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    Nessie everyone favourite Scottish lake monster has arrived in DD and you can even try it out Show support in the comments! Pros - Cute - Heals - Also heals an ally at the same time - 128 different colours - Has 4! little flap flaps - Shakes its head at you constantly - Always smiling even after 40 Moonbase runs without ++ - Content that is actually worth farming Try it out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801986996 Please add to a map and let us farm it <3 Nessie model and texture was made by me and IHDC helped me with getting it in game and showing me how to make it. Nessoc.mp4
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    Fair comments guys 👌🏻 I would still say doesn’t need nerfing as people cannot reach the highest level possible yet ;) The bigger problem to the game in my eyes is not that frostfire combo in anyway shape or form. That actually makes the game fun. It’s the fact the meta is to spawn build :) I remember when the passives were on the equipment and frostbite towers and traps ruled the day :) wasn’t spawn camping back then and just NM4 was tough. When it changed I quit for 2 years just didn’t wanna start over. Back now though :) I like your videos though ;)
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    The frost dragon is a very interesting and unique mechanic. It requires players to stay attentive and to work together to keep all torches lit. It's a fantastic feature that breaks conventional map rules and introduces an additional challenge on top of what the map alone offers. But guess what? There's a dedicated place for that - it's called incursions. Having to deal with the frost dragon while pushing onslaught floors is not fun, not rewarding, and I can't work as a team because pushing onslaught floors is more often than not a solo thing. I would like to see the frost dragon moved to its own incursion, allowing us play the map in chaos and onslaught without needing to worry about what is quite literally an incursion game mechanic. It has no place on standard maps, and is straight up unfair when you already get to deal with mutators in each lane.
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    ........................ Hailminion already completed floor 947 Are you talking about with only cc defenses ?
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    Title may have been misleading. There is no stat restriction for entering.
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    Each node's chance is independent of the last. If an enemy is in all 3 nodes it has a 57.8% chance that at least 1 node will drench every 0.38 seconds (at max rate) or basically every hit. With only 2 nodes hitting its a 43.75% chance every hit. Then the obvious 25% chance per hit with 1 node. Just some quick maffs for everyone
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    Water elemental shard works with shocking rev ive tested it
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    I believe Mr. Juicebag has many different videos on those maps with various builds strategy if u would like to learn. The purpose of this thread is only to pass and demonstrate the power of weapon MODs for newcomers recently entering the game.
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    Updated cons section by removing it as there was none.
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    I'm still waiting for this map to be removed from onslaught. I've stopped playing for now.
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