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    Nessie everyone favourite Scottish lake monster has arrived in DD and you can even try it out Show support in the comments! Pros - Cute - Heals - Also heals an ally at the same time - 128 different colours - Has 4! little flap flaps - Shakes its head at you constantly - Always smiling even after 40 Moonbase runs without ++ - Content that is actually worth farming Try it out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801986996 Please add to a map and let us farm it <3 Nessie model and texture was made by me and IHDC helped me with getting it in game and showing me how to make it. Nessoc.mp4
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    It is by far from the easiest map in the game. Yes, torches are useless, and that's exactly the way I'd prefer it. Drakenfrost keep should be nothing but another map in the rotation, similar to other DD1 remake maps. Forest Biome, the Mistymire remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with the blood moon or Eye of Cthulhu? Nope - just the regular map. Molten Citadel, the Magus Quarters remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with the giant lava demon? Nope - just the regular map. Crumbled Bulwark, the Ramparts remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with slow invincible assassins? Nope - just the regular map. Plunderer Paradise, the Endless Spires remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we deal with Dreadbones constantly teleporting in on the map? Nope - just the regular map. Unholy Catacombs, the Foundries and Forges remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we play color matching spirits to swords? Nope - just the regular map. Buried Bastille, the Glitterhelm Caverns remake, is in onslaught rotation. Do we have to blaze through the map to complete it in time? Nope - just the regular map. Drakenfrost Keep, the Royal Gardens remake, is in onslaught rotation, every 10 maps without fail. Do we have to deal with the frost dragon constantly freezing our defenses and running around lighting torches? YES, AND WHY?! Speaking to your point of being boring, I actually wouldn't mind incursions tossed into the onslaught mix. Having to fight Betsy, or the Harbinger, or chrome enemies without any other mutators, or any other incursion mechanic... that actually sounds like a ton of fun and a way to spice maps up. Something like this: Every XX9 map would be a random incursion from a given chaos tier. For example, wave 9 would be a random c1 incursion, wave 19 would be a random c2 incursion, etc. After c7, we would have a boss fight (Betsy, Harbinger, etc). As much as I dislike Lost Temple, it does has its place in onslaught. I feel like it serves as the gatekeeper to the next 10 onslaught floors. Given its random nature, I wouldn't mind Lost Temple mutators reduced to 1 per lane instead of 2 per lane. That seems like a good trade-off, given all the other crap Lost Temple throws at you. I also wouldn't even mind spreading out Lost Temple to every 15 or even 20 maps to make room for incursions. If we do have incursions in onslaught, lane mutators would need to be disabled entirely on those maps, as incursions already provide their own unique mechanic and challenge. Since the frost dragon is explicitly an incursion mechanic, this would make the frost dragon much more tolerable. Who knows, maybe this would even venture into 'actually enjoyable' territory. Drakenfrost keep would be tossed into random maps, WITHOUT THE FROST DRAGON. Just let me occasionally play the Royal Gardens remake map in peace. I don't hate the frost dragon - it is fun when played in the right context. Fighting the frost dragon in onslaught with lane mutators every 10 waves is about the worst and most un-fun context I can possibly imagine. If onslaught was revisited to include other incursions, and incursions didn't include lane mutators, I could see the frost dragon being so much more fun to fight against. Plus, we wouldn't be doing it literally every 10 floors.
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    I think this should be added to the game. Thank you dark for making this, I love it <3
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    Daddy acen I will literally buy every cavalry in the game and throw them into ember's lava if you don't allow this in the game. This is Megachicken/10
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    Nessie big cool gimme gimme now
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    I agree 100%. change my mind
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    I'd rather have Inspiring Strikes, Overwhelm, and/or Life Leach, not to mention a bevy of hero specific ones. Heck, I'd even prefer Drenching Strikes over BS, as you setup CC from it. I play as GW mostly, and her ability restoration shards are also very powerful. Don't see how BS is best in slot. If no Drakken, id remove all of them today.
