map in chaos and onslaught without needing to worry about what is quite literally an incursion game mechanic. It has no place on standard maps, and is straight up unfair when you already get to deal with mutators in each lane.
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    There is no logical reason to restrict host ability in the game. If somebody wants to host a game, they should be the ones controlling it. If you take away the ability to kick you give power to trolls and bad people in general. If I want to HOST a game why should I not have any elevated permission? If I don't have the ability to control MY lobby, I won't play public games at all. Please do not even consider this option.
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    I'm an endgame DD1 player, 9 lvl 100 characters, great ult armor on all and a lots of event items. I have hosted a lot of games. I'd say 90% of all games I have hosted is for helping other players. If you touch the hosts ability to kick players you are shooting your game in the foot. I got two main points if you reduce the hosts abilities. - Players will just play private games instead I would stop hosting games if players could come in and fuck up my game. I'd just stick to play with players I know. That would make your game seem dead, or abandoned way quicker. Also it would make it harder for everyone to find a game to play. - Vetarans would be annoyed of the game way quicker Veterans of DD1 is the players that keeps DD1 alive for all this years and they can keep DDA alive 10 years from now. Veterans often host games to help newbies, and if they get reduced host rights they might stop doing that. If few players are online and you are tired of grinding, helping other players can be relaxing and nice. Also you can see how insanely good your gear have gotten, and players telling you that your gear is awesome makes you feel good about all the grind you have done. If players don't want to do that anymore because being a host sucks, I think they would quicker give up on the game. This is a game breaker for me. If you mess too much with the hosts abilities, I am out. (English is not my mother tongue)
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    My favorite was Assault, though I would have liked it even better had the enemy build switched up between rounds instead of the same thing each time. Being the one to destroy towers and eternia crystals was a fun and unique gimmick to use, and I'd love to see that expanded upon.
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    I'll be using both my Ps4 and my Switch to play. I love the idea of cross saves.
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    The OG 4 will definitely be there (possibly both their DD1 and DD2 variants), but as for the rest, we can only hope. They've dropped hints at characters they *want* to see return, but nothing concrete. I remember hearing about a certain "nature lady" most likely returning, so I hope that means the Dryad is in DDA, but its all still speculation for now. Personally hoping for the Mystic and the Dryad most of all. Maybe the Summoner, too, but I would prefer if they didn't have their own independent build cap.
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    I'll add a Canadian twist, bring in some Tim Horton's to eat while we stare uncomfortably at the devs. No reason to all have the same thing.
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    ........................ Hailminion already completed floor 947 Are you talking about with only cc defenses ?
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    Title may have been misleading. There is no stat restriction for entering.
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    Each node's chance is independent of the last. If an enemy is in all 3 nodes it has a 57.8% chance that at least 1 node will drench every 0.38 seconds (at max rate) or basically every hit. With only 2 nodes hitting its a 43.75% chance every hit. Then the obvious 25% chance per hit with 1 node. Just some quick maffs for everyone
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    Water elemental shard works with shocking rev ive tested it
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    i’ll bring my In n Out from California all the way there and then eat it outside their window
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    I believe Mr. Juicebag has many different videos on those maps with various builds strategy if u would like to learn. The purpose of this thread is only to pass and demonstrate the power of weapon MODs for newcomers recently entering the game.
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    Updated cons section by removing it as there was none.
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    Bring back kick system from dd1. Vote to kick was one of the weirdest design choices of dd2.
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    i don’t know think the block/ban list is a completely good idea. the reason for this is that let’s say a few people have blocked you for whatever reason, if you try to join someone’s game and the person who blocked you happens to be in the game (not as party leader or anything but as a random) then i’m assuming you wouldn’t be able to play games where that one person who blocked you is in it. That lowers the amount of games you can join with a community that is already pretty small
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    AFK timers are basically the reason I would rather play DD1 over DDE or DD2. I mean, if I want my defenses to do all the work, why should I have to run around or shoot randomly? I also think it helped encourage builders to play with others. I often would start a session, build the map, then let other players farm XP or items while they repair or upgrade towers.
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    I'm still waiting for this map to be removed from onslaught. I've stopped playing for now.
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    Let host kick whoever they want in their game. Don't like it, make your own game. /closed
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    I voted for all but Xbox, as I don't personally own one.
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    I think you are correct on this, which means I guess the discussion is a little moot. I dont think it should be a direct clone of the existing host kick that exists on Dd1 however and perhaps we can improve the system for DDA. Suggestions so far: 1 adding a limit to which wave you can kick or join a match - must have flexibility where longer sessions exist eg survival 2 adding a block/ban list so players can avoid players who they feel cause issues I am not sure if there is anything else which could improve the system to keep it fair and less open to abuse. Perhaps you have ideas?
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