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    We're going to have a big update this Friday that outlines EVERYTHING we've been working on and how we've evolved as a studio. We agree that we've been silent for a longer time than we'd want, which we'll explain why in our update. While we're not probably going to be providing weekly updates, we are going to have a lot more stuff to show off in the coming months. We'll be showing the actual hero concepts this week, and then ramping up the stuff we're showing off more and more.
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    Do you have ideas about what would make your defense better but nothing ingame to test with or dont want to waste the time, Gold or Mats? Do you lay awake at night thinking about that mod you deleted to test another mod just to have it be worse and had to replace it again? Do you wonder if upgrading to C8 would even be worth the cost? Does this sound like an infomercial? If any of these questions are yes, then I have the thing for you :D In all seriousness though, one thing that bugs me is not knowing and that applies to defense setups and the potential gains or losses. Thus I made a simple sheet which grew into something a lot of people wanted. Something, anything, that would save them the Gold, Mats or time required to play with different things to see what if any gains they could make to get better performance out of their defenses. All you need is the information the game gives you and let the sheet do all the heavy lifting. No need to worry about equations, tier upgrades, or what if scenarios. Basic stats for relics and ascension are provided in their own tab for future upgrade potential reference, logic of equations are in the same tab as outputs if you only want the one tab, a Version History keeps you up to date on changes, and a Requested Features tab may be added if there are a lot of requests for something and I need time to figure it out or determine it's viability. The Base DPS/Base Attack Dmg readouts can handle 1,000,000,000 (or 1 billion) so you can even play around with make believe stats up in the Chaos 20 kind of range if you want and the Anti Mod/Base Dmg on Crit sections read from the previous two so they can go much much higher (though may have some space issues :P). Theory Crafting Defense Outputs Sheet I hope it helps everyone as much as I want it to and has helped me. Feel free to leave feedback in this thread and defend those dungeons. Edit 1: Any updates or changes will be reflected in the sheet's Version History tab and not posted here so check back every once in a while for updates
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    If anyone else is having trouble with this that may not have got a survey (i.e. our BackerKit backers), you can write to preorder@chromatic.games and request the change (as long as it's from the e-mail you used for backerkit).
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    This thing is badass... thanks for all the work that went into putting it together
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    Everyone at CG went Ultra Instinct
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    Along with hailminion's barrage, I'm going add mine too ;)
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    I believe if your survey isn't locked in, or you have recieved nothing, you can go back to that link on the email confirmation for filling in the survey to make some changes. Past that point, I am unsure if you can make any changes but it is worth asking.
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    Have always wanted a feature like "auto-reroll until X/10". Would be nice indeed. current feature is pretty taxing. Probably won't happen for the next update or two, since they gota work full force for "end game" update. Maybe after entering maintenance phase after DDA launch, they can work on user interface, smaller stuff like this.
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    When we are rerolling mods or primary stats, what is the purpose of prompting us whether we would like to keep the roll? After all, why would anyone want to keep a worse roll? Wouldn't it make more sense for an equal or better roll to simply automatically apply and be locked? I believe this would save heartache for some players who might acidentally roll past a 10, especially if it's down to lag or something else out of thier control.
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    Ouch.. That's pretty unfortunate. This could serve as an example for Chromatic to look at making a change so that maybe any rolls that are higher, would automatically apply rather than the player be prompted every time. After all, why would anyone want to keep a worse roll? Also, bear in mind that there is a magic reroll protection number which means you're garunteed a 10 every 286 rerolls. Ooh the grind.. :/
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    Stadia is its own platform is many ways. We can't simply upload an XBox/Playstation/Steam copy of the game to Stadia. While Google claims to have made porting easy, it still requires work and would require separate testing/debugging for any additional versions. For an indie company, each additional platform we support adds additional work/time/overhead. While we do not currently have plans to support Stadia, if the platform grows substantially, it may be something we offer in the (distant) future.
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    Hey @Abuchris ! We are super excited for the release of DDA and we really think the community is going to love it. It is so much more than a graphics update, we can promise you that. There's a new storyline, new maps, increased usability and reliability, just to name a few. I just wanted to make sure that you are aware that you can still pre-order DDA for just $25 from our Backerkit store. The $40 option includes a bunch of extras (beta access, artwork, soundtrack, etc), but you can still get the entire game for just $25.
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    The whole point of this topic wasn't for daily, weekly, or even monthly progress updates. It's the fact that they're using their forums as the primary source of information for the kickstarter. No official comment was given on the kickstarter page for something that upset many backers. In addition to that, no word has been said since the very end of the kickstarter. There was no mention of a backer's options due to international shipping costs on the page where it mattered. There's no update on digital rewards going out. Literally no mention since a couple of weeks after the kickstarter ended. I've backed quite a few products at this point and monthly updates post-closing aren't uncommon (again, not what I'm asking for directly). I'm actually grateful and more inclined to continue backing companies that provide regular updates on progress toward deadlines. Especially more willing to stick with those that build good rapport and are open and honest about failures with their community. It builds a good image and leaves backers feeling informed. Right now I feel like there's more of the same shady DDE stuff going on in the background. Either way, I'm glad I lowered my initial tier toward the end of the campaign because in this case, no news isn't good news. To further explain my point, I scrolled back through a months worth of comments on the kickstarter by backers that Chromatic Games claimed to have not forgotten. Not a single one of those comments has a response by Chromatic. It's great that the community is willing to help, but poor practice that the company can't seem to spare a second to go and answer backers' questions.
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    If you're just doing resets as fast as you can, don't bother leveling up your good gear. Just use what drops, and set your good/modded gear aside and save it for when you want to push higher floors.
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