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    Of course i do, which is why i made the comment. I never used that shard before the boss came along. By using it, the power and DPS of my fighting hero decreased. All i got out of it was weak fire DOT and Drakken insurance. I don't want BS in my build, but i feel that i have no choice. fire DOT is pretty underwhelming IMO as well. Of all the elementals you can inflict, i feel its the weakest. Seems to do little damage, does not seem to do 2X to frost units (correct me if that is wrong), usually cannot be applied without oil as well which was only recently given to most heroes as a chip, but no servo yet. And fire removes Oiled staus, which loses the slow effect and takes away the abity to damage units on CB lanes. Now if there was some way to swap out BS on the fly, so that it was only applied when Drak came out, i would totally acquiesce. And i don't want to have to build a Drak only hero. If there was a reliable tower solution, I'd go with that, but Drak can come from any spawn point in almost every game mode, plus open map drops on his stage. That means having to reexamine the spawns and your layout every wave...which is more time than i am willing to constantly give one miniboss. Sad thing is that we already have a frost miniboss whose mechanism is one that adds some uniqueness and not a soft/hard counter issue in defending against. Drak is like a Frost Ogre gone wild, an enemy that overrides pretty much every CC in the game, much to the frustrations of most new players against frost lanes. To each their own i guess. If you like BS, more power to you. I just feel its weak and forced on us. I'd love to hear arguments for it to see if i am missing any great properties about it.
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    An example would be on my ability Apprentice, there are certain core/fun shards that's needed for his abilities and they do fill up all of his weapons slots which makes no space for Burning Strikes. So if I hit DK or Drakenlord, that takes my apprentice out of the option even if I feel like playing him at the time. Or if I load up burning strikes, I would have to miss out on some fun/core shards to mess around.
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    Agreed on removal. It's an annoying mechanic that only keeps you from playing the rest of the map apart from torch repairing. To do away with the frost issues, you must once again have very specific things in place to counter...which sadly once again removes more choice from the game. More hard counters... Drakken included for Burning Strikes. Why have free slots if we are forced to fill them with specific boosters? It's the illusion of choice. If the frost map and boss had a much more robust selection of ways to counter, then this could be a much more fun map IMO.
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    This change would make maps other than Moonbase closer to viable for armor farming, which seems like a good thing. Moonbase would still be pretty far ahead, so it probably wouldn't shift the meta, but it would be nice for people who choose to farm other maps anyway.
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    To answer your question. Vicious is extremely effective on Reflect Beams because of how range scalars work. Vicious is the only way you can get to the maximum explosion range on a reflect beam while only using one shard or mod. In addition, Vicious is actually worse on a flame aura then a regular ungilded Deadly Strikes. Once again, based off of the range scalar. So you are better off using Deadly Strikes on a Flame Aura, even in an ungilded state. If you want to use your reflect beam as a source of damage, you should certainly go with Vicious. The range of the explosion is indeed important.
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    Anything that inflates game time is, in my opinion, needless and a waste. DD1 farming takes hours and hours. I remember Saturday Morning Aquanos and KG runs taking 8+ hours some days just to get close to the point of having some good drops. I just don't have that time to invest anymore and want DDA to take a more player-friendly approach to gameplay. Honestly, I didn't see grabbing chests and quick building maps in DD1 as that big of a problem, but I would prefer a change in DDA. Just personal preference, especially as I have a much larger family now that's more important than Dungeon Defenders. I am not stating my opinion as fact in any way. I understand people like build timers. People also like games with restricted save points. Some people even like playing NES Tetris still. That doesn't mean I have to agree with any of them. Edit: And to add, I don't care either way about combat phase swapping. Build phase is where I would rather have the swapping to save time. In DD2, combat swapping could easily be exploited burning pet abilities on bosses.
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    DDA can still have difficulty without making a significant portion of playtime gathering mana from chests and running the same path multiple times to build. Hero swapping in the build phase is something that is needed in this game. Don't waste players time needlessly.
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