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    The frost dragon is a very interesting and unique mechanic. It requires players to stay attentive and to work together to keep all torches lit. It's a fantastic feature that breaks conventional map rules and introduces an additional challenge on top of what the map alone offers. But guess what? There's a dedicated place for that - it's called incursions. Having to deal with the frost dragon while pushing onslaught floors is not fun, not rewarding, and I can't work as a team because pushing onslaught floors is more often than not a solo thing. I would like to see the frost dragon moved to its own incursion, allowing us play the map in chaos and onslaught without needing to worry about what is quite literally an incursion game mechanic. It has no place on standard maps, and is straight up unfair when you already get to deal with mutators in each lane.
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    I'm still waiting for this map to be removed from onslaught. I've stopped playing for now.
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    We will update on Twitter when it is safe! We have sent to Sony for approval and release.
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    When you're kicked, your defenses become almost useless in DD2, so if you're the builder and people votekick you out, they also screw themselves over. Votekick can't be abused this much. Hostkick except in the last couple of waves: sounds ok. Might work. Difficult to be sure. We should definitely try this sometimes. The afk timer shoud be optional, i stopped playing DDE when I got afk kicked from my own solo game because of a phone call. Don't autokick people who plays solo! A block/blacklist system would be useful with any of the solutions proposed, and can't be abused. (Can it?} I tbought the kick system has been discussed to death, but this thread is bringing new ideas, and the topic is back to life. Maybe we can find other, better options?
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    Nah. I will do this. Play 2 waves → Start 3rd wave → Warm up pan, boil water, cut meat Join another game → play 2 waves (water boiled, pan warmed) → start 3rd → Drop pasta, pan-fry meat → drop in pasta and mix Join another game → play 2 waves (soaked in all the flavor to perfection) → start 3rd → Eat my dinner and watch Youtube. Join another game → play 2 waves → start 3rd → Clean dishes Edit: Finish dinner → start private, so others don't slow me down after wave 3,4,5, chest, continue
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    Hey @MewMew97! We are working hard to get DDA backer codes out as soon as possible. We will soon be releasing a DD2 patch that includes the new content, and after that is pushed we can then send out codes. But don't worry, you weren't forgotten. We are working on it while trying to push forward with the new game.
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    Just found out about this thread now thanks to the recent kickstarter project update and, having some experience importing stuff, got to say I'm quite disappointed... First of all, shipping a t-shirt and poster to Europe using the cheapest method (which is usually USPS) should only cost $10~$15, $20 max if you add tracking and insurance. So I find it ludicrous how you charged us $30 and still say you're covering part of the costs... Second, I do hope you mark the packages as Gift, which they are, so customs won't ask us for an invoice to pay import taxes over the items' value, which we won't have. (Shipping companies, like DHL, FedEx, etc also like to come up with their own additional fees on top of customs, so again, do hope you'll be using USPS for international shipping.) Thirdly, as others have stated, it would make much more sense if you gave us an additional key for DDA or season pass as compensation. Although I enjoyed DD2 during beta, I wasn't much of a fan of how the finished product turned out.
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    Lol you think to much for a game don’t waste your time thinking silly things, go outside
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    I suggest removing the frost dragon from onslaught before dd2 support is sunsetted. Just the dragon, not the drakenlord. I thought the Drakenfrost update was awesome, as are most of the updates. (Pirates and protean shift were amazing) But I really was confused with making a dragon fly around the map freezing lanes a mandatory repeated unavoidable experience in onslaught, seems very out of place. Removing the dragon from onslaught would be an improvement. - It makes ancient power reset grind worse. I don't mind the time investment, but this makes it more annoying. AP grind with limited resources is bad enough. More annoying is the last thing AP grind needed to be. - The dragon is an incursion experience, it doesn't belong in onslaught. The other incursion type bosses aren't in onslaught. - No matter how fast you are at lighting torches the lanes get frozen momentarily, totally unavoidable. This doesn't feel good as part of the normal gameplay. - Console performance issues make twitchy hero control questionable. Forcing players to run around the map literally putting out fires (or lighting them) in addition to the normal gameplay just makes frame rate drops and stutters and delayed or ignored inputs much worse to experience. At least mastery was temporary, but onslaught is the entire endgame, why make it annoying with the frost dragon? EDIT: I think it would be acceptable to make the first floor the repeating drakenfrost dragon map appears to be 89 so it doesn't affect the AP reset grind. EDIT: Maybe make x9 maps random between frost keep and temple so people can reroll to get the other map if they prefer.
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