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    TL, DR version: ALT + F4 I have been playing DD2 almost every day except when I had to work over time, since I started last October. I remember struggling thru. lower expedition, not knowing what the hell cyborks do, geodes, shielded gobus, until I realized this game was designed for 6+ yr old, and I needed to read description of stuff to get the information to progress smoothly xD and all those hours I afk in town every night b4 bed, just to look more like a vet-player lol I remember first going into Mastery w/ zero knowledge, and got my ass kicked; first going into onslaught, not knowing how to read description again; equipping random shards, still not knowing how to read. After almost a month or more, I slowly learned to read, to research, to do math, and to watch better players for builds, placement, and play styles. That was when the game got me hooked tremendously, when I started to log in almost every day, looking to learn something new, to improve, and to progress. Looking back now, I've had so much fun each time I learned about new things, the excitement each time I accomplished something I couldn't before. It was all the obstacles to overcome one after one, that kept it super exciting, and all the "hidden" features of the game that always kept things new, refreshing, and therefore keep players exploring and experimenting non-stop. Ancient Power system is very controversial. I personally love it. However, understanding everyone has different opinions, I'm merely sharing my memories. The period of all my APs, were one of my best experiences, because I learned the most knowledge to support to where I am now. Every AP I went thru, gave me the opportunities to experiment with different defenses, combos, builds, heroes; gave me the chance to learn about the mutators more, where I always had to read and plan more meticulously and differently. It taught me there are no best build, best defense, best hero, that everything is subjective, situational, and work in conjunction as a whole. That to me, is the beauty of DD2, and what has kept me this long. 【Funnily I had so much in mind before typing this up. Now that I'm doing it, I don't know what to say. There're too much happened in the past half a year or more, to put in texts. Lastly, thank you TE/CG, DD2. This was my first ever Xbox game, and will definitely be in my memory for long. I look forward to DDA a lot. Before DDA and/or "end game update" comes, I think I've had all the fun and progression I wanted in DD2, and it's a good time to take a break. Knowing how much DD2 has me hooked and it's hard to get off right away tho, I think I will do some fun and informative vids to share
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    In my honest opinion, lagging the game with more enemies so you get more rewards to make Coastal Bazaar "Moonbase 2.0" is not the right way to go. It just makes people that don't have a top end desktop have a hard time playing the map. On moonbase people already get 30 minutes difference between game time and real time due to the lag. You could just make the scaling on enemies harder and the scaling on drops better instead to make a new armor farming map, so you end up getting the same relative difficulty and number of ult per hour. My main point on saying this is that while on moonbase you have to defend only one crystal, this map will have 3 crystals to defend with an a big number of enemies, so the difficulty will be way higher and no one will move to it instead of the old armor map. It just looks like a mentality of "this worked before, so let's do it again and ignore the obvious problems with it". Making the map difficult and rewarding is better than laggy, harder than the old map and just as spammy with bad quality armor Also, yes this is a rant against artificial difficulty with spam of mobs, it's just a lazy way to do it. This will probably end up being ignored the same way emerald city rewards scaling. The only weapon with movement bonus for apprentice doesn't even get near the clava which you can farm on a way easier map Edit: Forgot to say that while testing people who usually have 10 fps on moonbase get to 2 during the waves on this map. This also exposes the fact that if you go under 7 fps, your lightning auras do way less damage, since the damage is frame based. You'll need ultra high stats to do the map, as well as a really good computer. I legitimately don't want to have to go through 4 hour moonbase runs again
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